Thursday, November 30, 2017

Mischief Maker

President Obama is taking a page out of the Clinton playbook. He is on an around the world tour ...  in particular, China, India and France where he is going to meet with the leaders of these countries and also give paid speeches. I strongly suspect he will also be soliciting contributions to the Obama Foundation like the Clinton crime family had taught him. I have been unable to find out what his speech fees are, but I am certain he is not cheap ... see: Chicago Trib Article. (It has been predicted that he and Michelle could pull in a billion dollars once out of office.)

However, the thing that most disturbs me is what will go down in Barack's meetings with these world leaders.  Being a bit of a Obamaphobe, could it be that he is going to suggest that he is still running an American shadow government that will step in to run things once Trump is impeached? (Clue: watch to see if Valarie Jarrett accompanies him on this trip.) Will such Obama duplicity diminish Trump's foreign policy effectiveness? Will these foreign leaders pull back and await such a palace coup?

I will be watching for any change in the relationships between these countries and the U.S. once Obama comes home.I suggest you keep an ear to the ground too.

Fat Man

Ironically, the only two atomic bombs ever dropped in anger (U.S. on Japan in WWII) were named "LittleBoy" and "Fat Man" ... both apt discriptions for Kim Jong Un.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from CNBC?

Longtime 'Today' host Matt Lauer fired from NBC after 'inappropriate sexual behavior'

Bitcoin surges through $11,000 less than 24 hours after topping $10,000

ESPN cuts another 159 employees ...

EU president: Without millions of African migrants Europe will be lost

Trump retweets violent Muslim videos from far-right U.K. figure

US third-quarter economic growth revised up to 3.3%

Moody's warns cities to face 'climate' risks or face downgrades ...

... 21 times exiting Rep. Luis Guiterrez touted open borders

[Former CFPB head] Cordray gets lukewarm homecoming

Amazon Cloud Services signs Disney, Expedia, NFL

GOLDMAN: Highest [stock] valuations since 1900; pan coming ...

[FCC chairman] ... slams Silicon Valley for censoring conservatives

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Perv Country

Two more male celebrities have entered the Conga line of pervs snaking through the halls of shame. Now Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor have been fired from their media jobs for sexual improprieties. Can I count the names? Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Conyers, Bill O'Reilly, Ted Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, Al Franken, Charlie Rose, Kevin Spacey, Oliver Stone, AnthonyWeiner, Mark Halpern, the Affleck brothers, etc., etc. These are just the ones who have been verified as being pervs. Yes, Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Roy Moore have been accused but the charges against them are still unverified.

But the ones who have been fully outed, almost all seem to have one thing in common ... they are shrill liberal feminists ... male metrosexuals ... more than willing to denounce anyone across the aisle who looks cross-eyed at a woman. Me thinks that they doth protest too much. You can cut their holier-than-thou hypocrisy with a dull butter knife.

But the thing that has me puzzled is ... why only males? Surely some high-powered women have engaged in sexual shenanigans. The questions are who and how many? Here are my wild guesses for the first female pervs: Anna Wintour of Vogue Magazine, Maxine Waters of Congress, Carly Fiorina once of Hewlett Packard, Megyn Kelly of NBC, Martha Stewart of PBS, Nancy Pelosi of Congress, Lena Dunham of "Girls,"  Ariana Huffington once of HuffPo, and, yes, Hillary Clinton once our Secretary of State (outed by Huma?). Kind readers, feel free to add your speculations to this perv country ...

Racial Slur?

The Pitch: During a meeting honoring the few remaining World War II Navajo "code talkers," President Trump rather clumsily referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren with his per term "Pocahontas" (because she pretended to be an American Indian to get a job at UPenn and Harvard when they were seeking "faculty diversity").

The Swing: Senator Warren quickly accused Trump of making a "racial slur" for using the term "Pocahontas" while in the presence of American Indians. Understandably,Warren's slam quickly echoed through the national liberal media.

