Thursday, May 31, 2018

Dark Stuff

Dark Matter Map of the Universe

I was watching PBS last night. The viewed program's subject was dark matter and dark energy ... both concepts involving lots of speculation but few facts ... a little like the Mueller Russian collusion investigation. Although scientists don't know what comprises dark matter, they have been able to map its existence in the universe. Over eleven years ago I wrote a blog on this subject in "Junkier Science" with some speculations of my own on these subjects ... see: The Dark Side ... (still holds up.)

To summarize my included speculations I suggested that dark matter and dark energy may exist in dimension(s) beyond our current known four. (If Einstein can name a metric, time, as th e fourth dimension, why can't another metric, force (gravity), be another of the supposed eleven dimensions  under string theory?

Anyway, I find this type of loopy scientific speculation to be fun. I hope you do too.

Afterward: When Einstein called gravity a "warp in the space-time continuum"' he was suggesting that it was dimensional ... a mapping a fifth dimension onto a four-dimensional world.

Hand Grenade

I am increasingly suspicious that the "Roseanne" show was a booby trap set by the Hollywood elites to besmirch President Trump. Yes, I realize the colossal nature that this conspiracy would have to be and how many things could go wrong. But, nevertheless, the egos of these media elites are so huge  ... and their hatred of Trump is so pervasive that I somehow feel that this whole thing was a hand grenade concocted to blow Trump up. Here are some of the clues I am focusing on:

- Just about everyone involved in this program was liberal --  the producer Wanda Sykes, all the writers (according to a Roseanne tweet), most of the actors ... including the husband, John Goodman, a rabid radical lefty, ... and all the suits at ABC and up to Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney (the owners of ABC). Why in the world would this group promote the agenda of the right? My guess is that there was an expectation that this program would eventually turn on Trump and help turn public opinion (remember "All in the Family)?

- I have no idea whether Roseanne Barr, being a vocal old-time liberal, really voted for Trump. However, I do know that she is notoriously erratic and she could well be the pulled-grenade-pin to blow this whole thing up ... exactly what did happen.

- Although the "Roseanne" show initially shot to the top of the ratings chart,  of late it was losing its mojo ... possibly because its team of writer's hearts aren't in it. This trending suggested that this show was not sustainable over the long term. So when Roseanne tweeted her slur, this gave the suits their out. The rapidity of Sykes' resignation and Iger's cancellation tells me that thus was pre-staged. (Sykes' umbrage at Roseanne ape comparison ignores that, in her previous comedy routine, she compared Trump to an orangutan).

- As expected, the  "crash and burn" of this show was used by much of the media to blame Trump ... as they breathlessly waited for Trump to come to Roseanne's aide. He, being very media savvy, attacked the true villain, Iger, instead. So, instead of an explosion, Disney spent millions on a wet fart.


Romney: Trump not a 'role model for my grandkids'

Timing of Ivanka Trump's Chinese trademarks raises red flags

Three dead as terrorist shooting 'Allahu Akbar' launches cafe attack in Belgium ...

Japan detects Chinese ship allegedly violating NKorea sanctions

George Soros: Campaign for second Brexit referendum about to start

How an automaker [Tesla] sells a $71,000 version of a $28.000 car

Tommy Robinson jailed for 13 months after violating [English] contempt of court laws ...

Tommy Robinson reporting restrictions lifted

Israel: More than 25 mortar shells fired from Gaza

President accuses [Mueller] of meddling on midterms ...

Tesla sedan in Autopilot mode hits parked California police car

China could take over Long Beach port despite trade dispute

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Pure Evil

Remember the South Carolina mother who pushed her car into a lake with her two children strapped inside? Pure evil!  MS-13 gruesome killings? A Muslim suicide bomber inside an Israeli pizza parlor? The Japanese Rape of Nanking? Mao's Great Leap Forward? The Khmer Rouge? The Armenian genocide? Stalin's purges? Hitler's Final Solution? All pure evil?

From whence comes all this evil? And will it ever subside?

