Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Jackass Bray

You might have noticed on this blog that I am not a fan of ANTIFA, that fascist group that is claimed "anti-fascist" ... running around shutting down free-speech demonstration in their black masks and outfits carrying various weapons. Well it seems that the inspiration for this vile group of Soros-funded goons and misguided snowflakes is a summer history lecturer at Dartmouth by the name of Mark Bray.Mark  wrote this terrorist group's manifesto and was instrumental in its organization. He suggests that this gang resist anything that they don't cotton to (read Trump & Co.) "through whatever means that seems fit" which they appear to be doing very effectively ... with the tacit encouragement of much of the "resistance" left.

To his rare credit, Dartmouth's president, Phil Hanlon wrote a letter disapproving of Dr. Bray in somewhat predictably tepid terms. And, also predictably, 12o Dartmouth faculty members have signed a letter supporting this jackass ... see: Dartblog Entry. Hopefully, President Hanlon can show Jackass Bray the door and then sit down with these 120 faculty members (and backed by the Dartmouth Trustees) to explain, in no uncertain terms, just who this boob is and why he is not to be revered. But perhaps I am asking too much of Phil and the Dartmouth Trustees ... given their lack of spine of late?


All from Internet mews sites. Guess which from Politico.

Trump says 'heart goes out' to Texans after not meeting with Harvey victims

Exclusive: Paul Ryan condemns ANTIFA as a 'scourge on our country'

Vandals damage statue of Christopher Columbus in NY ...

Three officers shot in Sacramento, hospitalized in unknown condition

Feinstein expresses hope that Trump 'can be a good president'

Women's March encourages people to help hurricane Harvey victims -- well, except the white ones

Moody's: Amazon weakest of big retailers ...

Chinese to transplant pig organs into humans within two years

Christie calls Cruz a hypocrite over Harvey relief

Former Fed Reserve banker: Houston will need Mexican labor to rebuild after Harvey

[Burning Man] Party goers dance nude, get high, enjoy orgies ...

Texas will accept Mexico's offer of aid for Harvey relief

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


All from Internet news sit s. Guess which from Politico?

Judge dismisses Palin defamation lawsuit against New York Times

Busted: Berkeley PD arrest 13 protesters connected to ANTIFA

[Houston] Burglars may face life in jail ...

Flash: Harvey could delay border wall funding ...

Texas Republican vows to fight for flood insurance overhaul

Laura Ingraham recommends designating ANTIFA a terrorist organization

FBI: Lack of public interest in Hillary's emails justifies withholding docs ...

Amazon selling Echo speakers at Whole Foods stores following takeover

Harvey is what climate change looks like

Dems face primary bloodbath in 2018

FOXNEWS gets pulled off air in Britain ...

Critics sneer at Melania for wearing heels on plane

J. Fred Muggs Shots

According to Snopes, these are mugshots of some who were arrested not in Charlottesville but in this spring's  Portland, OR May Day rally ... some of whom are likely unmasked ANTIFA members. Are we beginning to see a pattern here? They seem sullen too ... (click to enlarge).


All from Internet news sites. Guess which ones from Politico?

Cruz, Texans accused of hypocrisy  on Harvey aid

New poll shows Flake in deep trouble in Arizona GOP primary

Burning Man officially opens. Traffic in the middle of Nowhere, Nevada is brutal

Rush Limbaugh on Trump White House: 'How is Gary Cohn still there?'

Republican floats measure to kill Mueller probe after 6 months

North Korea fires missile over Japan

200,000 deportation cases quietly 'closed' under Obama ...

Governor Abbott activates entire Texas National Guard ...

Bolton writes in op-ed he can't get in to see Trump anymore

De Blasio to march in Columbus Day parade

DHS takes next step in 'extreme vetting' ...

