Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Too Oft Repeated ...

Locus: a press conference in downtown Gotham ...

Players: the very tall, dim-witted mayor, the state's somewhat shifty governor, and the too-loyal chief of police.

Now, the opening of the news conference: "As you all know I am the mayor of this city where a few short hours ago we suffered this gruesome tragedy. But first of all, we must say that our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this apparently lone-wolf attack. We cannot yet classify this as terror even though the suspect was shouting something in Arabic when he exit his lethal vehicle ...which mowed down all these victims. We will name all the dead after their next of kin have been notified. It is also far to early to release the name of the assailant or describe his motivation which we don't yet understand ... but we want to caution everyone not to jump to conclusions and to lash out at those minorities assumed to be responsible. We want to commend our first responders for the heroism and professionalism in how they dealt with this horrific act. Remember everyone ... if you see something, say something ... blah blah blah ... blah blah ... blah blah blah ... blah.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Tony Podesta to step down from lobbying giant  amid Mueller probe

Podesta plays key role in Manafort indictment

Report: FBI reliance on 'Russian dossier' threatens prosecution ...

Economist: Mass immigration into U.S. is 'world's largest anti-poverty program' at expense of Americans

Manafort's clothing tab: $1.3 million

Judge blocks Trump's administration's ban on transgenders in the military

Kimmel: 'Maybe days of fun are over' on late-night [TV] ...

German migrant agency fails to send 'refuges' back even when home countries are safe

Property-tax deduction could help GOP [tax] reform proposal

U.S. is exporting so much oil it is straining country's pipelines

China warns Kim to stop [nuke tests] ...

Harveywood: Kevin Spacey comes out as gay after accusation of advance on 14-year-old actor

Monday, October 30, 2017

Comment Bait

Special Counsel Robert Mueller-dropped three shoes today. He indicted Paul Manafort and his sidekick Rick Gates for a bunch of white-collar crimes when they were working for the Podesta Group many years before they hooked up with Trump to lead his campaign for two months through the Republican convention in the summer of 2016. Their work for the Podesta Group involved doing PR for the Ukraine government ... rather than colluding with Russia. And the name Donald Trump does not appear in the Mueller indictments. Also Mueller revealed that an unpaid Trump campaign worked named George Papadopolous had been arrested this past July for lying to authorities about an attempted Russian contact.

The Podesta Group is a powerful DC lobbying firm and is run by the brothers John and Tony Podesta.  John Podesta had been Hillary Clinton's campaign manager in her failed attempt at the presidency.  Interestingly, Tony Podesta resigned today from the Podsta group after it had been revealed that he too is a target of Mueller's investigation.

And in another related development a former FBI informant is now been freed to testify to Congress (if he lives) about some actual campaign collusion with Russia ... but the other party here is not Donald Trump, but the DNC ... which paid some $12 million through an intermediary for the fake Russian pee pee dossier on Trump ... which was then likely used by the Obama administration to justify surveiling the Trump campaign. So the fox has now morphed into the rabbit. I and a lot of others wonder if Mueller will investigate this actual Russian campaign collusion ... by the Democrats?

Given his politics and that of his posse, this seems unlikely.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from The Daily Caller?

Trump team response to Russia news: Focus on Clinton, leaks, anything

Vegas security guard sequestered in MGM hotel ...

The Guardian: Rise of free-thinking LGBT conservatives is 'troubling'

Cop fired for wearing confederate underwear get $55,000 settlement

Capitol Hill's sexual harassment policy stacked against victims

City of  Hate: Rash of 'knockout attacks' has NYC on edge ...

Jerry Brown warns California Republicans not to vote for tax reform

Icelandic voter give center-left opposition narrow margin in parliament

Flake retirement could help GOP save the Senate

House panel secures access to [Fusion GPS] bank records ...

WaPo: Congress has special U.S. Treasury fund to payout sexual harassment victims

Tropical storm Philippe bears down on Cuba, the Bahamas -- and threatens South Florida

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Can we now assume that any female that starred in a Miramax film first had to have watched Harvey Weinstein take a shower?


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Breitbart?

Corporate penalities have plunged at SEC since Trump took over

Report: Mueller files first charges in Russian investigation

Catalonia declares independence [from Spain] ...

Houston Texans owner on anthem protesters: 'Can't have inmates running the prison' ...