Answers: Evil must be spread over our human genome ... and, thus, it  will always be with us.

Yes, religions are attempts to eliminate the dark side of our human nature. But most religions have also indulged in evil acts despite protestations to the contrary.

So are things hopeless?

Most likely ... and as population pressures increas, I think things are bound to get worse.

Sorry for being so frank ...

My suggestion: try to keep you and yours out of the way of such aberration  ...

Tommy Robinson

The English people can be stalwart and noble knights (like during World War II) ... and they can be knock-kneed knaves (like when they turned away from Churchill and toward Socialism after the war). I suppose this Jekyll and Hyde national personality flaw is what inspired our founders to cut the cord to this then power ... otherwise we may be wallowing in an even-deeper swamp than we mow find ourselves.

The current head-scratchier from Britain involves Muslim rape gangs, a resister to this mayhem, Tommy Robinson (a pseudonym), and his attempt to mobilize his countrymen against this degenerative behavior. There is a growing outrage over how the English judicial system is manhandling this patriotic protester ... now labeled from the "far right" (shades of our Charlottesvile reporting.)

In order to fill yourself in on the details of this case, see: Powerline Comments.

And to appreciate the push back that is beginning to develop, see:  Diplomad's Comments who can be  rough on Muslims and their apologists ...which, in this case, seems justified.

Note that, since this reporting, the outrageous press gag order has been lifted.


Senators to Trump: It's do-or-die time for DACA

Trump to rally in Tennessee after Democrats sense a chance to take a Senate seat held by the GOP for two decades

Arlington Cemetery, nearly full, may become more exclusive ...

Meadows: We need to know who directed spy campaign

China steps up pace with new nuclear arms  race with U.S. And Russia

South may be angling its way into the Trump-Kim summit

Shock: Chelsea Manning Tweets suicide note, picture of self on ledge of tall building ...

Vegan extremists threaten to firebomb U.K. butchers

George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Maine

European Union moves to ban single-use plastics

Farrakhan changes his opinion of Trump ...

Iran energy official: We can make highly enriched uranium in two or three days

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Roceanne Barr went too far

Comparing Jerrett to a ferret ... or worse.

She didn't see, that ABC

Wouldl let her know, "no more show" ... a curse.

So for this speech, she's on the beach.

And so bereft ... that all tha's left

For her to yammer ... is the Star Spangled Banner.

Afterthought: Even Roceanne's support of Trump didm't make me like her.


The arc of history bends a knee word Colin Kaepernick

North and South Korea are is using a possible non-agression pact

Massive blaze at German theme park ...

Mayor who honored Stormy Daniels settled $500,000 sexual harassment claim in 2016

Schiff: Trump spy theory 'a piece of propaganda'

Why America has fallen out of love with NASCAR

Who killed Bobby Kennedy? RFK Jr. believes second gunman ...

France announces imminent evacuations of Paris migrant camps ...

Rubio: North Korea will never give up its nuclear weapons

US warships sail near South China Sea islands claimed by Beijing

France's far left leads protests against Macron

Visa cuts Morgan Freemam from commercials after harassment claims

Monday, May 28, 2018

A Memorial

Interesting numbers ... add them all together and they still don't equal the U.S. Civil War ... 

Low IQ

I started writing the following blog, hoping to compare the relative violence between the police and unarmed black men:
In 2017 16 unarmed black men were killed by cops. This is the basis for the Black Lives Matter protests and agitation ... see: Quoted Washington Post story
Next I Googled something like "cops killed by black men" and kept getting references for black men killed by cops ... as though Google's search "algorithm" could not differentiate between a subject and a predicate ... not very bright. It was either that or the  Google search formula is skewed by a liberal agenda that is leading us nincompoops to references that agree with its politics. (Try it yourself.) Recent studies suggest that you only get truly unbiased Google search answers in the fourth page of results ... where no one ever goes.  This, to me, is very disturbing. It's like watching a baseball game with clearly rigged officiating.