The Call: After the meeting, one of the Navajo code talkers said that during the war when they were parachuting out of planes the Army told them to shout "Geronimo!" He added that that they weren't insulted then and they aren't insulted now by Trump. "Your out!"

Next Batter: Senator Warren once again has egg all over her "high cheek-boned" face.


Al from Internet news sites. Guess which from Breitbart?

Senate GOP gets breathing room as tax plan advances

Terry McAuliffe and Tony Rodham sued over green card investment scam

[NKorea] Missile lands off Japan coast ...

Winning: Consumer confidence breaks another record, hits 17-year high

Black Caucus members press Conyers to resign

Trump: NK missile launch will bring Democrats to negotiating table

Europe HIV epidemic growing at alarming rate ...

... [Gloria] Allred still won't turnover hoax yearbook

Court sides with Trump in CFPB leadership dispute

Trump is rolling back two massive national monuments in Utah

Tourists, authorities feel heat as Bali volcano keeps airport closed

... [NKorean] ICBM could reach mainland USA

Apt Analogy

Laser pointer = Trump's tweets.        

Cat = National media

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from CNBC?

Trump doesn't know what comes next after taxes

Chance of a US stock market correction now at  70 percent: Vanguard Group

Trump will not campaign for Moore before election ...

Donald Trump proposes 'Fake News Trophy ...'

Trump White House ethics lawyer exits

Trump's new CFPB chief imposes hiring freeze at nation's top financial watchdog

Amazon warehouse of hell! Robots replace exhausted humans ...

Chinese fake trees driving U.S. Christmas tree growers out of business

Trump taunts 'Pocahontas' during Native American event

Nation's Small Business Saturday sales take a small dip

GREAT AGAIN: New home sales rise to 10-year high ...

Sarandon: 'We'd be at war' if Hillary won

Racist Image

Senator Pocahontas saving the life of Captain John Smith ...

Bali Hai

The island of Bali is a Hindu enclave in the Muslim nation of Indonesia, It is populated by simple, peaceful people who generally are quite artistic and industrious. It is likely the island alluded to in that song "Bali Hai" in the famous Rogers and Hammerstein musical "South Pacific." I have never been to Bali but my daughter spent three months there many years ago and her stories of her time there painted this island as both exotic and mysterious ... albeit quite hot and humid. In fact my daughter said that the standard greeting there was (in Indonesian) "have you bathed yet"? Interestingly, she also indicated that it was a favorite sex stop for Australian female tourists.

Since her time there, Bali has suffered a very serious terrorist attack where 202 people (mostly tourists) were killed ... see: Wikipedia Entry ... as well as other more recent terrorist threats. Now this erstwhile paradise is again threatened ... this rime with a volcano, Mount Agung, which is spewing ash over the island and has closed down the airport ... see: CNN Story.

It seems that paradises, like Bali and beautiful, idyllic St. Barths (which was recently devastated by two hurricanes) somehow attract both natural and man-made disasters ... as though too much of a good thing, like at Eden, is just unacceptable to the gods and man. Nature doesn't just abhor a vacuum, she also doesn't like paradises very much.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Tillerson is fiddling with PowerPoint while the world burns

Conyers reluctantly leaves House Judiciary Committee

Franken embarrassed, ashamed and back to work ...

Court documents: Roy Moore accuser has 'violent nature,' history of criminal fraud against own family

Thune predicts the tax-cut bill will change on the Senate floor, but pass

A third Las Vegas survivor has been killed, this time in a hit-and-run

Report: Israel vows to destroy Iranian positions within Syria ...

Real fake news: Morning Joe caught pretending pre-taped show was live

Graham, Durbin disagree on new CFPB director

France set to make gender-based insults illegal

Surge in migrants creates abysmal conditions on Greek islands ...

Bannon: Macron and Merkel 'Ken and Barbie' of globalism

Monday, November 27, 2017

Happiness Formula

Happiness occurs when there is very little angst overhanging one's life.

And how does one banish anxiety from one's life?

Approach all potential problems with a smile and a positive attitude ... put on a happy face.

