Saturday, March 31, 2018


New York closes in on work around to Trump's new tax law

Palestinians march on border, drones drop tear gas, 16 dead

SpaceX completes sixth successful launch in 2018

Biden attacks 2nd Amendment

Florida shooting survivor Hogg won't accept [Laura] Ingraham's appology over mocking tweet

After 'ugly memo', FACEBOOK fears what leaks next ...

Tesla's 'day of reckoning' is near as plunging stock increases financing risk

Wilbur Ross keeps winning for Trump's economic nationalist agenda

Trump administration reveals Phase One of the border wall

David Hogg goes afterJohn McCain ...

Andrew McCabe denies lying to James Comey about media leaks

Widow of Orlando nightclub attacker is acquitted of charges

Lesson for Today

From Powerline blog

So sayeth Pocahontas ...

2nd Amendment Comment

From Powerline blog


unconnected full . Life random is events of ,-- Anon.


Huge rate cut for Hillary speeches -- down 85% ...

Can [Cynthia] Nixon get female voters to abandon Cuomo?

Disney princess rips Planned Parenthood: 'An abortion doesn't empower women'

Trump pushes infrastructure plan, but says it will have to wait until after midterms

Russia to expel 60 U.S. diplomats, close St. Petersberg consulate ...

Judge denies motion to depose Trump, but Stormy Daniels' lawyer vows to refile

[Coulter:] 'Shallow, lazy, ignoramus' Trump needs a 2020 MAGA primary challenger

NYC: Women's only work places?

Rival Korean leaders to meet in historic summit ...

John Bolton's knife fighting skills alarm his critics

Trump calls Roseanne after HUGE ratings

Coulter: All Trump wants 'is for Goldman Sachs to like him'

Friday, March 30, 2018

Loosely Goosey

My wife just read me a story about how many of our callowed youth are borrowing against their student loans to buy Bitcoins. Now, it alarms me that the administration of this program is so loosey goosey that such irresponsible behavior can occur. (Loans under this program now total $1.3 trillion and growing rapidly.)

This student loan program, unless it is quickly reined in, is an ideal candidate to cause our next financial crisis ... and our Federal Reserve System will not have the same latitude to deal with it now as it had in 2008.

["Captain of the Titanic, there is a very big iceberg ahead ..."]

Fat Man

There once was a man from Moline,

A bigger person you've never seen.

He was so fat,

That it took a vat

To contain his evening's cuisine.


Our lives have always been full of things: Easter baskets, flashlights, toys, games, pictures, shoe horns, baseball bats, ashtrays, backstretches, DVDs, church keys, pitchers ... on and on ... more in our later life than in our earlier. And many, if not most, of these thing have disappeared to who knows where? How did they disappear? Is some child still schussing on my old skis or hopping around on my once pogo stick? Is some smoker still lighting up with my old Bic? I can recall many past images, but, for the life of me, can't remember the how, when or why they stole away. A few I would like to have back ... which begs the question -- why did I let them go?

But also, when I look around, I see many of my things that mean nothing to me anymore -- my old stamp collection, many pairs of shoes that I'll never again wear ... and ties ... and belts ... and garish Hawaiian shirts ... and even suits. Since I intend to be cremated, I might as well be wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt at the end.

So that old saying is true ... that we don't own things ... things own us. Ephemera can take over if we don't fight back. Trouble is ... fighting back gets harder the older we get ... a position I am currently in. Time to call 1-800-Got-Junk ... or the American Pickers.

Hell NO

In the run-up to Christendom's most holy days, Pope Francis has broken with his orthodoxy and claims that there is no punishment for an evil life -- hell ... see: CNS News Story. Au contraire your Holiness, if you haven't seen the story, Barack Obama wants to clone a million copies of himself and Michelle in order to finish his fundamental remaking of our society into the Left's notion of utopia. This utopia, Frankie baby, would be as close to Hell (on Earth) as anything Dante could have imagined.


Trump attack unleashes oppo against Mueller

Tesla's plunge could be 'self-fulfilling' prophecy for further declines, Morgan Stanley says

Stormy Daniels' lawyer says she 'would consider settlement' with Trump ...

