Tuesday, May 31, 2016

French Kiss

Over the weekend Bill Kristol, the editor of the Weekly Standard, had most talking heads aflutter by saying that he had persuaded an "impressive" person to run for president on the Independent ticket. Who was it ... Mitt Romney ... Paul Ryan ... Ben Sasse ... Tom Cotton ... Rick Perry ... Scott Walker ... Rick Santorum? Whether this end run was to insure that Hellery Clinton would win in November ... or that this band of desperadoes were just trying to cause no candidate to get enough Electoral College votes to win outright ... and thus the House of Representatives would then decide the election ... was the unclear motive. But Bill Kristol clearly has had a hair across his somewhere about Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination.

However, after a few days media tease, we just learned who this dark horse was ... David French, a conservative National Review writer, former Iraqi soldier and Tennessee lawyer... see: Daily Caller Article ... not exactly a household name. Matter of fact I strongly suspect that the person Kristol had in mind over the weekend got cold feet and Mr. French was a last minute substitute to save face. Now since any candidate needs to have a 15% national poll showing to get in the final debate programs, I suspect that Mr. French may have just had his fifteen minutes of fame ... ala Andy Warhol. This bit of snidery on my part is not meant to sully Mr. French, but I can't say the same for Bill Kristol who, to me, has finally stepped over the line into kookdom.

And he calls Donald Trump a "roaring jackass" ...

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Cultural Entropy of the Liberal Mind

The easiest definition of "entropy" is "lack of order or distinctions." For those of a scientific mind and who want a more precise definition please go to my meanderings on this subject in my naive science blog: Junkier Science. But for this current exercise in fuzzy thinking let us stay with "lack of order or distinctions." "Cultural entropy" would therefore be social sameness or winding down.

Reading another blog yesterday I was struck by the bright line that might be drawn between liberal and conservative thought ... how one can almost predict the stance that these two political persuasions will take on any subject ... for instance Brexit. Why does the Left want Britain to stay in the European Union and the Right want it to leave? (I will deal more with this later.) The answer that dawned on me then was one's predilection for order versus disorder. Conservatives cherish distinctions or order and Liberals, disorder or even chaos. Then I realized that this distinction might be carried over to many of the modern-day debates ... some of which I will try to inspect here.

The Yin and Yang of the human experience suggest that an individual is never fully liberal or fully conservative.... but that the preponderance of ones preference might be predetermined by the political wiring of one's brain. How this wiring gets accomplished is beyond the scope of this discussion, but, I suspect that it is a tribal phenomenon ... and not necessarily genetic. So, let us start in this investigation of the cultural entropy of the liberal mind.

Race Relations -- When I was but a lad, my family was briefly living within a liberal household in Washington, DC. The doyenne of this enclave had a notion of how race relations would eventually sort themselves out. She believed that, at sometime in the distant future, all mankind would become, due to crossbreeding, a light coffee brown color ... racial entropy ... at which point there would be no distinction between the races and thus no strife. This struck me, even as a child, as idealistic and rather improbable. Was this the beginning of my conservative brain wiring?

Globalism vs. Nationalism -- This Washington doyenne was also a big proponent of world government ... political entropy ... as, it seems, are most liberals. This brings us back to Brexit. The European Union was an early liberal step in that direction ... misguided as it was. To me, and most conservatives, giving up any part of one's national sovereignty to some unelected Brussels bureaucrats is the height of insanity. The consequences of this insanity are finally being realized in the mass movements of mostly Muslim immigrants through the opened borders of old Europe. And the current election in the United States pits globalism versus nationalism. Hellery Clinton, in the world-government tradition of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, promises to erase our national borders within her first hundred days as president ... whereas Donald Trump will build a "beautiful high wall" to stop illegal immigration. (An interesting paradox -- is a worldwide caliphate a liberal or conservative notion?)

Economic Equality -- Socialism and Communism are manifestations of economic entropy. The uber-left want all economic strata to be extinguished ... except for the ruling class that is. To everyone according to one's needs creates fiscal chaos as we have repeatedly seen ... the latest example being Venezuela. Politicians, such as Bernie Sanders, keep establishing rights beyond "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" which too often infringe on these three "natural" rights. Now, higher education, universal health care, automatic citizenship, etc. are our new supposed "free"doms. Such political disorganizations as Communism and Socialism, not surprisingly, most always are the ultimate objectives of the liberal left.

There are numerous other examples of cultural entropy: transgenderism (the unwillingness to distinguish between the sexes), same-sex marriage (the forced sameness of all family units), the liberal dipoles of  "Diversity and Inclusion" (a naive attempt to create a smoothie of all our American subcultures), global warming (an irrational fear of normal climate extremes), and even that old lefty experiment, Esperanto (an attempt to erase all language differences). I am sure that there are numerous other examples of how liberals come down on things differently from us conservatives, but that would be a PHD thesis that no bevy of Ivy League professors would permit.

Therefore, I will stop this righty rambling and return to more palatable social endeavors ... such as thinking about a non-controversial third-party candidate.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

What? More Headlines!

Pot alters DNA ... mutations ...

