Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fruit Loops

Kellogg's will no longer allow its ads to be placed on, a news aggregating site on the Internet ... formerly run by Steve Bannon, Donald Trump's new Chief Strategist. This action is apparently a reflection of the political bias of Kellogg's CEO and other suits there in Battle Creek, Michigan ... see: Powerline Blog Explanation.

I have always wondered why company executives would ever reveal their politics to their customers and risk alienating large blocks of potential buyers ... can we say a "boneheaded move?" Now Breitbart and, I would assume Steve Bannon, are fighting back and are urging a boycott of Kellogg's products -- mostly breakfast cereals ... one of which is Fruit Loops ... see: Dump Kellogg's.

Might it be that this saccharin-sweet children's breakfast indulgence was named after Kellogg's CEO, John "Fruit Loop" Bryant?

Man of Action

(Yes, a bit of hyperbole ...)

The contrast is striking. Donald Trump is still almost two months away from assuming the reins of government ... yet he is already turning things around for his country. His cabinet is taking shape with mostly high quality selections. His policies on taxes, healthcare, regulations, trade, terrorism, immigration, etc. are emerging out of the campaign fog ... and generally are solid. His potential conflicts of interest are being resolved and he seems to have had a beneficial persuasive effect on many foreign leaders. And he even has convinced some American companies to not move manufacturing out of this country. All good.

Trump's actions all seem to be directed by patriotism and for the benefit of America. The contrast is that our current president's actions ... when he got around to performing them ... seemed mostly directed by ideology and even personal benefit. Yes, he used the shibboleth "leading from behind" to justify most of his lassitude ... but the fear of the unknown kept him on vacation, on the golf course and away from real meaningful work about solving our problems that needed to be resolved.

Yes, early on Obummer frequently held show forums where photo ops seemed to be the primary objective. Remember almost a trillion dollars spent on "shovel-ready jobs" that turned out to be a sham ... which he later joked about? And he had willing allies in Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who created a constipated legislative process and effectively blamed it on the Republicans. Their showpiece legislation, Obamacare, was passed without a trace of bipartisan support ... with predictable catastrophic results both policy-wise and operationally. The legacy of our current president is so fetid that recounting it is a dyspeptic experience. His eight years can be compared to a garbage scow constantly leaking its contents in its briny wake.

Yes, Trump will make errors during his term ... but it will be as a result of action not inaction ... and as a result of patriotism, not fuzzy-headed Alinsky dogma.

Rupee Madness

While most reporters are obsessed with Trumps latest Tweets, there are monumental things taking place elsewhere in the world. India, with the world's second largest population, has just embarked on a radical "demonetization" effort pulling 86% of its cash out of circulation. To quote from the below  CNBC article:
Three weeks ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi surprised his country with an announcement banning 500- and 1,000-rupee notes — worth about $7 and $15 respectively — in a bid to tackle corruption and terrorism.
Clearly this has roiled the daily lives of the 1.3 billion people there to a fair-thee-well ... and might spill over to other world economies. The poor planning of this dramatic monetary move has caused untold hardship on particularly the poorest of Indian citizens. To see the details of their anguish ... see: CNBC Story.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.


Trump suggests: 'Year in jail of loss of citizenship' for burning American flag

Flashback: Clinton co-sponsored bill to punish flag burning

Schumer: Republicans planning a war on seniors next year

Michelle O 'will never run for public office'

Gore: Abolish the Electoral College

CNN Anchor: Americans to wear hijabs to show solidarity with fearful Muslims

After lecturing Mike Pence, 'Hamilton' sets box office records

Rosie O'Donnell claims Barron Trump has autism

Ice cream shop creates flavor 'Burn in Hell Fidel"

Former EU boss: Germany now rules Europe

California to start regulating cow farts

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Dems instantly turn OSU knife attack into gun control debate

Buffalo schools struggle with students speaking 85 different languages

43,000 Somali refugees settled in US under Obama

BEZOS BUSTER: Trump adds antitrust expert to transition team ...

Snow in Saudi: Desert turns white ...