Susan Rice joins Netflix board

Voters favor Stormy over Trump

Special Counsel Mueller links former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates to Russian spy

Self-driving car pulled over, ticketed ...

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens: 'Repeal the Second Amendment'

Trump wants to 'go after' Amazon over taxes, but Congress and Supreme Court Could settle issue for him

Mayo Clinic CEO: Some healthcare middlemen creating lots of 'waste' in U.S. system

Analysis: Constitution compels Sessions dismiss Mueller from non-campaign cases ...

NRA donations triple

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Which side is more guilty for the slaughter of our school children ... those who are resisting the dilution of our Second Amendment rights ... or those who are resisting placing armed sevurity guards in our schools?

Punching Back

Hillary Clinton called many of us "irredeemable deplorables" and, I'm sure, a lot worse in private. Now the right, taking a hint from Trump, is punching back. The Mostly Cajun blog has reprinted a series of epithets for the gun grabbers ... some coming close but, in general, a little harsh ... see: Mostly Cajun Quotes. (My favorite is "inbred college professors.") If you qualify as someone who wants to repeal the Second Amendment, like Justice Stevens, David Hogg and CNN, peruse these slurs to see how Middle America views you. They also don't quite match the invective spewed last weekend by For Our Lives "student" marchers toward the NRA but they come close. Take your pick and enjoy! Turn around is fair play.


How Trump favored Texas over Puerto Rico

China claims Kim Jong Un has agreed to denuclearize Korean Peninsula

ABC rolls out pro-Trump 'Roseanne' ...

Poll: One-fifth of Americans want to repeal Second Amendment

Watch out Zukerberg -- Congress is a trap

US and South Korea to revise trade pact with currency side deal

Trump privately suggests military could pay for wall ...

Schumer threatens lawsuit if Trump uses Pentagon for border wall

States to sue Trump administration for adding citizenship question to U.S. Census

FBI director admits his agency is dragging its feet in producing Clinton and Russia documents

Revolt against California 'sanctuary' [laws] ...

Michael Moore: 'Voting age should be lowered to 16'

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Today's Cartoon


Grassley, FTC, states turn screws on Facebook

Stocks surge: Dow closes more than 650 points higher as trade tensions ease

Kim makes surprise visit to Beijing ...

Jimmy Carter: John Bolton 'a disaster for our country'

Stormy Daniels' attorney: Trump hasn't tweeted about her because it's all true

Stormy Daniels sues Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen for defamation

Turkey daily portrays Merkel as Hitler, decries 'Nazi mentality'

CNN poll: Trump's approval soars to 42 percent --- up seven since February

Defense Secretary James Mattis faces his greatest challenge yet: John Bolton

White House makes it official: Ready to begin wall construction

Congress,an: Rumor Paul Ryan to resign, next 30 to 60 days

WAT: Omar Mateen's father -- was FBI informant

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hogg Wild

A story you may have missed ...

Afterward: Notice that, if a story doesn't fit the MSM narrative, it gets ignored. Sometimes even by Fox.


It's time to rethink your priorities when you hate your president more than you love your country. -- Anon.


From Mostly Cajun blog

I was still in the egg when this went down ...


[Tim] Kaine: Trump is 'lying' or 'delusional' on DACA

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin will eventually be the single global currency

Israeli intercepts incoming rockets from Gaza Strip ...

[Niki] Haley slams 'foolish' Human Rights Council after 5 new anti-Israel resolutions

Kaine questions whether Bolton can I get security clearance

The economy looks weak in the first quarter, but better days are coming

[March for Our Lives] Crowd count well below expected and initial reports ...

Student activists: Arming teachers puts kids more in danger'

Trump's legal team in flux as he reverses decision on controversial pair

Saudi Air Force intercepts missile over Riyadh, state television says

Flashback: School shootings getting LESS common ...

London homeless DOUBLE after deportations blocked by EU ...

Monday, March 26, 2018

March for Our Lives

A "For Our Lives" marcher from Newton

Knew not from a semi-automatic long gun.

But he persisted to tell us

That he was quite jealous

Of the weapons-of-war image t'was media-spun.