Vandals Deface Vietnam War Memorial

Central American gangs use FACEBOOK to hunt victims

NYC to start issuing 'high salt' fines

About 100,000 in U.S. now work for Chinese firms

Woman wearing 'Stop Domestic Violence' t-shirt -- arrested for domestic violence

The sisters that used to be brothers

Man arrested after applying for a loan ... to buy meth

[Oberlin] students demand end to midterms ... all grades below 'C'

Hillary Clinton releases plan to dissolve U.S. border within [first] 100 days

Chinese commercial advertises detergent strong enough to wash off black skin

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dartmouth Dither

Last week I received an e-mail from Phil Hanlon, the President of Dartmouth College. The following image of it I have borrowed from  Dartblog's Joe Asch as it highlights the silly mind-set prevalent at this once-fine institution:

Now, I ask you, kind reader, does this scan like an epistle from someone of such stature?

Memorial Day Message

On Friday, President Barry Soetoro traveled to Hiroshima, Japan to lecture the world about the immorality of war ... in particular, the use of atomic weaponry. In fact, just days before our Memorial Day holiday wherein we honor, among many others, the tens of thousands of American military who were killed fighting Japanese aggression, he implied, in his non-apology apology, that Truman's decision to drop the atomic bomb there was "evil." This operative pejorative he slyly slipped into his sermon ... see: Breitbart Story. In truth, Truman's courageous act likely saved hundreds of thousands of American lives and quite a few more Japanese than were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Once again, chin in the air, this man-child in our White House  rose above the immorality of humankind and, in the process, sullied the memory of all of those Americans who gave their lives pushing back against this immorality. It was not President Truman who was evil. It is our current preachy pretend moralist.

Afterward: Add to this cloaked apology the fact that the Japanese Prime Minister Abe declined the invitation to travel to Pearl Harbor to return Soetoro's favor. This clearly indicates that Japan still wants it both ways.

After afterward: Ever the clear thinker, read John Hinderaker's thoughts on this sermon in the Powerline Blog.

reddit Gallery CCCLXIII

Another excursion into the world of reddit Pictures. See: reddit Pics for sources.  Do yourself a favor and click on pictures to enlarge them.  Enjoy!

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Veszelyite Crystals

2000 Year Old Roman Dam in Spain

Baby Elephant and Friends

Painting Factory in China

Friday, May 27, 2016

Cause and Effect

Crime rates across the United States are on the rise ... murders, robberies, rapes and other violent crimes are returning to major urban areas after decades of decline ... for instance see this: Washington Post Story. Why might this be so? Here are a few possible causes:

- The Ferguson Effect ... police forces across the nation have seen how they have been castigated and placed in legal jeopardy by what happened in Ferguson, Missouri in late 2014 and in Baltimore, Maryland over a year ago. As a result, there is a growing reluctance to engage in forward-leaning law enforcement. This, in turn, relieves the pressure on would-be criminals with obvious results.

- Illegal immigrants represent a disproportionate percentage of criminals in this country ... see: Powerline Blog Revelations. And being that our current administration is encouraging more illegal immigration, this suggests that this problem can only get worse.

- Above and beyond this inherent illegal immigrant problem, such immigrants who are convicted criminals are being released back into the general population (instead of being deported) in record numbers as part of Obummer's Screw America policy ... see: A Clowder of Cats.

- There is a false narrative being propagated that the sentence reform laws of the 1990s were unfair to minorities and, as a consequence, there is increased pressure, particularly in California to spring many "non-violent" criminals from prison. What is overlooked is that a great many of the violent crimes of these freed felons had been plea-bargained down prior to conviction and sentencing. So we are allowing our bleeding hearts to inflict more bleeding elsewhere on our citizenry.

So, in a few years time, we well could be suffering through another epidemic of violent crimes ... and, if we are lucky enough to have a Republican president, the lame stream media will then have a convenient leader to blame falsely. (If, God forbid, Hellery is in the White House, they will blame Bush '43.)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

GWP ... GWP Not

I just discovered that my initials, GWP, stand for Guilty White People ... see: Dartblog Posting. The author of this snippet on race relations at Dartmouth, Joe Asch, a man whom I respect for his continued attempts to keep our alma mater from sinking into the current cultural swamp, therein makes a poignant point. And that is that the constant acceding to the whining wished of Hanover's people of color does them no service. In fact it is condescending to create new deans and departments as a token (albeit expensive) show of diversity sensitivity and inclusive symbolism when one is unwilling to engage in open debate regarding the real reasons for their feelings of inferiority. Endorsing these feelings is, ironically, an affirmation of this GWP prejudice. Mr. Asch expresses it better than I can when he writes:
Just why is it that at an institution ostensibly devoted to learning, nobody from President Hanlon on down is willing to debate the charges thrown at the College. What a sorry, cowed bunch of leaders we have. But they are more than cowed; in point of fact, they are condescending to students of color in not engaging them in any kind of principled debate about the merits of the charges that they hurl at Dartmouth. Does the administration think that these kids are too stupid, too uneducated, too fragile, to withstand an argument that puts forward disagreement with their narrative of Concentration Camp Dartmouth?
Wouldn't it be nice to see the kind of open forum that a liberal arts education promises? Needless to say, much as I wish those famous "character content" words of Martin Luther King to be finally realized, I do not qualify as a guilty white person.

St. Peter

If the presidential election option this November is between Hellery Clinton and Donald Trump (and I am increasing doubtful that it will be Hellery), then it boils down to a rather unpalatable choice between the lesser of two evils. In a way one can compare this dilemma to St. Peter inspecting the voluminous life records of these two souls trying to get through the Pearly Gates ... ticking off all of their venial and cardinal sins.