Haley: 'I would not take' Secretary of State job

U.S. airstrikes absolutely decimate ISIS terrorists

Top 20% pay 95% of all [U.S.] income taxes ...

UK newspaper got anonymous tip just 25 minutes before JFK was assassinated

Jeff Bezos is now richest man in the world with $90 billion

An object passes through our solar system and NASA doesn't know what it is

Pentagon plans national blackout drill ...

Report: Kushner's role deminished in Trump's China trip

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Is anyone shocked that Special Counsel,  Robert Mueller, has caused his grand jury to issue an indictment or indictments in the Trump-Russia collusion probe? We should know on Monday who the indictee(s) are. Since the revelation that Hillary Clinton and the DNC had indeed colluded with Russia, through the Fusion GPS firm, to try to smear Trump prior to last year's election, the pressure is on Mueller to reverse this reversal. Although the liberal media has been trying to ignore Fusion GPS and the Uranium One scandal, these damaging revelations are beginning to change the narrative in the Deep State's slow motion coup.

So ... Mueller has been forced to pull the trigger on his investigation ... and, I predict, he better hit the target's bullseye. If this first indictment or indictments are not stunners, then it is likely that this special investigation might quickly become a laugher ...

Afterward: My prediction is Paul Manafort ... ,maybe when he was oorking for the Podesta Group ...

Kids' Game

From Powerline blog

Are you a cat?


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from CNBC?

Republicans spoil for a fight over Russian probe budget

North Korea's relationship with its sole ally is losing steam

Spooks suppress last JFK files

Report: U.S. to direct humanitarian efforts in Mideast: No more U.N. funding

House narrowly passes budget setting up mammoth tax fight

Trump declares opioid epidemic a public health emergency

Number of billionaires jumps 10% ... Asia now has more than U.S. ...

HyperHype: More Tesla layoffs

GAO to investigate Trump's voter fraud commission

New sanctions on North Korea announced by Treasury Dept.

Clinton lawyer linked to dossier at Podesta's side as he denies knowledge ...

Pentagon recommends requiring women to sign up for draft

Friday, October 27, 2017

Bon Mot

"The moral high ground in Washington is measured in millimeters." -- Jonathan Turley, Esq. (on Friday night's Tucker Carlson's show)

Quote for Today

Wisdom often does come with old age ... but, unfortunately, so does forgetfulness -- Anon.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from the Drudge Report?

Judge denies request to force Trump to pay Obamacare insurance subsidies

DOJ frees up Uranium One informant to [testefy to] Congress

Five women accuse journalist Mark Halperin of sexual harassment

Report: 42% of American children under 8 own a tablet

Republicans seize on dossier revelations to counter Russian probe

Poll: [Republican] Gillespie takes a huge lead in Virginia governors race

Cohn floats idea of gas tax hike for infrastructure ...

Trump Admin. bypasses Congress, tightens H1-b guidelines

Corker vows to get answer on Trump's Russian sanctions delay

CNN butchers the facts about the dossier

Plague warning in 9 countries ...

George H.W. Bush apologizes for 'sexual assault' on actress


Is there possibly a connection between the extremely generous yet lax IT employment requirements that the Pakistani Awan family enjoyed under Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other House Democrats? For details on this weird and suspicious relationship, see: NY Post Article. And the fact that the Awans likely knew, because of their access to congressional Democrat and Democrat Narional Committee computers, all about the multi-million dollar shinanigans that the DNC was engaging in with Fusion GPS ... regarding the fakeTrump-Russian dossier? Was this stunning Congressional laxity and generosity to the Awan family connected to the fact that they knew all about this dossier dirt ... and maybe even the more explosive Uranium One scandal?

If so, I think they might have been involved in their own shinanigins ... sometimes known to law enforcement as blackmail ...

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Off the Mark

Facetious hat?
Mark Halperin is my favorite liberal journalist. But, it seems that he too has been caught up in the latest societal pogrom as five women have accused him of sexual harassment ... and he has been sacked at MSNBC ... see: CNN Story

Why is he my favorite? Because about two years ago he was asked on Morning Joe what he thought of President Obama. He said, after being assured his answer would be bleeped, that Obama was "a dick" He obviously wasn't bleeped ... and was then suspended for just a few weeks.


... apple pie and hot dogs ...


