Saturday, June 30, 2018


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Who inspired the killing of 5 newspaper people in Annapolis? DONALD TRUMP

Why did Joe and Mika have a lover's spat recently?  DONALD TRUMP of course

Who was responsible for not picking up the garbage on the upper east side of Manhattan last Monday?  DONALD TRUMP naturally

Whose signature was found in thee Library of Congress' copy of "Mein Kompf?"  DONALD TRUMP

Why was Maxine Waters' dry cleaning not ready on Friday?  It seems DONALD TRUMP

Who caused Chipolte's  multiple cases of food poisoning last year?  DONALD TRUMP!

Why did Johnny not do his homework yesterday?  DONALD TRUMP

Who didn't clean up for their dog at the dog park?  That evil man, DONALD TRUMP

Why did 11  pilot whales wash up on the Chatham beach in early June?  DONALD TRUMP

Why did Jack and Jill fall down the hill.  DONALD TRUMP is guilty


State Dept: Another US. diplomat in Cuba suffered from medical issues

Tesla is asking Model 3 reservation holders for an another $2,500 to order their cars ...

Update: Oil spikes to highest price in four years

Whoopi Goldberg to Trump's potential SCOTUS pick: 'Get out of my vagina!'

Shooting at newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland

The Red Hen restaurant that refused to serve Sarah Sanders was hit by a cyber attack

Judge: 'Even blind person' can see Mueller using Manafort to 'target" Trump ...

Poll: Majority of Americans believe social media sites censure political views

Sen. Lee: Kennedy's retirement might not mean the end of abortion rights

Amazon wipes out $17.5 billion from eight companies in one day

Gowdy tells Rosenstein: 'Finish the hell up!'

130 Mexican political candidates assassinated in 10 months

Friday, June 29, 2018

Talk Radio

"I freely admit it, I am bisexual. Anytime I get sex, I have to buy it." -- Arthur, a talk radio listener calling from  Brookline

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Federal judge orders Trump administration to reunite immigrant families

Trump has announced his plan to crack down on foreign investment -- and it's less harsh than expected

Millennial Socialist rocks Dem. Party

Spain: Students kicked out of dorms to make way for boat migrants

Bolton to meet Putin in Moscow

Weekly mortgage applications fall sharply, as home buyers drop out

Supremes  deal big setback for labor unions ...

Koreas plan to construct joint railway

America's problem isn't too little democracy, it's too much

North Korea making 'rapid' improvements in nuclear reactor despite Trump-Kim agreement

Shock poll: 44% see civil war soon in USA ...

Le Pen: EU can't be trusted on borders

Thursday, June 28, 2018

China vs. U.S.

As I have previously mentioned (see: here and here), China and the United States are locked in an economic battle that has enormous consequences for world leadership, national security and economic pride. This face-off may be the ultimate test of  the American way. Will China achieve its goal to become the largest world economy by 2025? Or will they overextend key elements of their economy and falter in this race?

Clearly, with three times the population of America, with authortative central planning,  with a very large balance of payments and resultant sovereign wealth, with am industrious and intelligent workforce, with the ability to manipulate its currency ... and with a willingness to cut ethical corners; China mas some clear natural advantages. But is this enough?

But the U.S. also has some advantages -- with a superior (but deteriorating) higher education system, with more natural resources (particularly energy), with a stronger military, with a natural geographic advantage (spanning two oceans), with superior  technical innovation, with a governance based on checks and balances ... and with a larger set of historic allies (such as they are). But is THIS enough?

It seems that the two critical advantages that the U.S. has are the geographic and governance edges ... the former, China cannot change ... and the latter, it can change but is unlikely too. Why is central planned capitalism inferior to America's when many pundits (Tom Freedman, Paul Krugman) advocate just the opposite?

Yes, strong centralized capitalistic planning (as in China) can do better in some situations ... in trade wars for instance ... but, without the push and pull of free-market capitalism (as in the U.S.) mistakes can be made that are bigger and not self-correcting. This us likely the most critical difference between China and America ... and the one most likely to spell the winning margin in this battle of the Titans.

It also would be nice to have Russia on our side in this joust!