The annals for Trump are replete with venial sins (mostly made because of his large ego and loud mouth)  and, one can easily surmise, a few cardinal sins. On the other hand, Hellery is much more stingy with her venial sins ... but makes up for them in spades on the cardinal side. In fact, this cardinal sin list comprises the majority of St. Peter's huge folio on this fallen woman. Need I list this plethora of her consequential stumbles here?

That is why, much as I, playing St. Peter, would like to deny both of these souls entry into heaven, but, being forced to choose one, will give the wave through to Trump in November.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Low-Key Violence

As I have commented on many times before, language can be twisted and bent into forms that bear no relation to reality ... particularly when expressed on our many moon-bat media outlets. For instance, Chris "Thrill up my Leg" Matthews was interviewing a policeman from Albuquerque last night on MSNBC's "Hardball" and he downplayed the stoning, fire-bombings and police car destruction that was occurring there outside a Donald Trump's rally by Mexican flag waving thugs. Matthews eventually found an appropriate diminutive oxymoron for this mayhem ... calling it "low-key violence" ... see: Daily Wire Article.

And another commentator on MTV, Jamil Smith, consulted his George Soros signed copy of "Rules for Radicals" pocket language-guide before he said that these rioters were just "expressing their humanity" ... see: Daily Caller Video. How is cursing out and throwing police-horse manure at Trump supporters expressions of humanity? Perhaps these rioters thought that they were just helping the environment by  cleaning up the streets?

These backwards-bending linguistic contortions on the part of what should be impartial journalists, I believe disqualifies them as journalists ... just like presidents, who continually lie to their constituents, disqualify themselves for serving in this august office. I wonder of whom I am thinking?

I am currently watching on TV another Trump protest outside a speaking venue in Anaheim, California. I sincerely doubt if many of these "AstroTurf" (meaning phony grassroots) protesters even know exactly why they are there. Many of them have their faces covered with bandanas ... clearly to hide their identities ... not to protect themselves from tear gas as it doesn't appear that this is a threat there. These bemasked professional protesters seem to be the ones that the police are singling out for arrest. Hooray!

Afterward: See also: Powerline Blog Comments.


I heard a comment on a talk radio show yesterday that has my between-the-ears gears grinding ... and that was about the Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe, leak. The FBI investigation of McAuliffe's illicit campaign contributions has been going on for a year ... why would the Obummer administration leak this dirt on Hellery Clinton's bag man now? Perhaps, they have given up on Clinton winning in November and are ready to switch horses to Bernie Sanders? After all, Sander's polls now show he could beat Trump. Think about it ... Sanders is much closer to Obummer politically anyway and, if the Obummer-Jarrett tag team really have their hearts set on destroying this country, what better way than for Bernie to be our next president?

Next step then would be for this administration to green-light a Justice Department indictment of Hellery et al for their e-mail crimes. Yes, such a cold-hearted move on Obummer's part would mean the certain derailment for the Clinton Foundation gravy train ... so one would expect to see a bloody internecine war erupt in the Democrat party ... and this Clinton posse plays for keeps. They might even try to take down Obummer ... wouldn't that be special!

So readers, my spider senses tell me we are in for a very interesting summer ... spiced-up by Trump's comments from the peanut gallery. If Trump soon starts going after Sanders, you will know he has concluded the same thing that you have just read here. The problem is that it might be more difficult to sully Sanders now that he has such populist momentum. And think on this too ... why would Sanders stay in a loosing race so long unless he also sees that Hellery might eventually be getting deep-sixed?

Afterward: For a similar theory see: Ann Coulter's Prediction.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Loose Cannon

Hellery Clinton is now calling Donald Trump "a loose cannon." I suspect that anyone who has been awake for the last ten months would agree with this micro-aggression ... however quite a few do not hold it against him. Matter of fact, some, like myself, think that such an artillery piece rolling around in the White House would keep many of the United States's antagonists up at night ... not knowing what President Trump might do next.

Yes, some of the other loose cannons in the world might try to out-Trump Trump ... setting up possible dangerous confrontations. But Iran's Khamenei, Syria's Assad, North Korea's Kim Jong-un, and Russia's Putin have been saber-rattling enough as it is. I suspect that a lot of their bluster is because of the shrinking violet that we currently have ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But much as Obummer has tried to emasculate the United States, we are still a formidable military might ... and I doubt if any of these martinets would be willing to truly test us.

That leaves China. A great deal of China's economic future is dependent on its chief customer's continued buying spree ... and that chief customer is us. In a very obvious way, if China were to start hostilities with the United States, it would be cutting off its fire-breathing snout to spite its dragon face. So I suspect that China may cross the street to avoid any real confrontation with Trump ... at least for his tenure.

So ... like so many of Hellery's campaign bombasts ... this latest fusillade has likely misfired.

Zombie Voting

Here is a fascinating article about dead people voting in and around Los Angeles ... hundreds of them ... about 2/3rds Democrats ... often for many years after they were supposedly interred ... see: CBS Los Angeles Story. Understandably, many of the ballots were cast by mail because, if these voters were to have shown up in person, they would have been recognized as being zombies.