Dismal Sciences

The world is full of scientists who have abandoned their craft ... and are shoving each other aside to get "liked" on Facebook or have their video go viral on YouTube. Science starts with a premise, collects reliable data, conducts experiments to validate, modify or disprove the premise, offers the data and experiment protocols to peers for reproducible validation or invalidation and, finally, publishes results using a non-political narrative. This is called the "scientific method."

Unfortunately, due to social, monetary and academic pressures, this scientific methodology has, in many instances, been short circuited ... or even abandoned. And, equally unfortunately, our naive public seldom notices ... not a recipe for greater enlightenment. May I offer some contemporary examples?

- Psychiatrists and psychologists are diagnosing our president with all kinds of mental maladies without having examined him in person. This goes against the basic tenets of these soft sciences.

- Climate scientists (97%?) who build computer models using "adjusted data" whose predictions do not even come close to transpiring ... yet who tenaciously hold by their debunked premises.

- There have been some pretty astounding predictions made by scientists and scientist wannabes about the future of artificial intelligence ... from the future of autonomous cars to cyborgs eventually taking over our lives. Many of these predictions seem pie-in-the-sky ... driven more by Internet grandstanding than by true science.

- Has anyone (besides my son) worried about the demands that might be put upon our electric grid if our nation went totally electric cars, trucks, buses and planes? Yet, Elon Musk is leading us by the nose into this brave new world. Either we have converted to nuclear power plants by then ... or the output of fossils fuel plants will rise dramatically. (And I will never fly by in a battery-powered plane.)

- Economists, the most dismal scientists of all, are quick to predict the results of changes in regulations, taxes and tariffs --- most of which are not based in any science but on political leanings.


Emotions run high at mass gun demonstrations

Fact Check: Did Obama congratulate Putin on his election win? [Yes]

Thousands lose right to vote under 'incompetence' laws ...

Tarkanian takes lead in Nevada [House race] with Trump's endorsement

Trump moves to ban most transgender troops

School rejects father from taking daughter to prom

Erdogan calls anti-war students 'terrorists' ...

Spending bill does not fund 1,000 new deportation agents Trump requested

Bolton pick underscores Trump's foreign policy confusion

Report: Trump to expel Russian diplomats in response to UK poisonings

LA considers proposal to give housing to ALL homeless

Iranians charged with hacking universities, govt. agencies

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Student Marchers

What all those young gun grabbers who were marching around the country this past weekend can't or don't want to realize ... is that our Second-Amendment guns help keep the likes of Donald Trump from ever trying to become our dictator.


Much of our nation's fixation is Stormy's

Whose chest is a buxomy four D's

She had a nude romp

With a mogul named Tromp

And now she wants lots more  $C's

Mean Old Man

There was a n old man from Racine

Whose outllok on life was quite mean

Full of rant and raw rave

He went to his grave

Not fully have vented his spleen

Castor Oil

The heel biters have won. They have brought down their prey, Donald Trump, with his decision to sign the omnibus $1.3 trillion spending bill -- a "Christmas tree" so laden with hundreds of special-interest spending that its branches are figuratively breaking. But this tree doesn't have a nickle for"the wall" and, as a result, Donal Trump is humiliated. He has faced his moment of truth and he has blinked. And now all his enemies ... from Chuck Schumer to Kim Jong-Un now unfortunately know he is blinkable.

There is the feel of a Greek tragedy in his last minute decision not to  listen to his gut and, rather, use the excuse of fully funding our military ... as his lamo rationale. Whether voters will remind him of this capitulation this fall and in 2020 cannot be known. But, for this voter, it will be like taking a large dose of Castor Oil.

Afterthought: I would take my bitter medicine and vote for Trump because, from what I have seen of possible Democtat candidates, voting for one of them would be like drinking lye.


Trump's governing strategy: overpromise, underdeliver

Breaking news: Trump introduces plan to ban all bump stocks

FLASHBACK: Ryan, McConnell lie about funding border wall ...

Missing Iowa family found dead during Mexican vacation

Trump calls on Congress to reinstate line-item veto

Dude who claimed sex with Obama is livid at media's obsession with Stormy Daniels

Saudi Arabia opens airspace to Israel for first time ...

N. Korea has said nothing about a Kim-Trump meeting

Bolton pick underscores Trump's foreign policy confusion

Senate ditches town as three dozen Trump nominees await final vote

Musk takes down TESLA, SPACEX [web] pages ...

Tump signs bloated $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill, cites military funding

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bill the Cat

There was this boy from Piscataway

Whose Mom gave Bill, his cat, away.

He got so godawful mad

He appealed to his Dad

To dismiss his Miss thataway.


From Powerline blog

Sheryl Sandberg is COO of Facebook. John Podesta was Hillary's campaign manager.

Australian Greeting

From Powerline blog

Welcome matey ...


John Bolton to replace H.R. McMaster a us national security adviser

China hits back at up to $60 billion of US tariffs with only $3 billion of its own

Fastest growth for music industry un 20+ years ..

... Border wall: GOP makes excuses, Pelosi taunts Trump ...

Facebook employees fear 'golden' years are over

Senate averts government shutdown with $1.3 trillion spending bill

Tillerson says goodbye to 'very mean-spirited town' ...

... Bolton: What I've said in private is behind me

Trump strikes back at China tech practices with new tariffs

Record number of US Marines to train in Australia in symbolic challange to China

Clapper accused of misleading Congress over media contacts ...

Omnibus bill includes ***specific*** language barring funding for 'wall'

Friday, March 23, 2018

Omnibus Spending

Apparently, rhinos are also swamp creatures .

The Swamp

Is winning ...

Gotham Politics

There was a pol from New York

Who was often allergic to work

Being devoid of a soul

His ultimate goal

Was to gorge at the barrel of  pork

Quotable Quote

The first rule of gun fighting is to have a gun -- Mostly Cajun blog


Massive spending bill cinched despite Trump's misgivings

Cambridge Analytica is not the problem, Google and Facebook ARE the problem

Trump: 'Crazy' Biden will go down crying if he assaulted me ...

Brennan: I think Trump 'afraid' of Putin, blackmail suggested

Modest gun measure set to hitch a ride on spending package

White House will announce tariffs cracking down on Chinese theft of intellectual property

ABCNEWS: McCabe authorized criminal probe of Sessions ...

Hillary: Trump 'undermines' presidency to enrich family, disrupts world order

Poll: Trump disapproval lowest in more than a year

Musk could make more than $50 billion from his newly approved pay plan ... but he has a lot to deliver

More cities seek to defy 'sanctuary' as revolt grows ...

YouTube bans all gun demo videos

Thursday, March 22, 2018

East Orange

There was a man from East Orange

Oops ...


I know, I know how many find President Trump's Twitter storms offensive, but what would those lovebirds, Joe and Mika, do to keep their audience glued to their  short snippets of fake news and hysterical commentary sandwiched in among all those commercials? And, of course, many other media "pundits" also echo this same zinger about Trump's AM rantings ... a safe comment ... unlikely to be challenged.

However, I am  a growing fan of these communiques as they let me know exactly what Trump is chewing on ... and, much more importantly, it gives us, who have been dissatisfied with the opaque nature of our governments process, an x-ray view of the possible  malignancies in our government. For much too long, we Americans have been fed the ambergris from that lumbering whale in Washington. The relation of this regurgitated pablum to the truth is too often tenuous . It is a fiction designed to tie together visible events in a way that hides really what is happening.

Thank heavens Trump does not play this media game. As best he can he reveals what really is happening under the surface of the DC swamp. Yes, he does bring his own bias to these tweets, but insofar as they differ from what we are normally allowed to see, they give us, those who care to see, am unique perspective on the possible truth. I don't claim it is the total truth. But it is far more genuine than the chewed-over press releases ... and their media echoes to which we have become accustomed.

Keep up the tweeting Donald! Ignore all those critics who are afraid of a different ... and likely a more informed ... version of the straight skinny. That's just the ignorant rolling around in their ignorance.

