Monday, April 30, 2018


Economists often believe that they have the answers when it comes to trade offs between what things cost and the benefits derived therefrom. Well, Mr. Adam Smith, please explain the following head-scratchiers when it comes to such cost-benefit analyses that some people make:

- A Jackson Pollack "dribble" painting

- A Malibu monster beach house

- Tickets in the nose-bleed section of a December Minnesota Vikings home game

- Shares of Tesla stock

- A pre-paid future ride on a Richard Branson or Elon Musk "spaceship"

- A $100 per shot drink of 40-year-old single-malt Scotch whisky

- An Apple-Watch

- A Honus Wagner baseball card

- A cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin

- An Aston-Martin One ($1.4M)

- A luxury condo in Hong Kong


Wolf routine stuns White House Correspondents Dinner

Trump administration likely to extend steel and aluminum tariff exemptions beyond May 1, sources say

Kip: I'll give up mu weapons if USA promises not to invade ...

Hyperhype: Shareholders weigh booting Elon Musk

As Korean leaders make history, Trump stands ready to take credit

Trump threatens government shutdown in September if there is no funding for the wall

Trump administration struggles to win Arab support for helping to rebuild Syria ...

Donald Trump to farmers: We're going to let in guest workers

The cost of Donald Trump's deserted government

'We will impeach the president' Trump does his best impression of Maxine Waters and the crowd loves it

University of Texas to treat masculinity as 'mental health' issue ...

Appeals court upholds Texas voter ID law

Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Random Walk

Predicting the short-term future of the stock market is like guessing the path of a blind drunk with an inner-ear a rolling earthquake. -- Anon.

King Kong-un

His old family name is Kim Jong,

And is famous for being head-strong.

He once was a nuclear hawk,

But now he's all disarmament talk.

Will his fate be the same as King Kong?

Rhetoric vs. Results

And all the while the results-guy has had a pack of media and deep-state jackals nipping at his heels trying to bring him down.


Trump hails House Intelligence Committee report on Russia

Why a middleclass lifestyle costs over $300,000 per year

Brennan warns POTUS: 'Stay tuned' ...

Dershowitz: Dems 'willing to give up civil liberties' to get Trump

Judge appoints former judge as Special Master in Micheal Cohen case

Congress approves bill reauthorizing FAA, rejecting GOP's privatization push

ISIS propaganda machine smashed in cyber raid ...

China warns Taiwan: America can't protect you

Korean leaders declare end to the war and 'complete denuclearization'

Kayne West's new song 'Blacks still ain't off the plantation' of being Democrats

French museum discovers half its collection are fakes ...

Facebook bans Pamela Geller again for report on Muslim anti-Semitisn

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Humpty Dumpty

Mr. Dumpty hailed from Timbuktu.

His obsession with wall sitting we barely knew.

But after his sensational fall,

The king's men and horses all

Put him back together with Super Glue.

Blast from the Past

Babe Ruth with George H.W. Bush


Trump's VA pick  bows out after allegations pile up

Bad news for Mueller and yet he swamp: the voters are on to you

FOXNEWS POLL: Special Counsel  likely will find criminal offenses ...

Mattis: U.S. will 'expand' Syria operations

'I have nothing to hide' Pruitt tells angry Congress

Jury finds Bill Cosby guilty on all three counts of sexual assault

Trump allies drowning in legal fees ...

Daily Beast suspends Joy Reid's column

Pompeo confirmed as Secretary of State

Ford basically giving up on US car business, and GM is not far behind

[Iran's] Khamenei urges Muslim nations to unite against America ...

Trump to visit U.K. in July

Friday, April 27, 2018

Harvey: Oscar "God"

There was this looker from Podunk

Who thought H. Weinstein a hunk.

In order to wow her,

He showed her his shower.

Instead, she concluded him a skunk.


Climate change 'not as bad as we thought,' say scientists ...

Macron, addressing Congress, departs from Trump on vision for 21st century

Apple Cook in private meeting with president ...

Finland to terminate failed Universal Basic Income experiment

Chris Christie finds his way back to Trump's heart

ROSEANNE ratings fall to earth ...

Supreme Court appears ready to uphold Trump's travel ban

University of Nebraska professor arrested over NRA protest

Trump brings in the billionaires for his first state dinner

Russian scientist who invented nerve agent that poisoned spy in UK hit by car ...

NASDAQ open to becoming cryptocurrency exchange, CEO says

Poll shows Americans side with Trump over Mueller probe

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Square Dance

There was a laddie from Swickley

Who spoke with a brogue too thickly.

But when given a fat chance

To call a square dance,

He dropped the accent quite quickly.

Man from UNCLE

There was the man from U.N.C.L.E.

Who loved to cheat at pea knuckle.