These voter frauds were discovered by cross-checking voter registration rolls against Social Security records. This, of course, begs the question: How many undiscovered benefit-collecting zombies are there in our Social Security database?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Guilty in Baltimore

Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake
No, it was not that Baltimore-petty-criminal-martyr, Freddie Gray's arresting officer, Edward Nero, who had faced a recent judicial trial. He was, in fact, just found not guilty by Judge Barry Williams ... see: CBS Local News. It was and is the city's mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who was culpable. She paid out an outrageous $6.4 million settlement  to Gray's family to compensate them for this travesty of justice which it  now turns out was not a travesty of justice. This clueless woman has twice now shown her gross incompetency to serve in this mayoral position. First when she stepped aside and allowed, even encouraged, the rioters and looters there to trash her city right after Freddie Gray died while in police custody. And second, by prematurely paying this settlement out when it is clear now that it was not justified.

Even the attorney for the Gray family, Billy Murphy complimented the job done by the judge in this case saying:
I have to commend Judge Williams on not being influenced by public opinion. It’s a very, very difficult job to sit as a judge under these enormously stressful conditions, and once again Barry Williams has shown he is a fair and impartial man… He showed tremendous courage in ruling against public opinion.
At least Mayor Rawlings-Blake has recently come to her senses ... saying that she will not stand for re-election. For this the taxpayers of Baltimore should be pleased.


Back in the 1960's there was a national scandal when it was discovered that music production companies were giving cash and other consideration to radio disc jockeys to play their records on the air. This bribery scandal was nicknamed "payola" and it caused a general wringing of hands and a few slaps on the wrists. But one record spinner, Alan Freed, lost his jobs and was ruined  ... see: Payola. As a result, such blatant bribery in the sleazy music industry is looked on unfavorably even today. This, of course, doesn't say that it has disappeared ... it is now just further underground.

But there is another sleazy industry where different kinds of payola is rampant ... politics ... making the old form seem like penny-ante poker. Politicians have invented numerous ways of lining their pockets with mucho cabbage ... huge book advances that are never earned back, astronomical speaking fees for pedestrian comments to assembled employees, campaign contributions which are never spent and revert to the politicians, cattle futures trading where only winning trades are recorded, taxpayer purchased items misappropriated when leaving office, etc., etc. Have you noticed how very few politicians depart their jobs as paupers? The vast majority, no matter how poor they were when they were elected, retire into abject luxury.

Enter the Clintons who have used every one of these scams (and more) to go from rags to riches. Hellery Clinton on her own, since leaving the State Department, has received $21.7 million in speaking fees from fawning corporations  ... see: New York Post Article. Have you heard her speak? She utters platitudes in an arm-waving screech that can't be worth her airfare, yet she was in high demand. She also got a $14 million book advance from Simon & Schuster for that ghost-written book, "Hard Choices", that was almost unreadable. This publisher was lucky if it made back half of its payola advance.

These speaking fees and book advances are obviously bribes to curry favor were she to be elected President. Ask Donald Trump ... he was often on the dispersing side of such payola. And how has Bernie Sanders become so popular? I contend that one chief reason is that he has positioned himself outside of this payola swamp ... possibly the main reason that Bernie is ahead of Trump in current polls. (Trump would do well, if he thinks that Sanders has a shot at the nomination, to attack this impression.)  So, of the three candidates still standing, we have one payola receiver, one payola payer, and one who seems not to be either. One can almost handicap this November's election just based upon these profiles.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Even More Headlines

Lesbian necrophilia film booed [at Cannes Film Festival]

Asian Americans are the healthiest

Woman tries to climb Mt. Everest to prove vegans can do anything: DIES

Iranian Commander: Can destroy Israel in under 8 minutes

Hot angry camel bites off owner's head

Cash now used for fewer than half consumer payments

Model that correctly predicted every election since 1980 gives 2016 verdict ... [Hillery]

Iranian women dress as men to avoid morality police

12-year-old set for college [biochemical engineering]

Naked ladies perform Shakespeare in Central Park

Eating curry fights dementia

Gun used to kill Trayvon Martin sold for $250,000

Modern Nutrition

Our children are once again under assault in the guise of helping them. Despite the constant liberal echo chamber that says it's always about "the children," it is really more often about the nanny state. My eleven-year old granddaughter who is in the sixth grade here in Massachusettes is soon to be surveyed about her nutritional habits .. good intentions, no? But like most things here in this road-to-hell state of a fake-Indian Senator and Indian pudding, this survey from the Massachusetts Office of Food and Nutrition took a left turn in its design ... and now deals with many non-nutritional issues in its daunting 99 questions. For instance, what do the following sample questions from the last survey have to do with food and nutrition?

- A transgender person is someone whose biological sex at birth does not match the way they think or feel about themselves. Are you transgender?

- During the last 30 days, on how many days did you carry a weapon such as a gun, knife or club?

- Has anyone ever had sexual contact with you against your will?

- Have you ever tried smoking cigarettes, even one or two puffs?

- During your life, on how many days have you had at least one drink of alcohol?

- During your life, how many times have you used marijuana?

And on and on ... This state agency has used its authority and good intentions to take a can opener to the private lives of Massachusetts families. Yes, this survey says that respondents will remain anonymous and will suffer no repercussions ... but dollars to donuts they are lying and some poor six-grade schlub who believed that his/her parents allowing a sip of wine on a special occasion was OK will now find a posse of do-gooder state-ists putting their family in the parental-abuse docks. And does anyone truly believe that any heads-up gang-banger-to-be is going to answer the weapons question in the affermative? The naïveté of these survey designers is mind-boggling.