Jabba Dabba Do

There was an Aussie from Perth

T'was the fattest man on Earth

At eighty stone five

He was barely alive

They never could measure his girth

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Trump subject to trifecta of sex-scandal lawsuits

Austin bombings suspect killed himself with an explosive device after confrontation, police say

DERSHOWITZ: Special counsel should never have been appointed ...

Xi challanges Trump, Taiwan: China will ive up 'not a single inch of land'

Trump campaign sprints away from Cambridge Analytica

China and Russia are pursuing hypersonic weapons -- and the U.S. can't defend against them

Biden says he would have 'beat the hell out' of Trump in high school

World Bank: 140M+ face forced migration due to climate change

Stormy Daniels: 'There was no sleeping' during time with Trump

Court kills Obama [era] oversight of retirees' savings plans

Claim: NOAA temp tampering nears 2.5 degrees [F] ...

Study: Trump tariffs could add 19K steel amd aluminum jobs

Cigarette Mouth

There was a young lass from Argyle

Who had a wonderful smile.

Except for some teeth,

Above and beneath,

T'were stained the color of bile.


Trump hires Russian probe critic Joseph de Genova to his legal team

Dem. Rep. Suggests using Second Amendment to take up arms against Trump

Mueller has been botching investigations since the anthrax attack ...

Police: Austin, TX 'serial bomber' is changing tactics

Dems under pressure to block Pompeo, Haspel [confirmations]

American youth love free speech -- until it hurts their feelings

Ex-Obama campaign drops FACEBOOK bombshell: 'They were on our side' ...

Saudi crown prince slams Islamic 'extremists' ahead of Trump meeting

Supreme Court won't block new Pennsylvania congressional map

College tells black comedian not to tell jokes about race

Police order GOOGLE to turn over location data for all users near crime scenes

Dems reject WH bid for wall funds

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Quotable Quote

"A society that listens to its children is degenerate" -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Bad versus Dirty

No, this posting  is not about Stormy Daniels. It's about law enforcement.

Dirty cops are not the same as bad cops. Bad cops are depicted by the Black Lives Matter mob as out to kill young unarmed black men without cause ... based on the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" fiction coming out of the Ferguson, Missouri (justifiable) shooting of Michael Brown. Yes, there are some rogue cops but they are few and far between.

Dirty cops are much more dangerous and prevalent ... particularly at the FBI. They are the likes of the FBI's  original blackmailing and tone-setting director,  J. Edgar Hoover and, much later, its sanctimonious director, James Comey and his band of henchmen inside Obama's bureau (Strzok, McCabe, Orr, Page, etc.) who used the raw power of their positions to subvert honest law enforcement for political purposes. Truly sinister, corrupt and despicable ... and dirty.

Will the Trump administration and Congress be able to cleanse this agency of all this filth? If Jeff Sessions at the Justice Department  can pull this Aegean task off, they should rename the FBI building after him instead of Hoover.


Republicans want Trump to back off Mueller

Putin overwealmingly wins another 6 years as Russian leader

Three quarters say Trump should remove Mueller ...

Italy to name two mothers, no fathers, on baby's birth certificate for first time

2 hurt as [new] explosion rocks Austin

White House officials made to sign non-disclosure agreements, report says

Poll: Majority troubled by  'deep state' ...

Border Patrol agents arrest 7 Bangladesh nationals in 2 days near Texas border

Trump likely to quit Iran deal, Corker says

Democrats enjoy double-digit lead leading into midterms, NBC/WSJ poll

[Saudi crown prince] Takes $400 million stake in Ari Emanuel's talent agency ...

Adam Schiff: Dem report will show 'facts' supporting collusion

Monday, March 19, 2018

Trumping Trump

A number of years ago, Donald Trump's company bought a property in Palm Beach, Florida for $40 million and sold it a few years later to a Russian oligarch for $100 million. Also, this company has sold condos in Trump properties around the world ... mostly bought through shell corporations for some hundreds of million dollars in cash to, again, Russian oligarchs and Chinese poobahs trying to secrete (launder) money out of their countries around currency transfer restrictions.

