Friday, August 29, 2008

If He Loses

What will happen if the presumptive President, Barak Obama, loses? I know that, given the theatrics of the Democratic convention and Obama’s éclat performance last night, this seems currently a remote possibility. If this were to happen, at least four groups will be extremely put out and this should engender various backlashes:

1) Blacks (obviously) -- I hate to predict nastiness but I would not be shocked to see racial disturbances, even riots, in Chicago, Detroit, South L.A., St. Louis, and Harlem. The black population in America is heavily invested in an Obama victory and his loss would be taken by most as a confirmation of insipient racism and a class ceiling in this country. With emotions running this high it would be a sore temptation to take things out on “typical white persons.”

2) Starry-eyed youths – many MTV graduates have cast their lot with Obama as though he were a rock or rap star. He represents to them a break with the old-fogey U.S. establishment. Just like the funeral of Dianne forced the royal elders in England to bend to the will of the British youth, so many American tater tots want to grab the flag of governance from their “know-better” elders. Denied this win, I suspect that many will turn to subterfuge and even sabotage … like many of their peacenik parents did in the late sixties (and many still do).

3) Moonbats (1960’s anarchist, Hollywood zombies, left-wing radicals, Jimmy Carter) – Not satisfied with causing the death of three million Vietnamese and Cambodian civilians, many “make-love-not-war” aging flower children now see their ultimate revenge as fully grabbing the reins of political power. They clearly wish to restore the Age of Aquarius through Obama. They see him as the Messiah who will dismantle our atomic weapons, tax the skin off the rich, halt our use of fossil fuels (except natural gas, ala Pelosi), provide free health care for all, open our borders to the world, and emasculate our armed forces. Thwarting this opportunity might cause them (many who hold august and powerful positions in corporations and the media) to continue (in spades) the dry-rot of our country’s moral infrastructure.

4) Europeans – as exemplified by the adoring Brandenburg throngs, many Europeans have presupposed Obama’s victory. If he loses, they will shake their heads at the continuing slope-headed stupidity of the American voting public. At least, they will do this unless Russia keeps exhibiting its renewed expansionistic tendencies. That being the case, they might secretly find comfort in the expectation that McCain’s America will once again save their sorry asses from the Big Bad Bear’s threat.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Loopy Prediction

Bill Clinton has recently talked about the Constitution laying out the qualifications to be President. This may be a veiled threat to Barak Obama implying that the Clintons don't believe that he meets these qualifications. This coupled with Hillary's recent statement that she will hold onto her delegates and may indeed have her name placed in nomination suggests to me that the Clintons may challenge Obama's qualifications to be President.

This might be based upon the flap that has arisen over Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate. See: Obama Genesis AND Birth Certificate It is interesting to note that Barak is currently on his way to Hawaii for a week's "vacation". Therefore I make a somewhat loopy prediction that the Clinton's have the birth-certificate goods on Obama (they being the only ones who have legal standing to make such a challenge before the actual nomination ... afterwards any U.S. voter could make such a challenge) and will thus prevent Barak Obama from being nominated ... resulting in pandemonium in Denver.

If I am wrong then I will eat this blog post