For those of you, who are as incensed as my son and I are at this state intrusiveness, please spend some time viewing what my granddaughter is likely to be asked to fess up to about her family life ... see: Youth Risk Behavior Survey. There are many other ways for dealing with the social problems that this survey is trying to address. I suggest that the Massachusetts Office of Food and Nutrition investigate some of these alternatives. And I have also suggested that my granddaughter decline answering any of these neb-nose questions.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


The Obummer administration has just revealed what caused the crash of EgyptAir flight 804. Scroll down for the shocking answer:

Global warming!  (Could be bitter clingers ...)

Afterward: Aparently global warming is also responsible for Target's sales dropping like a stone ... see: Breitbart Story ... not its transgender bathroom policy.

reddit Gallery CCCLXII -- Cars

Another excursion into the world of reddit Pictures. See: reddit Pics for sources.  Do yourself a favor and click on pictures to enlarge them.  Enjoy!

Very First Car

BMW 328 Hommage Concept Car

Dymaxion Car.

1932 Auburn – V12 Boattail Speedster

2017 Corvette

Friday, May 20, 2016

A Clowder of Cats

When our current president took his oath of office, he swore to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. One of my heroes, Senator Jeff Sessions, is currently holding hearings that clearly expose Obummer's failure to fulfill this sworn oath. This failure has been done in the way our president has refused to deport illegal aliens, particularly those who are otherwise criminals... choosing rather to release them back into the general U.S. population ... endangering those of us without Secret Service protection. Another of my favorites, John Hinderaker of the Powerline blog, has highlighted Jeff Session's hearings about this dereliction of duty in This Powerline Blog Posting.

Such callous and blatant contempt for his duties as our country's chief executive surely is a high crime and, although Hinderaker won't say it,  is therefore grounds for impeachment. But, our clowder in Congress is reticent to undertake such a drastic measure against our first black president ... I suppose feeling that this might be taken as institutional racism. In other words, doing what would otherwise be the right thing in the face of a possible devastating media onslaught has effectively tied their hands. Of course, most Democrats in Congress would also vociferously resist such a move purely on political grounds. Self-serving politics too often trumps morality and good judgment.

What therefore to do? Perhaps we might elect as our next POTUS someone who is not a pussy cat about such things ... and who would not only fix this dangerous  transgression, but then also cause Congress to condemn Obummer in retrospect ... and add Slick Willie to that list. At least we could then get the history lesson right.

Afterward: It's not just releasing illegal immigrant criminals. The Obummer administration is planning to spring 70,000 more felons without Congress's prison sentencing reform legislation being enacted  ... see: Breitbart Article. Do we see an out-of-bounds pattern here?

After Afterward: See also: Daily Caller Revelation.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Airline Roulette

The crash of the Egyptian airlines this morning now looks very much like it was brought down by a bomb placed aboard by Muslim terrorist(s) ... killing 66 people. Now the Paris authorities are focusing in on the service personnel at Charles de Gaulle airport as a possible source of the smuggling on of an explosive. Now, France has quite a few immigrants from Muslim countries working in its services industries there ... and, since it seems that a portion of such immigrants have ISIS leanings, the chances for more such airline bombings seem to be significant and growing.

Conclusion: flying on airlines these days seems to carry with it a non-zero probability, sometime during your flight, you will hear a large bang and realize, as your stomach moves into your throat and you see your plane disintegrating around you, that you are in for some serious pain ere you are no more. Can we call this airline roulette? Of course the chance of such a catastrophe is not one out of six like with a gun ... at least not yet. But the chances are large enough ... particularly if flying out of France, England, Germany, Belgium, Egypt, or many other countries where liberals might have convinced themselves that loving all Muslims ... and not admitting that some might be jihadis ... is the Christian thing to do.

I know that Donald Trump is xenophobic and is claimed to be a chief reason why ISIS is recruiting many new terrorists. But, on the other hand, I suspect that Josh Earnest, John Kerry, President Obummer and many more of our Washington pajama boys who insist on more Muslim immigration ... and on wearing Islam-terrorist blinders, are far more dangerous than The Donald for increasing the bad airline-roulette odds for the next time I (or you) fly.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Some More Headlines

[Bill] Clinton's Lover: Hillary Did Cocaine

Woman Euthanized for Being Obsessed with Cleaning

Woodward envisions Bill, Hillery and Chelsea on Mt. Rushhmore

22% of refugees in Minnesota test positive for TB

German court bans public recital of anti-Erdogan poem

1 in 5 world migrants live in the USA

NYC to fine businesses that don't use correct gender pronouns

'Hope' poster artist calls Obama a failure

Goldman [Sachs] upgrades Tesla same day it underwrites offering

Bergdahl court-martial postponed until next year

Avg. person spends 0.45% of life having sex


For the moment let us imagine that Hellery Clinton runs and wins the presidency this November. Suddenly we have two Presidents in the White House ... Hellery and Slick Willie ... in other words buy one, get one [free] (BOGO) as depressing as this thought might be. The Wall Street Journal has a short piece discussing the implications of this novel circumstance HERE. This article calls this situation a duopoly and raises interesting problems that it might present. However one issue that this article doesn't cover is that Hellery recently publicly stated that, if elected, she would put Bill in charge of fixing our economy ... see: CNN Article and Video ... because "he knows how to do it." To me this is another major gaff on her part ... even bigger than her vow to put coal miners out of work.