All from Internet views sites. Guess which fro the Daily Caller?

Trump purges enemies and reshapes [Republican] party in his image

Mueller investigating Podesta Group for collusion with Manafort, Russia

Clinton, DNC paid for dirt, Russian dossier

Hate crime hoax: Police arrest black man for KKK graffiti at Michigan university

Poll: Most Americans -- including Dems -- want Obama's Iran deal renegotiated

Democrats: Tax reform failure will flip the House [of Representatives]

Obama DOJ funneled big bank settlement money to liberal groups

Census: 44.6% of Californians don't speak English at home ...

President Trump allows refugee restart -- with new security rules

Menendez friend describes [in court] $600K donations from Melgen

Maryland retirement community only sold homes to Muslims

Paul Ryan: 'Dreamers' will be part of spending bill ...

Oregon has more food stamp recipients than public school students

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Why Trump?

I was watching Morning Perjoritive, er, Joe this morning and sighing Mika was dropping mortar rounds on Trump again as she does every morning without fail ... and she asked every guest to join her in her fusillade. This was all in the context of Jeff Flake's denouncement of Trump on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday. Flake is now considered to be the conscious of conservatism ... even though he is for open borders and the kind of free trade that bleeds the U.S. of jobs.

Is Trump Sir Galahad? Hardly! He is a bit of a blowhard. And an egomaniac. His tie is too long. He does stretch the truth, but doing a Google search on his "lies" does not turn up many whoppers. Most of his lies are a consequence of his oversized ego ... like exaggerating the size of his inauguration crowd (and his pickle.) But compared to Hillary's and Obama's monstrous mendacity, he is a piker.

So why did I vote for and still support this "mentally deranged idiot?" It really comes down to the lesser of two evils. The previous administration was so corrupt, so dirty, so anti-American, so self-serving, so duplicitous, so mendacious, so slimy, so dangerous ... I could go on for quite a while ... that it couldn't be allowed to continue. However, sometimes doctors use one malady to defeat another ... like when they use malaria to cure cancer.

And to me,Trump is the lesser malaria defeating the more lethal cancerous scourge of the Obama/Clinton threat. This would-be terminal disease is now being pushed into remission and yet, many myopics and slope-heads like Mika are incensed that we are suffering the ague of the Trump malaria. I myself am more than willing to suffer some night sweats to avoid our country's big sleep.

Now, my liberal friends and readers, you know why I have said and written such heresy.


Massachusetts Senatot Elizabeth Warren (aka, Lie-a-watha) has a reputation for stretching the truth ... like when she claimed to be part Indian to garner a law professorship at UPenn and then later at Harvard. Since then, she has parlayed this fake ethnicity into becoming the senior senator from the Bay State ... but has quietly dropped this native-American fantasy.

Now she is reveling in make-believe once again ... claiming to have been sexually harassed as a "baby law professor" in Texas. Her story was first unraveled in the Boston Globe of all places and now is fully exposed for her mendacity in the Boston Herald.

Like many of Warren's breathless pronouncements, this story smacks of hyperbole (or lies, if it were Trump). Her sexual "predator" clearly didn't chase her around the desk ... he was much older and had had polio. She clearly was not "shaking" because she joked about this incident when she lauded him at his funeral. All in all, Lie-a-watha wanted to jump again onto the "me too" self-promotional bandwagon. She is clearly a poseur all the way to the top feather on her war bonnet.

To be  fair, it's not that Senator Warren may not have some good ideas ... but when her initial heritage premise was a fraud ...  followed up by her additional fake grandstandings ... somehow she loses quite a bit of her luster.

Corker Comes a Corker

First read: NY Times Article, then, in this pissing contest between President Trump and Senator Corker, the senator clearly needs some more leverage. I suggest he should find himself a red cowboy hat ... like Rep. Frederica Wilson ... and then accuse Trump of not remembering his name ...


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Drudge Report?

[Harry] Reid still wielding major influence over Democrats

[UCal] Professor claims math, algebra, geometry promote 'white privelege'

Fire loss total surges to 8,400 structures in Northern California

ISIS jihadists execute 128 civilians in 'revenge' attack on Syrian town

McCain: I don't consider Trump to be a draft dodger

U.S. considers slapping sanctions back on Myanmar a year after removing them

China lifts Xi's status to most powerful leader in decades ...