112 Americans have been charged with ISIS crimes ...

Trump: Maybe people who burn American flag should lose citizenship

Plane carrying Brazil soccer team crashes: 75 dead

Obama challanges Trump by expanding H-1B visa program

It continues: Sunday Night Football takes massive nosedive

[Presidential Press Secretary] Josh Earnest: Fidel Castro a'towering figure'

World's oldest person does not eat fruit or veg!


It took me three weeks finally to break my boycott of the NFL ... but I eventually watched a New England Patriot game. This past Sunday I saw its game with the Jets ... which, the Pats, of course, won. But you know what my real reaction to what used to be one of my passions?  YAWN!

It is amazing how a long respite from football makes one realize that the sun doesn't rise and set over Tom Brady.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Necktie Party

A ragtag posse composed of Barack Obummer, the Clinton crime family, Bernie Sanders, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and many other desperadoes are in the process of stringing up the Democrat Party. It has taken them a number of years, but the extra-legal and self-serving actions of these political lynchers has the Dem Party gasping for air. The Party is not dead, quite yet, but the rope is cutting well into its neck as the lamentations over Fidel Castro's death rises to a crescendo from these masked men and women. And Jill Stein ... with Hellary's blessing ... has just slapped the horse's rump saddling the doomed party and yelled "giddy-up" ... as result of her contesting the recent presidential voting results in three states.

The United States used to be a two party country ...  but, the neck-tie party of these western outlaws suggests that this dipole is rapidly becoming a political monopole. All because of the gigantic egos of these teeny teeny people.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Canada has first hijab-wearing news anchor ...

Trump: I won the popular vote if illegal voters discounted

US-Cuba relations under threat that Trump may cut ties

Anti-terror police deployed on London streets ...

China secret space program threatens NASA dominance ...

Turkey detains BBC, Voice of America reporters ...

Fed's push 'midnight regulations' before Trump

Generals 'handcuffed' by Rules of Engagement in ISIS fight

Venezuela currency so devalued no longer fits in wallet .

TX governor to ban sanctuary cities ...

Semiautomatic rifles legalized for hunting in Pennsylvania

Trump to ask foreign governments to probe  Clinton Foundation

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dirty Words

From Powerline Blog

The recent election of Donald Trump for U.S. President, the roiling within the European Union and the death of Fidel Castro in Cuba ... all have uncovered many misguided and twisted beliefs of newly disenfranchised progressives here and abroad. Now they are angry at feeling their power slipping away. You can see them carrying signs professing these regressive ideas and oppressive notions. Too often these placards carry messages anathema to freedom-loving people ... decrying what used to be held sacred. Now these sacraments have become dirty words to many on the left. Here are just a few of those words that have been so debased:

Patriotism ... Nationalism ... Family Values ... Capitalism ... Faith ... Truth ... Freedom ...  Rule of law ... Founding Fathers ... Democracy ... Honor ... Heroism ... Honesty ... Piety ... Loyalty ... Sacrifice

Are any of these words anathema to you?

Hate Crimes

Watching the local news this morning, I see that there was an incident in Harvard, MA where someone painted a swastika and other slurs on a large rock there. This is called a hate crime. There, in Harvard, neighbors were out in force repainting the rock white. And in my local community there also have been a rash of these incidents ever since Donald Trump was elected president. The question I have is why? Are people who identify with Trump so deplorable that they want to rub in their victory? Or are the losers feeling so aggrieved that they use such fakery as a way of fighting back? Like most things in life, it is a bit of both. There have been enough fake hate crimes discovered over the years that my antenna unfortunately automatically goes up whenever I hear of a new such affront.

I wish I knew what percentage of hate crimes were hoaxes ... but I do know that there are common enough that there is a sub-reddit site devoted to detailing them ... see: reddit Hate Crime Hoaxes. So what to do when one encounters the newest hate crime? My advice is to keep an open mind and pursue the resolution of such an incident with vigor until it can be definitely determine the validity of the accusation. If true, then suitably punish the offender with legal and/or social-ostracism means. If false, then try communicating to the aggrieved party how destructive such false claims can be. They damage the believability of the valid ones ... and, in extreme cases, use the criminal or civil legal system to discourage further such hoaxes. These guidelines, of course, need be adjusted for degrees of friendship and past veracity.

If the resolution is not to be determined, then one must accept the accuser's word ... but, doing so without an investigation is, IMHO, a sign of bleeding-heart liberalism.

