Monday, November 30, 2015

Anti-Big Bird

The Republicans' anti-abortion stance has now wrapped this party even further around the axel ... and this should cause them to lose the 2016 presidential election. Their denouncing of Planned Parenthood's selling of baby body parts has clearly inspired Robert L. Dear to shoot up the Planned Parenthood's clinic in Colorado Springs ... killing three, wounding nine and casting a pall on this altruistic national provider of women's health care ... and forcing this fine organization to have to justify these widely-needed services ... see: Daily Kos Story.

Clearly every Republican candidate for president has jumped on the anti-Planned Parenthood bandwagon as a result of those doctored interview tapes besmirching these fine clinic people. This places all of these Republican turkeys on the wrong side of this history and shows that they are soldiers in the war on women. They thus deserve to be denounced and voted against.

And Republicans are also obviously anti-blacks, anti-gays, anti-transgender, anti-marijuana, anti-unions, anti-immigrants, anti-disabled people, anti-infrastructure, anti-poor people, anti-gun control, anti-socialism, anti-Hispanics, anti-middle class, anti-global warming, anti-Native Americans, anti-senior citizens, anti-Muslims, anti-women, anti-media, and anti-Big Bird. (Did I forget any?) Are these not enough reasons to pull the lever for Hillary?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

reddit Gallery CCCXXXIX -- Hood Ornaments

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Blame Game

So far this year 41 illegal immigrants have died in just one small stretch of Texas ranch land just over the Mexican border ... see: KRGV News. Whose fault are these deaths? The local ranchers? The U.S. Border Patrol? The  Mexican government? To this observer, it is the entity who has encouraged this border jumping to begin with ... and that is the U.S. government ... or more particularly our "dreamer" president.

Although, I am sure if you asked Obummer, he would blame the Republicans.

Gordian Knot

Obamacare is a very complex administrative process to both understand and, as we have seen, to utilize. Therefore when one sees things there deteriorating, one cannot decide if these are fatal events ... or, if the administration can throw money at these maladies in order to keep the patient alive.

One thing that we do know is that the Affordable Care Act is turning out to be anything but affordable. Premiums next year are slated to increase 10.1%. And this is still before the employer mandate fully kicks in. This portion of this Gordian Knot of a law is expected to add fuel to the pyre upon which the American health-care consumer is being sacrificed. That is why this mandate has been repeatedly postponed by administrative fiat ... apparently trying to save the Democrat party from election defeat.

Most recently there have been two events that cast a pall on this MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber's convoluted monstrosity:

1) Over one half of the government health-care insurance co-ops have disappeared or are expected to disappear by year end due to massive cost overruns ... see: Fox News Story. These co-ops were set up under this law to the tune of two billion dollars of taxpayer loans ... much of which is now in jeopardy. These dissolutions have left tens of thousands of consumers now without coverage ... not a good situation for these poor souls this law was supposed to help.

2) Just this past week UnitedHealth Group, the largest health-care insurance provider in the United States ... and the one endorsed by AARP ... has indicated that it is questionable whether it can continue to insure consumers under Obamacare ... having seen a $425 million revenue shortfall over the last year ... see: USA Today. If UnitedHealth drops coverage, an additional hundreds of thousands of consumers will lose their health-care insurance ... and, if this is an indication of possible financial problems at the other large insurers, then Obamacare is indeed in deep sneakers. However this threat by UnitedHealth may just be a plea for a government bailout.

Clearly, if the federal government chooses to bailout these co-ops, UnitedHealth and others, then Obamacare looks very much like a single-payer health-care system ... the objective of this administration all along. See also Marco Rubio's comments on this looming possibility: Breitbart Article.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Class Act

Some of you might take offense at my calling our president "Appeaser-in-Chief" or Barry Soetoro (his name when he was a tot in Indonesia). However, these slurs are from your humble no-name blogger ... whereas the current resident of the White House is renowned ... yet still is bush ... and I am not suggesting that that is his name.

Obummer today took his turn with the traditional pardoning of the White House Thanksgiving turkeys and could not resist, at this ceremony, to sully all the Republicans wishing to replace him ... by calling them "turkeys" ... see: Breitbart Story. How utterly classless for a person holding this esteemed office to be so crass ... and this remark wasn't even mitigated with any humor. This incident allows us all to see once again how clay-like this man's tootsies really are.