Every [Cleveland] Browns player stands for anthem after Jim Brown lays down the law

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Faces Behind the Masks

Click on to Enlarge

The above are what 11 of 13 ANTIFA members look like without their black masks and removed of their weapons. These are their sullen mugshots after they were arrested by the Berkeley, California Police Department. Their parents would be so proud!

Afterward: Here are some details behind these pictures: Daily Wire Story.

Super Silly Science

In the old Marvel comic books, when Superman missed a key event (like Lois Lane's death), he would soar into space and, by flying ultra fast east to west, make the world spin backwards to cause time to reverse ... so that he could then rescue things. Independent of the implausibility of this super event, how still very silly. The rotation of the Earth is represented by the time on clocks, but the time on clocks does not control actual time ... a totally independent phenomenon.

 But the fact that Marvel Comics could convince millions of readers that Superman could pull off this scientifically-impossible event demonstrates how very maive is the collective public's science understanding. Enter left, Al Gore.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Trump to visit Texas on Tuesday

Anarchists descend on Berkeley rally, beat up Trump supporters

In new leap for AI: Computer chips that can smell ...

... [Hurricane] Harvey may restrengthen after returning to Gulf waters

Tillerson on Charlotesville: 'The president speaks for himself'

Trump to have lunch with Tillerson following Sec State's critical comments

Agents find hidden tunnel near Mexican border ...

Mattis: U.S. 'actively' considering sending weapons to Ukraine

Ryan: 'I don't think anyone is interested in having a shutdown'

Biden: Trump's contempt for the U.S. Constitution won't stop

Michael Moore: Trump on track to win again ...

Implosion: France's Macron drops 14 poll points, popularity falls to 40 per cent

Monday, August 28, 2017


A -- Aggresive Assinine Anarchists

N -- Notoriously Noxious Nazis

T -- Timorous Teutonic Terrorists

I -- Inane Insipid Idiots

F -- Fatuous Fascist Fruitcakes

A -- Absolutely Anemic Assholes


If Trump is a modern-day Hitler, why is it that virtually no one in power can throw him a compliment?  All one ever hears is stinging criticism of the Donald. Adolph, on the other hand, was fairly unsullied domestically until 1945.

However, if Trump were to grow a mustache ...


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico.

Schumer, Ryan criticize Trump for Arpaio pardon

DC official tells locals to report 'Build the Wall' flyers to the police

Apple, JPMorgan under fire for donations to SPLC ...

Report: Podesta Group subpoenaed by Mueller in Russian probe

Merkel: UK must pay Brexit bill

One confirmed death as Hurricane Harvey continues to slam Texas

Heart patients safer -- if overweight ...

NYT warns that purging of monuments may 'mobilize the Right'

We're in midst of 'Cold War 2.0,' says German Foreign Minister

Catholic school removes Catholic statues to be more inclusive

Box office disaster: Movie going slows to a standstill ... lowest numbers ever ...

Qatar funding globalization in U.S. public schools

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Surprising Facts

- George Orwell was a rabid Socialist

- Well over 30 million Facebook accounts are for people who have died

- Mount Everest is not the highest mountain on Earth (Mauna Kea is)

- Donald Trump gets his haircuts from his wife, Melania

- Carbon dioxide represents only 40 parts per million (0.004%) of the Earth's atmosphere

- Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) would be considered a racist using today's standards

- Fresh water represents only 3% of the Earth's supply of water

- Hydroelectric power makes up over 98% of Norway's energy usage

- Angela Merkel is terrified of dogs

- A hummingbird weighs less than a penny

- Emmanuel Macron is married to a woman 25 years his senior

- Solar power produces less than 1% of total U.S. energy usage ... wind power, less than 2%


Chelsea Manning (Convicted of treason, pardoned by Obama)

Perhaps the harshest criticism of President Trump's pardoning of Joe Arpaio would be deminished if Sheriff Joe was transitioning to being a female?