So I then tried the same exercise on the Bing search site and got very similar results. Aarg! What does this suggest? It suggests that this thumb-on-the -scale search process is a Google vulnerability ... and, at some point ... possibly years away, it may be its undoing. That would be quite special.

Afterward: Even Google Images carries a political agenda. Guess who came up several times when I asked for images using "low IQ"? Try it yourself.


There was a great skier from Stowe

Who was an acrobat on the snow.

He never was bested

Until he invested

In some of the snow that you blow.


Nunes feels the Russian probe blowback at home

These drones can haul a 20 pound load for 500 miles and land on a moving target

Mueller wins: Judge declines to throw out Manafort charges ...

Matthews: Trump doing everything he can to destroy this country

White House still  a  go on planning trip for North Korean summit

Ireland votes overwhelmingly to scrap ban on abortions

Seattle fastest growing city in USA ...

Spy gate: 7 ways Barack Obama spied on Donald Trump

Trump issues orders making it easier to fire federal employees

Why half of Americans won' take a vacation this year

TO THE MOON: Bezos pledges to expand space ventures ...

North Korea ramped up cyber attacks while talking peace with Seoul

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Flanders Fields

One hundred years ago 116,516 Americans gave their lives to help stop the Kaiser's evil ambitions in Europe ... one reason out of many, many others for our Memorial Day.


       M        O


Tromp again pushes claim that FBI informant planted for political purposes

Putin says he will step down as president after his term expires in 2024

Harvey [Weinstein]  handcuffed, 'Did not invent the casting couch'

Taiwan scrambles jets as Chinese heavy bomber circles island

Trump teases that summit with Kim may be back on

Silicon Valley explain why their scared of China

Hillary: I want to be Facebook CEO ...

U.S. Watchdog: Obama 'ensured' failure of stabilization in Afghanistan

Surging gas prices could fuel Trump backlash

Tesla flies in equipment to speed up battery production for Model 3

Tech companies scramble as sweeping  [EU] data rules take effect ...

Informant spied on Trump campaign before FBI probe began

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Legacy

Comey, Clapper, Brennan


Raw Truth

Higher education gone astray ... student loan debt = $1.5 trillion


Trump calls off historic meeting with Kim Jong Un

Trump signs the biggest rollback of bank rules since the financial crisis

8 women accuse Morgan Freeman ... inappropriate behavior, harassment ...

Obamacare premiums to spike by 15% in 2019

Second top official resigns from Bernie Sander's group

Russia quietly conducts the longest range surface-to-air missile test

Home values rising at fastest rate in 12 years ...

James Clapper admits to 'spying' from inside Trump campaign

Democrats muscle into FBI informant meeting

Trump pardons late [black] boxer Jack Johnson

Newfoundland buried in foot of snow ...

Netflix [now] more valuable than Disney, Comcast

Friday, May 25, 2018


There are good leaders and there are bad leaders ... but, if a leader's team is working at cross purposes, either leader is bound to produce disappointing results. -- Anon.

Afterthought: Trump is still selecting his team ... Obama's team selected him ...

National Security?

From Mostly Cajun blog


US mall owners look to apartments to replace Sears and JC Penney

Trump blocking Twitter users violates Constitution, judge says

Turkey currency meltdown ... Erdogan re-election threatened ...

Grassley demands DOJ explain redaction to Strzok text suggesting WH ran probe

Former FBI Director James Comey attacks Republicans, defends use of alleged informant in Trump campaign

Fed indicates it will let inflation rate run above its 2 percent goal for a 'temporalry period'

[Pelosi] Hit with brain freeze, gibberish, goggles

Report: FBI agents itching to expose Comey, McCabe secrets

China's secret goal is to crush Silicon Valley

Elon Musk complains of 'holier-than-thou hypocrasy of l big media companies' in tirade

NFL bans kneeling ...

Eric Holder:'No basis' for Trump to investigate FBI election meddling

Fond of Fonda?

