Thursday, July 31, 2008

Questions for Obama

This morning I had a Walter-Mitty moment … imagining that I was a reporter in a Barak Obama news conference. I realize that some of these questions would engender titters from the assembled main stream media hacks, but then most of you know that this would not censor me. I would love to be able to respectfully ask him from the following list of obvious questions:

- Are you still smoking cigarettes?
- Would you seek to give health-care insurance to illegal aliens?
- What foreign language(s) do you speak?
- As Prsident would you encourage the building of more nuclear power plants?
- Do you own a gun?
- As an ACORN activist did you ever knowingly register a voter illegally?
- Do you subscribe to the Black Liberation agenda? (You have attested that you do.)
- Would you encourage more drilling for oil in the U.S.?
- Do you believe in reparations for American blacks?
- What holidays does your family celebrate (Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Christmas, Easter)?
- Who are your personal heroes (Jesus Christ, Louis Farrakhan)?
- Do you want to build more oil refineries in the U.S.?
- Do you own a Koran or have you ever studied it?
- Did you ever register for the American draft?
- Are you in favor of native Hawaiian liberation?
- What kind of Supreme Court justice would you nominate?
- Your mother hated America … did you ever identify with her in this revulsion?
- If Osama Bin Laden were captured, would you seek to have him executed?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Virgins Gone Wild


"British tycoon Richard Branson on Monday unveiled a futuristic aircraft that will ferry tourists to the edge of heaven as part of Virgin Galactic's much-anticipated space program.
The aircraft -- WhiteKnightTwo -- was rolled out for invited guests and media at an early morning ceremony in the Mojave desert, north of Los Angeles, at the headquarters of aerospace firm Scaled Composites. "

Given Branson's environmental sensitivity, I expect that it will be fueled by Wimpy Burgers.

Civil Civilization?

Recently, a woman in London stabbed and killed an expectant mother then cut out the near-term baby from her womb. Then she went to a hospital claiming that she had just given birth to this infant. She did this to cover the fact that she had lied to her husband about being pregnant when they got married.

Also, witch doctors and their agents in Tanzania are killing albinos and harvesting their body parts for potions and amulets. More recently a male albino in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital was killed (beheaded with machetes) and his hands and testicles cut off for these mystical purposes. His wife, also an albino, was seriously injured by these same marauders, but was saved by neighbors. Two of their three children, also albinos, have been placed in protective custody.

Such atrocities make one realize how very close we all still are to being ruled by superstition and barbarism … and how very far the peoples of the world must travel to achieve the Eden that the many assume (and insist) is just around the corner.

Clearly, the patina of man’s civilization remains paper thin.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ready, Fire, Aim

Barak Obama developed his strategy for Iraq and Afghanistan long before he talked to any of the commanders on the ground in these countries. He has also been the Chairman of a Senate European Affairs subcommittee for the last three years … and has held zero hearings on NATO’s role in Afghanistan. Two years ago he said we must be out of Iraq in fourteen months and then said the “surge” would never work. And he has yet to meet with General Petreus. He placed his stakes in the ground vis-à-vis these two countries before he started on his current fact-finding trip. Yet he still wants the U.S. out of Iraq in sixteen months come hell or high Tigris river water. Isn’t this Obama policy equivalent to “ready, fire, aim?”

Monday, July 14, 2008

Caption Contest

Every week the "New Yorker" magazine runs a contest for subscribers to add a caption to a staff-created cartoon. This week's cover begs for the same treatment. I welcome each blog reader to add a comment containing a suggestion for a caption for this contraversial cartoon. The prize will be a U.S. flag button containing 57 stars.
My suggestion is: "Now we'll never be bothered by "Hips" or her mouthy husband again."

Ironic Irony

"Heavy rains complicate Calif. firefighting efforts
By SCOTT LINDLAW (Associated Press Writers)
From Associated PressJuly 14, 2008 5:30 AM EDT"

Where else but in California?!? This is a recent headline. Phil Graham was right ... we are a nation of whiners. The double irony here is that it doesn't blame George Bush.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I’ve had it!! I am more than fugging tired of having these size 18-EEE carbon footprints telling me that I must cut back on my energy use. These petro-hogs (Barak Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain, John Edwards, Michael Moore, John Kerry, Richard Branson, Al Gore, Deval Patrick, George Soros, etc.) fly around in their private jets, live in mega-mansions with all their energy-consuming accoutrements, drive (or be driven in) huge gas guzzlers and much, much more … and still feel that they can lecture me on how I should live my life. They must have balls the size of coconuts to think that they can get away with such hypocrisy. But what’s even more frustrating? They DO get away with it. Bother!!