 I am finding it increasingly difficult to view this man in any context these days.

And I also feel no remorse in now reverting to grammar school and calling him (you know who) equally offensive names. ...


I have just watched the customary pre-Thanksgiving round of television personalities citing the things that they are most thankful for ... good health, family and friends. Of course, I am also very thankful for these gifts ... but, musing further on my life ... one thing that I am also appreciative of is that those peevish complainers who always seem to come out of the woodwork to destroy with sinister pleasure every tradition that gives our lives comfort ... have not yet sunk Thanksgiving with their nihilistic blitzkriegs.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The French Connection

What is the nexus between climate change and terrorism? Bernie Sanders, Barry Soetoro, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and most of the rest of the loopy liberals have either said that global warming (aka, climate change) causes terrorism or that it is a larger threat to our civilization than terrorism. Have I lost my way in the world and ended up in some lunatic asylum ... but for the life of me these statements make absolutely no sense to me. And, for some reason, when they are uttered, nobody follows up with a request for further explanation of what is the connection. I suppose that this is so because there cannot be any further explanation.

Now Barry Soetoro and John Kerry are about to travel to Paris for the Global Climate Conference where over 4,000 wild-eyed environmentalists from around the world will spend their taxpayers' good money on five-star hotels, fine wine and lots of expensive food whilst nodding in belly-rubbing agreement with oodles more of such inane mutterings. Each of these dingbats will try to outdo each other with weirder and stupider consequences caused by minute increased traces of carbon dioxide. That is, of course, assuming that the terrorist threats in Paris have subsided.

Ah, I just had a thought ... perhaps the connection between global warming and terrorism is ... PARIS!

See also: Climate Depot.

Monday, November 23, 2015

So What Else Is New?

"Clock Boy" is suing the city of Irving, Texas for $15 million ... see: CBS Story.

In a related story, Clock Boy and his family have moved to Qatar ... see: BBC Story. (Presumably to spend the nice fat settlement from Irving, Texas.)


It seems to this observer that there are key indications to the breadth of the radicalized Muslim fifth column in Europe, at least. And one is that Salan Abdeslam, the eighth Paris attacker, has now evaded capture for a week and a half after the original attack despite a massive manhunt by both French and Belgian police. There must be dozens, if not hundreds, of Muslims there who know where this terrorist is ... and yet they are not coming forward with this information.

Also, we recently have seen, at a soccer game in Turkey, where, when a moment of silence was requested to memorialize the Paris attacks, many in the stadium started booing and shouting "Allahu Akbar." This is another clear indication of the depth of support for these terrorists.

These both events are damning indictmens against the notion that the Muslim religion has not been  seriously infected with this radicalizing cancer. And so the fact that many of our politicians are ignoring these clues does not give me comfort.

Afterward: See also: Breitbart Article.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ass Backwards

Fuzzy-headed liberals claim that any meaningful Western reaction to the Paris terrorist attacks will do nothing but aid in ISIS's recruitment of new jihadists:

"Don't bomb Raqqa, this will help ISIS recruitment ..."
"Don't restrict Syrian immigration, this will help ISIS recruitment ..."
"Don't bomb ISIS's oil infrastructure, this will help ISIS recruitment  ..."
"Don't crack down on the Muslim "no-go" enclaves, this will help ISIS recruitment ..."
"Don't say "Muslim extremists," this will help ISIS recruitment ..."

In other words, just keep turning your other cheek until these radical Muslims decide to cut off your head. This is so ass backwards and loopy that it is dangerous. Clearly, this has been Barry Soetoro's pathological strategy for the last seven years ... and has it slowed these religious fanatics down? I don't think so.
It seems that the French and the Russians have finally gotten it right. Just go after these killers with all you got ... and, at some point, most of the possible new recruits will see what awaits them ...  and they will think of something else to do.  I suppose that the United States will pursue our suicidal strategy for at least the next 14 months until our Appeaser-in-Chief is out of office. Then let us hope that our next president has a little more common sense and a little less uncommon ideology.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

reddit Gallery CCCXXXVIII

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Sunset on Rice Fields

1,111 Carat Diamond

Heavy Snow in Russia

1936 Golden Submarine

Baby Alpaca


Our fearless leader is defiantly vowing to bring more Muslim immigrants into the United States no matter what Congress and/or his subjects say. While visiting a Muslim refugee center in Malaysia, Obama once again strummed the harp of misguided compassion in making these comments ... see: Associated Press Story.

