Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Virtue Signaling

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In order to keep you, dear readers, up to date on the latest lingo, this blog's lesson today is on "virtue signaling." This term relates to the melodramatic "holier than thou" mulings of the  multitude of protesters of President Trump's temporary immigration ban from seven terrorist-infested countries. Celebrities and politicians are elbowing each other out the way from in front of the nearest microphones to profess their virtue ... how this Trump action is discriminating against the Muslim religion ... which it clearly isn't. It is merely an attempt to tighten up the vetting processes in these dangerous countries to try to reduce the risk of allowing sleeper terrorists into our country.

Hillary Clinton quickly chimed in with, "That's not who we are." Chuck "Tiny Tears" Schumer publicly turned on the waterworks to demonstrate the extent of his virtue. Our acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, threw herself on her sword over this moral travesty by refusing to defend it at the DOJ ... got fired by Trump ... and became the instant hero of the legions of Soros-backed moonbats. Even our ex-president could not wait two weeks before trying to shame his replacement by issuing his own shining virtue signal from a sunny Caribbean beach.

Yes, this executive order was not communicated well or implemented smoothly ... some rookie mistakes ... but it was legal, caused relatively minor dislocation and is supported by the majority of Americans ... those of us who would rather be safe than sorry.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Suspect in Quebec mosque attack quickly identified as Moroccan. He is a white nationalist

DeBlasio calls Trump's exec order affront to religious liberty, but called for Ciick-Fil-A boycott

Flashback: Democrats tried to block thousands of Vietnam war refugees, including orphans

MAG: Hollywood as we know it is already over ...

Hollywood SAG show turns into a Trump-bashing fest ...

Andrew Sullivan: America is still the future ...

Nearly 300 shootings so far this year [in Chicagoland] ...

Podesta Group loses Google parent company as client

Emboldened by Trump, police unions look to overhaul Obama reforms

Another media fail: 57% uphold temporary ban on refugees from terror exporting countries

Flashback: Obama stranded legal Cuban travelers in airports in his last week in office

James Cameron criticizes Trump administration: 'These people are insane'

Sand in the Gears

I think I saw Trump do what no politician is supposed to be see doing ... sweating ... two casual swipes across his forehead with the back of his finger the other day at one of his public meetings. It is becoming more and more obvious that Congress, in particular the Democrats in Congress, are slow-walking the process of government. Certainly the very few cabinet confirmations enacted so far ... two (Obama had 11 at this point) ... are evidence of this obstruction to Trump's agenda. But Trump is doing his side of things with a flurry of executive orders ... the last of which, the temporary immigration ban from seven terrorist-rich countries, caused a liberal explosion due to its poor implementation planning. Now some on the right are grumbling because no progress is being made on tax cuts and Obamacare reform ... see: Matt Drudge Complains.

Now Trump's really hard work begins ... getting a snippy Congress to do his bidding. Even Obama had the benefit of a fiercely loyal legislative majority when he took office. Trump does not enjoy the same advantage. He has only a luke-warm majority. And Chuck "Tiny Tears" Schumer now is frustrating Trump with every legislative and public relations trick to make his life difficult ... knowing that the American people will take a long time to realize how he is throwing sand in the gears of government. But, it is also clear that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are also not all that upset about this obstruction. All three probably smiled a little when the saw Trump's finger flick across his forehead.

Will Trump and his Twitter account be able to get things moving on Capital Hill? (I'm sure he realizes what is going on.) This is his first really important test as president ...

Monday, January 30, 2017

Useless Idiots

Stalin had a term for the fifth-column Communists around the world.  He called them "useful idiots." President Trump has a different set of issues ... "useless idiots" ...  a large set of detractors who bend over backwards to undermine his efforts to keep America safe. I know it is early-on, but here are my nominations for the Useless Idiots of the Year ... those stentorian radical-Islam apologists who apear to care more for their own ideologies and election ambitions. I'm sure that some of my liberal readers might have some other names to put forward:

Bill "Big Bird" DeBlasio

Justin "Timber" Trudeau

Elizabeth "Lieawatha" Warren

Barack "Bathhouse Barry" Obama

Chuck "Tiny Tears" Schumer

Hillary "Sir Edmund" Clinton

Rahm "Godfather" Emanuel

Nancy "Botox" Pelosi

Keith "I CAIR" Ellison

Rigorous vs. Extreme Vetting

Anyone who was awake for the last 8 years had learned to take what the Obama administration claimed with a mountain of salt. And so I always disbelieved their claim that refugees being admitted to our country had been subjected to rigorous vetting which usually took two years. My suspicions were particularly raised when, in the last year of his presidency, thousands of Syrians were brought to America by Obama ... a lot faster than so many could have been passed through such a screening process.