Jane Fonda once took a junket to Hanoi,

Where, with the enemy, she played coy.

Astride an antiaircraft gun,

She seemed to be  having  fun

Pretending to zap an American flyboy.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Trump says North Korea meeting may be delayed, hints China is to blame

Trump's demand that China cut its US trade deficit by $200 billion defies the laws of economocs

Cohen biz partner flips

Shock poll: GOP takes a six-point lead in generic midterm tracking

Texas governor says school safety talks will include gun control

Mark Zuckerberg dodges lots of tough questions fro European lawmakers

ANOTHER 'informant' tried to infiltrate [Trump] campaign

Exclusive -- Roger Stone: 'Brennan going to die in a federal penitentiary'

Almost half of voters feel that tariffs on goods from China would hurt U.S. economy

More women say that they can't afford kids because of their student loans

Law firm of Stormy Daniels' attorney hit with $100 million judgment

Hyperhype: Consumer Reports crushes Tesla, Elon Musk admits to Model 3 breaking problems

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


FBI (and CIA?) hires "informant(s)" to infiltrate opposition's campaign ...

Liberal Privilege

Who can continually invent virtue signals yet call for the death of their opponents, drone on about impeaching them, continually misquote them, cook up cockamamie conspiracy theories about them, tag them with every "ists" there is, stage demonstrations outside their homes without consequences, steal and reveal their financial records, use the power of the government to try to distroy them, decide which laws need to be obeyed, suppress free speech when they feel like it, fulminate violent protests in order to depress dissent, tax and regulate their opponents into submission, encourage illegal voting to stay in power, concoct "legal" ways to launder money, reward bad behavior by voting blocs, paper over sexual crimes by their supporters, broom egregious crimes within their tribe, lie with impunity, openly disparage their country, abet foreign enemies, revel in their own self-importance ... and feel they are forever "entitled?"

Why it's Liberals ... that's who! (You knew it all along')


Dems grit their teeth and cheer for Trump on North Korea

Trump may reportedly lift US sales ban on ZTE [phones]

Iced latte: Starbucks says drug use, sleeping unacceptable ...

China's Navy will double size of U.S. Navy by 2030

Grassley seeks DOJ documents on officials' contacts with dossier author

People are selling their royal wedding gift bags on EBay

Human race just 0.01% of all life -- but has eradicated most other living things ...

DHS official: 'In one week, Democrats chose to defend' Hamas, MS-13

Obamas cut deal with Netflix

Goldman Sachs: Fiscal outlook for US 'is not good'

Pope shock: OK to be gay ...

John Brennan threatens Ryan, McConnell for 'enabling' Trump

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Today's Quote

Never count your money when you're sitting at the table -- Kenny Rogers


Trump demands DOJ look into whether FBI 'infiltrated or surveilled' his campaign

Mueller's office said to tell Guilliani that Trump-Russia collusion probe will wrap by Sept.

Pompeo promises strongest sanctions in history on Iran ...

Rand Paul turns hawkish on immigration

China trade war 'on hold' as Trump pauses tariffs

Asia now home to more billionaires than North America

Poll: Two-thirds give president credit for the economy ...

Mnuchin says NAFTA negotiations may spill into 2019

Trump allies zero in on Mullrer 'scope memo'

Elon Musk drops specifications for Model 3 upgrade, 'Quicker than the BMW M3' and easier to operate

Liberals hold 4:1 advantage among commencement speakers ...

Syria: Explosions at Iranian nmilitary site

Monday, May 21, 2018

Pickle Nose


The cat is out of the bag. Apparently multiple wire taps and other surveillance was not enough for Obama's CiA/FBI/DOJ cabal. They also needed an "insurance policy, against Trump getting elected ... and then after the impossible happened, this insurance became a slow-motion coup. This is a scandal of shocking proportions and frightening implications. Although I might be a little ahead of the facts, what is emerging from the Obama swamp miasma is so profoundly unsettling that a few corners need to be rounded over to paint this grotesque picture. I actually suspect that the eventual truth will be far more damaging.