I say "misguided" because our doofus president can't see the contrast staring him in the face. Malaysia puts these refugees in camps in order to keep close control on them. Obama wants quickly to insinuate these same immigrants into the American general population where the bad apples among them can cause their deadly mischief. Clearly the world of immigrants is not comprised exclusively of "widows and orphans" as our bumptious Barry likes to claim. Where there are widows and orphans there are also young Muslim men (and, yes, even young women) who seem to be quite easily radicalized these days ... particularly when indulged and dismissed by the leader of the "free" world.

Theodore Roosevelt was correct. The president really does have a "bully" pulpit ... even though this word had a slightly different meaning back then.


It seems that NASA can no longer be deemed a reliable reporter of climate data ... for it has started in 2012 to alter its repository of climate station data to make it appear that the Earth is warming. Shame, shame, shame! Thanks to an astute reader for this info, it seems that NASA now stands for No Anthropogenic Statistics Accurate ... see: No Tricks Zone Revelations. This article reveals, as a result of a German geologist's inspection of variances between NASA's 2010 and 2012 data bases, massive alterations of this primary data were made by NASA to suggest global warming where none exists.

If we can't trust NASA, whom can we trust? Al Gore? Our POTUS? The U.N.? The main-stream media? Apparently none of these. Perhaps we are required to fall back on something called our common sense ... and realize that we are being taken on a falsified and fanciful rocket ship ride into the kingdom of mendacious meanies who want to frighten us with doomsday predictions in order to control our lives and empty our pockets.

Friday, November 20, 2015


Fifteen months ago Obama, in a attempt to backtrack on his "JV" assessment of the ISIS terrorists, promised that we would "degrade and destroy" the Islamic State. Like most everything that our Muslim Apologist in Chief says, this was horse puckies. In the interim the air power of the United States has been as effective as a fart in a windstorm. The number of our air sorties has been de miniimis and the rules of engagement imposed by our petulant president meant that two thirds of these planes returned without dropping their munitions.

It was only after the recent terrorist attacks in Paris that Raqqa, the capital of the Islam State, was bombed by the French. This shamed America into bombing 100 tanker trucks ... carrying the oil that finances these terrorist scumbags. However we first dropped leaflets warning the truck drivers that we were coming. To show us what war really is, Russia, the following day bombed 500 tanker trucks ... without warning the drivers ... and flattened 15 oil refineries. Is this what B.H.O.'s strategy of "containment" means? That we don't attack any meaningful ISIS targets for over a year and we need to be shamed by France and Russia into doing something militarily meaningful in Syria ... long after we were told that we were going to "degrade and destroy" ISIS?

I guess we can't trust anything the Blowhard Barry promises ... but, then again, we should have known this for years.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Poor Richard

Much as the liberal left hates Dick Cheney, it seems that this man did an awful lot to keep the United States safe after 9/11 and during Bush 43's remaining term of office. The current misbehavers in the Middle East: Syria, Turkey, Iran, Yemen and Libya, all were then more stable and docile than they are today ... much in reaction to what they then saw happening in Iraq.

Yes, Cheney talked tough and intimidated people and countries ... perhaps the reason he was so resented and demagogued. But our current administration's strategy of talking soft and carrying a little stick is clearly not working. In fact the terrorist threat level we face today is, according to our intelligence agency heads, greater today than it was going into 9/11. Yet, Barack's and Hillary's only obvious enemies these days are the Republicans.

It also seems to this observer that Donald Trump's popularity today derives much from the similarity of his message to the former vice president's ... but with far less intellect, principles, and international acumen. Will Dick Cheney's contributions to our nation's safety ever be recognized? I think they will ... but probably not for a number of years ... when historians can look at things in a more sober light.  In the meantime, I think it quite likely that America will elect a Dick Cheney clone for president in 2016 ... or at the very least for vice president.

Poor Richard Cheney ... a true American hero.

