Friday, July 31, 2020

Crying Shame

The mask comes off as Barack Obama delivers his blatantly political eulogy at John Lewis’ funeral in Atlanta. He played a fistful of race cards to try to prop up his brain-dead Vice President by throwing red meat to this sympathetic audience ... trying to tear Trump down. It’s a crying shame ... this was supposed to be a solemn occasion ... yet this truculent man used it to hurl political mud balls.

Obama was elected president in part because he was to bring our country together. Here, he is shamelessly doing exactly the opposite ... only undisguised. Could he have gotten away with these racially divisive lies during his time in the White House?



Periodically I need to apologize for any typos on this blog. I suffer from macular degeneration (I’m 81 and have age-related spotting on my retinae ... rendering me legally blind). This is compounded by that stupid automatic spell-correcting technology which too often “corrects” things that do not need correcting.

Anyhow, until my wife catches these fluffs, dear reader please tolerate them ... and forgive.


Social Distancing

John Lewis funeral yesterday, inside and outside the Ebenezer Baptist church in Atlanta.



How Covid-19 could give Kim Jong Un a doomsday weapon

Most swing-state voters back extending $600 weekly unemployment benefit, CNBC/Change poll finds

Over 100 police agencies pull out of agreements to guard Democrat National Convention

Twitter censors videos of doctors’ presser, locks Breitbart account

EU to limit export of ‘sensitive’ tech in response to Hong Kong security law

Coronavirus live updates: California, Florida, Texas report record-high average daily deaths

Politico publishes then scrubs article saying Biden picked Kamala as VP

Election interference: Google purges Breitbart from search results

Trump administration rejects new DACA applications as it works to end program

Kodak shares soar 200%, halted repeatedly on Trump deal to make drug ingredients

Some local U.S. law enforcement using Chinese drones cited for espionage concerns

Pelosi: ‘Despicable’ Barr was not forthcoming in his testimony


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Everly Brothers

Don and Phil at their Reunion Concert at Albert Hall,  London, 1983


reddit Pic

Very clever! I wonder if the kid on the right is named Vincent?


McConnell’s warning of lawsuit ‘epidemic’ undercut by lack of litigation

Bill Gates says there could be a ‘substantial’ reduction in coronavirus death rate by the end of 2020

Federal charges filed against 22 rioters in Portland

Joe Biden: Women ‘never had a fair shot’ in America

Ex-FBI agent Strzok due out with book about Trump, Russia

Twitter limits Trump Jr.’s access after he shared coronavirus misinformation

Chicago police create two new units to fight crime, rioters

Violent crime explosion forces Minneapolis residents to form militias

Italy to extend state of emergency until end of October

The Fed is extending its lending programs until the end of the year

Susan Rice reportedly on top of Biden’s VP shortlist

Texas doctor: Studies claiming HCQ doesn’t work are ‘fake science‘


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

IPhone Robots

Next time you use your iPhone think of all these Chinese regimented robots who assemble your cherished device.


Today’s Poser

Why are most of the current batch of Democrats so wrong about almost everything? Is it because President Donald Trump is often so right about almost everything ... and to show their contempt for him, they assume the opposite position out of spite ... no matter how off the mark it is? 

Is their animosity toward his particularly unpleasant personality so overpowering that whole swaths of people would chose to act against their own self interest ... and even commit serious crimes ... just to show to others their hatred toward this single human being?



Friends and Rivals

There is a wide continuum of types of associates ... lovers, friends, rivals, trolls, enemies ... and many adjective-modified variants of the same. In this blog post, I think I will concentrate only on what I feel is the difference between rivals and friends.

You can tell if associates are rivals if, when bringing them to mind, you usually draw a contrast between them and yourself: “I have more hair” “He has poor hygiene,” “She drinks too much,” etc.

But associates are likely to be friends if your first thought is: “He is so generous,” or “I like myself when I’m around him,” or “She makes me smile,” etc.

Piece of advice: Don’t confuse the two ...



Biden’s VP shortlist comes up short

Dr. Anthony Fauci isn’t ‘particularly concerned’ about safety of Moderna vaccine

Jerry Nadler thinks Portland Antifa violence is a ‘myth’

Marlins home opener canceled as 12 players test positive for COVID

Trump’s national security adviser tests positive for Covid-19

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is out of the hospital

GOP calls for probe into murder of black Trump supporter

Democrats worry that backing violent ‘peaceful protests’ will help Trump

Karen Bass walks back Castro comment amid VP vetting

Google extends its coronavirus work-from-home order to summer, 2021

Soros puts record $50 million into 2020 election

Joe Biden campaign Hispanic organizers claim ‘toxic’ work culture


Tuesday, July 28, 2020


YouTube took down the video from the two California doctors contending that the continuous lockdown was exactly the wrong strategy to deal with the coronavirus ... see: Freedom of Speech. It seems that they could not allow any opinions that were counter to Dr. Fauci’s dicta.