The Arts

The complexity of human interaction is so enormous as to require simplifying palliatives such as the arts in order to maintain our collective sanity. -- Anon.


Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban

Uber allowed to operate in London again after judge overturns ban

LA TIMES: Resist too far?

Biden sez no to 2020

White House eyes Helsinki for Trump-Putin sitdown

San Francisco can't afford waiters. So they're putting diners to work.

#MeToo nabs more than 400 high-profile people ...

Par Buchanan: Elites can't stop citizens from demanding borders secured

Republican tax law hits churches

Oil buyers must cut all Iran crude purchasers by November, State Dept. says

Judge throws out 'climate change' suits against big oil ...

Iran: Protesters chant 'Death to Palestine' in Teheran's Grand Bazaar

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Quotable Quote

For many, the American dream has become a nightmare -- Bernie Sanders

Collusion Collision

When last dem Dems were not elected,

The Russian bear was perhaps suspected.

But since this excuse fell into tatters,

They resorted to what truly matters:

Pug ugly rhetoric, oft spittle-speckled.


'We've crossed the Rubicon': Tomey ttakes on Trump

Family separation policy fails to dent Trump's rising popularity

Border Protection halts prosecution referrals ...

Report: Awan brothers suspected of stealing $120,000 in equipment from Democrat Rep.

White House: 'We're simply out of resources' to detain migrant families

U.S. could ask Russia for more oil as Iran sanctions loom

New supervolcano brewing under New England ...

North Kotea cancels annual anti-American rally

Hostile liberals pose problems for red-state Dems

Trump says he's 'surprised' at Harley-Davidson's decision to move some production overseas

Poll: Majority say build wall ...

Trump trashes Kimmel, Colbert, Fallon

Tuesday, June 26, 2018



How many anecdotes, one-ofs  and isolated incidents does it take to define  reality and shake our spittle-flecked liberals out of their state of denial? Trump IS MAGA!

Monday, June 25, 2018


Trump: 'We cannot allow all of these people to invade our country'

Bitcoin falls below $6,000 but crypto trader says it's not over

ICE protests spread across America ...

Italy to impound NGO migrant ferries

Sessions warns against obstructing border police

Hungry rat shreds more than $17,500 in cash inside ATM in India

Border jumpers out with no 'judge or court'

S. African Jews alarmed by spike in anti-Semitic attacks

Reversal of fortunes: Obamacare rate hikes pose problems for Republicans

Explosion destroys apt. block in Ger,any, 25 injured

Erdogan wins again ... Rigged: police find car full of forged ballot papers

Scott Adams: Republicans -- vote because 'they're coming for you next'

Rash Prediction

The current spittle-flecked mania on the left will turn what was predicted as a Blue Wave in November into Republican wins in both the House and Senate.Even Elizabeth Warren may lose in Massachusetts.

The Farmer

There was a farmer in the dell

Who had a God-awful smell.

It was so bad

That once he was dead,

They booted him out of Hell.


Chinese leaders 'absolutely confused' by Trump's demands on trade

Nearly two-thirds of CEOs say US trade policies will hurt their companies over next 6 months

Xi says China must lead way in global governance ...

Trump Administration proposes merging Education and Labor Departments

Trump-Putin summit: Wing-it meets meticulous

GOP Congressional candidate, fresh from primary win vs. Mark Sanford, seriously injured in car crash

Election: Erdogan on brink ...

PA Democrat 'welcomes' VP Mike Pence with a middle finger salute

FBI hands House GOP thousands of documents on Russian probe

SEC investigates whether companies round up earnings

White House spokeswoman kicked out off restaurant by Trump hater!

Wash Post columnist: 'Southern Poverty law Center has lost all credibility'

Sunday, June 24, 2018


 Sunlight is the best disinfectant. -- Michael Kinsley

On cable TV this morning watching talking heads, I  repeatedly heard that illegal immigrants are more law-abiding than the general population of the U.S. Is this so? The answer needs more sunlight, i.e., facts.