More on Driverless Cars

I have in the past posed problems with driverless cars ... see: Google Strudel. But apparently there are many more issues than I could imagine ... such as tumbleweed, police directing traffics, bad weather, etc. ... see: CNBC Story. This has caused me to imagine even more issues with this ambitious technology ... construction sites, biker gangs, hitch-hikers, road rage, car chases, etc. The quest to automate the driving of a car is, to me, still years away from fruition.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Another Liberal Lie

I have heard at least a half dozen times in the last few days that since 9/11 the United States has allowed 1.5 million Middle Eastern immigrants into our country and, so far, none have turned out to be terrorists. This seemed like obvious BS to me so I resorted to Google and, in a trice, I found this reference ... see: ABC Article. Here we learn that a few dozen suspected terrorists have arrived on our shores as political refugees ... including former bomb makers (IEDs) from Iraq.

More importantly, the Tsarnaev family was granted political asylum in the U.S. in 2002. As we all should know, this family produce the two Boston Marathon bombers. Technically the Tsarnaev brothers are not Middle Eastern (being from near Chechnya) but they are surely Muslim terrorists.

And here is a much more extensive list of terrorists who have been captured here since 9/11: The majority of which are Muslims and, I suspect, many had been welcomed into the United States. Take a little time to adsorb this extensive list of bad guys ... see: Wikipedia Entry.

There was also today this article which listed more terrorists here in the U.S. ... see:UK Mail Article.

It does seem that such false factoids quickly find there way into the popular narrative and, once there, are more difficult to eradicate than kudzu.

Afterward: See also: Breitbart Article.

Suicide Bomber?

All this radical Muslim mayhem has got me thinking about some questions that might be asked by recently-recruited suicide bombers. Here are but a few:

-Tell me again ... what is this red button for?

- Can I use my EBT card to buy C-4 explosives?

- And what heavenly rewards do we female martyrs get?

- I've been told ... is this vest a good stress reliever?

- Does all these plastique-filled pockets make me look fat?

- How am I to enjoy my 72 virgins if I am in little pieces?

- Can I have this vest in a tattersall?

- When I get back from this mission, can I have some baba ghanoush?

- At my pizza parlor target can I just have a couple of slices first?

- What is the legal punishment for suicide bombing?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Not Fed Up

Prediction: The Federal Reserve Bank will NOT raise interest rates in December ... NOR will it raise interest rates until, at the earliest, December of 2016.

The logic behind this forecast is as follows: ... the current roiled state of terrorist actions in Europe ... and their inevitable economic fallout ... suggests that the reaction to an interest rate increase by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank would likely have an out-of-proportion effect on the world's financial markets. Given that Fed Chairman,  Janet Yellen, has been chary about such a move in the past, it seems more than likely she, and the rest of the Open Market Committee, will defer once again.

Next year is an election year and, given that the Fed has, in the past, tended toward favoring the Democrat party, I think it unlikely that it would risk damaging Hillary Clinton's chances for the presidency by raising interest rate in 2016 ... any time before the November election.

Thus, I would predict that the earliest that the Fed would make such an interest-rate move ... and assuming economic conditions would still warranted it ... would be December of 2016.

A Bright Line

After the Paris attacks and the revelation that at least one of the suicide bombers was a recent Syrian refugee, a bright line has been drawn between President Obama's insistence that the United States accept as immigrants many thousand un-vet-able Syrians  ... and the push-back from many Republicans (and some Democrats) who believe that this is an invitation for future terrorist attacks here at home. So far the governors of 22 states have indicated that they do not wish Syrian immigrants to be relocated in their states ... defying President Obama who says that this is inhumane and unAmerican.

Hillary Clinton's former State Department attack dog, Ben Rhodes, has indicated that the United States can thoroughly vet such immigrants "from the available data" while many intelligence officials and many (Republican and Democrat) on the intelligence committees in Congress saying that this is impossible ... no such data exists. Thus the bright line has been drawn that should define the political landscape for the next year.

This bright line is also now separating the candidates for president ... with most Republicans opposing Syrian immigration while most Democrat candidates are ducking for cover. I do believe that this will be the defining issue ... at least for the foreseeable future ... in the race for the White House. Watch for the Obama administration to throw up all sorts of political gorilla dust to confuse this issue ...while most common-sense Americans push back against this political insanity.