Afterthought: The more I mull on things, the more I believe that the punishment for hoax hate crimes should be equivalent to that for actual ones.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Feds releasing 195 illegals -- a day!

Europe's Mars Lander becomes large smoking crater due to computer glitch

Homeless man turns LA freeway underpass into man cave with Jacuzzi, toilets

Border patrol agents assaulted at Texas border ...

Flashback: Hillary says not accepting election results 'horrifying'

Canadian PM Trudeau praises dictator Castro as 'remarkable leader'

BBC fawns over 'world icon' Fidel Castro

Kaepernick praises Castro, lashes out at NFL fans

Exiled sister of Fidel Castro has no plans to attend brother's funeral

Keith Ellison once proposed making a separate country for blacks

Donald Trump calls for 'free Cuba' after Fidel Castro's death

Trump Tower renamed 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps ...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

reddit Gallery CCCXCIII

Another excursion into the world of reddit Pictures. See: reddit Pics for sources.  Do yourself a favor and click on pictures to enlarge them.  Enjoy!


Hubble's First Picture of the Entire Bubble Nebula

Snowy Owl

Watch Out for Falling Rocks

Fossilized White Oak


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Exiles pour into Miami's streets to celebrate ...

'Ideas of the Cuban Communists will remain' ...

Defied the USA for 50 years ...

Soros pledges $10 million to combat hate crimes ...

Justice Dept suing two towns for refusing to build mosques

'Fake news' label used to combat opposing views ...

Politico: Steve Bannon's first pick for president was Sarah Palin

Japan issues booklet to prepare citizens for nuke war with NKorea

Mass graves found north of Acapulco ...

Chomsky: Those who didn't recognize Trump as the 'greater evil' made a 'bad mistake'

African migrants riot against 'racist' Italians: 'Allah will guide us in revenge'

Biologist says humanity won't survive to see Thanksgiving, 2026

Measure of the Man

Fidel Castro is dead ... joining the tens of thousands of political opponents he had put in front of his firing squads and the hundreds of thousands of his subjects who died aspiring for freedom. Did he do any good? I suppose so ... there are always accidental beneficiaries of evil. But the oppressive pall he drew over his country to justify his political obsessions is his true legacy. The fact that Cuban exiles have ignored polite respect for the dead and are celebrating in Miami demonstrates the actual measure of this man ... and his countrymen would be dancing in the streets of  Havana if there were even a smidgen of liberty there. So they revel in silence ... behind decaying walls ... still "yearning to breath free."

Even the worms will likely eschew this tyrant ...

Friday, November 25, 2016

Horse Feathers

Much of the American media and the Clinton crime family are working overtime to try to tie Steve Bannon and, by implication his boss, Donald Trump, to the so-called "alt-right" movement. We were introduced to this term this past summer by Hellary Clinton when she contemptuously spat it out. If you, like me, want to understand what this new pejorative means, try reading the USA Today Article.

After perusing this USA Today explanation, I can find little if any tangible ties between Bannon or Trump and the alt-right movement ... or even find any substance to the movement itself. And, I have been reading Breitbart News for years and I don't recall ever seeing any Nazi or white nationalist propaganda there. So, try as they might, please view the alt-left's attempt to so smear Bannon and Trump to be horse feathers.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Netanyahu: Evidence of arson in wildfires sweeping Israel ...

Wire: Parade of retired generals march to president-elect's door for jobs

French TV bans smiling Down [Syndrome] children, could 'trouble' aborting women

Warren Beatty struggles at boxoffice ...

Antarctic sea ice has not shrunk in 100 years ...

China tests hypersonic missile ... smashes target 300 miles away ...

Tokyo: First November snowfall in 54 years ...

Woman shoots houseguests who overstayed welcome ...

Obama commutes [79] more drug traffickers' sentences

Media meltdown continues: Wash Post -- Breitbart is 'a pestilence'

Business refuses clients who supported Trump

The Green Party

What is her motivation? Jill Stein has raised millions of dollars to challenge the presidential election results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania with the faintest hope of reversing the election results for not herself but for that crone of Chappaque, Hellary ... see: Politico Story. A reader has pointed out that the Clintons, seeing their pirate ship taking on significant water, are desperate to try to salvage things. But they can't be seen as doing such a despicable thing as these challenges were they to prevail. So they probably slipped Jill baby some vigorish to get her to front these challenges ... for which she barely has any standing ... let alone any chance of benefit ... other than, of course, some possible squeaky clean George Soros pelf.