It so happens that roughly 15% of all prisoners under federal detention are illegal aliens (22%, for all aliens) Now this same proportion of the U.S. population (330 million) would suggest over 50 million ... and, since the estimated number of illegal immigrants is about 11 million (3% of  U.S. population), this means that illegal immigrants are five times more likely to commit federal crimes than American citizens. Actually, the ratio of criminals among illegal male aliens would be even higher for three reasons:

1) The above comparisons assume equal numbers of male and female criminals. We know that males are disproportionately represented ... so the ratio of federal crime commission is likely higher.

2) These are only federal crime numbers, they omit local crimes such as drunk driving, reckless driving, spousal abuse, drug trafficking, sex crimes, etc.

3) Because of the difficulty of prosecuting local crimes (and even some federal crimes) due to  bail jumping, language barriers and no-show court appearances, even if we had good local statistics, they would surely underestimate the true proportions of local illegal alien criminals.

Bottom line ... I would estimate that illegal alien males are at least 10 times more likely to commit crimes than the rest of us. So, dear readers, when you hear that illegal aliens are more upright and honest than American citizens (other than those people making these assertions), please don't believe this hogwash.

We need even more sunlight on this issue.


Opiates are now the religion of the masses. -- Anon.


Trump's 'zero tolerance' policy is effectively dead

Trump, again and again, describes a world detached from reality

USA median age hits all-time high of 38!

Peter Strzok subpoenaed by House Judiciary Commitee

Judge turns down Manafort's bid to nix money laundering  charge

Increased threat of trade war is ramping up fears on a 'full-blown recession'

Anti-gun activist David Hogg -- protected by armed guards?

Rep. Mark Meadows: FBI agents accused of evidence tampering in Flynn case

Supreme Court rules police typically need warrant to access cell phone location information

Tesla reports another fire at Fremont factory

Socialist Bernie Sander's earns more than $1M -- again ...

Mexican presidential candidate tells migrants to flood the U.S.

Saturday, June 23, 2018


A man is known by the company he keeps -- Aesop

Some of you dear readers fashion yourselves as members of the "Resistance" ... or those who dislike, even despise President Trump. This is not an insignificant cadre. It involves most of Hollywood, many athletes, much of the Main Stream Media, many foreign leaders, Pelosi Democrats, and even many establishment Republicans. Quite a formidable group!

However, the Resistance also includes:

- Peter Fonda who wants Baron Trump to be placed in a cage with a pedophile. And Trump's DHS Secretary, Kristjen Nielsen should be placed naked in another cage and poked with sticks by passer-bys. (A little too Freudian, no?)

- Kathy Griffen who pretends to cut off Trump's head and proudly holds up this bloody trophy.

- Stephan Colbert who says on TV that Trump sucks Putin's cock ("cock holster")

- ANTIFA has published on the Internet the names and home addresses of ICE agents

- Sarah Silverman who openly called for a "military coup" against Trump

- Democratic Socialists of America protesters  drove Ms. Nielsen from a DC restaurant and, the next day, surrounded her home shouting threatening messages.

- Occupy Wall Street is advocating the killing of ICE agents

- Madonna, at the Women's March, said  she wanted to blow up Trump's White House

- Joy Behar of "The View," when she heard about someone dying in a Trump Tower fire, hoped it was President Trump

- A number of FBI agents and DOJ officials who actively worked to "stop" Trump being elected ... and likely used the power of their agency to do so .. and some may still be trying to oust him.

- Countless CNN, MSNBC and over-the-air TV channel anchors who have likened Trump to Hitler, Musolimi, a Nazi, KKKer, "f-you's", etc.

The list goes on and on and on ... ate you Resisters happy to be associated with this pond scum?

Powerline Pic

Con Artist

Someone who wins the confidence of  people with promises using rhetoric and showmanship in order to benefit financially, socially and/or politically ... and, importantly, then doesn't deliver on the promises made.


New Pruitt question: Where are his e-mails?

China media says US has 'dilusions' as impact of trade war spreads

'Roseanne' without Roseanne get ABC greenlight ...

Escalation: Resistance protesters surround DHS Sec. Nielsen's home

Trump to Congress: 'Stop wasting' time on immigration legislation until after midterms

Tesla preparing to close a dozen solar facilities in 9 states

WASH POST won't cover AMAZON warehouse conditions ...