Will Obama win this argument? He certainly has the bully pulpit of the presidency on his side ... as well as the Christian golden rule working in his favor. But then again, self-preserving common sense and the suspicion that Obama's motivations are not Christan but more Muslim-inspired work against his stance ... and the stance he expects his acolytes to follow ... including Hillary Clinton. Watch and see if she toes the line on this one. If she does, it may be her downfall.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Actions Instead of Words


President Obama just gave an impassioned talk in Turkey in which he reiterated his misbegotten views of Islam ... saying that this religion is not one of violence and that it is Muslims who are the overwhelming victims of those radicals (a bit of a contradiction). He also warned that the West's equating of ISIS with the Muslim faith will only lead to larger recruitment of such terrorists. And he also cautioned that to use a religious test to sift out potential terrorist from among the Syrian immigrants is not the American way and is shameful. For those of you who want to scratch you head over Obama' s full speech, it is reproduced HERE..

Excuse me Mr. President but you are full of hot air. Your actions defy your words. Time and time again you have ignored opportunities to begin to move the Muslim religion away from its radical tendencies and have enabled them to march further into the depths of depravity. Your strategy to "diminish and defeat" these ISIS savages and the other radical elements of Islam does nothing but let them have their leash. Let me count the ways:

- From the very first days of your presidency, you have embraced and met with the Muslim Brotherhood ... a group that has since been identified as a terrorist organization.

- You have diminished and slighted Israel at every opportunity ... the only true ally we have in the Middle East and a major bulwark against the radical elements of Islam.

- When el Sisi, President of Egypt, called for a "reformation" within Islam for it to denounce its more radical tenants, what was your reaction? You stayed stunningly mum.

- You pulled our troops out of Iraq ... only to have this country sink below the waves and spawn ISIS. And instead you created a surge of 30,000 U.S. troops into Afghanistan ... the "good war." However, the rules of engagement you imposed upon then neutered them to the point where nothing got accomplished ... except "green on blue" killings of Americans by turncoat Afghans.

- You have repeatedly crowed that the greatest threat to world security is ... climate change! Yes, climate change!! We don't have enough turnip trucks in the United States for our people to fall off of for this bit of sinister misdirection to be believed.

- President Obama, last year, proudly released five hardened Islamic terrorists back to the battlefield in exchange for the Army deserter, Bowe Bergdahl ... one of the most bone-headed prisoner exchanges in history.

- And when Egypt offered the Palestinian Authority large swaths of the Sinai Peninsula so that they could  expand the Gaza Strip into a real two-state solution, what was your reaction? You refused to even acknowledge this act of statesmanship of Egypt's part.

- Your attempts to neutralize ISIS, for some strange reason, did not include the bombing of its capital, Raqqa, or the elimination of the oil infrastructure that provides much of its operating budget. In fact the number of air sorties over Iraq and Syria that you have authorized are but a tiny fraction of what would be required ... with 2/3rds of our jets returning with their weapons unused. You have no strategy to defeat ISIS ... you barely have any tactics.

-You have cozied up to the Ayatollahs in Iran and given them the resources to continue their sponsorship of Islamic terrorism throughout the world ... and clearly given a path to atomic weapons.

Need I document more of your tilt toward Islam?

Mr. President, I can't imagine that, if you truly believe in the bilge that was spewing out of your pie hole, that you would have behaved, over the last seven years, in the ways other than what I have just recounted.


Please read in detail about what recently happened at Dartmouth College where a group of black students went on a rampage denouncing their white classmates with profane vitriol ... see: Campus Reform Story. Now, as an exercise in turnaround is fair play, imagine that this was a demonstration of white students at Howard University ... and replace the chanted word "white" with "black" and you will see racism in its purest and ugliest form.

Yes, these black-student protesters at Dartmouth clearly do not have fully-formed senses of social consciousness ... and probably will eventually live to regret their impetuousness. But they nevertheless put a KKK stamp on their repulsive actions that will quietly resonate in the ivied halls of Hanover.

I do however doubt that the administration there will have the gumption to give them their due ... rather taking the attitude so prevalent these days that "blacks will be blacks." But, to me, lack of push-back against such disgusting demonstrations only makes matters worse ... giving these miscreants a sense of what they did was sanctioned and even encouraged. This is exactly the wrong message from a college that should know better.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The End Is Near!