Now, the Masters of the Universe (Twitter, Google’s YouTube, FaceBook) are once again censorng what they don’t want Americans to see ... this time a Nigerian doctor vehemently attesting that hydroxychloroquinine (HCQ) is an effective Covid treatment ... see: RT Video.

I realize that the Masters of the Universe are private companies and therefore can censor whatever they want. But, it would seem when they have achieved such monopolistic powers over their media highways, that some constraints should be applied to their plenary powers.

And besides, Trump should have used reverse-English ... and disparaged HCQ to begin with ... and it would therefore have become the standard treatment ... possibly saving thousands of lives. So, in a way, these deaths really were the truculent anti-Trump media’s fault in the end.

Democrats ...

On the House Intelligent Committee (Chairman Nadler is the one with the blue hat) who wouldn’t let AG Barr answer their questions today ... or even take a short bathroom break for heavens sake!

Afterward: the alphabet TV networks cut away from coverage of these hearings after Nadler’s opening diatribe against AG Barr ... and before the Republicans could respond.


It was predictable ... now that public opinion is turning against them, the anti-Trump rioters in the Pacific Northwest are not blamed by the loony left ... but it is the righteous right that is now pointed to for fulminating this unrest.

On a Zoom call recently with predictably liberal classmates, one prime topic was the Hawaiian-shirt-wearing Boogaloos ... a supposedly Gestapo-like group that were instigating the bad behavior by these preservers of justice and righteousness, ANTIFA and BLM ... who for over 60 straight nights have been “peacefully protesting” in Portland Oregon.

To read a typically tainted write-ip about these right-wing “storm troopers” see: Heavy News.

In watching all the on-line videos from Portland (unfortunately not on the liberal TV media who are attempting to pretend that this rioting is NOT taking place), I have yet to see a Hawaiian shirt.

The best way to know when the left is loosing, is to pay attention to how they are deflecting ... starting to accuse the right of doing what they themselves are instigating and, by doing so, trying to shed blame (such a strategy would never succeed without being abetted by our collaborative media).

Newton’s 3rd Law

Newton’s 3rd law ... for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction ... has a social side.

Watched a demonstrator in Portland complain that the federal agents protecting the federal courthouse there were responding with too much force. Perhaps the rioters ought to back off first?


Today’s Poser

What’s the point of arresting violent rioters in Portland and other lefty cities if they are released by sympathetic judges with no consequences ... only to offend again?



Black Americans arming themselves in response to pandemic, protests

Kudlow says coronavirus relief will include $1,200 checks and extension of  eviction moratorium

Seattle has moved from “Defund the police” to “Abolish prisons”

Mike Ditka on anthem protests: ‘Get the hell out of the country’

Bass: Supporters will rally to Biden despite ‘94 crime bill

Florida has more coronavirus cases than New York and California leads the nation

Armed protester shot dead after confrontation at BLM rally in Texas

McCarthy: Dems have a China problem

Poll: Support of Trump’s handling of coronavirus pandemic hits new low

Regis Philbin, longtime television personality, dies at 88

Seattle police chief to local businesses: You’re on your own

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti denies that Portland protests are violent


Monday, July 27, 2020

Obvious Truth

The term “dog-whistle politics” as used against President Trump is obviously a dog whistle.


reddit Pic


It seems to me that one of the reasons that the Portland miscreants keep rioting night after night is that they are unsure of exactly what they want to accomplish ... and, if they could put it into coherent words, they would not get unanimous agreement among their fellow anarchists ... and would alienate large blocks of their current flaccid, equally-rudderless political supporters.

Soros-style nihilism seems their only unifying rationale.



Supreme Court rejects Nevada church plea to allow larger congregations

Here comes one of the newsiest and most critical weeks of the summer for markets

NYC homeless encampments grows after de Blasio’s suppressed crackdown

Cuccinelli: Fed agents could sue Pelosi for libel

Cuomo, then Schumer accuse DHS officials of possible criminal activity

U.S. coronavirus deaths top 1,000 for four straight days

Rep. Swalwell: FBI spied on Trump — and they were right to do so

Pro-life Democrats urge party to drop embrace of abortion

House passes massive spending bill in bid to thwart election year shutdown

Hurricane Hanna heads for Texas coast as state struggles with coronavirus outbreak

CDC says schools should reopen in fall

Big supermarkets refuse to enforce mandatory mask law


I’ve Reformed

I never used to wash my hands. Now, due to COVID, I wash them at least once a week!


Sunday, July 26, 2020

Quotable Quote

My wife found the following on Facebook ... and it was so on the money, I had to share it. I hope its author, George R. Halsey, a friend of a friend, doesn’t mind. ...