Our Iconoclastic Binge

What is the logical conclusion to this iconoclastic binge that the looney left is imposing on us of late? Why, the removal of ALL commemorative statues, literature, namings and artwork from the public square. By ALL I mean ALL ... for what is one man's (or woman's) genius is some other's goat. There are always two ... or three ... or more sides to every historic event of import. So the removal of Robert E. Lee's statue to be replaced with Stokely Carmichael's will only survive as long as the later's followers outnumber his detractors. Then, down his marble memorial  comes ... to be replaced by some other nouveau. At some distant pint we are bound to run out of marble ...

And, of course, there must also be the book burnings and the defacing of artworks and the renaming of locations, etc. All in the name of correcting history. United States of Vespucci anyone?


A Twisted Bit of Irony

All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

White House aide Sebastain Gorka ousted from post

California could start jailing people who don't use transgender pronouns

Erdogan opposition rises in Turkey ...

Report: Trump backing off support for Luther Strange in AL Sen race

Trump administration introduces green card hurdle

Reminder: KKK wanted to remove Columbus statue too

Congress quietly passes bill allowing warrantless searches of homes ...

South Carolina governor halts all funding for abortion clinics

Ukraine's TB problem is a ticking time bomb for Europe

Sword attacker arrested in London, shouted 'Allahu Akbar'

Theater cancels 'insensitive' 'Gone with the Wind' showings ...

Abbas on Trump's Mideast peace push: 'Nothing is impossible'

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cartoon for Today

From Powerline Blog

The Age of Fake

I have previously blogged re my suspicions about fake traffic on this blog ... see: Strange! If I were receiving ad revenue from this blog (which I am not), I would have garnered substantial ill-gotten gains. Certainly Google, who operates Blogspot, the web site hoster for this and many other blogs, does benefit enormously from all the fake traffic which I think I have noticed. In fact, were I to guess, I think that this fake traffic on my blog might have, at times, increased the hits here by a factor of three ... all benefiting Google.

Now Google has sheepishly admitted that "some" of its sites have experienced fake traffic that has run up its ad revenues ... and it will be issuing refunds to advertisers who paid up based upon these inflated hit numbers ... see: CNBC Story. Far be it from me to gauge the actual size of this scandal ... but IMHO it is a scandal which will take quite a bit of "esplaining" (and maybe even some Congresional investigations) to rectify things (if possible) ... for I strongly suspect such sleezy practices may be industry-wide.

Shades of VW's (and others') auto-emissions scandal?


All found on Internet news sites. Guess which ones on Politico?

 Texas, 110-mph winds, 35+ inches of rain

White House yielding to Congress on tax derails

Armed ANTIFA group calls for revolution, seizing property and violence against police

Report: Kim Jong Un killed uncle, half-brother to foil Chinese coup plot

[Gov.] LePage: Collins highly unlikely to win GOP [Maine] gubernatorial primary

Analysis finds Affirmative Action may not be helping black students

3.700-year-old Babylonian tablet rewrites history of math ...

More corruption uncovered in Clinton Health Initiative

Web hosting company ordered to turn over information on anti-Trump website

Baltimore officials admit change in policing played a role in high homicide rate

Next target: Dolly Parton's 'Civil War themed dinner theater'

Barcelona mastermind was supposed to be deported -- judge blocked it

Friday, August 25, 2017


All from Internet new sites. Guess which from Politico?

Kelly moves to control the information Trump sees

Violent leftist group vows to 'shut down' Berkeley March against Marxism

Hurricane warning Texas, 30 inches of rain?

UNICEF: 'Appaling increase' in use of girls as 'human bombs' in Nigeria

Trump meets with Flake challengers before Phoenix rally

WSJ editor told his reporters to stick to the facts, so they leaked his e-mails

Car plows thru Trans Lives Matter protest ...

Wrapped: Charlottesville covers Confederate statues in black

California Democrats lead attack on Trump's mental health

ACLU apologizes for tweeting photo of white baby with US flag

Venice mayor orders cops to shoot anyone who shouts 'Allahu Akbar'

... Trump: We'll probably end up terminating NAFTA ...