He became so facile,

That he got into a tassel

Ending with him having a carbuncle.

Soft News

Visited the nearby hospital emergency room with my wife last night (she got fixed) and was forced into watching (as best I could) CNN for about 45 minutes (all I could stomach) and came away realizing why this cable channel has such low ratings -- it sucks. Yes, it is anti-Trump ...  that was expected. But it was also repetitious, thin and boring.

During this three quarters of an hour, Wolf Blitzer covered three stories: how Putin might have dirt on Trump and be blackmailing him, maybe ... how Trump's VA nominee, Jackson, was a boob and should withdraw ... and some other Trump misstep that was so inane I have forgotten it. These three stories were looped until I was ready to scream. No hard news ... just lots of Trump bashing innuendo  ... the softest of soft news.

I fled to watch the more interesting cross-section of humanity flowing through these emergency facilities -- much more compelling than high-paid news puppets.

Late news: Jackson has withdrawn from this VA job opportunity ... another scalp for fake news.


Pruitt support in Senate erodes as GOP lawmakers seek hearings

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to visit China 'in a few days' Trump says

ICE busts 225 in New York raids ...

Trump promises 'big problems' for Iran if it restarts nuclear program

Trump blasts Iran deal as 'insane' in meeting with the French leader

AG Sessions will not recuse himself from criminal probe of Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen: Report

Car crashes onto DC sidewalk, 4 injured ...

Report: Trump denies spending night in Moscow, flight records

'Stupid question' Trump dismisses talk of pardoning Michael Cohen

Dow drops more than 550 points. Tech stocks Alphabet and Amazon get pummeled

Bernie's USA: promises [$15 per hour] federal jobs to all!

Facebook published 27-page Content Moderation Guide

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


There was this guy from Biloxi

Who had a whole lot of moxie.

He dared to be great

And challenged the hate ...

To resist our PC orthodoxy.

Talking Heads

Some cable TV channels do have scripted opinion shows. However, those that are in the slightest impromptu require their talking heads to keep talking. Dead air is death. As a consequence, a lot of what is said on these political shows us drivel ... and mindlessly echoes what is said by other "pundits" on other shows or even a few minutes earlier on the same show. Most talking heads are inherently lazy and couldn't come up with an original idea or perspective if their inflated salaries depended upon it. This must be the reason why a particular political bent takes over these channels and seldom changes. And this is why they are rightfully called "echo chambers."

Let me offer an example -- once I was invited to offer my thoughts about bar tending in a panel discussion. Even though I had no experience in this profession, the money was good, so I agreed to fake it. I did this in the following manner -- I was always late answering questions and would reword a previous respondent. I did this so successfully that I was offered a follow-on gig that never happened. However, using this experience as a template, I understand how many cable TV talKing heads can offer opinions on things they know absolutely nothing about.

Next time you watch one of these shows, follow carefully and see if I am not right.


Trump blamed as U.S. colleges lure fewer foreigh students

When rates move up this fast, the stock market tends to struggle

Penn State says wilderness too risky for outdoors clubs...

EPA's Pruitt declares end to Obama's 'war on coal'

France's Macron arrives for 'celebration' of unlikely friendship with Trump

Van hits at least 8 people in Toronto, Canadian police say

Witnesses: Driver kept going, appeared in control ...

[Kamala] Harris: Assault rifles should not be in a 'civilized society'

Stormy Daniels' lawyer: Michael Cohen intends to take Fifth Amendment

The taxman wants a piece of that college schlorship

Waffle House suspect nabbed ...

Shania Twain: 'I would have voted for Trump'

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Comey Pegged

From Mostly Cajun blog

Ice Canapés

There was a skater from Moscow

Who couldn't get enough of her chow:

Blinis and Servuga,

Borscht and Beliga.

Until she couldn't even do a salchow.


Romney falls short in Utah GOP convention, forced into primary for Senate seat

DEFAMATION: Starbrucks manager accused of racism is probably about to become a MILLIONAIRE

Russian lawyer questions why Mueller hasn't contacted her ...

France's Macron: I'm here to make France great again

Suspect in Waffle House shooting arrested near the White House last year

Trump's travel ban faces US Supreme Court showdown

China's Xi says Internet control key to stability ...

Perez: We have seen a 'mountain of evidence' between Trump and Russia

French President [Macron]: Putin's idea of democracy 'not mine'

Trump said North Korea agreed to denuclearize. It hasn't

EU push to save Iran deal

Cartel gunmen on jet skis open fire on Cancun tourist beach

Monday, April 23, 2018

Van Guard

Given what has just happened in Totonto (see: CTV News Article) and previously in London, New York City, France, Germany and elsewhere, it seems clear that a background check should be required for the rental of a high-velocity van ... as well as requiring a 30-day waiting period ... perhaps also an age limit of 60 or older?