I understand what it means but I wonder if racism really benefits the racists. It’s really a great burden. For 90% of the white people in the south who could not own slaves or large amounts of real estate, slavery meant poverty for white people. In the North it benefits no one I believe. There is a political group who stoke up racism among disadvantaged whites to make sure they look for solutions in the wrong direction and not where the power is.”

Interestingly, one of the reasons that Abraham Lincoln’s father was an abolitionist was that he could not find work in the slave-state Kentucky and had to move his family to Illinois.


Afterward: There is an interesting parallel between the reaction to slavery ... and the push back against very cheap Chinese labor arising out of globalism. Me thinks things are not over yet.


From reddit Pics

Ghislaine Maxwell with Elon Musk at a high-society event ...


American Voter ...

With a spited face ... after pulling the lever for Biden and other Democrats in November.


Comet Neowise

Over the Devil’s Tower

Road to Riches

How does someone get rich quickly? Very simply ... write a tell-more-than-all book bashing President Trump ... joining the ranks of Bob Woodward (Fear), Michael Wolfe (Fire and Fury), James Comey (A Higher Loyalty), Stormy Daniels (Full Disclosure), Omarosa (Unhinged), Andrew McCabe (The Threat), Matt Taibbi (Insane Clown President), John Bolton (The Room Where It Happened), Mary Trump (Too Much and Never Enough) ... and now Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen (??).

And there are actually many, many more of such junkers by lesser-known authors.



Karen Bass rises as a sleeper pick to be Biden’s VP

Goldman Sachs agrees to $3.9 billion deal with Malaysia to settle criminal probe into IMDB scandal

China’s Houston Consulate to State Department: You can’t make us leave

Chicago’s Lightfoot removes Columbus statue in dark of night

EU must sanction Chinese leaders involved in Uighur suppression, legislators say

China orders U.S. to close consulate after U.S. demands it shutter Houston outpost

Chicago protesters descend on Chicago mayor’s home after her phone call with Trump

Biden: Trump is nation’s ‘first’ racist president

House Democrats blast DHS request to redirect millions to southern border surge

Coronavirus live updates: WHO sees substantial trade impact, U.S. cases jump by more than 68,000

Sec. Pompeo says China is world’s biggest threat

[Michael] Moore: ‘Do not underestimate the evil genius that is Donald Trump’


Saturday, July 25, 2020

Full Cycle

Why is the majority of the main-stream media devoted to helping Democrats get elected ... as revealed in Epipheny? Well, my best guess, I think that a lot of their readership and viewership is concentrated in our nations’s hell-holes ... see: Quick Quiz. (At least they had been before the Covid pandemic.)

We have come full cycle.



Found on Mostly Cajun


If you are wondering how guilible voters are continually fooled by this Obvious Truth, please reference the above warning.

Obvious Truth

Assuming you have now figured out the answer to our Quick Quiz, how is it that these incompetent Democrats keep winning elections in these American hell-holes? Very simple! Because they somehow keep convincing voters that their choice is between Adolph Hitler and Mother Theresa.

(Voters know that an actual Hitler would be a bad choice, but never realize that Mother Theresa would make a bad mayor too. So we must suffer the consequences of this false choice.)

Obvious Truth

YouTube style ... until it is taken down by the Masters of the Universe.

Powerline Pic

Getting ready for a Zoom meeting ...

Quick Quiz

What do all these hell-hole cities have in common?

New York City ... Chicago ... Los Angeles ... San Francisco ... Portland ... Seattle ... St. Louis ... Detroit ... Houston ... Philadelphia ... Denver ... Albuquerque ... New Orleans ... Atlanta ... Baltimore ... Washington, DC ... Pittsburgh ... San Jose ... Cleveland ... Hartford ... Milwaukee ... El Paso ... Oakland ... Buffalo ... Newark ... San Diego ... Kansas City ... Minneapolis ... and even Boston is vying to join the club?

Amazing coincidence? Still need a hint?

Want to read why they are hell-holes? ... see: AMAC.

Today’s Poser

What could be more knee-slapping fun than watching how over-the-edge never-Trumpers have gone with their irrational efforts to oust the Orangeman in November? The Trump virus ... not the Wuhan virus ... really?



Is Trump on track for an October vaccine surprise?

Mnuchin says plan for unemployment extension will be based on 70% wage replacement

New FBI notes re-debunk major NY Times story

Brexit talks: Trade deal ‘unlikely’ as British will not submit to EU demands

Portland mayor tear-gassed at protests by federal law enforcement

Mary Trump’s tell-all memoir sells1.5 million copies in blockbuster first week

El Chapo wants out of Supermax, citing coronavirus and poor conditions

Lawsuit: Former Cardinal McCarrick ran sex ring at New Jersey shore house

New unemployment gains rose last week to 1.4 million, ending months of declines

SEC Chair Clayton says he’s worried about short-term trading in stocks like Tesla

Tesla chooses Texas for location of new factory

John Cleese rips Cancel Culture: Emotionally unstable people setting the bar for what’s politically correct

Friday, July 24, 2020

Balance Sheet

I have a suggestion for everyone before you vote for president this coming November. Take two pieces of paper labeling one Trump and the other Biden ... and draw a vertical line down the middle of each ... indicating pluses on the left and minuses on the right.