Today's Quote

I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him -- Booker T. Washington

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Newest Newspeak

Hate is love ... peace through violence ... suppressing free speech is Constitutional ... being attacked is incitement ... denouncing the KKK is racist ... rioting is peace-loving ... castigating neo-Nazi is anti-Semitic ... killing cops is justified payback ... enforcing immigration law is xenophobic ... embracing Afro-American leaders is racism ... refuting fake media news is anti-American ... black-masked fascism is patriotic ... fighting terrorism is Islamophobic ... telling it like it is, is lying -- some of the newest Newspeak


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Trump sticks it to GOP in thundering Phoenix speech

Fusion GPS founder refuses to identify [Trump] Dossier clients in marathon Senate session

Clapper: I question Trump's fitness for office ... maybe he's looking for a way out

Planned Parenthood supporters say abortion reduces Black crime

McMaster adds muscle to Kushner's Middle East peace effort

ESPN pulls announcer for having same name as Confederate general [Robt. Lee]

President threatens gov't shutdown over border wall ...

Speaker Ryan talks gun control after Charlottesville car attack

Menendez judge has history of tough corruption sentences

Trump says [Sheriff] Joe Arpaio should feel good about his future

WalmartGoogle partner to challenge Amazon ...

Bill DeBlasio orders review of all NYC monuments: considers removal of Christopher Columbus

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

One Problem with A.I.

Elon Musk is constantly warning us about the dangers of artificial intelligence (A.I.) ... despite the fact that he is balls out to develop it for autonomous cars. Having been somewhat involved in this technology myself, may I point out one possible problem?

Let us take the example of autonomous cars. When a programmer is accounting for one circumstance of driving, he/she might have to deal with the following conditionals:

Is it dusk out?
Is the pavement wet?
Does this car have new tires?
Is it above freezing?
Can I see the other driver?
Is this a holiday weekend?
How heavy is the other traffic?
Are the other car's headlights flashing?
Is everyone wearing their seat belts?

And what if one obscure possibility is not included? Such a decision tree may be 20 or 30 deep and, here is the rub, they are in a predetermined sequence ... and the order of these conditionals often produces different judgments. The human mind does not have such a restriction. It can resequence things in a flash. The possible sequencing of 30 conditionals is a huge number ... a number that would confound today's super computers. And things might get even more complex ... not to be so resolved in a microsecond. Only hope might be quantum computers ...

I'm not claiming to be brighter than Musk ... just quite a bit older and perhaps wiser ...

Afterthought: Perhaps the human mind's ability to rearrange such decision trees on the fly is called "judgment" ...

Today's Quote

Wealth is the juice that can be extracted from knowledge -- Anon.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Listening to our AG, Maura Healey (famous for once saying, "It's not illegal to be illegal here in Massachusetts.") on WGBH here in Boston this PM, she was taking listeners' calls. One asked why would the mayor of Boston have turned off the sound system at the Free Speech Rally in Boston this past weekend? And, in typical liberal newspeak, she said, "Just because people have the right to speak, doesn't mean others need to be able to listen."


Afterward: For you who are confused: Boston Rally Facts.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which ones from Politico?

GOP on egg shells as Trump storms into Phoenix

ANTIFA starting to organize on college campuses

State warns against travel to Cancun, Baja ...

China increases illegal presence in Latin American seas

Secret Service director cleans up comments on Trump's travel demands

Court blocks major pipeline approvals, says Feds didn't consider climate change

Study: Earth was warmer during medieval times ...

Report: Teens ditching Facebook ...

How Trump swallowed a bitter Afghanistan pill

Friend of Trudeau adviser gets diplomatic post at double the usual salary

Mag: Kaepernick should sign with Google ...

Taliban to Trump: 'Afghanistan will become another graveyard' for Americans


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Newt Gingrich goes to spouse school

Chief Obamacare architect sacked after fraudulent billing investigation

Jefferson Memorial to get slavery update ...

Petition to replace Confederate monument with statue of rapper

U.S. Embassy in Russia suspends issuing immigration visas

The eclipse is racist because it fails to affect enough black people, The Atlantic suggests

NYC cops rally in favor of Colin Kaepernick ...

Report: Ivanka takes credit for Bannon White House departure

Schiff: Jury's out on Trump's mental stability

US destroyer sustains damage in collusion with massive oil tanker

Pope: Rights of migrants trump national security concerns ...

Turkey, Iran boost military ties

Future of Autonomous Vehicles?

USS John S. McCain

Tip o' the hat to a perceptive reader ...

Today's Quote

The path to justice is often obscured by the brambles of convenience -- Anon.

Monday, August 21, 2017


All from Internet news sites. Guess which ones from Politico?

More GOP lawmakers buck their party on climate change

Suspected Florida cop killer claimed to be a member of black extremist group

NKorea threatens 'merciless strike' ahead of US-SKoreaa drills ...

Report: Powerful GOP donor Sheldon Adelson supports campaign to oust McMaster

Tech firms' fight against hate could haunt them

Barcelona terror cell claims to have bombed church, may have accidently blown-up Imam instead

Google working with liberal groups to snuff out conservative websites

Trump praises anti-hate protesters in Boston ...

Mnuchin facing call for his resignation, defends Trump

Bannon: Trump presidency I fought for is over

Queen will not stand down for Prince Charles ...

Report: 27 [Boston rally] protesters arrested, bottles of urine thrown at pqolice ...

Sunday, August 20, 2017


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Steve Bannon takes his fight outside

Poll shows lots of support for Trump's stance on Charlottesvile

White House lawyer predicts quick end to Mueller probe ...

Stephen K. Bannon returns home to Breitbart News

Graham to Trump: Afghanistan pullout could cause another 9/11

Panicked New York set to remove subway tiles that vaguely resemble Confederate flag

NASA: 3-mile asteroid to graze past Earth [in] closest ever tracked

Bush: We're on the cusp of a second Civil War

Mother of Charlottesville victim: I won't speak with Trump

ACLU no longer automatically defends groups with firearms ...

Hero [Spanish] police officer shoots dead four terrorists ...

Finland terror: Two dead, several injured

Banned in Boston

In a chapter out of George Orwell, the pompous powers that be shut down free speech on the Boston Common Saturday in a cute bit of "civic concern." I have no idea what ideas were going to be expressed at the rotunda there because they weren't expressed. Some speakers were physically kept from reaching this platform in the name of "safety." Thousands of self-righteous counter-demonstrators, a few dressed in black with black masks no less, assembled there to show their hatred of "hate speech" ... defined as anything that might possibly go against the grain of their orthodoxy.

I seriously doubt that there would have been any truly obnoxious rhetoric coming from these few speakers who were scurried away in police squad cars before word one. ... but then, we will never know ... because fascism took hold to suppress ... fascism. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and his phalanx of police officers kept his city sanitized from the imagined invective. After all, the ironic motif of this rally was in support of our First Amendment guaranteeing free speech and, in the process, Boston crushed free speech.

Afterward: Whatever happened to "defend to the death their fight to say it"? Is it now "defend to being slightly uncomfortable their right to say it"?

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Liberal Logical Leap

Conservative = Nationalist = White Separatist = Racist =  Anti-Semite = neo-Nazi

Picture of the Day

From Powerline Blog

A new form of ethnic cleansing ...

Cartoon of the Day

From Powerline Blog


This is a Bill Clinton/Al Gore campaign pin from 1992 ... back when we were the United States ...