But, then again, didn't Stein run under the banner of the "green" party? Now we know what this moniker really means ...

Afterward: See also: Zero Hedge Story.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jerky Turkey

Tater and Tot were pardoned yesterday

Mr. President sent them on their way

No date with the axe were they meant

Rather, a nice bucolic retirement

But since they were bred for the table

Their life's purpose became unstable

A pall of depression came over each

They wouldn't become the centerpiece

No sausage stuffing for all to note

Or their giblet gravy in a boat

No cranberry sauce was to grace their side

So, they both committed suicide

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Trump: 'I disavow alt-right groups'

Politico editor RESIGNS after publishing home addresses of alt-right icon Richard Spencer, advocating 'baseball bats'

Iran warns of retaliation if USA breaches nuclear deal ...

Mom: Bus driver asked children: 'Who's ready to die?

Australian population grows solely due to new migrants

HUD has no answer as to why its financial books are worthless

Top 0.7% of world's population controls $116.6T of wealth

Schweizer: Letting Hillary off hook 'definition of rigged system'

Clinton campaign may challenge election

Winning: Pentagon to end 'gun-free zones' on military bases

Kim Jong-un pens nine page letter to Trump listing grievances

Satellite abandoned in 1967 mysteriously comes back online ...

As Predicted

Previously I have pointed out the danger of allowing transgender males to compete in female sports events ... see: Goose Goose Gander. And so it is happening as expected ... a transgender male cyclist has easily won the women's division of an Arizona road race ... see: Daily Caller Article. (He would have lost to males by quite a bit.)

Will it take most female sports being dominated by gender-fluid males before this insanity is recognized and reversed?

Do liberals ever think through their loony "inclusivity" ideas?


Yes, I voted for Donald Trump. I salivated at the prospect of the many things he had promised ... a "beautiful wall", extreme vetting of immigrants, tax reform, regulation reforms, the destruction of radical Islam, fixing the VA ... the list goes on and on. Now, once elected, Trump is vacillating on almost all his campaign promises ... even on the global warming hoax for heaven's sake! I guess these bet hedges are to be expected from such a consummate negotiator as Trump. But I am getting a sinking feeling about his sincerity on many of his pronounced goals as president ... see: Politico Story for more instances. Am I in the early stages of some form of buyer's remorse?

To be honest, in some ways, I expected that I would be hoodwinked  by this man ... as often occurs in reality shows ... but not so quickly. But, you know what? Defanging of that harpy Hellary and putting a few Constitutional conservatives on the Supreme Court will be sufficient rewards for giving my nod to Trump.

Anything else will be gravy ...

Afterward: See SNL video ... particularly Pence exchange ...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

More Electors get death threats from Hillary voters ...

Pelosi predicts fierce Trump backlash ...

BUCHANAN: A beseiged presidency ahead ...

'Hamilton' stars haven't voted in years ...

Trump could slash $500 million from public broadcasting

Obama: Electoral system rigged in  favor of Republicans

Thousands of green cards have disappeared

Obama admin fines police department for not hiring non-citizens

Man sets himself on fire over election results

Border agents ordered to leave corridor open ...

Arizona: Sheriff Joe Arpaio loses reelection bid ...

Trump plagued by business conflict issues

On Slurs

Listening to National Public Radio today, I realized that there are a set of hate words that are bad and then, there are those that are worse. On a radio program here in Bosto, our Attorney General, Maura Healey, went through the litany of Hellary Clinton's favorite slurs on her opponents -- sexists, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes ... in the same order as those she included in her proverbial "basket of deplorables." These were the often epithets used to try to slime the winning side in the recent presidential election.

Apparently, since these words were ineffective at the polls, the über left is having a mega-meltdown ... and now have reached into their grab bag of slights to up the ante. Now Trump's selections for his administration were then labeled by Healey as white supremacists and alt-rights. Other media poobahs have called them KKKers, anti-Semites, Nazis and hateful bigots. AG Healey then said on this program that she had set up an 800 hot-line for people to call to rat out those who were exhibiting Hellary's suppose deplorable traits.