In other words, happiness begets happiness.

(Apparently, for a number of people, alcohol and/or weed also works.)


Suggestion: Never-Trumpers ... particularly virulent never-Trumpers ... in order not to appear as hypocrites ... should take all of the financial gains that they have enjoyed in their IRAs, 401Ks, stock portfolios, etc. since Trump was elected ... and donate these monies toward reducing our national debt ...


Calling Jenny Craig

Picture from Drudge Report

Too much love ... (Wouldn't it be funny if this were Jenny Craig's dog?)


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from the Drudge Report?

Republicans flee from McConnell in 2018 primaries

DOJ deals blow to liberals, okays appointment to lead finance regulator

Trump and TIME dispute 'Person of the Year' plans ...

David Brooks: Blames Trump for 'polluting our national culture'

Van driver tries to cut into Trump's presidential motorcade

Dem insider says his party's list of POTUS candidates is chock full of divas

Battle erupts over control of Manson's remains, estate ...

Report: Self-driving cars will have to decide who dies during crash

Want to know why Roy Moore might win? Blame the media.

Florida jury's verdict thrown out because they weren't tested for homophobia

George H.W. Bush becomes longest living president in history ...

Centuries-old [English] church bells silenced after single complaint

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Too Late!

From Mostly Cajun blog

Note the sunlight coming through the trees ...

My Faith

Although I don't believe in God, I do believe in most religions.


The NFL is a league of overpaid whiners who, because they can bench press a baby elephant, naively believe that they can tell the difference between politics and policy.

Quotable Quote

One of the best things about growing old is that a failing mind justifies youthful indiscretions by hiding behind the cloak of wisdom -- Anon


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Breitbart?

Trump gives Sisi his support after more than 200 killed in Egyptian mosque attack

WSJ's Editorial Board endorses FCC Chairman's rollback of net neutrality rules

[Black Friday] Customers use employees' uniforms to sneak into stores!

Wire: Trump wants to end welfare as Bill Clinton knows it

In his final act, Cordray blocks Trump from naming his successor at consumer protection bureau

Uma Thirman goes for Weinstein's jugular on Thanksgiving

China shuts main route into NKorea as tensions dominate ...

Turkey: Trump tells Erdogan won't give Syrian Kurds more arms

Trump: NFL's Goodell 'has lost control of the hemorrhaging league'

Lutheran church goes gender neutral, won't call God 'He'

Firm behind Russian dossier paid multiple journalists for work ...

Iran-backed militia in Iraq: 'Enemy' U.S. troops now a target for our forces

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Today's Picture

Spacey, Rose, Frankem, Clinton -- from Powerline blog

Perv Perps ... Now we understand the reason for the black background ...

Blue Lives Matter

The shooter

A Texas trooper stopped a car outside of Dallas on Thanksgiving day. When he returned to his cruiser to check on things, the motorist retrieved a rifle from his car and shot the officer dead ... see: ABC Story if you want the details (the cop was married with three children). It is reported by many eye-witnesses that when the officer saw the rifle, he placed his hands in the air and cried, "Don't shoot!"

This killing evoked banner headlines across America and all TV networks led their prime-time news broadcasts with the details of this horror. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell endorsed a request for a "Blue Lives Matter" standing demonstration at this weekend's games ... similar to what he did last year when 5 Dallas cops were ambushed and killed by Black Lives Matter aggrievers ... see: Fox News Story.



From Powerline blog

The dark political side of "intelligence" ...


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from CNBC

Federal court overturns Texas ban on abortion procedure

US shoppers splurge $1.52 billion online by Thanksgiving evening, up 17% from last year

Paper: American mercenaries torturing Saudi elites rounded up by new Crown Prince ...

Treasury sanctions 4 Chinese companies for business with North Korea

Trump's Thanksgiving message to troops: 'We're really winning'

Saudi Arabia agrees to buy $7 billion in precision munitions from US firms

ISIS beheads 15 of its own fighters ...