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Pelosi, Booker push for removal of Capitol's Confederate statues

Democratic [State] Senator: 'I hope Trump is assassinated'

Van plows into [Barcelona] crowd: 13 dead, 100+ injured

Report: Ex-DWS aide Imran Awan indicted on 4 counts

CEOs to move White House talks underground

Trump voters still support him despite Charlottesville remarks

Gary Cohn resignation would 'crash markets'

Iran: We can restart nuclear program within hours

Corker: Trump has yet to show stability, competence

Liberals mad that Bannon is friendly with top Trudeau advisors

Secret Chnese military activity in Antarctica ...

Impeachment articles proposed against Trump for Charlottesville remarks

Friday, August 18, 2017


Based in Los Angeles, the Astroturf (fake grass-roots) recruiter, Crowds on Demand, is offering $25 an hour to demonstrate or counter-demonstrate at rallies around the country. Peruse their website at: Crowds on Demand.

It is speculated that many of the provocateurs that were at Charlottesville and who are expected at the Free Speech rally on Saturday in Boston have or will come through this organization  ... see: Zero Hedge Story. If I were younger, I might even be tempted ... (just kidding)

I realize that many of you on the left will have a brain cramp at this news ... so here is some push-back from your comfort pony: Snopes Analysis. Snopes conclusion is "Unproven" which, for this bevy of boo-birds, is as good as a "True" endorsement.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Spanish police kill 5 attackers wearing fake suicide belts

Rahm Emanuel rehabs his national profile

Bannon says he hopes Democrats talk about racism every day

Feds refuse to remove memorials ..

Trump stress has business booming for shrinks

Trump dumps CEOs before more could abandon him

College cancels free speech event, cites campus safety concerns

Philippine police kill 32 in 'shock and awe' drug raids ...

Ann Coulter: 'When liberals club people, it's with love in their hearts'

U.S. sets tough tone with Canada, Mexico as NAFTA talks begin

Bannon dismisses white supremacists as a 'collection of clowns'

Brooklyn army base urged to rename streets honoring generals

Defector: Christianity thrives in N Korea, citizens 'no longer respect' Kim

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Modest Proposal

In the face of the sweeping mania to desecrate or remove historic and patriotic monuments in this country, I think that I have a possible solution: Let's make it a tit-for-tat process. For every statue, plaque or building that memorializes the tough times that our nation has survived ... and now the new Left wants to eliminate; the Right has the option to erase an equivalent icon which is offensive to them.

My first choice in this deal would be, in exchange for the Robert E. Lee monument in Charlottesville, the JFK Library in South Boston. OK, OK maybe that's too unequal. Make it just the annual Profiles in Courage Award that is presented there. Or for a closer equivalence, we might exchange Faneuil Hall in Boston for this library. If this swap requires just a name change, we might rename the library -- the Fiddle Faddle Memorial Hall (look it up).

Tend to Your Knitting

"The business of America is business" -- Calvin Coolidge

Just like movie actors, who might have played in a film involving icebergs, feel that they can testify to Congress about global warming ... business executives too often assume that they can make pronouncements on public policy that play to their customer base. Bad idea! This is because, on political issues, their customers are not a monolith.

Yesterday, President Trump was forced to dissolve his Manufacturing Council since many of its members were resigning in objection to his press conference comments on the Charlottesville riots. Yes, the media narrative is that Trump was drawing a moral equivalence between the alt-left and the alt-right which disrespected the loss of  Heather Heyer's life at the hands of a deranged neo-Nazi.

However, not all Americans think that the demonstrators from ANTIFAs, Black Lives Matter, etc. were guiltless, yet still believe that white nationalism is also evil. The CEOs of Merck, Intel and Under Armour first resigned from the president's council saying, in essence, that the president's remarks were an endorsement of the KKK and neo-Nazis. However, these and other outspoken CEOs may not understand that, in a like leap of illogic, their actions may appear to many of their customers as an endorsement of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.

