Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Metro in Japan


Close-up Sunspot

Tulips at Stormy Dusk

Vegan Slaughterhouse

The Fix

Last night I watched Trump's 100-day rally in Harrisburg, PA ... and then the round-table commentary on CNN (where Paul Begala called Trump a "moral midget" ... I suppose as compared to his old boss, Bill Clinton.) Anyhow, I, like many Americans, didn't like Trump's presentation style. He continues to strut and smirk in a pompous manner ... and heats up the rhetoric with uncomfortable, but valid attacks on the media and his Democrat opponents.

But don't get me wrong, I agreed with almost everything he said. I just wish he could say it with a little more finesse.

So I have a solution ... a way to fix the vitriol coming from the Left about anything and everything Trump. Here it is:

Here in Boston there is a furniture company, Bernie & Phyl's, that runs TV commercials using '40s and '50s B-movie clips in which the sound has be replaced by commercial voice overs. Very clever and effective.

So, in this same manner, I think Trump should fit his words into old Barack Obama speech footage ... and play this back to all Americans. Basically he would be fitting his hot rhetoric onto Obama's cool style. He could even throw in a number of  "folks" references and change some first-person plural pronouns to first-person singular ones to better match Obama.

That way he could appeal to those who worship Obama no matter what he says ... with his polished manner ... while still proposing fixes to the mess that his on-screen image had made of things. Americans would then have the best of both worlds ... Trump's right-on policies and Obama's suave personality. Much much better than the other way around.

Afterward: I sometimes suspect that a great many of  Trump's base actually like his rough edges ... as witnessed by his reception at his rally yesterday.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

Merkel endorses Macron ...

Trump's immigration crackdown well underway

Stock rally from election is record ...

Obama: Coulter should be allowed to speak at Berkeley

Mexico warns U.S.A. not to build border wall

The FBI investigating Bernie Sanders' wife over sketchy land deal

Trump: Flynn was approved by Obama administration

DeMint to be ousted from Heritage Foundation

Clinton pollster: Trump support 5 or 6 points better than polls suggest

EU adds cost of migrants in Turkey to Brexit bill

Turkey blocks Wikipedia ...

[Sheriff] Clarke being eyed for Homeland Security post

Saturday, April 29, 2017


There is a recurring theme in the media and within and among liberal cliques -- Trump is "batshit crazy." This conclusion seems to assuage the cognitive dissonance that this man's performance seems to cause in people. Even many of his policies have people leaping into this psycho pool ... see: Breitbart Article.

But is he nutso? The former psychiatrist now news commentator, Charles Krauthammer, hasn't rendered this diagnosis. In fact, Krauthammer has warmed considerably to this man since his earlier frequent negative utterances. And why might that be? I think that it is due to what Trump has been doing since he assumed the presidency. Today is the traditional end of the first grading period for this office. I have already given Trump a B- ... see: Report Card. I have heard grades from C to A+ ... but no Ds ot Fs. Even former foes, like Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan, have warmed considerably to the man.

So, this supposed lunatic has not yet steered the ship of state onto the rocks. Matter of fact he is a man of action ... in stark contrast to our previous president who was a man of inaction ... particularly on the international front. Yes, he sporadically did things like the Iran nuclear deal which were better not done ... but, in general, the world ignored the US as much as they could.

They ... North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Mexico, Syria, Afghanistan, Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain, Iraq, Australia, Taiwan, Egypt ... no longer can ignore our president.

Yes, Trump is eccentric and unpredictable ... but he is becoming less so as we have learned to decipher his unusual personality. What is that term? The "new normal" ... is nutso. Get used to it.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

Scientist who predicted Trump, Brexit: Math adds up to Le Pen victory

Krauthammer: 'Fascist gangs' shutting down free speech

Trump spurns Taiwan president's suggestion of another phone call ...

Warren: I was 'troubled' by Obama's Wall Street speaking fee

Israel strikes Iran supplied arms depot near Damascus airport ...

[US] will not spray [Afghan] opium fields because crops 'might be too close to a mosque'

Tillerson: Kim Jong Un is not crazy

Yale students have symbolic hunger strike, eat when hungry

'Overly obese' body sets crematorium on fire ...