Now we know that am American citizen, Stefan Halper of Cambridge University (Howie Carr calls him "pickle nose"), was hired by Brennan of the CIA to infiltrate the Trump campaign to set a predicate for the Trump-Russia collusion charges. He approached Carter Page and George Pappadopolus with suggestions of dirt on the Clinton campaign. Basically Pickle Nose  entrapped these two naive low-level Trump operatives to set the stage for the later FISA court wire tap approvals.

This conspiracy even had a  deep-state name -- Operation Crossfire Hurricane. It was a classic Human Intelligence Operative. It was conducted against an opposition political party and, after the election, against a sitting president, Trump ... a cabal now led led  by Robert Mueller. The fact that Mueller has not, with his broad prosecutable mandate, veered into all this deep-state corruption , leads me up believe that Mueller s also dirty.

Wow! And I am certain that there is a lot more to come.

Afterward; For his efforts on behalf of Hiillary's campaign and the deep state, pickle nose goot between $400K and $1M of taxpayer monies.

The Great Divide

Hillary Clinton, looking down her nose, spoke at Yale's commencement over the weekend, saying that resilience will get her audience though Trump's tumultuous presidency  ... see: CNBC Article. What elitist pap! What pandering pettifoggery! This woman, abetted by the ivory-tower twits in New Haven, is basically reprising her snobbish "basket of deplorables" comment that lost her the last election. She and many in the robed crown there feel that they know more and feel more than the rest of us irredeemables.

This scene was, I'm sure, repeated numerous times with numerous liberal luminaries across America's campuses ... reassuring the graduates that they were better and smarter than those who had labored to set out the chairs and laundered the robes for these august ceremonies. They were assured that only they were the ones who could grasp the depth of the lefty platitudes being offered by these biggies. Some day they would become the speakers and honorary degree recipients in this never-ending cycle of our ruling class.

Just one problem. Donald Trump has opened the eyes of those who are unwashed to what a rotten job our elites like Hillary and Barack and George have been doing managing our country and our interactions with the rest of the world. They have noticed the "let them eat cake" attitude of their betters ... and have said "enough!" The battle lines in this great divide are forming. And, unless our puddin'-headed elites wake up, they will end up taking more lonely walks in the woods, calling the other half "Nazis" and consoling themselves with fine Chardonnay like that Chappaqua doyen.

The Beggar

There was a beggar in Calcutta.

Who opined as he sat in the gutta,

"It would be so grand

Having just one hand,

Still,  having two would be betta."


Mueller probes Ukrainian who pitched peace plan to White House

China agrees to bolster purchases of US goofs in a move to 'substantially reduce' trade gap

Abbas hospitalized

Murder surges 44% in Londonstan

Trump pursed to put hacking on North Korea summit agenda

Hundreds of companies are taking on employees' student loan debt

Beijing: USA, China agree to abandon trade war ...

Kentucky Derby winner Justify takes 143td Preakness in fog

Trump pushes prison reform bill that divides Democrats

EU may compensate companies hurt by Iran sanctions -- French minister

Reports: Cambridge professor outed as FBI informant inside Trump campaign ...

Seven dead after attack on Orthodox Church  in Russia province of Chechnya

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Big Catch

From Mostly Cajun blog

Media Buzz

From Mostly Cajun blog


Despite dire predictions, the US stock market is up over 38% since Trump was elected president. However, there are now serious headwinds that likely will keep the breaks on further dramatic advances in equities. They are:

- The Federal Reserve's easy money policy (Quantitative Easing) has stopped. In fact the Fed is well into the process of reducing its balance sheet by about 3.5 trillion dollars. This means that this much liquidity is being removed from our economy.

-Yes, Trump's fiscal measures (tax and regulation reform, trade terms, infrastructure spending) have boosted our economy and corporate earnings. But price-earnings ratios in the stock market are still above historic averages.

- The geo-political risks of Iran and North Korea still pose a dire risk to the world order and stock markets.