The executives of American businesses should learn to tend to their knitting and not take public sides on partisan political issues. They can certainly have private opinions but they should keep them private. It can never help things to grandstand on such issues ... except possibly to massage their own egos. Yes, when required, stand up publicly for morality ... but only in crystal-clear cases ... not those in which a biased media may say are crystal clear.

Afterward: A case in point: Apple Funds Left-Wing Hate Group.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico

Trump goes off script, and white supremacists cheer

FBI reopens case into Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting

Big business abandons Trump

Bannon proud of Trump: Cohn disgusted

Ryan, House and Senate GOP outraged at Trump press conference

Ben Carson says his home was recently vandalized with anti-Trump rhetoric

Los Angeles approves plan to pay homeowners to house the homeless

Fog of War: Atlanta 'Peace Monument' vandalized, mistaken for confederate symbol

Trump accuses Amazon of hurting tax paying retailers

Trump to continue paying Obamacare subsidies

Mueller loses top FBI investigator ...

5 missing after Army helicopter goes down off Hawaii

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mt. Rushmore

Where are the Left leading their snowflake acolytes? Like the Taliban did to that huge stone Buddha in Afghanistan, they are jackhammering the presidents' faces off of Mt. Rushmore. The above picture was taken when they were 3/4s done. The plan is to replace these old dead white presidents with likeness of Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez, Mao and Pol Pot.

Next, the plan is to dynamite the Confederate generals' likenesses off of Stone Mountain, Georgia. Suggested replacements include Ho Chi Minh, Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

White nationalists try on an unfamiliar role: Police victims

Kim Jong un backs down in nuclear showdown with Trump

Iran moving warships to Atlantic ...

Study: Donald Trump's merit immigration reform saves $1 trillion by 2027

Sessions embraces federal role in probing Charlottesville violence

Exclusive: Obama holdovers still hold dozens of key National Security Council jobs

Israel arrests Islamic cleric for 'incitement' ...

Moscow takes control of Venezuelan oil assets amid Socialism meltdown

Trump signs memo setting up potential [trade] showdown with China

Left wing agitators call for escalated tactics in response to Charlottesville

DOJ demands IP addresses of sites related to 'resistance' ...

Hindus demand Kellogg CEO resign due to including beef in products

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Antifas

Antifas at Berkeley

David Duke, the KKK, neo-Nazis, and generic white nationalist organizations have been denounced and disavowed over and over again by Trump. In fact the liberal media can't seem to hear such repudiations enough times. Even the briefest hiatus in these incessant denunciations means to the fake news media that Trump has suddenly become of those who he had previously castigated.

In the recent Charlottesville confrontation there was serious evidence of mayhem on both sides (later, including an act of domestic terrorism.) One side, the alt-right ... supposedly the real white-nationalist daemons, were some KKKers, some neo-Nazis and a smattering of other conservative groups. Opposed to them were the alt-left, made up of Antifas (short for anti-fascists), Black Lives Matter, other (Soros-funded?) groups and some local protesters.

In a strange twist, Jason Kessler, the organizer of the alt-right side of these demonstration had also been involved in the Occupy Wall Street uprisings ... see: Breitbart Story.

Pictured above are the Antifas in their black outfits, some body armor and black face masks. In this case, they supposedly were also wearing some helmets and carrying bats and 2x4s. One account of this confrontation had the alt-righties protesting ... with a permit ... the planned removal of a Robert E. Lee statue in his memorial park. Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe chose then to revoke their permit and commanded them to disperse. Three sides of this park had been enclosed by the police and the only exit was through the fourth side where the alt-left thugs were waiting. The alt-right were forced to run this gauntlet where many of the injuries occurred. Even a NY Times reporter verified this mayhem in a tweet ... before retracting it ... see: Daily Wire Story

 Tuesday night Charles Krauthammer said that Trump's press conference remarks earlier that day were "morally repugnant" ... despite the fact that they were pretty much accurate. I guess I must also be a pariah because all I heard Trump saying was the truth as I understood it ... and I have always thought the the truth was the moral high ground. Is the president always to bend the the established media narrative? Even when that narrative is slanted and designed to smear the president and his party? Trump will not buy this judgment ... even when a sometimes ally as Krauthammer thinks otherwise.