This promise is wrong on so many levels:

First, as President it would be Hellery's responsibility to revitalize our economy which is the number one concern on most voters minds. Is she saying that voters, who would vote for her, are really voting for him? Does she intend to be a no-show President like she was as Secretary of State and Senator? This is more than this notion of "two for one" so often mentioned. It may be yet another Clintonesque way of getting around the letter of the law ... in this case the 22nd Amendment?

Secondly, this sounds very much like Hellery is dissing Obummer's stewardship of our economy over his two administrations. And since she is running as an extension to Obummer's presidency, she has just created a serious zigzag in this continuity.

Thirdly, if Hellery is to cede this responsibility to Bill, is this not an indication of her inadequacy to lead our country as its first female president? If Bubba screws things up, will Hellery expect to get a Mulligan from the American voters?

And lastly, Bill Clinton, in his recent public appearances, is clearly losing his mojo. If he sinks further into lala land, who then will carry this economic growth torch (or maybe cigar) in the White House?

If Hellery wins the next election, will both she and William Jefferson put their hands on the Bible next Juanary to take the oath of office?

I Lied

I lied to my granddaughter yesterday. I told her that the police came to arrest her because she was screening bloody murder out in our back yard and the neighbors were complaining. I told her I told the police it was OK ... that I would take care of it. My granddaughter had been  having a meltdown because her grandmother wouldn't let her dig in an area of the garden that she had just planted with seeds.

For whatever reason my six-year old granddaughter was screaming to high heaven over this conscription and it was disturbing me and my wife to no end. So I lied. And this expeditious lie was even more effective because there was a cop car down the street at a baseball game going on in a nearby park. I pointed to this car and said that those were the police I had talked out of arresting her. This made my falsehood even the more believable and effective. Wide-eyed, this calmed her down.

This question is ... should I have deceived my granddaughter like this? Is it OK to fabricate a story in order to achieve something in an expeditious manner? Could I play President Obummer's Deputy National Security Advisor (and former Hellery Clinton State Department aide), Ben Rhodes, and blatantly lie to the American people in order to get the Iran nuclear deal done ... because if I told the truth, the American people would throw a hissy fit? To better understand this comparison read the following New York Times Disclosure. It has obviously caused a Congressional dust-up and some embarrassment for the Obummer administration.

The answer... I think it would be all right for me to play Ben Rhodes if the American people were all six-year olds.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Random Act of Reason

There are very few things that President Obummer does or says that I agree with ... this is how he has acquired the descriptive moniker I have hung on him. Sometimes he is so wide of the mark that I think that he was born, not in Kenya, but on some other planet. How he could have been a college instructor on the Constitution for all those years (seven?) and have so little respect for it ... is one of the reasons I am forced to think his space pod must have landed in Hawaii.

However, every once in a while this man-child does screw his twisted brain back into a random act of reason. Such was the case this past weekend when he reprimanded the lefty students and nutty professors at Rutgers University in a commencement speech for their denying this same honor to Condoleezza Rice a while back ... see: Daily Caller Article ... for some additional details and a video.

Of course, Obummer being Obummer, he was obliged before he finished to take some oblique political swipes at Donald Trump. But, in the portion remembering the First Amendment and colleges suppressing objectionable speech, he was so rational and eloquent that he just might not be invited back. (If he would stop using his favorite term "folks" quite so much.)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's a Hit

I suppose that a large enough percentage of its audience doesn't realize the motivation behind the following New York Times Hit Piece ... or, if they do, they are happy to have fodder for their next piss-on-Trump cocktail party. But this mud is quite predictable. The Times treats Republican hopefuls with kid gloves ... until they become presumptive presidential nominees. Then it is as though a pack of ravenous wild dogs have been unleashed and this presumptive nominee is raw meat. From now until election day we will be treated to unsourced after unsourced dirt on Donald Trump ... some true, some half-true and some total fabrications. Recall that this was the very same treatment John McCain and Mitt Romney got from this newspaper going into the last two elections.

On the other hand, it's approach to Democrats is the reverse. Very early on, the Times will do a small critique of Democrat wannabes (remember the Clinton Foundation disclosures months ago ... a nice piece of random journalism ... which will have been forgotten by election season.) Then for the six months before Election Day, the presumptive Democrat will get puff piece after puff piece ... and a slew of flattering photographs and endorsements. All this is designed for this previously-great newspaper to pull as many of the PR marionette strings as possible in order to get its donkey elected.

I suppose that this has been the modus operandi for as long as broadsheets have been around. Republican papers have been doing the same thing, both of them ... the Peduka, KY Grocery Shopper and the Boise, ID Vacation Planner.The main thing that bugs me about this biased process in the main-stream media, such as the Gray Lady, continue to pretend that there is no design to their subterfuge.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Gene Genome

Mind-boggling discussions are being held at Harvard about the possibility of synthesizing a complete human genome ... in other words, playing God by creating test-tube human life to our liking ... see: New York Times Article. Basically, scientists think that, within 10 years, they will be able to not just read (which they have been able to do for years), but write the entire three billion DNA sequences comprising the human genome ...  a remarkable achievement and one that means that the resulting manufactured human would be not the result of natural selection, but of unnatural selection.

The thing I am worried about is that it is believed that only about 10% of these chemical pairs have real use in the resulting human. The other 2.7 billion are effectively inert. What if things are more complicated than that? What if some pairs only have meaning in the presence of other pairs? It seems immensely wasteful for evolution to have spent so much effort at all these meaningless encodings. Science should have a much more detailed knowledge of our genome before we begin creating new life.