Report: Woody Allen next film has sex between adult and 15-yeoar-old girl

GOP senators hold up disaster aid over Puerto Rico concerns

Men taking classes to unlearn 'toxic masculinity' ...

Great Again: 1.5 million fewer Americans on food stamps ...

Dem worries mount in Virginia gov. race

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Social Sandpaper

President Trump's interpersonal style is to keep interlocutors off balance with insults, half-truths and hyperbole  ... whereas the media and many Democrats believe that this has been their God-given advantage. This seems to be the basis of much of America's current societal friction. And, since neither side is likely to change their sandpaper styles, we are likely due for a stressful number of years ... that is, except for those who understand this dynamic ... like much of middle America.


All from Internet news sires. Guess which from Politico?

DNC enters 2018 in cash panic

CIA kill teams ready to wreak havoc in Afghanistan after Trump lets them off chain

NFL stadiums nearly empty as backlash continues ...

RNC beats DNC in September fundraising by $6 million

California Republicans gaga for Trump

Trump says that there will be no changes in 401(k) plans

Jimmy Carter unleashed: Russians didn't alter election ...

... Winning: Most signatories 'ignoring' or 'abandoning' Paris agreement

Japanese prime minister [Abe] coasts to election win

[Saudi] Prince Alwaleed says Bitcoin will implode: 'Enron in the making'

Venezuelans use Bitcoin 'mining' to avoid inflation ...

Pope condemns aborting babies with disabilities

Monday, October 23, 2017


President Trump's Chief of Staff, General Kelly, is a racist according to Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC. This, according to O'Donnell,  is not only because he called red cowboy-hatted Representative Frederica Wilson an "empty barrel" (makes a lot of noise) but also because Kelly grew up around Boston, is Irish and a Catholic ... see: "The Five" Video.

Interestingly, O'Donnell is also an Irish Catholic who grew up in Boston ... as were JFK, RFK, all that generation of Kennedys, Ray Flynn, Conan O'Brien, John Kerry (once a year on St. Patrick's Day), Kevin White, Marty Walsh, Cardinal Cushing, Ben Affleck, Whitey and Billy Bulger, James Curley, Senator Ed Markey, John L. Sullivan, Tip O'Neill, Mary McGrory, and so on and on. They all must be or have been racists and should be shunned or have their histories expunged.

No? Can't be? Then it must be that Lawrence O'Donnell made a prejudicial comment and is another self-loathing sufferer of Irishophobia.

Thought for Today

Ex-presidents are like stinky cheese ... what was once malodorous, in retirement, often becomes attractive -- Anon.

Quote forToday

Women hold up the sky -- Mao Zedong


All from Internet news sites ... including Politico.

Madrid unveils plan to take direct control of Catalonia

Trump to cover staff legal fees as Russian probe unfurls

9.7-million-year-old teeth discovery could re-write human history ...

Donald Trump: Without social media, I may not be president

Grassley won't force Sessions to answer Trump-Comey questions

Duerte now says he'll execute criminals himself

American nuke bombers buzz NKorea ...

Five injured, one arrested after knife rampage in Munich

Czech voters hand Euroskeptic Babis big victory

Survivor wonders why feminists won't fight female genital mutilation

Serial killer in Tampa?

Iraqi invasion: Looting, arson trigger mass exodus of 100,000 in Kurdish Kirkuk

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Blue Suede Shoes

I was just watching a Time-Life promotional ad on TV for its Oldies and Goodies rock-a-billy CD collection ... Jerry Lee Lewis, the Platters, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers, etc.  ... and one snippet was from "Blue Suede Shoes" by  Carl Perkins (1955, my Junior year in HS). This started a flood of memories about my life back then ... including, of course, my, no kidding, blue suede shoes, pegged pants and, yes, my duck-tail haircut. (actually I think we called it a "duck's-ass" haircut.) This get-up also required a little wire brush to tend to the shoes, Suave hair cream and a comb in your back pocket to keep your hair ducked.

At some point I might try to recall and recount more of the lettuce leaves in my salad days ... but, for now, I am just a bit chagrined that I was such a slave to fashion back then. This is maybe why I swim so much against the faddish tides these trying times.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.

It seems that Bill Clinton had Loral Corp. supply China with critical missile technology in exchange for something more than $3 million in China's contributions  to his campaign.

And Hillary Clinton permitted controlling interest in Uranium One, representing 20% of U.S. uranium stockpiles, to be sold to the Russians for its $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

At the very least the Clintons  apparently have learned to charge much more each time they  sell out their country. Judas Iscariot never learned this economic lesson since there was only one Christ.

Today's Question

What is more likely to bring us down ... the DC swamp miasma or carbon dioxide?


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Trump to allow release of secret JFK assasination files ...

Fed Chair Yellen says low inflation this year is an unexplainable 'surprise'

Lawyer: How Mueller tried to entrap me ...

[Lou] Dobbs: Uranium One may turn out to be the biggest scandal in American political history

Trump nominees show up for work without waiting for Senate approval

CIA director: ISIS still 'enormous threat' despite its battlefield setbacks

Students love Trump's tax plan -- when they think it's Bernie's!

Sweden politicians want to deploy Army to no-go zones

Ryan: Tax plan will include higher bracket for the rich

House committee closes in on firm behind Trump Dossier

Bill [Clinton] met with Putin just before uranium deal ...

UK socialized medicine: No surgery for smokers

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Today's Quote

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies away from your computer -- Anon.

Today's Picture

From Powerline blog


All from Internet news sites, Guess which from Politico?

China 30-year plan to rule world ...

[Gen.] Kelly lends Trump personal and powerful credibility

John McCain denies being Buzzfeed's Trump dossier source

Judge orders Mandalay: Don't destroy evidence ...

'Ten out of ten' Trump and Puerto Rican governor praise hurricane response

Obama in Virginia: 'Our democracy is at stake'

Florida Dem says she's 'a rock star' after White House attacks

PROSECUTOR: Mueller's staffing choices suggests not interested in justice ...

Senate Judiciary seeks info from FBI informant on Uranium One

GOP leaders reach deal to set up tax reform

North Korea is 'different this time' says Singapore prime minister

BushObama slam state of the nation

Bill asked permission from Hillary's State Dept. to meet w/ Russian nuke official

Friday, October 20, 2017


I'm not usually paranoid, but there was one moment when I fell into this psychotic pitfall.

Short story:

Almost twenty years ago I had started a data analysis software company, Occam Research, and had attracted a number of big-bucks investors. However, to protect themselves, these investors insisted that the company take out a multi-million dollar insurance policy on my life. Like most start-ups the company eventually ran into cash-flow problems causing me considerable heartburn. And, in the back of my mind, I often thought that my passing might solve the company's problems ... and had a few paranoid thoughts that others might have these secret thoughts.

A short time later, while driving to work following my standard route, I experienced a strange happenstance -- a huge limb fell off a tree just about ten feet in front of my car ... a limb, had it hit my car might have sent me to my maker. I drove around this fallen limb and to work. But, the more I thought about this close call, the more I worried that my paranoia might be of substance. So I drove back to the location of this fallen limb to see if anything was suspicious ... saw marks, etc.

But, by the time I got back there, the limb had been removed by the DPW ... so, alas, I will never know if my paranoia was justified.

Angels and Devils

Robert Mueller is no angel and Donald Trump is no devil. This slow motion coup against our current president seems orchestrated by the Clinton crime family as compensation for Hillary's second screw-up. This coup is being led by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller who was appointed by the DOJ second in charge, Ron Rosenstein, after AG Jeff Sessions recused himself. The supposed subject of Mueller's investigation is Russian collusion with the Trump team in last year's election ... although this impetus seems to have been sidetracked.

Now, we find that there is an FBI informant who is trying to be heard about actual Russian collusion, corruption and money laundering surrounding America's strategic stockpile of uranium ... the necessary ingredient in Iran's and North Korea's nuclear weapons ... they both being in short supply of same. This FBI informant has not till now been heard of because Obama's first AG, Eric Holder threatened to fine and jail him if he did.

The information that he has to offer is slowly being leaked ... primarily about how 20% of U.S. uranium, in the form of the company Uranium One, is no under Russian control after a series of cute moves by the Obamaistas. It seems that there were a series of donations by Russian oligarchs to the Clinton Foundation totaling $145 million, plus at least a million dollars paid to Bill Clinton for two short speeches to Russian financial institutions. In return, the strategic-transfer advisory board, which passed on this sale of Uranium One to Russia, was headed  by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Who else was on this board you ask?