Pope Francis told some followers on Sunday that they should be prepared to meet God ... hinting that the end of the world is growing neigh ... see: Breitbart Article.

What!? Will we not have time to see the Chicago Cubs win a World Series ... or suffer through the coming global warming ... or enjoy Hillary Clinton making a further muddle of things?

From God's Lips

Rush Limbaugh has had a very apt observation ...  and that is that President Obama has been "governing against the will of the American people." The latest example of which is that His Nibs is going to increase the numbers and accelerate the entry of Syrian immigrants into the United States ... see: CBC News Story. If the main-stream media were so inclined ... which I doubt ... they might commission some polling agency to inquire what percentage of the American populous would be in favor of such a boneheaded move ... particularly in the light of what just occurred in Paris. If the favorable percentage broke 10%, I would be greatly surprised.

Does this sway Obama? Has he given a horse's patootie for what popular opinion has been in the United States during his seven year dynasty? Of course not. Our president's motivations are totally without self inspection or sensitivity to the popular will. It is as though, to paraphrase that old Jewish chestnut, from God's lips directly into his ear. And, since most of Obama's major decisions have been minor disasters, either this Divine communication has been garbled ... or it has been overridden by Valarie Jarrett.

 If the vetting process for Syrian immigrants is anything like it was for the Tsarnaev family (from which emerged the Boston Marathon bombers), we are in for a very dangerous future.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Over the next few days and weeks, Western television sets will be bloated with politicians of all nationalities decrying the kind of terrorism just experienced in Paris. They will bluster about the carnage. Some will bluster about turning back the threats posed by radical Islam. They will raise the battle flags and swear not to stop until this existential threat is eliminated. They will bluster further and name numerous measures that will be taken to protect their populations from such mayhem. They may even carry out a few acts of vengeance.  Yes, they will bluster ... they will prance ... they will pose ... for that is what current politicians do

Then they will retire to their sumptuous rooms in their 5-star hotels and sit down to fabulous gourmet meals while tsk-tsking these recent horrendous events. Next, they will retreat to their well-guarded seashore villas and somehow, over their fifth glass of 99-rated Pommard, forget what they had just promised a short while before.

For that is what current politicians do.

Our Enemies

"Those who refuse to identify our enemies ... or who diminish any of our efforts to defeat them ... also need to be recognized as our enemies." Anon.


After atrocities such as recently occurred in Paris, invariably, left there are spontaneous displays comprised of flower bouquets, teddy bears, lit candles and sympathy notes... placed at or near the bloody aftermath. Again I ask myself, "Why?" Are there not more appropriate responses to such mayhem? Say, for instance, some targeted and brutal retaliation?

The innocents, who were slaughtered by this latest bunch of Muslim terrorists, are gone. They cannot see these maudlin memorials. Roses will not repair their mutilated bodies nor bring solace to their families. Rather, as Lincoln once said, it would be far better for those who leave such cheap tokens of solidarity, to dedicate and rededicate their energies to eliminating such pond scum from their societies ... perhaps by leveling the capital of ISIS, Raqqa ... and destroying all the oil rigs from which it derives its sustenance?

reddit Gallery CCCXXXVII

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Crystallied Gold

Potter Wasp

Fresh Nutmeg


Lotus C-01

Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris Attacks

According to U.S. media sources, it seems a group of climate protectors attacked many revelers in Paris tonight ... killing at least 40 and wounding at least 60 people more ... and are now in the process of shooting about 100 hostages in a concert hall. For the sake of misdirection, apparently, these climate terrorists were shouting Allahu Akbar (this may mean "carbon dioxide is evil") before using automatic weapons and explosions to affect this massacre.

And as it turns out, former Vice President Al Gore is also now in Paris for the well-publicized United Nations global-warming conference. The Obama administration's spokesperson, Susan Rice, went on all the major networks tonight to blame these atrocities on popular reaction to the befouling of our atmosphere with carbon dioxide by the so-called deniers. The Obama administration also believes that this is proof positive that its efforts to stop climate change are now more than justified ... and that those who ignore these dire warnings need to be brought to swift and brutal justice.

In an unrelated story, President Obama this afternoon proclaimed that ISIS is contained.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


A "trigger" is a newspeak term denoting a statement or symbol meant as a call to action: