Friday, May 31, 2019

Obvious Truth #41

If an American prosecutor, after an extensive investigation, chooses not to accuse someone of a crime, we automatically confirm this person’s innocence. Saying that, if, in such a situation, this prosecutor avers he/she cannot find the evidence to exonerate this person, our justice system has been turned upside down.

In other words, in America, one should not be assumed guilty until proven innocent. To do so is tyranny.


GOP impeachment champion gets a hero’s welcome back home

All signs are pointing to a ‘tough year’ for Chinese businesses

China’s rare earth threat, ‘Don’t say we didn’t warn you’

Troops with ‘Make America Great Again’ patch triggers outrage on Left

Trump’s carrier obsession sets up collusion with Navy and Congress

The next downturn could see a ‘radicalization’ of the policies used diuring the financial crisis

After quiet years, tornadoes erupt in United States ... 500 reported in month!

Comey denies FBI spied on Trump campaign

Don Jr. warns Roy Moore: Stay out of Alabama Senate race

Morgan Stanley sees economy on ‘recession watch’ as bond market flashes warning

Merkel sees succession plan unraveling ...

‘Total chaos’: Brazil prison riots leave 55 dead in two days

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Barr vs. Mueller

In his presser on Wednesday Robert Mueller clearly stated that the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel’s policy that the president cannot be indicted while in office was the reason his team did not render an opinion as to whether President Trump obstructed justice. This statement directly contradicts AG Bill Barr’s testimony in the Senate that he had asked Mueller three times (in front of witnesses) whether this OLC policy was the reason for Mueller’s not rendering an decision on Trump’s possible obstructing justice. Barr testified that Mueller three times emphatically said. “no.”

Well what is it? Either Mueller or Barr is lying. So Barr, back from his Alaska trip, had a sit down with Mueller which resulted in Mueller walking back his mendacious claim. To read the details of this embarrassing admission see: RedState Article. In other words Mueller admitted he was wrong and Barr was right. Round one goes to Barr.

Even more interesting, I had heard of this huge Barr victory, but could not turn it up under Google as it appears no major news outlets reported this bombshell. So I had to use the DuckDuckGo search engine to find the above reference. I’m not surprised that such a Mueller boner is buried by both the media and Google’s search engine ... since it goes against the Fake News narrative: Barr is a liar and Mueller is above reproach. It seems the opposite is true.

Actually, this experience is a little frightening on many counts. I hope it does the same for you and opens your eyes just a scooch too, dear reader.

Fractured Definition

Impeachment — identifying as a small yellowish-pink peppery lozenge.


The media is once again taking notice of UFO sightings ... watch: YouTube Video. Even Tucker Carlson on FoxNews has indicated his concern. Nobody, including myself, wants to completely discount these sightings ... particularly when reported by Navy pilots. But, saying that, I am convinced that aliens are not invading Earth ... see: Sapient Window Update.

Therefore these UFO sightings must be a function of an Earth-based technology or explainable by any number of natural phenomena. And since many observations involve physics beyond what is currently capable anywhere, these sightings must be explainable as natural ... I watched a video of the top 5 sightings and one was clearly the moon showing through a fog bank. There are lots of other possibilities ...

I am not sage enough to offer all these explanations. But, until one of these UFOs lands and a little green man asks to be taken to our orange-haired leader, I am not a believer in UFOs from outer space.

Bowel Blockage

“The government is like a baby’s alimentary canal with a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other” -- Ronald Reagan

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his posse of 18 partisan attorneys as well as legions of FBI agents and others spent 22 months and tens of millions of dollars trying to prove that Trump or his campaign colluded, conspired or cooperated with Russia to win the 2016 election. Mueller came up empty on collusion and took a pass on obstruction of justice ... possibly the only noble thing that he did in this whole sordid affair.

Since pretty much the whole Democrat establishment and media was convinced that Mueller would take down Trump, his report became indigestible. Now the Democrats have a serious bowel blockage and are taking increasingly desperate moves to stay regular ... including Mueller’s demagoging yesterday.

And so dear reader, their purgative actions in the House and media probably will result in predictable results. The question becomes who will be soiled in the process. I have some obvious thoughts.

Rogues Gallery — Robert Mueller

Bobby spent two years on the Trump witch hunt,

Pushed trumped-up charges with angry affront.

Turned our justice system upside down,

Just to nail that “orange-haired clown.”

But it’s blatantly clear ‘twas a political stunt.


Trump finds himself increasingly alone on North Korea

China is indicating it’ll never give in to US demands to change its state-run economy

Austria’s Kurz ousted after Nationalists turn on him

Elizabeth Warren: ‘I don’t do polls’ on my policy proposals

How the anti-vaccine movement kept into the GOP mainstream

Trump concludes Tokyo visit as Japanese trade official plays down August deal chances

Italy is stunned as Salvini takes majority; ‘New Europe is born’ ...

John Lewis: ‘I cried’ when Trump said ‘good people on both sides’

Trump’s fake injury ‘an assault on the honor of this country’

The new trend in smartphones? Not buying a new one

Merkel coalition in crisis ...

Joe Biden: M.I.A. on Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Fractured Definition

Contractor — with protractor, both sides of a formal debate bout about products made by John Deere and New Holland.

Pulling off the Scab

Robert Mueller proved in his press conference today that he is still a despicable person. The primary purpose of his (shaky) words was to pull the scab off of  any public healing that has occurred after his report was released.

By innuendo and implication he hinted that there was some sort of improper cooperation between Trump and the Russians ... cowardly and shameful! And then went on to condemn Trump for obstruction of justice with these weasel words, “if we could have exonerated the president of this charge, we would have said so.” How very kind of him. It doesn’t take Noam Chomsky to translate these words as “he did it, but charging him would be against DOJ guidelines ... so it is up to you Congress.” How sneaky and snidely can you get? While he stood there consuming his cake, it was miraculously still there.

He also said in passing three other things:

1) He won’t voluntarily testify in front of Congress ... and, if subpoenaed, will not comment on anything outside the boundaries of his report. In other words, he will not answer the many embarrassing questions about when he knew there was no collusion or why he didn’t investigate how Hillary and the Democrats obviously DID collude with the Russians. He is effectively inoculating himself against taking the Fifth.

2) The special counsel’s job is over and so he is leaving the Department of Justice and his team is dissolved.

3) (By implication) if Bob Woodward is correct and someone in his office did draw up an obstruction of justice indictment, this was undone because it was unconstitutional and can only go forward as an impeachment process in Congress. Hint, hint.

From now on, this man should only be known as Snidely Mueller.

Rogues Gallery: James Comey

St. James, is annoyingly sanctimonious,

Led the Deep State, very acrimonious.

Gave Hillary a pass,

Targeted Don’s ass.

Now AG Barr suspects he’s felonious.


Populist tide rises but fails to flood European Union

US takes aim at Chinese surveillance as trade war becomes tech war

Netanyahu struggles to form government amid talk of new election ...

Donald Trump needles ‘Swampman’ Joe Biden

North Korea calls Bolton ‘a defective human product’

Bitcoin nears $9,000 as it breaks through highest level this year

Brennan security clearance NOT revoked ...

Graham: Dems don't care if FISA court was defrauded by FBI, DOJ

Trump awards trophy at marquee sumo event in Tokyo

Japan central bank chief Koruda sounds alarm on global economy ahead of G-20

Boris Johnson poised to lead Britain ...

Pirro: Pelosi hasn’t accepted 2016 election result ...

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

1890’s Bus

From reddit Pics

Of course, horse-drawn ...

Giving the Bird

I confess. I am a 5G skeptic ... see: Mind Boggling. Yes, 5G technology may be required for eeffective and safe driverless cars ... and for live streaming of high-resolution video. But it appears it will come with a cost ... possibly too high a cost. A recent 5G test in the Netherlands has resulted in alarming number of dead birds ... see: Captain Planet Story. It seems that we have not been killing enough birds with our  giant windmills. Now we have to fry them with high-energy RF waves eminating from 5G transmitters that will have to be located everywhere.

It is estimated that, for the US to go completely 5G, there would need to be millions of transmitters. Extrapolating from the tests of this technology at The Hague, this could mean the quick deaths of hundreds of millions of birds. And who knows how this mass kill-off would evolve over time ... or whether other species would be affected ... like man?

Where are you, Rachael Carson, now that we need you?

Rogues Gallery: James McCabe

James McCabe was a bad FBI actor.

His wife’s campaign was a key factor.

He was bought by Hill ...

Then bent to her will.

His fate’s in the hands of the redactor.


How Silicon Valley gamed world’s toughest privacy rules

The stock market would be much lower if it weren’t for companies’ buying back their own shares

‘Summer blast’ unrelenting heatwave to break records in Southwest ...

Jon Voigt: Donald Trump greatest president since Abraham Lincoln

In Japan, Trump praises Kim Jong Un, rails against U.S. border wall ruling

Trump claims stock market would be 10,000 point’s higher if Fed didn’t raise interest rates

Fired up, ready to go? Hillary energizes 1,500 Dems in Texas ...

Pope Francis: ‘Abortion is never the answer’

Supreme Court blocks gerrymandering rulings in Michigan and Ohio

Trump takes dig at Japan for ‘substantial ‘ trade advantage and calls for more investment in US

8 mag quake strikes Peru ...

Mike Pence: West Point graduates should expect to see combat

Monday, May 27, 2019

Tax Fax

Amazon paid zero Federal taxes in 2018. This pisses off lots of Americans, myself included. But we need to look at this financial wizardry closer. These null taxes result from two primary reasons: tax loss carry-forwards and deferred taxes.

Now deferred taxes, which Amazon incurred last year, come about because of the difference between cash and accrual accounting ... but Amazon will eventually have to cough up these taxes.

Tax loss carry forwards are a different story. These entries result from decades of negative profits at Amazon which are now being used to offset what small profits it is now generating.

But there is a very interesting plot twist on this tax offset. To wit ... when Amazon incurred these losses, federal tax rates were a lot higher. So, paradoxically enough, using these losses to offset profits causes Amazon to sacrifice some benefit of these losses ... when applied against a lower tax rate. Understand? In other words, Amazon could have been saving lots more actual tax dollars if US federal tax rates, now and in the future, were higher.

Feel better now?

The Solution

Especially the Congress ...


51 attorneys general urge DeVos: Erase disabled veterans’ student debt

North Korea missile tests violated UN resolutions, Bolton says

Nadler health scare ... Rushed to hospital ...

Farmers granted $16B countering China unjustified retaliatory tariffs

Intel chief warns Barr could imperil national security by declassifying national security

Iranian general: We Believe the US will rein in ‘radicals’ to prevent war

China unveils 372 MPH train ...

Judge blocks Mississippi “heartbeat” abortion law

Weapons worth over $8B headed to Middle East over Congress’ objection

Progress reported in race to find vaccine for deadly hog disease spreading across China

JP Morgan cuts GDP forecast to just 1%  ...

Boko Haram killed 2,295 teachers, destroyed 1,500 schools in Nigeria

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Please Pause

To remember on Memorial Day

Liar, Liar

It has an extremely complicated plot so I won’t rehash it here, but the movie “Liar, Liar” is a story about a lawyer (ironically, played by Jim Carey) who can’t tell any lies for a day ... and his constant blurting out of the truth causes all sorts of problems. This affliction reminds me a lot of President Trump in that he is constantly turning victory into confusion by compulsively expressing his thoughts about a person or event ... thoughts that might be better left unsaid.

I know, I know the popular meme is that Trump is a serial liar. I think that the Washington Post has its mendacity count above 10,000. But these are mostly harmless exaggerations, not real whoppers like other politicians. When he really could defer and hide his true feelings about a domestic adversary (different story on many foreign ones ... I doubt that he really “loves” l’il Kim, Putin or Xi), he can’t seem to hold back. And so he has created many enemies ... enemies who , if they could, would like to see him disappear. We, who have not been so insulted, don’t have this same spittle-flecked emotion.

In fact much of America relishes Trump’s puncturing of so many egomaniacal balloons.

reddit Pic

A catnap in the sun ...


IRS could be forced to release Trump’s taxes in the heat of 2020

Theresa May announces her resignation as UK prime minister amid Brexit crisis

Trump moves to escalate investigation into intel agencies ...

Senate moves bill forward to urge sanctioning China for Muslim camps

Weld lays out GOP primary map for defeating Trump

Mortgage rates fall sharply on China trade tensions

Pelosi: ‘Villinous’ Trump wants us to impeach ...

Nadler: Mueller ‘wants to testify in private’

Trump: Huawei could be part of a trade deal

China denounce US ‘rumors and lies’ about Huawei’s ties to Beijing

Mayor Pete surges ... Swipes at Biden ...

Trump signs order clamping down on welfare-dependent legal immigration

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Hog Wild

Trump’s trade war is causing pain among American farmers ... particularly soybean growers. China uses soybean meal to feed its hogs ... which are a major source of protein for its people. In response to Trump’s 25% tariffs, China has imposed retaliatory tariffs on US soybeans, among many other things, which would transfer much of this soybean trade to Brazil and Argentina.

But there is a rub ... as indicated recently by Secretary of Agriculture Purdue, China is in the midst of a devastating African swine fever epidemic which has killed as many as 200 million hogs ... or 1 to 2 times America’s entire pork output ... see: Washington Post Article. This suggests that China really needs far fewer soybeans than in times past ... but, if our trade war settles down, could import enormous numbers of slaughtered hogs.

So, if China were interested in feeding its people, American pig farmers could raise many more hogs for export and use our glut of soybeans to feed them. That is, if China were rational ... which it doesn’t appear to be.

Compare and Contrast

From Mostly Cajun blog ...

Unknown Region

When I inspect what areas of the world are reading this blog, a curious thing has happened over the last year: China has disappeared from the Blogspot’s “Audience” rankings. Hmmm? Concomitant to this event, a strange geographic notation has appeared ... it’s called “Unkown Region” (60 hits so far this month). Cummon! I can’t believe that Google (the owner of Blogspot) can’t determine from whence page views are coming!

However, since Google is wont to bend to Xi’s will, I can’t help but wonder if China’s new appellation is now “Unknown Region?”


She also claims cauliflower ears are racist ...

Powerline Pic

AOC’s latest loopy lunacy ...


North Korea calls Biden ‘fool of low IQ’ over Kim criticism

China says trade talks can’t continue unless  US addresses its ‘wrong actions’

Monster tornado strikes Missouri ... Catastrophic damage ...

Obama judge: Congress can subpoena Trump’s personal finances

Election fraud? Florida won’t pledge to look for voters registered in multiple states

British Prime Minister May could reportedly resign within days

Trump vows no more legislation while under investigation ...

Sanders: ‘It may well be time’ to begin Trump impeachment proceedings

HUD moves to allow discrimination against homeless transgender people

Pelosi snaps at Conway after tense White House meeting: ‘I don’t talk to staff’

Update: 20 miles of ‘wall’ built ...

NY Times: Pregnancy kills, abortion saves lives

Friday, May 24, 2019


From Mostly Cajun blog ...

Cover Up

“‘Revelation is a cover up.’ This is right out of George Orwell”  — Joseph diGenova

A friend today asked me at lunch if I thought Trump had “covered up?” I took it to mean — has he ever cut any corners, so I replied, “probably.” But now, upon reflection, I realize he meant — do I agree with Nancy Pelosi when she accused Trump of a cover up?

In this context, I should have answered in the negative ... because, if I have to guess, the dowdy dowager must be accusing Trump of covering up in the House’s attempt to redo the Mueller investigation. Nobody who is fair and campos mentis believes that Adam Schiff or Jerry Nadler have any but raw political motivations in their attempt to redo the Mueller witch hunt. Besides, Trump’s order to his intelligence agencies to provide AG Barr with any documents he wants ... and he may declassify them if properly redacted ... is the absolute antithesis of a cover up. As Joseph diGenova notes, Trump is revealing Deep State dirt ... not covering it up.

One obvious purpose of the initial Mueller Russian collusion hoax was to cast a pall over Trump and his party so that the Democrats could retake Congress in 2018. Well they did win back the House and have since asked for a Mueller redo so that they can further smear Trump ... and bamboozle the American electorate in 2020 ... to finally rid us of this orange-hair swamp creature exterminator.

So Trump has said, “NO, I’m not going through this gauntlet again.” Trump was extremely open and cooperative with Mueller in his toxic but impotent investigation. Trump’s White House counsel, Don McGahn, was interviewed by the Mueller tag team for 30 hours ... and shouldn’t need to do this again. Trump had no need to permit McGahn’s first testimony because of executive privilege and clearly doesn’t need to allow a kangaroo court rehash of this same inquisition.

If this is what Nancy Pelosi and my friend meant by this new Democrat talking point “cover up,” I clearly side with Trump. It is a smarmy and purely political slur ... and I applaud Trump for pushing back ... and for giving Barr this extraordinary power to open the blinds on what many intelligence communities were doing to submarine Trump and his presidency.

If Nancy Botox has some other definition of “cover up,” I think she is obliged to come forward with the details ... before her House caucus becomes a laughing stock.

Drying-up Puddle

The Dems are angry, very angry. They would turn Washington upside down to get rid of Trump. Hell, they would turn our country upside down just to embarrass our orange-haired leader.

Yes, national polling says that the Dems might be on the cusp of winning in 2020 ... which seems to validate their many proposals: pack the Supreme Court, open our borders, increase taxes, eliminate the Electoral College, allow abortions into the fourth trimester, pay blacks reparations, destroy ICE, implement the Green New Deal, and on and on ... to prevail until we become Venezuela.

The Dems grand plot to make our president an eunuch... Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation  ... has shit the bed. And so, in spittle-flecked desperation, they are asking for an investigation Mulligan. But they seem oblivious to the fact that the American people are becoming bored with these warmed-over conspiracy leftovers. Even though the polls dispute such a conclusion ... we are learning more and more ... like just in Australia ... that polls are sucking wind. The Dems can try contempt of Congress or impeachment of Bill Barr or even Trump ... but they are likely losers.

But somehow I get the impression that all these radical proposals are acts of desperation ... a realization that, if the economy stays as good as it is now ... coupled with a win in North Korea, Iran, Venezuela or China ... Trump will be unbeatable. It’s a little like the Dems are worms caught in a drying-up puddle ... flipping around in the realization of their coming fate.

Please hear me you worms: Robert DeNiro, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff? Squirming around in a drying-up puddle is not a winning strategy.


Booker proposes “Office of Reproductive Freedom”

China would see blue skies ahead if it accepted US demands: Fed’s Bullard says

Wall stall: Less than two miles built!

Joe Biden: China is going to win 5G and A.I. if Trump is still president

Republican Keller wins Pennsylvania special election

America businesses in China: Tariffs are hurting us

Nevada passes National Popular vote bill in bid to upend Electoral College ...

Obama admin cut Situation Room’s feed during Russia probe meetings

Small-dollar Bernie sidles up to big money

US trade chief is expected to discuss China with officials from Japan and EU this week

NBA ratings plunge 48% ...

Ilhan Omar: ‘Ignorance is really pervasive in many parts of this country’

Thursday, May 23, 2019

reddit Pic

Little girl and her owl ...

Russian Collusion

As James Holzhauer approaches the $2 million level on the Jeopardy quiz show, something seems a little strange to me. How come James seems to know almost every single obscure question ... but appears to step aside and allow the other contestants capture many of the simpler ones?

If I were to speculate on one solution to this puzzle, it would be that he may know all the answers and questions ahead of time ... and maybe even the locations of the Double Jeopardy answers. In all his appearances he has not missed a single Final Jeopardy question and only one Double Jeopardy one.

Yes, Holzhauer may have a photographic (eidetic) memory or may have deciphered to patterns of how the Jeopardy clues are put together. But somehow his background doesn’t suggest to me that he is the intellectual giant that his performance suggests. He seems more cagey to me. He is a gambler ... a high stakes gambler who has figured out how to beat the house. And, is ... big time.

I do not speculate on his performance out of jealousy ... only out of curiosity. I hope we  eventually figure out how this phenomenon came about.  And I also hope he (and the show) is legit ... and there is no Russian collusion involved.


She’s pissed off at Trump ... so she pisses on America! Seems rational ...


Republicans outraise Democrats in April fundraising

Tesla shares could drop to $10 in a worse case scenario: Morgan Stanley says

Gallup: 4 in 10 Americans embrace Socialism

Chris Wallace silent as Buttigieg trashes Fox News, lies about GOP

Beto O’Rourke: I’d ‘absolutely’ do a Fox town hall

Fed Chairman Powell: Business debt is rising but does not pose a threat to the system

Trump questions FOXNEWS after Mayor Pete showcase ...

Don Jr. rips Hunter Biden  for accepting Chinese money

Judge upholds Dem subpoena for Trump financial records

US airlines are set to carry a record number of passengers this summer

US  census vulnerable to Russian meddling: top official warns ...

Bernie: Trump a ‘schoolyard bully’

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Smelling Fear

When a nervous President Clinton met with China’s President Zemin in 1997 you could almost smell Clinton’s fear ... see: Broken China and reset this video to its beginning (a flaw in the original video I couldn’t fix). And also read why Bubba looks like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Clinton wasn’t our only shrinking-violet president. We all remember how Obama traveled the world bowing to foreign potentates ... China included. I guess it is no wonder that this same country has done so well over the last thirty years. Yes, the Democrat-led New World Order conned America into believing that once China became a developed capitalistic bastion, it would also become a huge market for our products. Didn’t happen. We became a huge market for our own products manufactured in China.

Enter stage right ... Donald Trump who doesn’t ever show fear like his presidential predecessors ... and this confounds China who wants a repeat of this shower-room posture by America. Trump refuses to bend over for Xi ... which is causing much of the world’s angst. Many of our “allies” keep dropping the soap ... wanting Trump to pick it up. He does not seem so inclined.

Fractured Definition

Jejune — the way Mel Tillis pronounces the name of our sixth month.


Buttigieg finds friends on Fox as he calls out ‘grotesque’ Trump attacks

Google may just have hit the ‘kill switch’ on Huawei’s global smartphone ambitions

WASH POST: Americans increasingly migrating to Mexico ...

Trump calls for Biden-China probe

O’Rourke stocks campaign with Obama and Clinton alums

Trump is accelerating Europe’s political and economic reset

Yosemite looks like snow globe with summer just around the corner ...

Rapper Offset says strict abortion laws are ‘slavery’

Rocket attack near U.S. embassy in Baghdad

Trump says tariffs are causing companies to move out of China

ICE to move 225,000 illegals across country ...

Kamala Harris: ‘America’s economy is not working for working prople’

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

LIcense to Lie

Being a politician means that you have an absolute license to lie without recriminations. — Anon.

Broken China

What has been the genesis of our problems with China? I still remember when President Bill Clinton met the president of China, Jiang Zemin, twice back in the late 1990s during his second term ... and clearly signaling his fear of this man. Was this because of China’s secret donations to Clinton’s campaign through Charlie Trie? Or did Billy Bob sell himself out in some other nefarious way. All we know is that during his eight year reign, Clinton had the Loral Corp. teach China how to get its satellites into orbit, got China admitted into the World Trade Organization ... and gave them Most Favored Nations trading status. And I’m sure that there were other less obvious benefits that Billy Bob gave it up under the covers.