Surprise, surprise! Before lunch was over, this hot-line had been maxed out with calls from listeners who mostly pointed out that Healey herself was the biggest offender with her on-air labeling of  Trump voters with these newer slurs.

Now AG Healey's face must be as red as her politics ...

Monday, November 21, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Obama refuses to condemn anti-Trump riots, violence against Trump supporters

Mexico seeks Trump talks to modernize NAFTA ...

Schumer: We are not going to help Trump 'build his wall'

Report: Outgoing president shuts down border patrol aerial surveillance program

McCain warns Trump on torture, waterboarding

Melania won't be moving to White House?

Market correction: Clinton Foundation donations plummet by 37 percent

Poll: 64 percent of voters support banning abortion after five months of pregnancy

Can Trump deliver more water to California farmers?

Naked fans inspire Yale's first victory over Harvard in a decade

German Chancellor Merkel says she's seeking 4th term

Rules pushed by Harry Reid could allow Trump's appointments to get confirmed

Up Chuck

That consummate chowderhead, Harry Reid, the former minority leader of the Senate has been replaced by a slightly less vile Chuck Schumer, Senator from New York and supposed friend of our President Elect, Donald Trump. Chuckie has wasted no time in marking his territory with leg-lifting pronouncements ... Supreme Court nominees will be filibustered ... Jeff Sessions is in for a rough and tumble confirmation hearings for Attorney General ... and, as is his style, Schumer will cram the upcoming news cycles with his metro-macho pressers challenging anything that strikes his lefty fancy.

However, Harry Reid already defanged Schumer when he stupidly changed the Senate rules to allow simple-majority votes for confirmations of all court and administration appointments except the Supreme Court. In other words Trump can have his way with Schumer with the kind assistance of the majority leader Mitch McConnell. Yes, filling the empty Supreme Court seat might be a little more difficult ... but, if Trump nominates Ted Cruz, I suspect he will be confirmed overnight. The entire Senate would be thrilled to be rid of him.

And given the number of Senate Democrats up for re-election from red states in 2018, this body might well be filibuster-proof then. At this point, up-Chuck would be as redundant as another Obummer post White House private home (they now have five).

Saturday, November 19, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Three Pakistani men apprehended at Arizona border ...

Gingrich will not be in the Cabinet ...

'Hamilton' [cast and audience] disses Pence ... Bitter on B'way

Obama agrees to halt amnesty lawsuit until Trump DOJ in place

Fight for $15? McDonald's to place automated ordering stations at all US locations

Challenging times: Univision to fire up to 250

ISIS has 60-80 operatives in Europe ...

Missing: Thousands of Secret Service badges, guns, phones

Claims of votes by the dead, felons cloud NC governor's race ...

Lobbyists leave Trump's transition team after new ethics rules

AMAZON to sell cars ...

Bernie: If Trump has 'guts' to stand up to corporate America 'he will have an ally in me'


Early-on in his run for the presidency, Donald Trump was pretty much of an asshole. Fortunately, he has mellowed somewhat as his campaign has progressed. I have suggested before that Trump's crude behavior might have been a legacy from his dealings with the thick-headed thugs and mugs that he constantly had to confront and subdue in his real estate operations in Manhattan, New York.

I think that I may have been onto something ... particularly when remembering how awfully arrogant are the liberals that Gotham seems to breed in large numbers. And now we can see the sad evidence of such folk firsthand in the following videos. Vice President Elect Mike Pence and his family recently attended the play "Hamilton" on Broadway and his reception was typical of what one might expect from the kind of boorish boobs that Trump frequently dealt with in his rough and tumble real estate dealings.

If you can imagine a coarser and slimier reception than Pence got during this chi-chi play , you still will probably be shocked by the reality of this moment ... see: Powerline Blog Videos. But, having spent a number of years in Manhattan myself, I can testify that not all Big Apple-ites are quite so infantile ... just the tony uber-liberals.