Trump: I'll withdraw from NAFTA if We don't get a 'fair deal for all'

College speaker tortured and killed a man, now complains how bad prison is

The House delays Obamacare bill, denies Trump 100-day win

Friday, April 28, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

Ted Cruz calls for $14 billion seized from 'El Chapo' to fund border wall

Trump tax plan: Heavy on promises, light on details

New biography: Young Obama 'considered gayness'

Austrian president: All women must wear headscarves to combat Islamophobia

Chelsea Clinton gets ANOTHER award for doing nothing special ...

Obamacare repeal's exception for Congress raises charges of hypocrisy

Mexico, Canada leaders agree to renegotiate NAFTA

Turkey arrests 1,000+ 'secret Imams' infiltrating police force

CA legislature takes first step toward single-payer healthcare

Spicer: Sanctuary cities 'have the blood of dead Americans on their hands'

Poll: Trump voters stand by president

Congress asked to eliminate $270 million a year in solar subsidies

Free Speech

As has been repeatedly said, it's a sad day for democracy in America when a Conservative, in this case Ann Coulter, is intimidated by lefty brown-shirted Fascists into canceling a speaking engagement at the University at Berkeley in California ... see:  NY Times Article. After a series of obscene threats by the Jack-booted liberal storm troopers, the university's total lack of accommodation for her, and the moonbat mayor of Berkeley's refusal to guarantee her safety and the safety of attendees, Coulter and the Berkeley Right relented and canceled even minimal oratory.

When you have the ACLU, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, at least in form, suggesting that the show should go on, you know that our Constitution is now just "a piece of paper" (an Obama quote) according to those once proponents of  the "Free Speech Movement" ... those erstwhile ragtag radical students at Berkeley.

Obviously, the Chancellor of this University and  the head of the California University System are also culpable for turning their backs on this shameful situation. But the person who should be blamed most is California's Governor, Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown, for his lack of gonads for averting his eyes to this matter. He should have called out the National Guard to insure civil peace before, during and after Coulter's speech. This almost octogenarian fruit bat deserves to be assailed by the national media for his pathetic guttersnipe performance in this matter.

Watch all the major networks tonight to see more on this story?

Thursday, April 27, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

China launches first domestically-built aircraft carrier ...

US Navy fires warning flare at Iran vessel ...

Exclusive: Hillary's [State Dept.] aides threatened [Bangladesh] prime minister's son with IRS audit

Trump: Trade deficits 'hurt the economy very badly'

ESPN: major cuts to on-air personalities

Republicans fund PLANNED PARENTHOOD ... but not border wall?

[House] Freedom Caucus endorses revived Obamacare repeal plan ...

Employees say Tesla is doubling down on anti-union efforts

Trump to order review of National Monuments

Senate confirms Rosenstein as Deputy Attorney General

France: Early polls show Macron in double-digit lead

Scarborough loses cool with Mika: 'You don't have to be so snotty'

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Oh, those French! They always stretch the boundaries of social intercourse! I just discovered that Emmanuel Macron, the centrist candidate for the French presidency, is married to a woman, Brigitte, who is 25 years his senior ... and has a stepson two years older than he is. He met his future wife when he was a 15-year-old student and she was his 39-year-old drama teacher.  This is the age that he is now and she is 64. The broad-minded French think nothing of this May-October hook-up, but some of we  American narrow minds find it a little, should I say, different.

To read the genesis and more details of this feline romance, see: Powerline Blog.

But, as Jerry Seinfeld  once said, "Not that there is anything wrong with that."

Afterward: Marine Le Pen is now 38 years old. Perhaps to keep things equitable, she should take up with a 13 year old boy? Meow!

After afterward: Above I called Macron a "centrist." In France, Socialism is a centrist position.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

Judge blocks Trump's sanctuary [city] funding order

Al Gore group demands $15 trillion to stop 'global warming' ...

Paper: Amazon great for consumers -- but great for America?