Knock Yourself Out

From Mostly Cajun blog

Trump Tramp

There was a busty porn star named Stormy 

Who said she gave Trump time as a whore-be.

For this one-night stand

She got $130 grand

Now she wants a whole lot "more for me."


Former First Lady Barbara Bush fondly remembered at a service marking her life

Why tech companies are racing each other to develop their own custom A.I. chips

Tijuana: 11 killed in 24 hours ... [650 in 2018]

7th Circuit sides with sanctuary cities, keeps money flowing nationwide

Pro-Trump groups spending big at Trump properties

The British are coming -- tor the rocket-launching business

Londonstan: Leading surgeon predicts summer of carnage ...

Unpublished CDC report confirms over 2 million annual defensive gun uses

GOP fears rise over West Virginia Senate fiasco

North Korea spent last year protecting its nuclear arsenal and it's not clear Kim will give that up

85% of NBA, 89% of NFL smoke [pot]

Maher: Trump 'obviously being blackmailed by Putin'

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Democrat Hypocrisy

See: Diplomad Blog. Contains an excellent summary of many of the blatant inconsistencies in the Left's dogma. In particular read the quoted reference to a previous blog. One wonders how liberals manage to keep these opposing ideas reconciled? Maybe they just don't bother?

Mum Chum

The best thing about a pet is that it can't talk. -- Anon.

J. Edgar

T'was a head G-man named Hoover

Who was a good gangster remover.

But, in the very end,

He was revealed as a trandgend.

But this doidn't make him a loser.


Giuliani unlikely to resolve Trump's Russian problems quickly

North Korea says it has suspended all nuclear and long-range missile tests

Sessions tells WH that Rosenstein firing could prompt his departure ...

Trump plans to countersue Democrats for DNC Server

Trump shuns Democrats and the media at first state dinner

Democrat party sues Russia, Trump campaign and Wikileaks for conspiring to disrupt 2016 election

HILLARY: 'They were never going to let me be president' ...

India criminalizes female genital mutilationl

'My Dearest Fidel': An ABC journalist's secret liaison with Castro

FINALLY! Broward County is about to kick Sheriff Israel out of office

DOJ probes Comey over classified info [leaks] ...

Trump admin. considering 'emergency' powers to block Chinese tech investment

Arkansas Travelers

There was a daring duo from Arkansas.

He was quite randy, she now a grandma.

They "solicited" many a donation

Unto their sham foundation

In order to stay ahead of the law.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Trattorria

There was an "average" man from Peoria

Who was surveyed re: a new trattoria.

He said the veal parm was fine,

The antipasti and the wine.

Except, "I got a bad case of cholera."

Quip Lash

From Powerline blog

Dark Horses

This is not a racist post. It is merely a listing of those starry-eyed recognizable libs who think that they would like to unseat Trump in 2020:

Bob Iger -- CEO of Disney

Bernie Sanders -- junior Senator from Vermont

Elizabeth Warren -- Native American senior Senator from Massachusetts

Joe Biden -- former Vice President

Andrew Cuomo -- Governor of New York State

Mark Zukerberg-- CEO of Facebook

Corey Booker -- Junior Senator from New Jersey

 Eric Holder -- former Attorney General under Obama

* Kamala Harris -- junior Senator from California

Kristen Gillibrand -- junior Senator from New York

Deval Patrick -- former Governor of Massachusetts

And quite a few more lesser luminaries ...

* My guess as to who will be nominated


Cohen drops libel suits against Buzzfeed, Fusion GPS

Ex-Awan partner: The family transferred [Congressional] data to Pakistani government

Officials investigating suspicious death of McMaster's father ...

Twitter blocks Down Syndrome girl for posting 'pro-life pictures'

Comey's other target in new book: Rudy Giuliani

Lockheed Martin just moved one step closer to giving hypersonic weapons to the Air Force

Survey: 75% ultra-rich forecast recession ...

Fresno Prof. who celebrated Barbara Bush's death placed on leave

Corker says Democrat is ahead in race to succeed him

Global debt is at historic highs and governments should start cutting levels bow, the IMF warns

Cohen would turn against president if charged, counselor warns ...

Hogg cashes in: Inks book deal

Friday, April 20, 2018


There is this chancellor in Berlin

Many felt that she was without sin.

Then she opened Europe's boards

To vast Middle-Eastern hoards.

Now some of us hope she's a has-been.

Pulp Fiction

A corrosive meme is oozing out of our minority neighborhoods and into our pliant media: That is, in general, that the life of the average gangbanger is somehow more valuable than the life of the average police officer. This clearly has cost the lives of many dedicated cops. Thank you for this legacy, Barack Obama.