And , if we did have perfect knowledge, it is quite probable that, when reconstructing say Einstein's 3 billion chemical pairs, one or more DNA sequence errors will also be made. What might we have then? Frank-Einstein? I am not saying that such science should be shut down ... because we have repeatedly seen that the March of Science cannot be stopped by ethical concerns. Science must explore the unexplored ... no matter what the consequences. I just think that we should trod very carefully into this new arena lest we do something that cannot be undone.

Perhaps when the time does come, we might name the first fully manufactured human ... Gene Genome?

Why Not Hillary?

Unfortunately Donald Trump is a coarse and vulgar man who too often says what is on his mind before it is processed by his gray cells. This has and will, unless he mends his ways, cause many problems for him and the United States if he were to be elected president. Nevertheless, I am still going to vote for him for no other reason than the alternative, presumably Hellery Clinton, is far far worse. For, although she is often more careful with what she says, what she will do will certainly be more onerous. She will continue the downhill slide instigated by Obummer and dictated by her bible, "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky.

So here comes another of my tiresome lists ... noting what I think would likely occur were this vixen elected:

- Our Supreme Court would be packed with loyal liberals who would destroy our Constitution in a few short years ... first to go would be much of our Bill of Rights.

- Globalism would replace nationalism. Our foreign policy would still tilt ... nay tumble toward the Muslim world at the certain expense of our relationship with Israel ... but to the applause of most of our U.N. antagonists. Israel may not even exist at the end of her term(s).

- Any semblance of our U.S. borders or our border security would continue to vanish and we would be inundated with immigrants of all stripes and undesirables ... all of whom would be registered Democrat just as they were signed up for welfare benefits. We would become a sanctuary country.

- As a consequence domestic terrorist attacks would certainly increase as our country would spawn many more E.U.-like "no-go" hellholes and petitions for the imposition of localized Sharia law

- Our welfare system would be expanded beyond imagination with universal free health care, expanded SSI, freeloader payoffs, free higher education, food stamps, etc., etc. to insure that its recipients were obliging to the government for their forever subsistence. The nanny state would become permanent.

- As a consequence our national debt would balloon beyond our ability to pay it back without crippling inflation or default ... both unacceptable alternatives.

- The Clinton Foundation would compromise many American values, national secrets, and prerogatives for disguised payoffs in order to insure the comfortable future for its many posse members ... basically a corrupt criminal enterprise.

- With Bill Clinton as an avatar, our traditional social contracts of hard work, piety and morality would deteriorate into nothingness. The family unit would be replaced by the communal "village." Diversity and inclusion, those diametrically opposed watchwords would continue to oppressively rule our lives. Racial tensions would mount even further.

Enough? Maybe not all these penalties would occur exactly as I have predicted, but pooh-pooh them at your peril.

Of course, take heed you suburban housewives ... Bernie, as president, would be still worse on most counts.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Loose Lips

I have been verklempt at President Obummer for his frequent swipes at American exceptionalism... most recently at Howard University when he told the wide-eyed graduates there that a person's success is only due to luck ... see: Breitbart Article. Shades of "you didn't build that." What an absolute boob! Now we have Donald Trump taking a swipe at Jeffery Bezos for his remarkable success at building Amazon.com into a retailing giant that is now threatening the entire "bricks and mortar" U.S. retail industry. However, Trump's motivation may not be as a trust-buster, but rather to get back at Bezos for how his personally-owned newspaper, the Washington Post, has been mistreating Trump in his bid for the presidency.

Donald Trump needs to quickly learn the lesson that Obummer never has ... that shooting from the lip,  as a person of such great consequence, is just that ... consequential. Is Amazon's success to be praised or condemned? That is a tough question because, like many things in life, it is relative. Walmart was the last great retail juggernaut ... condemned by liberals as the destroyer of many Mom and Pop operations. And it was, but look what then happened. The Internet allowed this upstart visionary, Bezos, in twenty-two short years, to begin turning Walmart into the next Montgomery Ward.

To completely answer this question requires a look at how Amazon has won the strategic high ground in retailing. Has Bezos used collusion, subterfuge or corruption? Likely not. He has used vision, innovative automation, superior organization and imaginative marketing. And, sorry Obummer, not a lot of luck ... other than that which was achieved through hard work and good decisions. Does this make Bezos into a beloved figure to anyone but his stockholders? Probably not, but then few of the transformational American entrepreneurs of the last two centuries have been known as pussy cats.

They, like Jobs, Edison, Ford, Watson, Carnegie, Rockefeller and many others were tough cookies ... and some did cut too many corners. But eventually, most of those that did paid a price. Trump is attacking Amazon for not paying sufficient taxes. This may be the case. But this is an issue for the IRS and, if this government agency has (once against) been corrupted by political influence or bribes, then this is very serious. But if Trump is making such a charge, he should supply some fiscal details. Otherwise, he should take the advice I am continually giving Obummer ... and zip his lip.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Immutable Fact

"It is obvious that 97% of those who believe in global-warming are gullible." -- Albert Einstein

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Still More Headlines

Devine intervention? Indian Hindus ask gods to help Trump

German Shephard saves troops ambushed by ISIS

3,000 bags lost in one day at Phoenix airport

Obama following porn stars on TWITTER

Alligator grabs man fleeing police ... rips off forearm

Mexico warns of repercussions if remittances from USA are blocked

Hitler statue sold for $17.2M in NY

Students use spy cameras linked to smart watches to cheat on exams

Gwyneth Paltrow selling $15,000 gold dildo

Woodward: 20 Washing Post reporters digging dirt ... every phase of [Trump's] life