Measles outbreak in Minnesota's Somali community

Cornell West: I believe in 'unsettled spaces rather than safe spaces'

Trump expected to include Democrat-friendly spending in tax plan

Ryan on the hot seat to deliver for Trump

BREITBART denied permanent credentials on Capital,Hill

Le Pen's father criticizes her presidential campaign ...

50 'juveniles' swarm public train [Oakland, CA], rob passengers

Ivanka Trump gets booed, hissed at during Berlin event

Warren: Let Coulter speak at Berkeley and 'if you don't like it, don't show up'

Grain of Salt

Anyone who is not skeptical about "settled science" is, let's be frank, a motley fool ... a court jester ... a country bumpkin. My hackles get turgid every time I hear politicians use this term ... and when "scientists" use it, I want to slit my wrists, or rather figuratively  theirs.

There has been no scientific finding that has not been later modified or even reversed, Salt (sodium) causes high blood pressure ... NOT ... see:  Salt Is Good For You. Eating fat causes heart attacks ... NOT ... see:  Fat Is Good For You. CO2 causes global warming. I know that this "settled science" canard cannot be an absolute truth because the Ice Age melted without the help of this vital gas. Yes, carbon dioxide is introduced into greenhouses to stimulate plant growth and it can increase the temperature slightly. But the Earth is not an enclosed greenhouse and likely dozens of things are raising and lowering the temperature on our planet besides CO2. And Weird Al Gore now wants 15 trillion dollars to save our planet! What poppycock!

Yes, I have to be consistent and say that science may eventually tilt back to showing the "alarmists" might be right ... but somehow I doubt it without stronger evidence than now is being put forward by these greedy charlatans ... whose computer models don't work and who fudge their data. We likely will never know for absolute certainty what causes our climate to change ... and, if we ever do, I doubt if we might be able to fix things (let's make the sun less hot) ... particularly since, if this "science" proved to be wrong, we might be committing Earthly suicide.

So relax boys and girls ... take every "scientific" pronouncement with a grain of salt ... and don't fool with Mother Nature without a lot more evidence than is now being offered by this settled science.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

EU death match: Le Pen vs. Macron

White House reception for conservative media ...

Uber secretly tracking IPhone users after they deleted app ...

Trump and Congress eye shutdown showdown over border wall

NYT refuses to use the term 'female genital mutilation' as it's 'culturally loaded'

Exclusive: New study says EPA's calling CO2 a pollutant 'totally false'

Sanders: 'The model of the Democratic Party is failing'

Willie Brown: 'Free speech is being buried at Berkeley'

U.N. elects Saudi Arabia to Women's Rights Commission

House Democrats grow bullish after Trump's stumbles

Five killed, 26 wounded in Chicago shootings over the weekend

Bibi: 4M lives would have been saved if allies had bombed death camps immediately

20 Questions

1 - Who has a higher BMI, Whoopi Goldberg or Michael Moore?

2 - If our reality is all part of a giagantic computer simulation, who programmed the computer?

3 - Why can't we get Kim Jong Un and Ayatollah Khamenei to threaten each other?

4 - Does Hillary Clinton have any peers who could eventually serve as her jury?

5 - What does Bill O'Reilly normally drink for breakfast, coffee or hot chocolate?

6 - What peace does the UN Peacekeeping Forces keep?

7 -  Will Canada accept Rosie O'Donnell if she finally tries to move there?

8 - Is science whatever liberals say it is?

9 - Will Trump use illegal immigrants to build the Mexican wall?

10 - Will we ever have contact with alien life ... and, if so, what will we say?

11 - When will Nancy Pelosi's face fall off?

12 - What do martyred Muslim gay men do with their 72 virgins?

13 - To where does all of Venezuela's oil revenues disappear?

14 - Will today's high school seniors be playing rap music at their 50th reunions?

15 - When autonomous cars are commonplace who will pay their parking tickets?

16 - Why doesn't Bill Gates just buy his own country?

17 - Will Chelsea Clinton ever serve as an elected government official?

18 - What happens to al the weight that people lose on the Jenny Craig diet?

19 - Does Al Gore have any convenient truths?

20 - Why do fools fall in love?