So when I read the following comment on the The Diplomad 2.0 blog from someone who had been in the diplomatic corps and who knew this vetting process first hand ... my (like Trump's) doubts were confirmed. The below description came from the above blog entry referenced:

We have no idea who these "refugees" are. They rip up their passports before they arrive in friendly countries so we cannot verify their identities; they lie about their ages to take advantage of more lenient terms for minors (I read about refugees settled in UK, Netherlands, and Scandinavia and elsewhere who entered as minors who were found to be in their 20s, some in their 30s and even one guy they think is 46!). They are not poor women and children. Over 85% are single, young males. There is NO extreme vetting taking place -- I know from being the refugee officer overseeing resettlement of Iraqi refugees that the NGOs/contractors that are in charge of screening the people are prone to being co-opted. I found out that they were re-opening cases that had been determined to have "no credible fear of persecution" and changing the stories so they could qualify. It gets around real quick which stories work. I also personally heard UN High Commission for Refugees staff admit that they helped refugees obtain fake passports. The Somali who recently shot up someplace in the US. UN refugee rules say that once a refugee has reached a "safe haven country" that they must stay there unless and until they are offered permanent resettlement in a 3rd country. The Somali guy and his family were resettled in Pakistan and had been living there for 5 or 7 years. He should NEVER have been eligible to be resettled in the US.
My bottom line is -- no more refugees until the Arab nations resettle as many as westerns countries and until every idiot protesting the "injustice!!!" hosts at least 1 refugee in their own home, and the Hollywood folks have to take 10 each (their houses are plenty big). 

I think we can now understand President Trump's recent 90-day immigration suspension from 7 terrorist-ridden countries ... and the need to turn sham "rigorous" vetting into "extreme" vetting.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Shooting at Quebec City mosque, at least 5 dead ... Allahu Akbar ...

Canadian PM Trudeau says mosque shootings 'terrorist attack on Muslims'

Tens of thousands protest Trump's immigration order

Trump's week one ends with Schumer in tears

DeBlasio: Trump's immigration order un-American

Sad Hillary tweets 'This is not who we are'

McCain: Trump's confused ban may fuel ISIS propaganda

Flashback: Obama suspended Iraq refugee program six months over terrorism fears

Trump throw down: 'Media knows but refuses to say truth'

Journo [India Knight of NY Times] calls for assassination of President Trump

Tim Kaine accuses Trump of holocaust denial

Christian groups oppose Trump's preference for Christian refugees


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Inflation is a damnedable thing. It is both the devil and an angel simultaneously. It clearly damages the poor without a cushion of interest-earning  savings, the elders living on a fixed income and companies without pricing power. But it benefits those with large debts at a fixed rate of interest ... like mortgage holders and governments burdened with big debts with long maturities at relatively low rates.

Like today, a surfeit of money in the United States does not necessarily create inflation ... particularly if labor is not in short supply. Although it appears on the surface that we currently have a low unemployment rate, this number is misleading due to a very large number of those not looking for work. And the influx of H1-b immigrants also keeps high tech salary growth down. Therefore employment cost pressure is currently low. However, if President Trump can cause an economic boom for middle America and slow down H1-b immigration, there well could be a shortage of blue-collar and white-collar workers ... resulting real wage pressure ... and overall inflation well beyond the Federal Reserve Bank's goal of 2%.

Once this beast inflation is set loose, vicious feedback will kick in and it won't want to stop at 2%.

Add to this a trillion dollars of infrastructure spending certainly will increase our national debt and inflation. If Trump follows through with his pledge to lengthen the maturity of our national indebtedness, we might be able to inflate our way out of our current fiscal insanity ... like we did after World War II when we let inflation cure our huge debt burden,

So here are my current inflation predictions under Trump.... particularly if he serves two terms:

- Spend like mad on infrastructure, health care and rebuilding our military
- Extend the maturities of our then fast-growing national debt ..  maybe even longer than thirty years ... hopefully at relatively low rates
- Put pressure on the Fed to let inflation run ... possibly into the high single digits which will monetize this debt
- But still, longer term, try to bring government spending more in line with increased tax revenues generated by a booming economy

Is this all good? What other choices do we have?