Poll: Nearly 5 in 9Americas say US should not become migrant camp

Grassley wants to subpoena Comey, Lynch after DOJ Watchdog report

Commerce Secretary Ross: 'The ultimate objective of the president is to reduce tariffs'

Revealed: Canada uses massive US anti-terrorist database on borders ...

Hispanic Americans support Trump order detaining border crossing families together

Friday, June 22, 2018


Does Wonder Woman use the men's room at Comicons?


Charles Krauthammer

The only psychiatrist whom I have ever respected.


U.S. withdrawing from U.N. Human Rights Council

Trump says he will sign a 'preemptive' agreement to keep migrant families together

95% oh manufacturers bullish, 'record optimism' ...

Nunes gives DOJ, FBI deadline to comply with subpoena requests

Theresa May condemns treatment of migrant children in U.S.

Chinese investment in the US drops 90% amid trade controversy

Dem candidates vow to dump Pelosi ...

MSNBC accuses Trump of operating 'concentration camps'

House GOP: Trump's immigration plea may fall short

Ed Chair Powell calls case 'strong' for further interest rate increases

Protesters drive Homeland Secretary [Nielsen] from restaurant ...

Peter Fonda: Put Baron Trump in a cage with a pedophile'

Thursday, June 21, 2018

My Nominee for Nobel Prize

In literature? -- Peter Fonda! 

See: His Uplifting Tweets.

I think his sister, Jane, might take the booby prize.


Trump treks to Capitol Hill as immigration firestorm rages

China has limited number of weapons to use in a trade war with the US

Strzok out ...Escorted from FBI, but still employed ...

'Nearly 60,000 illegal aliens with arrest records' have been allowed to stay in US through DACA

Foreign media spotlight U.S. family separations

SEC Chair scolds CEOs who sell their company's shares during buybacks they've authorized

Starbucks closing 150 stores ...

Mexico: US 'Zero Tolerance' policy violates human rights

Trump claims German officials do 'do not report' increase in crime

Dow turns negative for 2018 as Trump escalates trade conflict with China

Trump readies $200B in new China tariffs ... IPhone exempt?

'Unaccompanied minors' living in better conditions than 13M US kids

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Thinking about extending my blog posts about comicbook heroes, I did an image search on Plasticman, one of my old-time favorites ... one who could stench, shrink and alter his  appearance into most any object ... and so I found the above image which set my imagination into overdrive with all kinds of possible questions ... none of which I will reveal here.

Suddenly, I felt ten years old again.


Searching Google Images for the word "demagogue," 8 out of 10 images first produced were of Trump. Now tell me that this is not purposeful .. either human-directed or coded into its supposed impartial search "algorithms." Given the absolute monopolistic power that Google now weld s in the Internet search market, this corporate-directed political bias is a very dangerous combination. This is bound to be corrected either voluntarily or involuntarily ... and should be.

Today's Quote

The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly. -- Abraham Lincoln


DOJ, House GOP lurch toward confrontation in document fight

Audi CEO arrested in Germany over diesel scandal

Beijing holding U.S. citizens 'hostage' in China ...

... Illegal crossers posing as family units up 315% in year

America's share of global travel market is shrinking

Four in 10 users have deleted a social media account in last year over privacy concerns

Border battle: USA taking in 250 kids per day

Schemer: I think what Trump is doing on China 'is right'

Giulia mi: Trump shouldn't issue pardons in Russian investigation

The UK army is at serious risk of being outgunned by Russia, lawmaker says

GALLUP: Satisfaction with US direction highest since '05 ...

NYT forced to backtrack on Scott Pruitt hot piece with 'important correction'

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


How can Batman be notified by Commissioner Gordon that he is needed ... if there is no cloud cover off from which the bat signal can be bounced?

Illegal Immigrants

Awaiting Trump's Final Solution

As seen by our "hair on fire" people ... you know who you are.

The Border Muddle Explained

Watch the above video to begin to understand the purposeful muddle that Obama and Congress had made of our border security.  I am quite impressed with Kirsten Nielsen, our head of Homeland Security and how she is dealing with this mare's nest. But make no mistake ... Obama's diabolical policy of "catch and release" was the bureaucratic equivalent of open borders.

Notice how much the assembled reporters resemble a pack of jackals.