Dershowitz: Mueller is going well beyond his authority as a prosecutor

Franken issues Thanksgiving Day apology, pledges to regain constituants' trust

Amazon workers in Italy and Germany plan to strike Black Friday

LA hottest since 1877 ... 90 degrees in Bay Area ...

How China's totalarian past feeds its quest for world domination

Friday, November 24, 2017


The Birkenstock crowd fill their bumpers

With twisted rants as never-Trumpers

They claim him to be a hifalutin

Secret fan of Russia's Putin

They wear "pussy" hats to show resistance

To any who might support his existence

They protest the Wall and the travel ban

And claim his love for the Klu Klux Klan

They stay up nights concocting zingers

And give his limo their middle fingers

They mock and sneer and call him crazy

But somehow never deem him lazy

They fear his thumb on the nuclear button

And diss him as a McDonald's glutton

They want his head like John the Baptist

As punishment for being neo-fascist

But most of all these liberal Seraphim

Wish Robert Mueller would castrate him ...


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from The Daily Caller?

Iran sends warships to Gulf of Mexico ...

Flynn cut ties with Trump, indicating possible cooperation with Mueller

[Roy] Moore trumpets president's near endorsement

Fusion GPS founder told Congress Russia has infiltrated NRA

Republican Congressman apologizes for graphic online photo ...

Apple claims bowing to Chinese censorship 'promotes greater openness'

Poll: Plurality support House tax plan, but many expect to pay more

Judge allows lawsuit against Keystone XL to go forward against Trump's objection

THE GREAT LAYOFF: China cuts 2 million ...

Report: NFL considers keeping players in locker took during anthem

Pressure mounts to unmask Hill harassers

Judge: Trump can't halt funding for military sex-change surgeries

BANK OF AMERICA sees end of bull market in '18 ...

Exclusive -- Poll: Roy Moore +6 over Doug Jones

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Safety in Numbers

Weinstein? Who is Harvey Weinstein? Since we were treated to our first sexual perv, there has been such a flood of like-minded miscreants, that we have almost forget who opened the spillway. Now, the lawyer for perv Rep. John Conyers is threatening to reveal the dozens if not hundreds of Congresspersons (there has to be at least one female) who have engaged in inappropriate horizontal cha-chas on Capitol Hill.

This sounds like a safety in numbers strategy on this lawyer's part and, I strongly suspect, it just might work. So, if the 254 lechers are revealed whose payoffs cost us taxpayers around $16 million ... plus those 50 on the current Congressional "creep list" are unmasked, the print media should have enough fodder to feed a cattle drive. And John Conyers (and Al Franken) can lose themselves in this crowd.

And what might the political persuasions of these over 300 pervs be? My money is on at least 75% Democrats. If not, I'll down a hefty dose of Fletcher's Castoria ...

Afterward: I think I just figured out why they call themselves "congress" ...

History Lesson

The persistence of Socialism (and its evil twin, Communism) is one of the best examples of mankind's stubborn inability to learn from the difficult lessons of history. This, of course, advantages those who can fathom the counterintuitive nature of Capitalism -- Greed creates Wealth, whereas Charity creates Poverty.

Startling Revelation

From current events, it seems like just about everyone has a secret sex life ...


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Trump cedes Syrian post-war planning to Putin

Military transgender ban halted by federal court

California struck with 134 tremors in WEEK on San Andreas fault ...

Sarah Silverman: 'Fell in love' with Trump supporters while traveling country

Uber reveals yearlong cover-up of major data breach

US turns 100 [Somali] Al Qaeda  unto pink mist

David Cassidy dead at 67 ...

Trump: Congress should release the names of lawmakers who settled sexual harassment claims

[Sen.] Murkowski says she backs Obamacare mandate repeal

Economic growth would not pay for Senate tax cuts, analyst says

BRAZILE: 25 [Democrat] candidates in 2020 ...

Poll: 60% of U.S. women sexually harassed

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


A boned chicken inside of a boned duck inside of a boned turkey ...  all then deep fried. Yum, yum! (Hold the candied mashmellowed yams though ...) Happy Thanksgiving!