Sunday, January 29, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Chinese New Year's fireworks sparks return to hazardous Beijing pollution

Trump sets 5-year and lifetime lobbying ban for officials ...

California could cut off funds to Feds ... non-compliance with tax code

Trump throws wrench in China Hollywood takeover ...

Zuckerberg halts Hawaii land suit

Elizabeth Warren fails to disclose $1.3 million line of credit

[Trump] ... hopes to reduce EPA staff, carbon footprint by 50%

Report: Malia Obama attends Dakota Access Pipeline protest at Sundance

France and Germany unite to oppose Trump's refugee plan

Trudeau: Canada welcomes migrants

British PM: Trump confirms he is 100% behind NATO

ACLU accuses D.C. police of violating rights of inauguration protesters

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Chin Up

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I've often noticed that when our past-President Obama was on his high horse, he would frequently thrust out his chin and pull back his forehead ... what has been called "looking down your nose." And I recently noted that the two black male defendants in the now infamous Facebook torture case of a mentally-impaired white Chicago teenager mimicked this same posture in their mug shots (see below). So I went to Google to see if I could gain some insight into this interesting body language ... see: Science of People Analysis. Here is a quote from this source about such an imposing pose:
In my body language course we talk about people who put their chin in the air and look down their nose typically are feeling superior. It is literally looking down your nose at someone. When they first pan to Aslan, you will notice he is in this position before he tilts down and begins his answer. Already, we know his mindset.
Interestingly, Donald Trump often exhibited this same look early on in his candidacy ... but has pretty much abandoned it lately.

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These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Warning: economy slows to 1.9% rate in 4Q, '16 ...

Sheriff Clarke: 'I'm tired about one-percenters like Mark Zukerberg' lecturing us about who we are

Seattle approves safe sites for addicts to inject drugs

Newt on the media: 'These aren't reporters -- these are propogandists'

Trump team walks back plan to fund wall with import tax

Trump and Pena Nieto agree to not discuss wall payment in public

McConnell warns Trump to back off on killing filibuster

McConnell to Trump: Do not lift sanctions on Russia

[Trump] Says persecuted Christian will be given priority as refugees ...

Robot declares 'I am not a robot' ...

France enforces ban on unlimited soda drinks ...

NAACP vows to fight Trump's voter fraud investigation

Inauguration Crowd Size

From Powerline

reddit Gallery CDII

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75% Off

Amazonian Stingray

White Egret Orchid


Folded Rock

Friday, January 27, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Bureaucrats test POTUS: Another 512 refugees brought in on Wednesday

Congress acting to block Obama's Social Security gun ban

Boo Hoo: Trump has EPA workers coming to work in tears

Landmark DC restaurant paints over O portrait: 'End of an era' ...

Trump backs nuclear option if Congress blocks SCOTUS nod

'Stop Soros' movement sweeps Europe ...

Fake News: Media reports mass State Dept. resignation, officials actually fired

Final Obama transgender rule lets immigrants easily change legal sex

Trump aide Bannon calls media the 'opposition party'

Chicagoland: Six shot -- at vigil for shooting victim ...

Bust: From Aspen to Hamptons, luxury home sales slump

Churn: Obama-appointed border patrol chief resign after wall order


Starbucks had an unique excuse yesterday for why its sales growth disappointed last quarter. Their "reasoning" goes like this ... their new "order and pay" cell phone app has proven so popular that their stores are very congested with pick-ups causing other customers to get discouraged and leave ... see: CNBC Story. What? This is a logical disconnect. Starbucks has so much new business that revenue growth is down! How can this be?
It would seem to me that the Starbucks baristas can make just so many lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, Americanos, etc. in a given period no matter what the order source. And, since payment has been preprocessed outside the store, customer throughput should increase. Therefore, if the demand for their Java is daunting, then revenues should also be spiraling. That they are not, suggests to me that something else is afoot.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Star[big]bucks is reaching the limit of what people are willing to pay for their caffeine indulgences? I reached that cutoff years ago ...


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

U.S. demoted to 'flawed democracy' by The Economist research arm

New Hollywood film about Trump-like dystopian America ...