Congress may snub Trump on wall, risking shutdown

US, South Korea to announce suspension of 'large scale' military drills this week

Trump ream predicts Mueller report soon ...

Nearly 220 Texas school districts allow school staff to be armed

Republicans give up on Medicare overhaul

Elon Musk tells employees that 'rascal improvements' are needed to hit quarterly targets

BOSTON GLOBE columnist suspended for fabrications ...

Trump: 'Sanctions will remain' while we work with NK to denuking

Trump: Pruitt has done a 'fantastic job,' but 'I'm not happy with certain things'

Why China 'holds all the aces' in a full-blown US-China trade war

N.Y. assembly passes single-payer health care ...

Spain's Socialist government vows to dismantle fences hindering migrants

Nagging Question

What did Superman do with Clark Kent's suit, eyeglasses, shirt, tie, fedora and shoes after he had changed (in a phone booth no less)  into his blue tights and cape?

Monday, June 18, 2018

Quotable Quote

Some think we are controlling out lives but, in truth, our lives are almost always controlling us. -- Anon.

The Bambino

Once the Minnesota  city of Duluth

Played host to the Bambino, Babe Ruth.

They gave him the city key

But being drunk, he took a pee

Which the assembled took as  quire uncouth.


Trump's ambassador blocks scrutiny of Israel

'The fool builds walls': China state media attacks Trump tariffs

Merkel's last week?

Muslim who beat policeman at Tommy Robinson rally spared prison

Donald dreams of dictators

EXCLUSIVE: A leader within the Office of the President ridiculed Trump on Twitter

Canadian officials rush to support U.S. envoy after death threat ...

FBI agent after interviewing Clinton IT staffer: 'He lied his ass off'

Breitbart traffic declines for seventh straight month

Trump welds IG report like a sledgehammer: Hits 'Comey and all his minions'

President says Cohen no longer his attorney ...

Report: Obama Presidential Center to cost nearly $200 million of taxpayer money

Sunday, June 17, 2018


There was this rocker from Memphis

Whose drug additions were endless.

When, with an overload,

He sat on the commode

And died from a galloping sepsis.


Michael Ramirez for Jun 16, 2018 Comic Strip

Happy Father's Day


FEC dismisses self-enrichment complaint against Trump campaign

China announces retaliatory tariffs against $34 billion worth of U.S. goods, including agricultural products

Endogan bans Uber: 'That business is finished' ...

Mitch McConnell:Why can't the Mueller investigation finally wrap up?

White House, in traversal, endorses Dreamer legislation

Tesla short sellers have been getting creamed, but they're betting against Elon Musk anyway

Canadians boycott American products, cancel vacations ...

Kentucky man sentenced to 30 days in jail for attacking Rand Paul

Trump: I want 'my people' to 'sit up at attention' like in North Korea

About 2,000 immigrant minors separated from their families under Trump's 'zero-tolerance' policy

Major League Baseball sees sharp drop in attendance ...

Berkeley declares 'climate emergency worse than WW2

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Ftom Powerline blog

The Axis

From Powerline blog

After Singapore

From Powerline blog


President Trump is a very bad good communicator ... ot he's a very good bad communicator? I think I'll pick the latter. Play the above video for his impromptu news conference on the WhiteHouse lawn yesterday.


New York AG sues Trump, children and charitable foundation

FBI agent's text reportedly disclosed by Justice IG: 'We'll stop' Trump from becoming president

[Comey] Used Gmail for FBI business ..

'Trump voters are all poor, uneducated, lazy, POS' [FBI agent quote]

Supreme Court strikes down law banning political clothing at polls

People are turning away from Facebook to Whatsapp for their news, study says

[FBI] Agents regularly received handouts from journalists ...

WH does not endorse Ryan's amnesty bill ... fails Trump's Four Pillars ...

Trump's backward-looking trade policies threaten America's future, experts say

'Morning Joe' compares US immigration detention facilities to concentration camps

'Vive le Resistance': Mueller attorney removed for anti-Trump text ...

Japan's Abe considers meet with Kim

Friday, June 15, 2018


Life is just a bowl of cherries

Don't take it serious

It's too delirious

Lyrics by Lew Brown