The losers keep losing. Much of the American media were on the wrong side of the recent presidential election. (You know who they are ...) This is OK, but they were also tripping over each other to smear Trump and Co. with anything that might allow Hellary to win the White House. The puff pieces on Clinton were as numerous as hot dogs at a baseball game. And the Wikileaks releases have shown a shocking degree of collusion between the Democrat party and many media personalities. Now 68% of Americans think that the media are biased ... see:  Gallup Poll. And as a result, most media outlets are leaking readers and viewers at an alarming rate and are being forced to cut back employees and coverage. Even the New York Times, the supposed "paper of record," has issued an unapologetic apology for the way that they had covered the election ... see:  Deadline Story.

So have the preponderance of the media changed their ways and moved back to traditional reportage ... the who, what, where, how and sometimes, where appropriate, the why of current events? No, not really. Trump's recent administration selections are being vilified as being racists, KKK supporters, anti-Jewish, pro-Russian, and hating puppies ... all on the flimsiest of evidence. It is almost laughable how stretched much of this yellow journalism is. Not only are these media imposters still doing mainly opposition research, but they color their a stories with pejorative nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs. Here are just a few recent examples: overtly partisan, Fuhrer Trump, outrageous, divisive symbol, disastrous,Trump Tower bubble, sharp pugnacious, etc. And these where in news stories not in opinion pieces.

It appears that many of these media outlets do not want to relearn what journalism is until it is too late.

reddit Gallery CCCXCII

Another excursion into the world of reddit Pictures. See: reddit Pics for sources.  Do yourself a favor and click on pictures to enlarge them.  Enjoy!

Tables are Turned

The Ducks are Coming


Flower Girl

Full Moon above Prague

Friday, November 18, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

New EU 'travel tax' ...

Obama and Merkel: Globalization is here to stay

Axelrod tells transition critics to chill ...

Thanksgiving meal much cheaper: Turkey prices drop ...

DNA breakthrough could 'fix broken genes in brain, delay aging' ...

Paris Hilton: 'I voted for Trump'

London's Muslim Mayor urges anti-Trump migrants to flock to UK

War on Christmas: Saudis ban international schools from observing non-Islamic holidays

Department of Education wasting money at an incredible rate ...

Switzerland considers banning Koran distributions

Obama sets new record for regulations, 527 pages in just one day

Apple may produce IPhones in USA ...

Pie in the Sky

Color me skeptical ... but there are a number of assumed developments that somehow appear to me to be more wishful thinking than real possibilities. Call me a Luddite if you wish, but somehow pouring emotion or resources into these chimeras seems to be somewhat futile ... at least for the next few hundred years. Here are my top ten candidates:

1) Colonizing of Mars or other planets (or even commercial space travel)

2) Effective world government

3) Our current existence being just a simulation in some giant future computer

4) Human head transplants

5) Being able to control our climate

6) Humans defying death ... or at least living for many hundreds of years

7) Ubiquity of self-driving cars, trucks and buses

8) Resurrecting of frozen corpses

9) Even close to sufficient sustainable energy production from wind and solar

10) Robots taking over from humans (or killing us off)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shared Secrets

From Powerline


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Twitter purges 'alt-right' accounts ...

Republicans now control record number of state chambers ...

Elon Musk in crosshairs over billions in government subsidies ...

TX oil discovery BIGGEST EVER: $900 billion

CITI to stop accepting cash in branches ...

Team Trump announces five year lobbying ban for administration officials

Hezbollah parade features U.S. armored vehicles ...

Springsteen, De Niro to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom ...

HAWKING: Mankind will be extinct in 1,000 years ...

Three NBA teams boycott Trump hotels

Study: People crave Wi-Fi more than chocolate, sex, alcohol

Jesse Jackson: Obama should pardon Hillary ...

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Cotton Candy Technology

Innovation is one of the pistons that drives economic growth. Most of the developments that have propelled the United States into its position of economic dominance have been substantial -- light bulbs, steel, automobiles, radio and TV communication, computers, air travel, even the Internet. However, much of the latest stars of technology innovation seem a little less consequential -- social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. -- software that does not represent significant innovation ... more fluff than stuff.