Order: Weekly publication of crimes committed by illegals ...

German police search homes of far-right extremists ...

German newspaper editor: Assassination easiest way to end Trump catastrophe

Woman flies through tornado in a bathtub -- survives!

World's most populous country [China] turning gray ...

Three-hour rape streamed on Facebook live ...

German gov't. fires whistleblower who exposed welfare fraud

Dems launch scorched earth plan against Trump

Ryan on Trump's voter fraud investigation: 'I think it's fine'

Theresa May: Britain and U.S. can lead the world again

Thursday, January 26, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

London air pollution passes Beijing ...

Democrats warn that Trump's voter-fraud investigation will increase voter suppression

Musk to start digging tunnels underneath Los Angeles?

POTUS asking for major investigation into voter fraud

Exclusive: Dem. Manchin backs Tillerson for Sec. State

Schumer's dangerous game: Senate Dems. confront Trump having to defend 23 seats in 2018

Bureaucrats bring 500 refugees into country one day before expected ban

Danish politicians to migrants: 'Send your children to language school or lose benefits'

Trump threatens to send Fed's to Chicago ...

Treasury Secretary nominee Mnuchin isn't jumping on Republican bandwagon to audit the Fed ...

California sets record with 20 feet [of snow] in one month ...

Secret Service Agent: 'I won't take a bullet for Trump'

Be Careful What You Wish for ...

You may just get it. The media's panties were in a double helix yesterday about Trump's claiming that there were 3 to 5 million illegal voters last November ... illegal aliens, dead people, multiple-state voters. So, media reporters badgered Sean Spicer, Trump's Press Secretary ... asking if Trump had any hard evidence of this voter fraud and, if he didn't, was he going to conduct an investigation into these charges? The media was expressing a wish.

An opening ...

This was the opening that Trump was waiting for ... and so he pounced ... and announced a national investigation into the levels of voter fraud from all sources. And those progressives, who claim that any attempts to keep our voting process kosher is trying to "suppress the vote", may be surprised by the degree of this illegal voting  ... that in turn needs to be suppressed! I do hope that this study is initiated, that it does prove, as I expect and on a bipartisan basis, that such vast voter fraud does exist ... and that this revelation spawns a call for a national voter registration card and possibly other rational remedies.

The media's wish would then be fulfilled ... but maybe not what they really wanted.

Many conservatives are even against such a study because they feel that Trump won the past election and so it is unnecessary ... and this study is just to assuage Trump's ego. However, they are naive and ignoring the future. If this fraud existed in 2016, it will also exist in 2018 and 2020 ... possibly even greater.

Let's get on with it and know for sure what is going on ...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

First genetically-modified apples will go on sale in the USA ...

Japan launches first military communications satellite ...

Senate Dems look to unveil $1T infrastructure plan ...

McConnell predicts that Senate will confirm Trump's entire Cabinet

NFL TV viewership for 2016: -8%

Report: Trump admin. freezes EPA grant program

Trump effect: CDC cancels major climate change conference

Protest fail: Trump's favorable booms since inauguration

Jerry Brown delivers anti-Trump manifesto ...

Trump nominee says Obama's inauguration crowd was bigger

Days into the Trump admin, corrupt employees already fired at VA

Tucker Carlson's ratings almost double Megyn's on Fox

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Misandry -- I had to look this term up ... since I had never seen it before. It means "hatred of men" ... the obverse to the term "misogyny," the hatred of women ... a well-known and well-used pejorative for those brutish, testosterone-laden rapists who populate every campus and the halls of Congress.  Now we have a president who easily typifies the male animal and thus has become a target of many of those who did not vote for him. Clearly he has brought much of this vitriol upon himself with some of his comments during his campaign and the "pussy" locker-room reference caught on a hot mic. But it is beginning to feel like the continuing reaction to these missteps are disproportionate ... particularly when compared to how Bill Clinton behaved and was treated when president ... and seemingly still is.

Of course it is only a subset of these marching women who are misandrists ... but just reading many of their anti-male signs and hearing the star-studded rhetoric there leads me to conclude that it was a meaningful theme on display. In particular, Ashley Judd, Madonna, and Gloria Steinem did not hold back when they castigated our current president ... see: UK Sun Story. Even that woman who was thrown off that airplane for her loathsome attack on a Trump supporter demonstrates the unhinged behavior that I think falls into the misandry category ... (e.g., she didn't attack the man's wife who also supported Trump) ... see:Fox News Video.