Monday, April 24, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

WASH POST SHOCK POLL: Trump still beating Clinton, 43% - 40%

Death toll jumps to 20 in Venezuela protests ...

Trump's fake war on the fake news

Gingrich: Trump most divisive president since Lincoln

Trump team asked Carter Page to 'cease' calling himself a campaign advisor

Former NYPD Commissioner: Feds should lock up officials like De Blasio who violate immigration law

French election: Macron and Le Pen projected to advance to runoff

Priebus: Trump doesn't support Le Pen in French election

DNC Chair demands abortion rights litmus test for Democrats

3rd American detained in NKorea ...

Sessions: Erroneous tax credits to 'mostly Mexicans' could pay for wall

'Homeland Security' not targeting Dreamers ...

A Gallic Truth

Le Pen is mightier than le sword ...

Sunday, April 23, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

Trump to hold rally same night as White House Correspondents' Dinner

Mexican authorities kill Gulf Cartel, Zeta leaders in key strikes

Pence: U.S. to honor refugee deal with Australia

[Rep.] Schiff could use Russian probe as Senate springboard

Update: Multiple cities hit with [simultaneous] power grid failures ...

Maher: Cancelling speakers on campus is 'the liberal version of book burning'

Maher: We're 'gassing' Syrians too ... 'with CO2' -- 'conflict started with climate change

DOJ warns 8 cities in sanctuary city crackdown

Police: Indiana State professor fabricates anti-Muslim hate crime

Man fined $128 for idling car in driveway ...

NYT: Trump roars again on trade -- victory again for House economic Nationalists

Berkeley mayor publicly belongs to violent leftist group

Musk Melon

I have been a reluctant skeptic when it comes to the enigmatic Elon Musk ... particularly when one recognized his string of successes. But, of late, these successes seem to have gone to his head as he is sounding more and more eccentric ... we are all part of a giant computer simulation ... robots are going to take over from man ... humans will be inhabiting Mars by 2020 ... and now a new company to hook our brains (melons) directly to computers within four years. He is using his eclat and easy funding to pursue his highly personal but questionable quests. Some of these things may come about but I do think Musk has become smitten by his own genius.

The Wall Street Journal has summarized Elon's recent dreams in a brighter light than he might have liked ... see: WSJ Article (may be behind a pay wall).

reddit Gallery CDXIV

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Nobel Cause

Carbon Is Not CO2

Maybe So

Things Were Colder Then

The Real Protest

Saturday, April 22, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

ISIS attacks Paris on eve of election

Lights out San Fran

Sanctuary cities face cuts as DOJ tightens screws

Resistance group says Iran is violating nuclear agreement

Poll: Voters support allowing Syrian refugees

Majority of French armed police support Marine Le Pen

Fox [O'Reilly] staffers express relief, anger, uncertainty

How Trump blew up the conservative media

WH asks agencies to prepare for government shutdown

Clinton knocks Trump on LGBT rights 'Let's remember 2018'

MasterCard tests credit card with embedded fingerprint reader

Trump: White House will release tax reform plan next week

Culture Wars

The Republicans now control Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court and 2/3rds of the states' legislatures ... obviously a huge win in the political wars. This is a bit surprising since the Democrats keep winning the cultural wars ... as exemplified by Bill O'Reily recent ouster from Fox News. The Democrats, by diluting the Fox message, now have even a bigger strangle hold on the media. And since they also control Hollywood, higher education,Wall Street, most of the music business, foundations, the Internet social media and, increasingly, sports broadcasting, they are bound to make a political comeback if they can just find a few likable candidates.

Unless, of course, conservatives can somehow begin to make equivalent inroads in the cultural wars. But how? Well, the longest journey starts with a few steps.  I can think of two modest initial targets ... journalism schools and foundations. This won't be easy as these two institution are loaded with progressives. Let us look at each one separately:

- For the journalism schools, may I suggest that some wealthy conservatives endow some inspirational and conservative professors to teach courses like Journalistic Ethics or The Rule of Law or Facts vs. Opinion. Perhaps a few students might be disuaded from being proxy politicians.

