Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Sound and the Fury

Yesterday Warren Buffet endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. With her on stage, his comments started by quoting Peter Lynch saying that “one should invest in a company so good that even an idiot could run it … because one eventually will.” He added that the same is true for a country. This was a gratuitous swipe at President Bush (and does nothing but diminish Warren Buffet in my eyes). The audience laughed and Hillary gave her trademark cackle. This sent shivers up my spine as I sensed that Buffet was but another battleship in the juggernaut that Hillary was mounting that would sweep her and Bill back into the White House. I then got to thinking what would likely happen were this to occur. These are my studied predictions:

1) A significant swing back to favoring the Palestinians and Syrians in the middle east conflict
2) Socialized medicine -- including many of the bureaucratic mandates contained in the original Hillary health-care plan (telling medical student what fields they could specialize in, disallowing and penalizing ANY private medical practices, etc.)
3) Eliminating most of the Bush tax cuts -- killing lower taxes on dividends and capital gains, restoration of the death tax (advocated by Warren Buffet), etc.
4) Increased income tax rates at most tax brackets
5) Relaxed illegal immigration enforcements
6) Removal of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan independent of the state of affairs in either country
7) “Wink, wink, nudge, nudge” accommodations to North Korea and Iran in their nuclear programs
8) Dramatic reductions in U.S. military and intelligence spending and a resultant devolution in their war on terrorism
9) The return to treating terrorist as criminals within the U.S. legal system
10) Elimination of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the military
11) Large increases in government spending on social services (back to where they were before her husband “eliminated welfare as we know it”)
12) Important (and dangerous) technology transfers to China
13) The naming of Bill Clinton as our ambassador to the U.N. (with the hope that he will eventually become Secretary General)
14) Mandated draconian reductions in hydrocarbon usage in the U.S. … even if this results in reduced economic growth
15) The restoration of late-term abortion legality
16) The abandonment of Formosa and its re-adsorption back into China
17) The return of the Clintonista’s (James Carville, Rom Emanuel, Paul Begala, Sandy Berger, Jamie Gorellick, etc) into her administration and onto talking-head TV
18) The effective shut-down of conservative talk radio
19) The likely payment of reparations to blacks in America (independent of their heritage)
20) Closer ties and accommodations to Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez

Is this enough?