Perhaps these women have misandry not just for men, but rather particularly for Republican men? Can we invent a new term for this hatred? How about "misgopry"?

I know, I know ... Hillary Clinton and her band of Amazons and pajama boys can accuse Trump voters of misogyny and dozens of other deplorable hate crimes and be forgiven .... but my suggesting here that a good dollop of the Women's Marchers are harboring misandric thoughts is worse than Madonna calling for the White House to be blown up. I understand the current double standard. And I know that the brick bats will be forthcoming. I hope I remember to duck.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Trump wants to cut regs by 75% -- maybe mote ...

[China] Orders more than 100 golf courses shut ...

SNL writer: Barron Trump will be 'first home-schooled shooter'

Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump

Shock poll: 1 in 3 Californians now support secession ...

SNL writer gets suspended after 'inexcusable' Barron Trump tweet

Merkel's party slips further in the  polls

Star is born: New FCC Chairman Pai to take 'weed wackier' to net neutrality

Poll: Elizabeth Warren is no lock for reelection

Journalists freak after NY Post gets first question at Trump press briefing

Obama gave Palestinians 200 million dollar present in last hours of presidency

Trump's DC hotel lost $11 million in Sept., Oct.

Monday, January 23, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Most arrested [inauguration] protesters charged with felony, face ten years in prison ...

STEELERS hotel in Boston evacuated at 3 AM with hoax fire alarm ...

Pope Francis warns against judging Trump too hastily ...

Trump gives FBI Director Comey a pat on the back ...

Passengers cheer as women berating Trump supporter kicked of plane

Update: Zukerberg moves to evict hundreds of Hawaiians from 700-acre estate

Canadians traveling to Women's March say denied entry after disclosing plans ...

Israeli leader to Iran: 'We are your friend, not your enemy' ...

Nigeria arrests 65 at pro-Trump rally ...

McCain and Graham back Tillerson

British Prime Minister Theresa May to attend GOP retreat

Trump on Women's March: 'Why didn't these people vote?'

Sunday, January 22, 2017

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Extreme Sport

Maned Wolf

Indian Roller.

1,900 Year-old Stepwell in India

1940's Farnsworth Bakelite Radio

(Little current content because reddit is loaded with "My favorite sign" from the Women's Marches.)

Pink Disconnect

The recent anti-Trump Women's March in Washington, DC (and elsewhere) was predominately composed of inflamed white women with just a smattering of blacks (see: Breitbart Article and Jet Magazine Article). This is strange insofar as white women voted for Trump 53% to 47% (see: Pop Sugar Stats). Explaining away this disconnect is a little difficult. Perhaps, because of the predominant "pink" theme of these protests, it is related to Trump's "pussy grabbing" remarks once caught on an open mic?

Or maybe even some white women are angry not just at Trump ... but also at their white sisters who voted for him?


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Women's March turns nasty ...

[Women] Marchers vow to never leave Washington, DC

Sean Spicer rips media for lying about crowd size at Trump inauguration

Trump's first full day: Prayer, bowling and a visit to the CIA

Trump calls out Time Magazine for fake news story about removing MLK bust from Oval Office

Madonna: 'Thought about blowing up the White House'

Fox News declines to renew contract for George Will ...

Trump protester displays ISIS flags, beheading videos ...

Measles outbreak grows in L.A. despite strict new vaccination law ...

[Ashley] Judd: Trump has 'wet dreams' about daughter  ...

[Trump's] Address reportedly written by Bannon, Miller

Maher to Clintons: 'I never want to see either of you, ever again'

Mine is Bigger ...

Comparison from CBS
The Interior Department has been ordered to shut down its Twitter account after its National Park Service tweeted yesterday suggesting that Trump's National Mall crowd for his inauguration was smaller than Obama's was in 2009 ... see: Politico Story. Sounds like our government employees under Trump will need to remember for whom they work and begin to show some loyalty ... not a bad lesson to learn early on in Trump's term.

I have no idea whether Trump's assembled crowd was indeed smaller ... nor do I think it really important. But Trump clearly does. If the Trumpers were fewer than the Obama-ers, it might have been because Trump received Just 4% of the vote in Washington, DC whereas Obama had received 93% in 2008. (I suppose that this large differential can be attributed to the liberal government worker presence there.) Now these Obama voters clearly lived within a hop and a step of the National Mall and could easily have attended Obama's swearing in ... whereas they might not have shown the same enthusiasm for Trump. If, in fact, there was this turnout difference, I think Trump might easily excuse things due to this voter difference ... not something to fret over.