Why Eric Holder, Robert Mueller, Ron Rosenstein and a few others. It seems to this observer that this was the real Russian collusion ... and validates an old head-fake warning -- anytime the Democrats accuse the Republicans of something, the chances are that they are doing it themselves. Exactly who are the angels and devils in this political passion play?

For its first attempt to whitewash this potential scandal see: Washington Post Story.

 This story is not over ... not by a long shot. That is, unless this FBI informant is silenced by a long shot.


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Trump keeps his focus on the sideshows

Congress probes whether Obama DOJ used Trump dossier in front of surveillance court

White House debates presidential visit to [Korean] DMZ ...

Atty: FBI informant blocked by Obama admin from testifying on Uranium One ...

Fusion GPS officials visit Capitol Hill, won't testify

Massachusetts elementary school cancels Halloween to respect all students

Quebec public ban on face coverings: North American first ...

Kurdish outlet: Shiite militias beheading Peshmerga in Kirkuk

Trump: Comey 'lied and leaked' and protected Clinton

China's central bank is warning about a sudden collapse in asset prices

Spain to suspend Catalan autonomy ...

Cover up update: NBC News president connected to Weinstein

Thursday, October 19, 2017


For some reason millennials are wont to make up two-word neologisms for previously common  concepts. Why our traditional words for these ideas are no longer operable is strange ...  perhaps our "snowflakes" have a pressing need to reinvent things? Here are a few of their new ways of expressing things ... along with the traditional words:

virtue signaling = sanctimonious

cultural appropriation = mimicry

safe space = sanctuary

fat (etc.) shaming = ridicule

white privilege = snobbery

false flag = imposter ... or a misdirection

gender fluid = asexual

cultural incompetence = savagery

Trigger warning = heads-up

Toxic masculinity = machismo

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Bannon's army includes candidates backed by GOP establishment

Obama officials pretended to be Samantha Power to unmask 260 people, including Trump associates

Death toll from San Diego hepatitis outbreak raises to 19 ... 500 cases confirmed ...

Molly Ringwald tells how Hollywood sexual predators preyed on her at [age] 13

Raqqa's liberation will change, not end, fight against ISIS

'The last time I broke a man's chin' -- Harvard Law Professor threatens Sebastian Gorka

LeBron James locks arms during national anthem: wears [gold]  'equality' shoes ...

Harvey sent gushing e-mails to 'Madam Secretary' Hillary Clinton

Rand Paul opposes Senate GOP budget

Monday night football rating are in ... OUCH

Soros transfers $18 billion to his foundation ...

Mnuchin says stock market will see a 'significant' drop if tax reform is not passed

The Death of Humor

No way guys. I understand that the old man who lives there uses dead children to score points with his base.

The pallbearers are Jimmy Kimmel, the New Yorker magazine editors, Stephen Colbert, and the SNL"comedy" writers ...

Sexual Ptedator Awards

National Order Of Swamp Emeritus (NOOSE)

L to S

It is difficult to believe that the simple change of an L to an S ... ISIL to ISIS ... has made such a dramatic difference in just 10 months. Now ISIS fighters who just last year, as ISIL, were cutting the heads off Christians ... now are befouling themselves when captured by the Kurds in Iraq. It is clear to me that Obama was merely going through the motions of trying to defeat that "JV team, ISIL" .... unwilling to bomb their oil-truck convoys that funded these murders ... or really carry the fight to these monsters. Our community organizer's years of pretending to "degrade ISIL" were a sham and it cost the American taxpayers billions and created a worldwide immigration crisis which, in turn, promulgated hundreds of terrorist attacks.

Now our new president has changed this enemy's name to ISIS and promised to DEFEAT them ... and is doing just that by unleashing his military and arming the Kurds. And this bit of simplicity is clearly working. I suspect it will take many years until historians recognize this truth ... that is, unless Ken Burns tells the tale.

I also suspect, nay predict, that the same scenerio may soon be taking place in Afghanistan as it becomes clear to the Taliban that its opposition is now serious about destroying them.

Three Faced

That truly deplorable harridan, Jane Fonda, was a hottie when she was young ... many think she still is. But she also was and still is a traitor ... a traitor who supported her country's enemy in time of war ... and has justifiably earned the animus of much of America, including this writer.