- For the foundations, I would suggest that a few lawsuits might be initiated to insure that now-liberal foundations be forced to comply with their original charters ... many of which are far afield from that which they now practice. I suspect that many of those who set up foundations for noble ends are spinning in their graves over what has happened to their beloved intentions.

Just accomplishing these two started goals would be a good win in the other, equally-important battle ... the  conservatives' battle to win back the culture wars. But in any case it should be a long slogue.

Friday, April 21, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

[NKorea] possesses 10-25 nuclear weapons ...

Russian journalist and Putin critic dies after brutal beating

Trump plans executive order on steel imports

Calexit leader moves to Russia permanently

GM closes operations in Venezuela after plant seized

Blood from babies to restore memory?

Ryan says Congress is close to deal on health care

Tillerson takes aim at Iran in rare press appearance

Mystery over 730,000 missing elephants ...

CNN: Trump's North Korea policy might just be working

Congress likely to avoid gov't shutdown

Netflix users have watched half a billion hours of Adam Sandler movies


Much of social activism today is an obsessive attempt to erase boundary lines ... between genders, between religions, between political ideologies, between races, between economic castes, and even between countries. This seems the uncomfortable result of trying to reconcile the natural incompatibility between diversity and inclusion.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

FoxNews rocked -- O'Reilly out

The end: Aaron Hernandez found hanging in his cell ...

Lindsey Graham heaps praise on Trump: 'I am all in'

Sessions: 'We can't promise' DREAMers won't be deported

DNC Deputy Chairman: Obama responsible for electoral failures

Russian bombers fly near Alaska 2nd day in a row ...

BOSE headphones spying on listeners?

Trump to meet with Palestinian president

Black Lives Matter desecrates monument to Confederate dead

Study: 89% of media negative on president [Trump]

MSNBC analyst calls for ISIS to bomb Trump property

Steve Harvey: Trump keeping his promise to inner cities

Angst Angst

I'm worried that I am not worried. The situation in North Korea keeps escalating with both rhetorical bluster and physical saber rattling coming from both sides ... see: Breitbart Article. The "fat little kid" in the north is capable of anything ... he poisoned his half brother and executed his uncle with a howitzer. Yet, ballsy Trump keeps pushing him. Yes, he could try to do horrendous damage to South Korea and maybe Japan and Hawaii too. But somehow I suspect we have these bases covered and, (hopefully) with China's tacit approval, could turn the north into a gigantic plate of kimchi.

Obviously Kim Jong Un is worried. He is supposedly now ensconced deep underground ... safe from a MOAB or even an atomic bomb. He even has several body doubles moving around on the surface as decoys in case of a U.S. Special Forces raid. But with the weapons of just one Ohio-class ballistic nuclear submarine, we could utterly destroy Kim's private playground ... hopefully before he had a chance to launch his counteroffensive. I'm sure that this conflict has been well war-gamed out by the U.S. and that Trump and his generals feel that they can push this tinpot dictator to blink first. Somehow, for whatever reason, I am not overly concerned. But l am worried that I may not be right.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

Shooting rampage Fresno ... three dead ... suspect shouted Allahi Akbar

White House: Trump's call to Erdogan wasn't an endorsement of referendum results

Ex-wife comforts dying man, tells him Trump impeached

35% pay no [income] taxes -- despite record collections!

Mind-reading machine turns human thoughts into words

Warren dodges on whether she'll run for president in 2020

Report: Massive ESPN layoffs expected next month

German government tells parents to get rid of dolls or face fines

H-1B visa applications fall by 16 percent

Trump blames Obama for allowing MS-13 to form in America

Oklahoma to end tax credits for wind energy

Sex offender cuffed again six days after being deported

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

Here comes Chelsea! Glam press tour to revive troubled Clinton dynasty

Why Trump's next big policy reversal could be on TPP

Wellesley student newspaper threatens students who don't conform to progressive values

College students [at UC Davis] vote to make American flag 'optional' ...

Mnuchin: Tax reform by August 'not realistic' ...

Fewer illegals filing tax returns under Trump

Trump getting hot and bothered by protesters

Theresa May call snap U.K. election for June 8

New DNC Chair. Tom Perez booed on reboot tour

[Georgia] Dem Trump slayer doesn't live in district!