The above video ... WATCH IT, see what Clinton promised that never came about ... it was shot during Zemin’s first visit in 1997 and you, kind reader, can easily see the genesis of our false expectations and how well China duped Bubba and those who came after him in the White House ... except, of course, Donald J. Trump. Thank the Lord ...

More Ramirez

Mad Lib (with the long nose) ...

Rogues Gallery: Peter Strzok

A smirking scoundrel named Strzok

Led the Deep State as it ran amok.

With his FBI lover, Lisa Page

Went into an anti-Trump rage.

Both should end up in a cell block.


Schwarzenegger assaulted in South Africa

China’s currency is sending a warning signal about the trade war

Biden race to the middle

Candice Owens: Big tech trying to ‘subvert a mass awakening’

Austrian government collapses over Russian scandal

A tight labor market is holding small businesses from expanding in this hot economy

Australia prime minister holds onto power ... Polls got it WRONG ...

Trump spox: Trump has said he is for three exceptions to abortion

U.S. warns airlines flying in Persian Gulf amid Iran crisis

It costs $76,623 to go to Dartmouth — here’s how much students actually pay

FOXNEWS surprising poll result: Mueller more trusted than Trump and  Barr ...

[Biden] ... Equates Trump to ‘tyrants and dictators’

Monday, May 20, 2019

Living Life

Daily life is all too often damnedly repetitious. — Anon.

Living Life

Refusing to seek out the truth amid all the cross currents of self-serving assertions is akin to avoiding a medical diagnosis because it may find a disease ... a sure path to an early grave. — Anon.


Bernie’s mystery Soviet tapes revealed

Three states just set new lows for unemployment — that could be good for Trump in 2020

ICE to move 225,000 across country ...

Nancy Pelosi: ‘We have never not said there was a crisis’ at the border

Greg Craig’s lawyer: Nothing unusual about pushing firm to hire Manafort’s daughter

US trade talks with China have stalled: Sources

Mueller testimony off until at least June — if EVER ...

Exclusive: ‘Hate agents’ blacklist kept at Facebook ... includes Candice Owens

90% of voters want infrastructure legislation passed

Chinese state-run paper says US claims of forced tech transfers are ‘fabricated’

Study: Men afraid to mentor women after #MeToo ...

Planned Parenthood president: ‘Terrifying’ pro-life legislation

Sunday, May 19, 2019

No More Heroes

Fascists protesting Fascism

For some stupid reason we are killing off all our heroes. That great general, Robert E. Lee, is now no more ... because he tried so nobly and effectively to defend his culture. John Wayne who stood so tall as a proud American is now brought down by an old interview in Playboy magazine. Richard Nixon who saved thousands of American lives by pulling off the impossible ... extracting us from the war in Vietnam  ... is vilified like few others for trying to cover for the petty crimes of his subordinates.

Many of our young bubbleheads are now trying to erase George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson’s names from our monuments, locales and universities because they owned slaves ... forgetting that these men put their own lives on the line to save the future of all of their countrymen, slaves included. Even that great emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, is now under fire by our snowflakes for not making reform happen at an impossible pace.

For our current bevy of cowardly iconoclasts, please be put on notice ... before you try to pull down any more of our verified heroes ... please first show yourselves to have some noble qualities ... instead of hiding behind insipid slogans and milksop masks.

Emma Lazarus

Too bad Emma Lazarus was not more clear-eyed and pragmatic. — Anon.

Godlike Integers

In mathematics: 2+2=4 ... but 2.0+2.0 may not = 4.0


Because it could be: 2.0[4]+2.0[3] would = 4.07 or 4.1


(Integers are almost godlike)

Afterthought: I’m not sure that zero cannot be signed ... IMHO +7-7 would better represent +0 ... while -7+7 would signify -0. And, if zero could not be signed, what is the meaning of the absolute value of zero.