Straight Flush

From Mostly Cajun blog

Humor from the New Yorker

"It's a deal, we drop the charges against you. You vote for the tax bill ."

"Politics ain't beanbag" -- Tip O'Neill


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from the Daily Caller?

Liberals turn on Franken

Top Democrat [John Conyers] used taxpayer money to pay off sexual accuser

Thorn in the Rose: CBS anchor accused, suspended

Newsweek compares Donald Trump to Charles Manson

FCC plans total repeal of net neutrality rules

Justice Department asks Supreme Court to protect Trump's extreme vetting policy

NYT White House reporter suspended after sexual harassment claims ...

US sues to block AT&T-Time Warner mega merger ...

DeBlasio: I agree with Gillibrand that Clinton should have resigned

Nearly half of the 2017 Rhodes Scholars are social justice activists

Merkel signals new elections after coalition collapse ...

LlAPD investigating nearly two dozen sex crime cases tied to Hollywood figures

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Where's Webb?

From Powerline Blog


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Earthlink?

Poll: Trump approval tops Merkel, May, Macron ...

Fmr Sec Def Ash Carter on NKorea: Obama !could have done more'

Trump urges Hillary to run again

Trump on UCLA basketball players: 'I should have left them in jail [in China]'

Kathy Griffin blacklisted: 'I have no gigs in the USA!' ...

Chinese media celebrates Xi Jimping as a man who 'makes things happen'

Player only stands for Mexican national anthem

Charles Manson, whose cult slayings horrified world, dies

Outbreak of big quakes predicted for 2018 as Earth's rotation slows ...

Hillary Clinton praises Al Franken for admitting to sexual assault

Germany in crisis: Merkel unable to form new gov't ...

Border agent dies after being injured in Texas

Monday, November 20, 2017

A Rose By Any Other Name

Charlie Rose of CBS's Sixty Minutes and CBS This Morning (now suspended from both) and PBS's Charlie Rose Show has joined the perv prarade ... accused by eight women of lewd calls, nudity and sexual groping ... see: WaPo Story.

One wonders who and what are the limits of all this her-ass-ment?

What is good for the gander ...

is good for the gooser ... see: Franken at the Fair.

Shocking Prediction

President Trump is currently so despised by about 50% of the American public that, if this consensus suddenly realizes that he has indeed "made our country great again" (not a guarantee, but certainly possible), public opinion will swing from loathing to adoration.

I know, I know that you anti-Trumpers find this impossible to comprehend, but the study of cognitive dissonance (which you are now wallowing in) predicts that if and when positive thoughts replace negative passion, they are equally strong or stronger. So kind readers, please do not be shocked when, if Trump can deliver on his promises, his much-mocked visage someday appears on the twenty dollar bill!



Blogging (or tweeting) is like a sexually transmitted disease, it tends to make more enemies than friends ...


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Breitbart?

Gillibrand's remark on Clinton sends shock waves through Democrat party

Goldman Sachs says if you thought 2017 was surprisingly good, just wait for 2018

Maxine Waters: Impeach Trump for name-calling ...

Saudi Arabia to open Justice Ministry jobs to women, legalize yoga

Hillary Clinton: Trump 'is obsessed' with me

Hillary brags that Bill Clinton didn't tweet as president

Update: Murdoch's FOX in talks with multiple [potential] buyers

Report: Roy Moore's fundraising surges after attacks

Kushner still waiting on permanent security clearance

U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet involved in another collision at sea

Claim: Cuomo turned a blind eye to pervert under nose ...

Experts do not believe video games cause violent behavior in children

Ding Dong ...

the bitch is dead ...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Media Veracity

Discerning the truth in the media these days is like picking fly poop out of black pepper with boxing gloves on ...


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Drudge?

Aides give up on trying to control Trump's tweets

Doctors are turning to marijuana to treat opioid addiction

Argentine sub missing with 44 sailors ...