UnitedHealth profit soars as Obamacare business shrinks ...

Trump to Paul Ryan's district during Speaker's Eurotrip


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

Report: US deploys more aircraft carriers toward Korean peninsula ...

Is Georgia poised for a Democrat upset?

Trump approval hits 50%

All star lineup on Geffen yacht ... Obamas, Oprah, Springsteen, Hanks

NYT fails to disclose terrorist conviction of Op-Ed contributor

Germany: Attack on Russian Embasy foiled 'at last minute'

Manhunt expands for suspect in Facebook video killing

NK vows weekly missile tests

Conway calls on Democrat leaders to calm violent anti-Trump protests

Conservative PAC takes aim at Warren during book tour

Lovers' quarrel? Scarborough FLIPPED OUT on Mika after she made fun of him on Monday

Bride, groom kicked off UNITED flight on way to get married

Read it and Weep

The Wellesley College student newspaper has printed an editorial which is the culmination of students pretending to be liberal ... but being exactly the opposite ... one motto short of a manifesto. Here are the money lines out of this martinet mishmash:
This being said, if people are given the resources to learn and either continue to speak hate speech or refuse to adapt their beliefs, then hostility may be warranted. If people continue to support racist politicians or pay for speakers that prop up speech that will lead to the harm of others, then it is critical to take the appropriate measures to hold them accountable for their actions.
Such hate speech hating "hate speech" would be comical if it weren't so pathetically serious and the result of the unchecked Orwellian echo chamber that is now called a "liberal" education. It is sad to see such hyperbolic tripe emanating from such a formerly august college. To savor all the depressing details of this diatribe, see: It's Come to This.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Platinum Standard

Platinum Ore

When I put together the most recent reddit Gallery for this blog, I looked at the platinum ore pictured and wondered how nature can aggregate oodles the platinum atoms in one place? Common sense suggests that the randomness at the start of things would create and/or distribute element atoms in a rather random and unspecific way ... an example of entropy. However, some natural forces such as gravity and magnetism did help to arrange certain elements, like iron, cobalt, nickel and the lighter gasses, together. But platinum? What subtle natural process gathered untold numbers of platinum atoms together to form the lump of ore pictured?

For the sake of argument let's assume that, during the Earth's formation, 37 of every 100,000 atoms were platinum atoms ...  see: Periodic Table Facts. What conceivable process could cause them to find each other to form the metal contained in an ore? Certainly when the Earth's crust was molten, over a billion years ago, there was a possibility of platinum atoms migrating towards one anther.  But how? Are there factors in the weak or strong atomic forces in physics that cause like atoms to seek out their likes in liquids or gasses? If there are, then nature has once again served mankind with a gratuitous benefit. Otherwise, we never could assemble enough disparate atoms of almost any element to utilize them the way we so effectively do today.

Just one more example of entropy not living up to its ballyhooed threat reputation.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

NKorea [failed] missile launch hacked?

Failure to sanction China helped North Korea, former officials say

Pence's [Indiana] Medicaid experiment confounds expectations

Americans owe $1 trillion in credit card debt

Massacre of New York teens tied to Central American MS-13 gang

Report: Melania and Baron Trump will move to the White House this summer

29 people shot in less than 18 hours in Chicago ...

Fox personality wonders if Speaker Ryan is sabotaging Trump

Turks vote to expand Erdogan power ...

DOE prepares studies determining green energy's affect on the [power] grid

Ex-acting CIA chief: Trump made North Korea situation worse

Mystery surrounds Obama's mass clemencies

Sunday, April 16, 2017

reddit Gallery CDXIII

Another excursion into the world of reddit Pictures. See: reddit Pics for sources.  Do yourself a favor and click on pictures to enlarge them.  Enjoy!

Happy Easter

Platinum Ore

April's Gift

Traditional Dress for Unmarried Hamar Women

Bursting Balloon


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

Wrong headline nearly starts war

China says North Korea tension has to be stopped before reaching 'irreversible' stage

Local Muslims shut down Shria law patrols in Minneapolis neighborhood

Trump taps Ex-Im [Bank] critic to head agency

Car bombing in Syria strikes convoy transporting evacuees, 43 killed

Generals given free rein on ISIS fight ...