Bottom line: We should condemn and decry the Left's Gestapo tactics with the same vigor that we do so for the Right. President Trump's mistake is that he appears to be backing off his condemnation of the alt-right because of the media's gentle treatment of the alt-left. I don't think he is, but this is the media's narrative.

Leveling on Sea Levels

Dr. Judith Cuury, head of the Climate Science department at Georgia Tech was once part of the purported 97% of climate scientists supporting the global warming and sea-level rising orthodoxy ... caused by human activities. Now, not so much. She may not yet be a full-blown denier, but she certainly has adopted a more realistic attitude toward Al Gore's religion.

To open your eyes and mind a little on this subject take 12 minutes to watch her interview on climate change and sea-level increases ... see: Powerline Blog Entry. There is always more to learn on every subject.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which ones from Politico.

Doomsday canceled, NKorea calls off Guam

Republicans stand up to Trump over Charlottesville comments

DOJ Charlottesville hate crime probe will extend beyond driver

Pope warns against 'horoscopes band fortune tellers' ...

Fleas in 2 Arizona counties test positive for the plague

Venezuelan leader may have launched Rubio assassination plot

Why were the police held back in Charlottesville?

China bans key North Korean imports ...

Kuwait arrests 12 for ties to Iran, Hezbollah

McMaster declines to rule out military response to North Korea threats

Senate Intel Chair: Russian probe could end up within months

Assange: 'The last government was evil. This government is evil' ...

Awwww: No one likes Al Gore's new movie

The President Explains

This past evening President Trump went on television to explain why he has been reluctant to call out white supremacists and other alt-right hate groups for some of their demonstrations and the killing  of an opponent in Charlottesville this past Saturday.

Trump started off by saying that this is a "manufactured issue." He then went on, "there is no doubt and I've said repeatedly that alt-right organizations like the KKK and neo-Nazis -- They have perverted and distorted and tried to claim the mantle of Nationalism for an excuse for basically barbarism and racial hate."

Next he added, "These are people who have used this as an excuse for red-lining, voter suppression, black church burning, and even lynchings, there's no patriotism that would justify in any way any of the things they do. But what I have been careful about when I describe these issues is that we do not lump them in with other patriots from around the country who are peaceful, who are responsible, who, in this country, are troops, police officers, fire fighters, teachers, neighbors and friends."

"If you had a globalist organization going around beating and lynching people and said, 'We're in the vanguard of nationalism, As a nationalist, I'm not going to let them claim my politics and say, 'You're doing this for world order.' I would say that's ridiculous."

"This is not what my politics allows. Call these folks haters and evil [but not the KKK or neo-Nazis]."

Trump emphasized that the real danger comes when "the president uses loose language."

To see this entire interview with Wolf Blitzer, go to:  CNN Video.

And so you might now noticed a few alterations that I made above in order to draw an important parallel about the reluctant use of certain terms by our president[s].

Monday, August 14, 2017

Robert E. Lee

When the South solidly voted as Democrats, the northern liberals were happy to leave them alone. But now that they vote Republican, the Left is relishing in ripping the scab off of the Civil War and rubbing their noses in it. Robert E. Lee was one of our greatest generals ... who now is being turned into a pariah by the two-faced liberals. The Charlottesville mayhem centered around a statue of Lee as this new-found symbol of regenerated racism.

When Lee surrendered at the courthouse in Appomattox, Va, as they were exiting this ceremony, General Grant had his band strike up "Dixie" out of respect for all their battles well fought. This spirit of reconciliation is now being buried under the slime of racial politics. And the driver of that deadly car in Charlottesville was clearly a slope-headed moron. But he was being egged on by even bigger morons on both sides.