Back in 1972 while the US was at war she traveled to Hanoi, North Vietnam where she was pictured womaning an anti-aircraft gun ... smiling from ear to ear. She also said that American pilots held as POWs nearby were war criminals and should be put on trial and, presumably, executed ... see: The Lily Story.

After living under this cloud for 44 years, she finally seemed to rue this youthful indiscretion and, in particular this photo, saying "I was wrong. It was a huge, huge mistake." ... which also helped push her just-released book ... see: Hollywood Reporter Story and  Fox News Story

But now, after seeing herself on the Ken Burns documentary on this subject, and in a rethinking of her rethinking, Hanoi Jane now says, "I do not regret going to Vietnam" -- "I'm proud of it" ... see: Breitbart Story.

What a three-faced hottie hag!

Have you now figured out that I am not fonda Fonda?


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

[Hawaii] Judge blocks Trump's latest travel ban order

Report: FBI sat on evidence tying Clintons to Russian bribery scheme

2,800 Huma gov't docs found on Weiner's laptop ...

Study: More immigrants in 2016 than ever before in American history

[Sens.] Alexander, Murray strike bipartisan Obamacare deal

Bob Weinstein has now been accused of sexual harassment

Alabama shock poll: Roy Moore tied with Dem ...

Trump tells McCain: 'At some point, I fight back'

Trump official halts abortions among undocumented pregnant teens

Kaepernick blames Trump for his unemployment

Anti-immigrant billionaire politician rises in Czech Republic ..?

[Jane] Fonda: 'I don't regret going to Vietnam' -- 'I'm proud'

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


All from Internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

October omen: Sun turns red over London ...

Shock report: FBI uncovers confirmation of Hillaty's corrupt uranium deal with Russia

Trump: Clinton's defense of kneeling NFL players shows 'why she didn't win'

CONFIRMED: Comey drafted statement on Clinton months before investigation ended

Hillary Clinton falls, breaks toe ...

FBI: Over four times more people stabbed to death than killed with rifles of any type

Trump: Military 'shouldn't have to be' distributing food in Puerto Rico

Menendez tried to end his corruption trial. His judge wasn't buying it.

Journalist behind Panama Papers killed by car bomb ...

Obama legacy: Berghdal pleads guilty to desertion

Trump renews attacks on high drug prices

US shale oil output to grow by 81,000 barrels per day in November, Dept. of Energy forecast

California abolishes 'binary' gender on state ID docs

Jive Talk

Black Jive Matters ... see Al Sharpton comments on the NFL anthem protests:  Breitbart Video.


All from internet news sites. Guess which from Politico?

Macron: 'I told Trump not to tear up Iran deal'

Austria elects world's youngest leader as conservatives take power

Tillerson pledges diplomacy 'until first bomb drops' ...

Anthem protests sweep college football

Haley: North Kotea is 'whole reason' for revisiting the Iran deal

Yellen sounds upbeat on economy, signaling likely [Fed] rate hike

Once promised paradise, ISIS ending up in mass graves ...

Hepatitis outbreak forces California to declare state of emergency

Hillary Clinton blasts Trump over Iran, Korea policies

Iraqi troops seize parts of oil-rich Kurdish region that voted for independence

Govt lawyers ask judge to block Comey memos release ...

 Saudis hail Trump's Iran policy shift

Monday, October 16, 2017

Plain Talk

The Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, was interviewed on Morning Joe this  morning to talk about President Trump's decision to decertify the Iran nuclear deal. He kept the panelists there stippling their coffee with the strength and clarity of his arguments. If you, dear reader, think that Trump is wrong with this decertification move, please listen to the ambassador's plain talk and try to refute his logic.

Listen to the interview: MSNBC Video.


If successful, those predicting the end of the world will not be rewarded for their foresight ...


All from Internet news sites. Guess which are from Politico?

Motion Picture Academy expels movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein's sex scandal may hurt Michael Moore, Quentin Tarentino

George Lopez booed off stage after Trump jokes flop at gala ...

Former political prisoner: Sound reported in Cuba sonic attacks similar to prison torture

Trump opposes bipartisan Obamacare rescue plan

Obamacare architect: Trump is making the country worse just because of 'anger at Obama'

German soccer team kneels in solidarity with NFL ...

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