Of course, protesters blocking roads and rapid transits may also have affected turnout. And the fear of well-publicized expected violence  might also have affected things ... as well as the forecast rain. Add long lines to be checked through increased security and magna monitors might also have slowed things down ... it all depends when the photographs were taken. And finally, the big white patches seenin the Trump photos were apparently tiles laid don by the Park Service to restrict these areas to crowds ... strange? Lots of excuses for an apparently smaller Trump crowd if you are looking for them. (I like best my local voter differential  analysis above.)

But then I guess we don't know The Donald ... Sean Spicer had a press briefing yesterday wherein he defiantly claimed that Trump's turnout was greater ... see: NBC News Story. He might be right.

But one can easily make the case that this "mine is bigger" braggadocios on the part of the Trump team (and to a lesser extent, me) is rather childish. However, can we equally apply this shaming to those on the left and their media who are playing in this very same silly game?

Afterward: I did notice that these large white spaces on the National Mall seem to have largely disappeared for the Women's March the very next day ... strange ...

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Thought of the Day

From Powerline Blog

Afterward: I was actually curious about how far everyone in the world would stretch if they all held hands (one yard per person). Forgetting about the water, the world's 7.5 billion people would circle the Earth at the equator around 167 times ...


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Trump signs sweeping order that could gut Obamacare

White House orders 'immediate regulatory freeze'

Churchill bust returns to Trump's gilded Oval Office

Gracious in victory -- Hillary gets standing ovation at Trump's behest

15 Steelers sick with stomach flu days before championship ...

Wash Post admits: Obama spent billions to fix schools, failed

Nancy Sinatra slams [CNN] network: 'Why do you lie?'

Man says 18.9 inch penis a disability, forcing to live off food banks ...

Trump offers father down on his luck $10,000 check at inaugural event

Axelrod: [Trump] Speech 'full-throated populist manifesto' 'lit this town on fire'

AI now smarter than average American ...

Sad Michael Moore: Trump 'will not last the four years'

Fixin' Things

Donald J. Trump is now our new president. When he entered the White House, he found the following To-Do list on the refrigerator:

Fix immigration
Repair our foreign relations
Renegotiate trade pacts
Fix the tax system
Defeat ISIL
More economic growth
Reduce over-regulation
Fix veterans' affairs
Rebuild our military
Fix Obamacare
Solve cyber security problems
Fix our schools
Bring government spending under control
Fix our infrastructure
Box in North Korea
Inprove race relations
Bring jobs back
Stop terrorist attacks
Fix our entitlement system

There were no check marks ...


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Gore 'INCONVENIENT SEQUEL' premiers amid snowstorm ...

Obama drops 1,500 pages of regulations on final day ...

NFL Network leaves Brady out of weekend QB promo ...

Denver gives the homeless one-way tickets out of town ...

Jerusalem mayor says 'Obama surrendered to radical Islam'

Sad Soros: 'Would-be dictator' Trump 'going to fail'

Car plows into pedestrians in Australia ... Islamic driver

China steps up censorship for Trump inauguration

Obama commutes life sentences of 4 Mexican cartel leaders

U.S. Bishops urge Congress to replace Obamacare

Media coverage muted on eve of Trump's swearing-in ...

Lindsey Graham jokingly wonders if he is on Trump's 'kill list'

Friday, January 20, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

[Trump] Team prepares dramatic cuts, ax to government spending ...

Bust: Massive [Pittsburgh] mall sold for $100 at foreclosure auction

Air Force launching missile-launch warning satellite ...

Puerto Rican terrorist freed by Obama placed 130 bombs across U.S.

California 'accidentially' releases information on 3,500 firearms instructors

CNN: If Trump were killed during inauguration, Obama appointee would be president

Trump asks key Obama counter-terrorism officials to stay on

Trump to immediately sign as many as 200 executive orders

Senate Dems will allow only two Trump nominees to be confirmed by day one

Ash Carter: I don't support commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence

Mnuchin slams Obama's economy: 'The unemployment rate is not real'

Mnuchin wants to INCREASE the size of the IRS ...