- The Fed is on track to raise interest rates multiple time both this year and next. Higher interest rates increase the discount that must be applied to corporate earnings.

- Robert Mueller's team of crack partisan investigators seem hell-bent on taking Trump down. This is a pall on his ability to keep things moving forward.

- Current trade negotiations with China and NAFTA could easily result is trade wars that would take at least a short-term to the US economy.

So, will the stock market make dramatic new highs despite these many headwinds? The odds seem against it. But then Trump has a way of defying the odds.


Trump to target Planned Parenthood with new abortion curbs

Commerce Secretary Ross's claim that tariff wouldn't hurt Cambell Soup just blew up

Man opens fire at Trump Miami resort;  Spewing hate about the president ...

10 dead after shots fired in Ttexas high school  'Explosive devices found'

Mueller hands judge full memo detailing Russian probe limits

House fail to pass farm bill amid Repiblicans rebellion over immigration

Trump: DOJ out to frame me!

Cuban plane with 104 passangers crashes after takeoff in Havana

Federal judge rejects Manafort's bid to dismiss Mueller's indictment

China says it hasn't offered to cut trade deficit with US by $200 billion

Two buses collide at entrance to Lincoln Tunnel, 32 ihurt ...

Dem advantage in generic ballot hits new low

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Few Observations

- Obama's spooks, Brennam, Comey and Clapper, were so focused on undermining Trump's bid for the White House; I wonder how many real intelligence jobs went undone or underdone?

- Back in the day when salt was as valuable as gold, a bag of potato chips might have cost as much as $100

- If the Clinton Foundation and Global Initiative were not money laundering operations, how come they have gone quiescent after Hillary is no longer a shoe-in for the presidency.

- How does the DOJ's Rod Rosenstein still have a job since it has been revealed that he illegally back-dated by weeks the authorization to break down Manafort's  door at 3 AM to search his home and arrest him?

- Why is Turkey still in MATO?

- When the Federal Reserve Bank's primary missions of full employment and a 2% inflation rate are met, as they are now, it would seem that the Fed could swing to helping our balance of payments strategies and lowering the cost of financing our national debt.

Tech Dreams

Elon Musk spins many high-tech dreams almost on a daily basis. Colonizing Mars. Hyperloop transports. Underground highways. Electric autonomous vehicles. Satellite launching. Solar cells. Commercial building electricity storage and retrieval, Virtual reality. Flame throwing gun. Totally green economy. And, I'm sure, more to come ... next time the Tesla Model 3 production schedule slips.

These chimeras (and our utopian mindset) have made him a many-times-over billionaire. Is this good and will his idiosyncratic dreams prevail? Who am I to judge? My dreams upto now have turned to cottage cheese. So I must demur.

Today's Picture

From Powerline Blog


Giuliani: Mueller interview prep on Trump's summer schedule

Trump: I 'doubt' China trade negotiations will succeed

California resistance to Trump includes at least 32 lawsuits ...

Report: IG will declare FBI, DOJ broke law in Clinton e-mail probe

Trump: 'Animals' comment referred to MS-13 members

Warren Buffet: Interest rates are the 'most important' thing in determining stock values


Trump donates first quarter salary to Department of. Veterans Affairs

Republicans are still running against Colin Kaepernick

Manafort's former son-in-law cuts plea deal with government

Chinese mass-indoctrination camps evoke cultural revolution ...

Pelosi defends MS-13

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Royal Wedding

No Comment

Afterthought: Windsor Knot?

Rara Avis

Corruption-free government is as rare as ... corruption-free government. -- Anon.


Trump's North Korea Nobel buzz could die with John Bolton

The US Marine Corps just got its most powerful helicopter ever

Buying time? NKorea threat to cancel simmer 'calculated to hide nukes' ...

Leakers to NYT confirm FBI ran spy operation against Trump campaign

Tensions erupt among Trump trade officials ahead of China talks

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee files $1 billion suit over theft of  image fights

Hamas leader says 50 killed were members of group ...

Senate passes resolution to restore net nutrality

Senate Democrats score net neutrality win in bid for midterm momentum

Report: Government informant spied on two Trump campaign aides

Erdogan urges Islamic world to unite against Israel ...

With no cameras rolling, Comey dodges Senate Russia hearing

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Voting Illogic

There is a certain degenerative folly in encouraging uninformed citizens and non-citizens to vote. -- Anon.


New York City poised to join Airbmb crackdown

President Trump shrinks from another fight with China

North Korea threatens to cancel Trump summit

Reports indicate the FBI has a source spying on the Trump campaign

Democrats run on GOP health care sabotage

Tesla to shut down Model 3 production line for six more days

Tom Wolfe dead at 88 ...

Likely midterm voters repeatedly say immigration biggest priority

White House, EPA headed off chemical pollution study

Mortgage rates surging to highest level in 7 years

Researchers find dirty jokes in Anne Frank diaries ...

Trump calls for death penalty for cop killers

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Reality Show

The Apprentice

Donald J. Trump is  mocked as being nothing more than a washed-up  reality show host who stumbled into the American presidency. There is a certain juicy irony to this insult ... in particular because Trump has finally brought reality to our governance ... perhaps because of the clear eyes acquired on his reality shows. He has:

- recognized the reality of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel and moved out embassy there.

- acknowledged that many of our previous trade deals are bleeding this country dry ... and need to be renovated or scrapped.

- realized  that Washington, DC is infested with self-serving reptiles ... a swamp that badly needs draining

- saw that immigration into the United States is regulated by many cockamamie laws.... assuming that they are even obeyed. The whole process needs to be revamped and our borders secured.

- understood that our continually appeasinfg of North Korea and Iran has produced no good results. Our approach needs to be  hardened and confrontational if we have any hope of averting a nuclear holocaust.

- deciphered that the only thing that had been driving our economy has been the Federal Reserve's easy money  policy ... and that tax cuts, regulation reform and infrastructure spending are required to get our economy and employment back on track.

-  realized that the global warming  hysteria was a gigantic hoax and an covert attempt at wealth redistribution.

- sensed that our mi litany had been hollowed out and needed to be rebuilt.

If Trump's reality show experience has helped open his eyes to these and other realities our country was suffering under, then, rather than a mocking slur, this has been a positive... and provided him the keys to the White House.

The Proctologist

From Mostly Cahun blog


Kim Jong-un has canceled a meeting with South Korea today and is threatening to pull out of his planned summit with President Trump ... all because of well-advertised  joint military exercises between the US and South Korea. So what else is new? Such negotiating tactics are to be expected from North Korea ... as they have behaved the same way many times in the past.

It is the TV media that us the manic-depressive in this scenario. They love to glom onto good news and bad news to whip up a viewership frenzy. They should know ... as I am sure that Trump knows ... that there will be many zigs and zags before this negotiations with Kim are done ... for good or bad.

Will this process end with the denuclearization  of the Korean Peninsula ? For what it's worth, my guess is NO ... history is a good predictor ... but what do I know?


Trump's Jerusalem embassy opening marred by deadly clashes in Gaza

Mexico shuts down 17 men who tried to run for office as women

Cracks in Hawaii volcano roar ...

... Democrats skip [U.S. embassy opening in Jerusalem] ...

A GOP surprise:House midterm hopes rise in blue California

IRS may nix blue state's workaround of tax deduction caps

Ecuador prepares to hand over Assuange?

Seafood industry begs for more foreign workers

GOP tax cut not why economy is booming

Supreme Court strikes down federal sports betting ban, paving the way for NJ and other states

Pence reaches for Republican Party control ...

Jimmy Kimmel: American people are tired of Trump bashing

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I See BM

The Jihadist

There was this Hamas jihadist from Gaza

Who blew himself up in a Jerusalem plaza.

Protesting the U.S. embassy.

T'was little left of him to see.

Still, Abbas gave his family the martyr's bonanza.