Mika latest Clinton ally to suggest Bill should have resigned

Trump reverses hunting trophy decision, says he will review

Tesla is 'going out of business' says former GM exec Bob Lutz

I trump to pay staff legal bills ...

Hungary PM: 'Silent majority' will prevail over 'Soros empire' ...

Jesse Jackson diagnosed with Parkinson's

WalMart says it has pre-ordered 16 of Tesla's new tractor-trailers

10,744 more JFK records released ...

LOL: After covering for Weinstein, Clinton, NYTimes says Franken should go

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Joy to the World

Joy Behar and friend

Picture This

Seismic Shift

A seismic shift seems to be occurring in American politics. There has been a traditional  rivalry between our Republicans and our Democrats. These battle lines were so well defined that,when a Democrat president took sexual advantage of a young female intern under him, the rest of his party looked the other way. In fact, his political views so eclipsed his bad behavior that he left office a demi-hero ... ready to capitalize handsomely both monetarily and physically on this adoration.

But events of the last few months seem to have changed this calculus. A tsunami of male on female sexual exploitations in the entertainment and political orbits have caused many die-hard Democrat women and media types to rethink their indulgence directed toward this decades-ago randy Arkansan. The working assumption of course is that, in these recent trysts,  the male is always the aggressor.

Now, both Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and sigher Mika Brzizenski remarkably have said that American women were wrong to paper over Bill Clinton's dalliances ... and he should have resigned from office ... which, of course, would have dramatically changed the events of the ensuing decades. To me, this change in attitude by these two super feminists (and many n the media) indicates that the fault lines are now between the sexes and not between the old political parties.

Taken to its natural conclusion, this suffrage victory might be such that a future presidential election would be a contest between the Vaginan party and the Macho party ... or maybe the XX's and the XY's. In the battle of the sexes, the exes are clearly winning.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Corker-Tillerson alliance frays

Gloria Allred: 'Why does anyone doubt' Roy Moore's yearbook signature?

Trump blasts 'Al Frankenstein' ...

1/3 of 214 arrested MS-13 gangsters 'unaccompanied alien children'

Grassley rips up 'blue slip' for a pair of Trump court picks

Franken victim: 'I called him fish lips' because 'that's what it reminded me of'

Polar vortex to bring 'extended period of severe winter weather' ...

Mitch calls for Ethics Committee to investigate Memendez

Hispanic Caucus denies membership to Republican Curbelo

Sen. Gillibrand says Bill Clinton should have resigned over Monika Lewinsky affair

7 of 10 richest members of Congress are Dems ...

White House: People of Alabama should make decision' on Moore

Friday, November 17, 2017

Crossed Fingers

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin made a surprising revelation on CNBC this morning ... and that is that people earning a million dollars or more a year will see, under the new tax laws, their taxes go UP on average by 3%! If this be true, then not only is this a good populist stance, but it flies in the face of all the Democrat demagoguery ... that this tax reform is a gigantic tax cut for the wealthy.

This Chuck Schumer claim is predicated on the elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) ... an elimination which I hope doesn't happen (see featured post on this blog ... Taxing Times ... which basically is an updated form of an AMT). But, if Mnuchin is being truthful, then I applaud the efforts of Congress on tax reform.

My fingers are crossed.

Swamp Creatures

Senator Al Franken has just joined the host of current and previous  pervs in Congress ... Ted Kennedy, Bob Menendez, Lyndon Johnson, Anthony Weiner, JFK, Wilbur Mills, Newt Gingrich, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Bob Packwood, Joe Biden, Gerry Studds,  260 anonymous Congresspersons who had previously cost the U.S. taxpayers $15 million in sexual abuse settlements, and 50 current Congresspersons who are on a known "Creep List" ... see: Conservative Review Article.

For lots more perv names, see: Supreme Find Law.

And these are just the ones who have been exposed. How many more have existed is obviously a lot larger. And we wonder why so little gets done in the swamp ... they all seem preoccupied with groping others and exposing themselves.

Afterward: Should I add Barack Obama to the above perv list? See: DC Clothesline.