Next list all the good things for each candidate on the left of this balance sheet and, of course, the negatives on the right. Be honest. If you have no pluses for Trump or minuses for Biden ... you are clearly a partisan idiot ... or work for MSNBC.

And now, if you have some extra time, weigh and then rank the pluses and minuses for each candidate ... using the same metric for all four columns. Use your logic ... not your emotions.

Once you have conscientiously done this exercise ... look it over carefully ...  then you can go vote.



Opening day ...

Today’s Poser

Are not the continuous riots by locals in Portland, Chicago, Seattle, etc. the equal of pissing in your own soup?


Peaceful Proests

President Trump is once again vilified for doing the right thing ... sending DHS agents to Portland to protect federal buildings ... which is not needed? Well, what were these peaceful protesters doing yesterday outside the federal courthouse there ... toasting marshmallows? See: MSM Video.


Football Team

The Washington Redskins have officially changed their name to the Washington Football Team ... blah! What a missed opportunity to really be creative. How about calling them the Washington Swamp Creatures?

Conservative Treehouse Pic

Notice anything? I think I’ll call him Br’er Mitt ...



Americans tune into ‘cancel culture’ — and don’t like what they see

U.S. agrees to pay Pfizer and BioNTech $2 billion for 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccine

Price tag of Biden campaign promises nears $10 trillion

Senate transcripts: Joe Biden Quoted N-word 13 times in 1985 hearings

Feds assemble ‘Operation Diligent Valor’ force to battle Portland unrest

Existing home sales surge nearly 21% in June — a record monthly gain

Google appears to blacklist major conservative news sites

At least 14 wounded following shooting outside Chicago funeral home

Liz Cheney defends pro-Trump bona fides after GOP attacks

State Department orders China to close consulate in Houston — China vows retaliation

Gold and silver prices spike

Hollywood dunks on Trump after he offered well wishes to Maxwell


Thursday, July 23, 2020

Sassy Lassie

That sassy lassie from Tallahassee

Was a model with a classy chassis.

But when she posed nude,

She did something rude.

Her assy was often quite gassy.


Spook Stuff

There has been a kinetic aspect added to the Trump-Iranian standoff ... a continuing series of explosions and/or bombings at Iran strategic facilities. Is it Israel? Is it Saudi Arabia? Or is it the United States? 

Well a podcast offered through the Powerline blog ... featuring the former head of Israel’s military intelligence ... does not answer these questions directly ... but it does offer broad hints. Take a listen by activating the podcast within this link: Powerline Reference ... it’s fascinating!


Short Note

I recently wrote about how new national coronavirus deaths,  not new cases was the metric to follow how we were progressing against this virus ... see: Scaredy Cats. Now, new deaths are starting to creep up ... primarily because of new cases spikes in Florida, California and Texas are causing new deaths to follow. (Not so much in Arizona.) I think the issue in the Southwest is all driven by what is happening in border leakage from Mexico. But the Florida numbers well might be the result of some number funny business.

Bottom line: Overall new deaths are still the metric to use ... but until new cases in California and Texas level out and decline I have gotten less optimistic and, as President Trump has said, things are likely to get worse before they get better.


Convenient Idiots?

Scholarly dunces? Grinning muttonheads? Mind-numbed robots? The stock from which will be someday drawn our leaders ...

reddit Pic

Say cheese ...



Biden to unveil “caregiving” plan for young kids, older Americans

Congress looks unlikely to pass a coronavirus relief bill until August

President Trump to deploy federal agents to Chicago

Michelle Malkin, Pro police rally attacked by ANTIFA

House votes to ban TIKTOK on federal devices

A second Great Depression? Unemployment crisis hits big cities hard

Mnuchin says next stimulus bill will start with $1 trillion

Joe Biden wants schools to teach about ‘Islamic faith’

European Union leaders agree on coronavirus recovery package

Coronavirus pandemic cuts rent growth to decade low

Tucker Carlson: The NY Times is planning on revealing where my family lives

Claim: Ancestors of  New York Times family owners also owned slaves


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Obvious Truth

A police force that is forbidden from exercising soft authority, even hard authority when required to keep the peace, is not a police force ... it’s a Cub Scout troop. And those who automatically equate the exercise of authority with Fascism are not just gullible ... they are criminally naive.

Mother Nature

From reddit Pic

Creates marvelous symmetric single-cell animals — radiolarians ... see: Wikipedia Entry