A Reluctant Terrorist

There was this terrorist from Mumbai

Who really preferred not to die.

So, prior to the attack,

He "lost" his backpack

And quietly converted to Baha'i.


Patrick Kennedy profits from opioid-addiction firms

Weapons system that has North Korea spooked just got $200 million from the Pentagon

Ruthless Miguel to rule Cuba

Lawmakers send criminal referrals for Clinton, Comey, Lynch, McCabe

Trump confirms Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un

Jeff Bezos reveals Amazon has 100 million Prime users, in letter to shareholders

Investigation opened into Tesla's workplace operations ...

Shootings in Sweden 'so common they don't make headlines'

McConnell dismisses GOP  efforts to protect Mueller

Forget the Hannity-Cohen scandal -- the Clinton's personal lawyer has made journalists MILLIONS of dollars

Half Californians support travel ban, increasing deportations ...

Lawsuit: Google reserves jobs for 'diversity individuals' only

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ménage a Trois

There was a ménage  from Calais

Two straight and one who was gay

Which caused some confusion

When they had their fusion

For the one who "didn't go that way"

It's Possible ...

Will the decades that the United States sapped its manufacturing and middle class in order to stimulate economies in lesser-developed countries around the world eventually pay off when these same countries become huge customers for American products and services? This promise certainly was the implication of our previous hurtful yet hopeful trading practises. If this doesn't occur, then we were gigantic suckers. If it does, then we were geniuses.

Which will it be?

Socialist Truth

Socialism is born in idealism and dies in totalianarism. The brutal irony is that, in between, it is the idealists who mainly benefit. -- Anon.

Big Foot

There once was a man from Crete

Who had the world's biggest feet.

This was so awkward,

He had to walk backward

Meaning he wasn't too fleet.


Gorsuch joins with liberals in [SCOTUS] deportation ruling

Morgan Stanley issues warning that the end is near for the bull market

Woman partially sucked from Southwest jet  when window breaks mid-flight ...

Facebook may be facing billions in fines for facial recognition failures

Several House Republicans endorse bill to protect Mueller

Trump says it is possible that the summer it with North Korea's Kim won't happen

San Diego backs fight against 'sanctuary' [state

Hyperhype: Tesla halts Model 3 production -- again ... ditches robot workers

Trump fundraising operation pulled in $20 M in first three months of 2018

Trump thinks about canceling student loans for disabled veterans

Canada pulling [Cuban] diplomat families after mysterious illness ...

Report: Hogg advertiser boycott campaign backfires as 'The Ingraham Angle' viewership jumps 20%

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Fake Cartoon

Lights, camera, fiction!

Mindless "humor" from the New Yorker magazine. Harold Ross would be chagrined ...

Funny Papers

I guess I'm on a nostalgia trip of late. This time, it is comic strips that have vanished from the Sunday funny papers ... which are also almost gone:

Katzenjammer Kids

Dick Tracy

Little Orphan Annie


Gasoline Alley

The Phantom

Toonerville Trolley

Li'l Abner




Mark Trail

Calvin and Hobbes

The Joker

T'was a gambler from Quebec

Who knew how to stack the deck.

When he played poker

He would palm the joker.

His cheating wasn't high tech.


Trump's lawyer did secret legal work for Sean Hannity, attorney says

Deep State circular firing squad: Lynch, McCabe, Rosenstein vs. Lynch

Japan lifts ban on growing human organs in animals ...

Calif. rejects border duties for troops

Graham says Syrian strikes 'major step backwards' for Trump

China bought most Treasurys in six months, in February

Syrian air defenses fire at suspected Israeli warplanes

Reports: Russia ships more military hardware to Syria

Scalise to back McCarthy for Speaker

Russian stocks, ruble jump after report Trump halted further sanctions

900 Boston Marathon runners receive medical treatment along route ...

DHS: Cities hid 142 suspected gang members from deportation

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Quotable Quote

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be. -- Peter De Vries


Former First Lady Barbara Bush's health is failing, opts to forgo medical treatment

Revolt: Opposition to 'sanctuary' spreading in California ...

Trump calls James Comey 'slippery' and 'WORST FBI Director in history, by far!'

Former FBI Director James Comey call President Donald Trump 'morally unfit to be president'

FEMA's plan underestimated Puerto Rican hurricane

Macron says he persuaded  Trump to keep troops in Syria ...

Wells Fargo Stems the tide: Not a bank's job to see U.S. gun policy

Food stamp usage off half-million in single month

Central America quietly emerges as vacationer's' paradise, and alternative to the Carribbean

Putin predicts global 'chaos' if West hits [Syria] again ...

Biden: Republicans don't want black people voting

Unconstitutional! Sen. Booker to vote against Pompeo over religion

Monday, April 16, 2018