EPA chief Scott Pruitt calls for 'exit' of Paris climate agreement

White House says it won't make visitor logs public

Elizabeth Warren says Mitch McConnell won't even say hello to her

Tillerson's stock rises at the White House

Trump, Gen. Kelly 'dismantle' Obama's 'progress' for illegal immigrants

The last know person born in the 1800s has died

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Climate Scientist


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

Worries deepen about Trump military tilt ...

Bolton: Only one way to end North Korea nuclear threat is to 'end the North'
Japan: North Korea may have sarin gas missiles

Tucker Carlson: MS-13 far greater threat to your life than ISIS

Obamacare repeal bill is the zombie Republicans can't kill -- or bring back to life

Liberal activists mourn 'marginalized' ISIS fighters killed in [MOAB] air strike

Hospitals push patients to pay before care ...

POTUS signs repeal of Obama Planned Parenthood state funding mandate

China is now calling the shots in metals pricing

Dark matter 'bridge' holding galaxies together captured ...

Fresno State cancels profs classes after 'Trump must hang' tweet

Fed's promise to protect half a million Muslim girls from genital mutilation

Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday Thought

Jesus Christ may or may not have been the son of God, but he certainly was someone full of love for humanity, transcendent understanding and wisdom for the ages. Since his crucifixion these possible davine gifts have been sullied by the natural baseness of man, but still can guide those, who care to look for them, to a life of grace. He is not to be ignored or forgotten.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

Trump is resettling Syrian refugees at a much quicker pace than Obama

Michigan capital votes to stop calling itself  'sanctuary city' ...

Spring: Trump approval hits 48%

Weekend: Turks vote to give Erdogan sweeping new powers ...

Trump eyes climate skeptic for key White House environmental post

CEO's steering Trump away from Bannon's hardcore policies

[Trump admin] Expected to return 4,000 Somali migrants ...

US drops its largest non-nuclear bomb against ISIS in Afghanistan

Merkel admit: 'There is no doubt' some migrants pose a security risk

House Democrats want Kushner's security clearance suspended

Salon: Maxine Waters for prez!

Russian Foreign Minister tells Andrea Mitchell she needs to learn some manners

Thursday, April 13, 2017

White Privilege

Dave Chappelle as a white

An University of Minnesota residence hall pointed out to those students who might not have understood "white privilege" exactly what this term entails. On a bulletin board there was listed the eleven signs that someone is enjoying this WASPish deference ... see: Campus Reform Item. The scribe of these race differentials says that "whites" can always find the food that they grew up with ... or use credit cards without suspicion ... or not have coworkers assume they got their job because of their race.

Did these eleven statements fully define this term? Have they mined the entire mother lode of this list of ethnic advantages? No, all ye Bannon wannabes ... far from it. So I have decided to fill out this prejudicial dossier with my expanded list the real white privileges:

- You can sit at the back of the bus without concern or a sense of history.

- You can attend a Blue Lives Matter rally on MLK's birthday.

- You feel free to display a poster of Clarence Thomas in your dorm room.

- You get a full-ride scholarship to Howard University.

- You can eat fried chicken and watermelon at a church picnic without a second thought about it.

- If no one of color is nearby, you needn't pay for any periodical at a news stand (thanks to Dave Chappelle for this one).

 -You never get a traffic summons for a broken headlight.

- You are allowed to go through a "12 or under" line at the supermarket with 28 items

But, most of all, "white privilege" isn't even in your lexicon ...


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites. Guess which ones came from Politico?

Tillerson meets Putin ... relations at low point ...

Executions in China outpace the rest of the world -- combined!

Valarie Jarrett's speaking fees [$30K] ire at cash-strapped college

Explosion at army ammunition plant, 1 dead, 3 wounded

Confirmed: FBI spied on Trump aide [Carter Page] ...

Sanctuary cities clampdown threatens government shutdown

Government lifts hiring freeze ...

Surprise: Iran's Ahmadineajad to run for president again

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