Yet these developments are creating billionaires who believe that they are the new Titans of industry ... pleeeese! Can we call this cotton candy technology? The reason that these companies are stock market darlings is that they get tremendous revenue from advertising. Yes, old-line media companies did also prosper from ads ("Duz does everything"), but they also provided real value added with programming and reporting. Most of the value added in social networking companies is provided by the end users -- kinda like the early days of e-mail companies. Where are they today?

What I am saying is that social media companies, unless they can find a way of offering their users additional value-added other than just connections, will also fade into the background of the Internet ... analogous to the e-mail-only companies of 20 years ago.

A Modern Epigram

Trump: Often right, seldom loved

Obama: Often loved, seldom right

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Chomsky: 'Republican Party most dangerous organization in world history' ...

Report: Hillary screaming obscenities, throwing items in election night meltdown

Godfather: Chicago will always be sanctuary ...

New Orleans won't abandon sanctuary city policy

Boston: Will not cooperate with immigration officials ...

Los Angeles Police Chief: LAPD will not aid in deporting illegal aliens

Fast-food fan Trump set to remake healthy school lunch program

Parents, teachers who scared kids about Trump now trying to console them

Chinese media praise Trump's 'experience and ideology' ...

Zuckerberg among Facebook users mistakenly declared'dead'

Keith Ellison: Direct cash reparations need to be studied

Colin Kaepernick has NEVER voted in any election

Quote of the Day

Monday, November 14, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

60 Minutes: Trump will take $1 salary as president ...

Study: Beer a day helps prevent stroke, heart disease ...

Palestinian UN envoy promises to make Trump's 'life miserable' if he moves embassy to Jerusalem

Satellites show Earth cooling at rapid rate ...

Fed's pull agents off open border to process alien surge ...

Muslims brutally beat [Swedish] TV chef for looking like Trump ...

Hunting, fishing recognized as Constitutional right in Kansas, Indiana

Claim: 3 million votes in presidential election cast by illegals ...

Trump's plan for Coal Country, hollow out the EPA ...

Border agents could ignore Obama directives ...

Soros prepares for Trump war ... Blocks of protest buses caught on tape

Clinton campaign decisions based on computer algorithm ...


To buss means to kiss. George Soros loves his adopted country so much that he is bussing us. He is funding the bus transportation (and probably much more) for the hooligans who are protesting Trump's election ... often quite violently ... in many blue American cities. Yes, I know you libs think that I am funning you with this claim ... and I am part of that basket of deplorables. However, don't doubt me ... as I have visual evidence of the degree to which this billionaire boob is willing to go to disrupt things. Here is a video of many dozen buses that were used to bring Soros goons to their Chicago riots ... see: Zero Hedge Video and Article.

Still skeptical?

Let me end with my deplorable message to George Soros ... buss my arse!


New York Times columnist, Ross Douthat, has been taking a psychedelic and staring into his pool of mercury like Nostradamus and has written a column projecting what American life will be like four years hence. With Donald Trump just having been re-elected to another four year term ... easily defeating the Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker duo ... his first term was filled with some successes and a few flops ... see: NY Times Op-Ed. In this opinion piece Douthat admits that two out of his three previous week's predictions (domestic economic collapse and a run-up to the Third World War) did not occur in Trumps first term ... but civil unrest still persisted.   Bowing to his editorial superiors, Douthat throws them a few bones ... calling Kellyanne Conway "Svengali" and dissing Sean Hannity.

Nevertheless, an interesting read.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Comedian Wanda Sykes booed for mocking Trump ...

Turkey issues warning about travel to USA

Meltdown continues: Wave of fake 'hate crimes' sweep social media

ISIS eyes Thanksgiving Day Parade

Band performing during Paris attacks banned from returning due to anti-Muslim remarks

Left-wing 'charity' funds anti-Trump protests

Bikers help Springsteen, stranded on side of road ...

80,000 gather for Catalan pro-independence demo ...

Sanders fans plot takeover of Democrat party

Pat Boone: Trump victory a 'slap in the face of brain-washed, pampered' Hollywood elite

Race to resettle Muslim refugees in USA ...

Is Muslim from Midwest set to take over DNC?

Leonard Cohen

How can a man/singer/poet/artist so revered by so many and who dies at the age of 82 ... see: NY Times Obit .... yet I don't recall ever knowing any of his songs or hearing him sing or know really anything about the man? I must really be an out-of-touch doofus ...