Put down razors. Hairy chests back in style

Brazilian soccer star urges tourists to skip Rio Olympics


More and more our PC society is shying away from telling it like it is. We have long used terms like"sanitation engineer" for "garbage man" and "little people" for "midgets." But our Mongol hordes of liberals are working overtime to morph our language into incomprehensibility. Here are some recently collected examples of such euphemisms:

Safe space -- imaginary site devoid of harsh word or deed

Memory-care center -- senility institution

Reproductive health -- abortion

Cultural appropriation -- acting black, being white

Black lives matter -- all police are murderers

Workplace violence -- Islamic terrorism

Gender fluidity -- AC/DC

The Green Party -- the Red Party

Gun safety -- gun control

Undocumented citizen -- illegal alien

Ethnic lightning -- arson

Differently-abled -- handicapped

White privilege -- black resentment

Hooking up -- having sex

Living will -- permission to euthanize

Micro-aggression -- societal slight

Afterward/  The Obummer administration has now decided to call criminals "justice involved individuals." Neato!

Trump's VP Choices?

"The vice-presidency isn't worth a warm bucket of spit." -- John Nance Garner

Apparently Donald Trump has a short list of 5 or 6 possible Vice President candidates to pick from after his nomination in July. This stimulated my little gray cells into a speculative frenzy as to whom this list might contain. Of course, Trump being Trump, this list probably doesn't consist of the easy predictions ... so I have tried to think outside the box for my 6 guesses. Anyway here the are, along with my rationales:
Jim Webb -- A perfect way to show his commitment to rebuild our military by picking this former Secretary of the Navy ... and Sam Nunn Democrat.

Susan Sarandon --  If Hellery is going to play the "woman's card," Donald can trump her cynicism with this mega-feminist ... and she likes him!

Jeb Bush -- What better way to get the Bush clan to vote for him and make kiss-kiss with establishment Republicans?

Warren Buffett -- A little old, yes ... but someone who can also finance his own vice-presidential campaign ... and might drop his media backing for Hellery ... also improves his financial bona fides.

El Chapo -- Very good way to show Trump's sympathy for Mexican criminals ... but would be better if he were gay and maybe even disabled.

Bernie Sanders -- Why not?

Afterward: How died I forget Jeff Sessions ... an actual possibility>

Feeling the Bern

Bernie Sanders Rally

From  reddit Pics.

Or, as a contrast see: THIS (from same source)


Are transgender bathrooms "safe spaces" or "micro-aggressions" or possibly "white privileges?" Or rather are they wack-a-doodle constructs from our sinister poobahs to keep us distracted while they perform more fundamental mischief upon our nation.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Mug Shots
As they often say, politics makes strange bedfellows. Here, as of middle May, are some of the endorsements that have emerged from luminaries in politics, sports, science and entertainment backing their favorite for POTUS.:

Hellery Clinton -- Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, P. J. O'Rourke, Britney Spears, Al Franken, Eric Holder, Martha Stewart, Anthony Weiner, Vicente Fox, Bill Nye, Walter Mondale, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Nancy Pelosi, Cory Booker, Michelle Kwan, George Clooney, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Jim Clyburn, Barbara Boxer, Billie Jean King, Michael Dukakis, Morgan Freeman, Andrew Cuomo, Patrick Leahy, see: Wikipedia Entry.

Donald Trump -- Felix Guiliani, Dennis Rodman, Susan Serandon, Hulk Hogan, Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, Lou Holtz, Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Tom Brady, Bob Dole, Ben Carson, Mike Tyson, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, Ted Nugent, Jerry Lewis, Bobby Knight, Howie Carr, Clint Eastwood, Digger Phelps, The Diplomad, Scott Brown, Paul LePage, Kerstie Alley, T. Boone Pickens, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, see: Wikipedia Entry.

Not Committing -- Lindsey Graham, Bill Kristol, Al Sharpton, Charlie Baker, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mary Matalin, Erik Erikson, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Scarborough

This lineup will obviously change over the next months and your faithful blogger will provide periodic updates.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Virtual Reality

I just had the most amazing revelation when I saw on TV today a trailer for a movie that was to be released in June (name unimportant) whose characters were all animated. These animations were so well done that it took me a minute to realize that they were not live actors. Now my epiphany was this -- in a very few years, most movies will be made with such pseudo-thespians ... quite a bit cheaper than flesh and blood ones ... maybe even in 3-D. They will not throw fits or be days late for work. And movie directors will have total control over them and their personas.

And guess what this also means? All those insufferable preening actors and actresses who prance around the world telling the rest of us how to live and who to like will disappear ... to be replaced by computer-generated cyborgs who live not. Even stunt and body doubles will vanish. These virtual-reality beings will take no drugs. They will have no lurid sexual affairs. They will endorse no automobiles, no perfumes, no political candidates. The most they will be are hollow voices like on The Simpson. Their visages and bodies will change with each new film and they need never to sag or to wrinkle. They can stay young and vital just as long as their voices do.

And finally the cost of going to the cinema might even go down. Now won't that be a refreshing change!

Afterward: And voice-overs may soon be replaced by synthesized sound which would totally eliminate the human element in screen entertainment.