The Trump organization has paid little taxes on these tidy profits because of a $900 million tax-loss carry-forward from its disastrous bankruptcies in the early 1990s. These catastrophic losses were then ameliorated by some generous loans mostly from Russian banks ...  which kept the whole Trump organization from going belly up (and also bailed out many U.S. banks which had lent Trump money.) Trump, feeling obliged to Russia and China for these previous business transactions (among other likely strategic reasons), has been reluctant, since becoming president, to being overly confrontational to these two historic U.S. enemies.

That, dear readers, seems the essence of what charges likely will be forthcoming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller against President Trump within a few weeks of the midterm elections in November. No Russian election collusion, no obstruction of justice, nor any real expectation of getting an impeachment vote in the House, let alone a conviction in the Senate. This type of sweetheart financial dealings are so commonplace in both U.S. political parties that it would be the height of hypocrisy for enough of these quasi-criminal pols to suddenly find Jesus.

Thus, Mueller's bombshells would be all about flipping the House and Senate to the Democrats ... and getting back at Trump for besmirching some of Mueller's fake-Republican buddies.

Like a Glove

There are certain adjectives that fit certain individuals like a glove. Here are some top nominees:

James Comey -- sanctimonious

Donald Trump -- blustery

Sydney Blumenthal -- vicious

Barack Obama -- haughty

Rand Paul -- sardonic

Chuck Schumer -- unctuous

Jerry Brown -- corrosive

Hillary Clinton -- crooked

Harvey Weinstein -- greasy

Mike Pence -- pius

Robert Mueller -- stealthy

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Burma Knave

There was a weird geek from Rangoon

Who drank his schnapps with a spoon

He said with a smile,

"Every once in a while

They let me chug the spittoon."


McCabe kept memos on Trump conversations

Career bureaucrats rally around McCabe

Cambridge Analytica denies sneaking Facebook data for Trump campaign ...

U.S. factory output jumped 1.2 percent in February

Report: Trump-linked firm exploited data on 50 million Facebook users

North Korean diplomat heads to Finland for talks ahead of possible summit with US: Report

Paper: Big tech needs to face Roosevelt-style trustbusting

Palestinians claim White House delaying peace plan until Abbas leaves office

Engineer at FIU reported cracks in structure days before bridge collapse

China and Germany agree to work on steel overcapacity after US tariffs

Dems rush to offer jobs to protect [McCabe's] pension ...

Judge Janine to McCabe: quit claiming 'victim status' -- you should have been taken out in handcuffs

The Road to Riches

Write an "insider" book bashing President Trump. (Comey anyone?)


Brussels publishes U.S. tariff retaliations lists totaling billions

Exclusive: GOP leadership going to fund sanctuary cities

Trump atty demands $20M from Stormy

U.S. Army looking toward land combat robots in 2019

Stormy Daniels' attorney says she has been threatened with physical harm

British court orders Christopher Steele to appear for deposition in dossier suit

JUSTICE: Sessions fires McCabe before he can retire ...

Texts reveal Strzok relationship with Flynn case judge

Democrats' civil war flavors after Lamb's upset win

Students trash Walmart during anti-gun walkout in Chicago

National debt hits $21 trillion ...

Limbaugh theory: Mueller wants to nullify Trump's $900 million tax deduction - from 1995 - to ruin him

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018


Exclusive: Trump finalizing opioid plan that includes death penalty for dealers

Trump decides to remove National Security Advisor McMaster: Washington Post

Republics push Internet sales tax ...

Parents argue school district's decision to allow student walkout

Democrats meddle in Illinois GOP primary

Southeast Asia is increasingly turning toward India instead of US or China

Space Race: Mission to Mars in 2019 ...

SECRET EMPIRES: Joe Biden and John Kerry's sons strike billion dollar deal

Donald Trump Jr.'s wife, Vanessa Trump, files for divorce

If the US and Russia had a cyberwar, Russia would win: Cybersecurity CEO

US accuses Russia for attacks on [electric] grid

Illegal alien acquitted of killing Kate Steinle sues Feds for 'vindictive prosecution'

Walnut Brain

There was a young snowflake from Maine.

Who had a walnut for a brain.

He protested "white privilege,"

Due to poor self-image.

So his tiny brain was quite germane.