Saturday, November 30, 2019

Survival Times

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And he (you know the rest) ...

Hill of Beans

Dr. Fiona  Hill, the former Brit who now loves America and hates Trump ... and who condemned Trump for his Ukrainian “quid pro quo” in the Schiff impeachment hearings ... and claimed the delaying military aid there was costing American security and Ukrainian lives. She was a media hero of these hearings for her courageous pro-aid stance and professorial deriding of Trump. Watch the above video of her obsequious opening statement.

Well, dear reader, when this pedantic heroine worked at the Brookings Institute, she took exactly the opposite stance: We should NOT provide military aid to the Ukraine! In fact in 2015 she wrote an impassioned Op-Ed in the Washington Post espousing this very position ... see: Breitbart Story. (Sorry this link doesn’t go directly to the Washington Post ... because it’s behind a paywall.) And, maybe due to her influence, the Obama administration withheld ANY AND ALL military aid to the Ukraine ... throwing this country to the Russian wolves (Obama's then-pals.)

Dr. Hill is full of beans. Her overweening bias and hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it with a jihadi’s machete. This woman is duplicitous, dangerous and detestable.

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And our current Congress ...

Fractured Definition

Concatenation — a large principality where all grimalkins are behind bars

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Fighting back ...

Trump v. Pelosi

Rep. Jerry Nadler is giving President Trump until Friday to name his witnesses and decide if he will have White House counsel present in the upcoming House Judiciary Committee hearings on impeachment ... see: Nadler Deadline Letters.

This throwing down the gauntlet is meant to call the Republicans bluff on their complaints lodged against what went on in Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee Kangaroo Court hearings last week ... and therefore pose a dilemma for the Trump defenders — put forward a strong defense of Trump in the House impeachment phase ... or wait until the Senate trial where defensive actions can’t be voted down by a partisan Democrat majority.

This Trump vs. Pelosi strategizing all gets very complicated on both sides ... in terms of timing relative to the Horowitz IG report on the FISA court abuses ... and the Barr/Durham ongoing criminal investigation into the predicate for the Russian collusion investigation. Chairman Nadler (really Pelosi) has said that his hearing won’t just be on the Ukraine/Burisma matter but also on the warmed-over Russian collusion issue. How’s that for throwing all the balls in the air?

Clearly, if Trump calls witnesses involved in either of these charges, he could be undercutting their impact upon the public with their revelations ... because such revelations would be forthcoming in a hostile environment where they could be blunted by rulings of the chairman or the full committee votings. This would not be the case in a Senate trial. On the other hand, Chairman Nadler has done a rather ineffective job in previous hearings meant to embarrass Trump: Mueller’s report testimony and the Corey Lewaindowski debacle.

There is even a chance that Pelosi is hoping that the Nadler hearings might be a way of backing Trump down so she might quietly kill this whole impeachment thing ... which has not gone as she and Schiff had expected. In any case, I predict that it won’t be a Pelosi win.

But it should be riveting ...

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Is this supposed to be a turn-off?


Maybe Trump isn’t solely to blame for your angry Thanksgiving

‘They don’t know we’re here’: In Britain’s most pro-Brexit town, voters are still angry

Queen on the brink: Retirement plans could see King Charles in two years ...

Chick-Fil-A donates to extremist Southern Poverty Law Center

Trump signs Hong Kong bill denounced by Beijing

Hong Kong is the biggest geopolitical threat to markets, economist warns

Tucker [Carlson] serves turkey on Trump ... ‘A full-blown BS artist’ ...

Ousted Navy Secretary rips Trump over Navy SEAL case

British poll projects landslide for Boris Johnson

North Korea fires unidentified projectiles, South Korea military says

28 Iraqi protesters shot dead in 24 hours, violence spirals ...

NY to free 125K accused criminals, give them taxpayer-funded benefits

Friday, November 29, 2019

American Values

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Fractured Definition

Office — what most Democrat presidential candidates want to do, if elected — eliminate the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency


A guest at our Thanksgiving dinner (and reader of this blog) is now on kidney dialysis ... three hours a day, three days a week. He said that if he goes one week without this treatment, he will die. I had to comment, “That certainly is an incentive.”


The following groups catch in my craw (whatever that is):

- Socialists/Commies
- Gun Grabbers
- Climate Chicken Littles
- America Lasters
- “Reproductive Righters”
- Diversity Pollyannas
-Tax and Spenders
- Safe-Space Snowflakes
- Deep Staters
- Race Baiters
- Gender Benders
- Statue Iconoclasts
- The Soros Mob
- Globalists
- Interventionists
- Open-Borderites

And, amazingly, all these poltroons often are packaged together under the stolen and misused term Liberals (I could have said Democrats) ...


Buttigieg has a serious Latino problem too

Stocks rise for a forth day in a row, hit record highs

Great getaway ... record 55 million travel for Thanksgiving

Politico: Obama ‘skeptical’ of Buttigieg and most other Dem candidates

Judge delays Flynn sentencing to wait for Russia IG report

Economy is growing better than economists had expected just a few weeks ago

GDP 2.1% ... But Fed pumps $108.95 billion more into markets ...

Mexico calls for meeting over Trump’s cartel terrorism designation

Poll: Biden remains atop Democrat field, as Warren slips

Bloomberg is crushing all 2020 Democrats with his ad spending in Super Tuesday states

Iran, Russia, China to hold joint war games in ‘message to world’ ...

Sen. Blumenthal: Lindsey Graham will ‘regret’ investigating Biden

Fractured Definition

Nostrum — a stringless ukulele

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Gun Grabbers

If you are for repealing the US Second Amendment, a Harvard study has revealed that the more (legal?) guns a country has, the lower is its crime rate ... see: Beliefnet Study.

Fake news! This can’t be true!


There are certainly hundreds, possibly thousands of places in the world that are currently wracked with killings and mayhem. And there are also many spots that are blessed with serenity and bounty. I am grateful beyond measure that my family, friends and I are fortunate enough to be living, and now dining in the latter.

Christmas Sweater


Special thanks today to Ernest Rutherford who identified helium in 1907 ... and thus gave us Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloons!


Adam Schiff moved from Framingham, MA to Hollywood, CA to become a movie screenwriter. He displayed his talent for same when he composed and read the phony transcript of the July 25th phone call between Trump and the Ukraine’s new President Zelensky.

It is now obvious why he chose instead to go into politics ...

Thank You

Please pass the gravy ...


Dems seethe over Bloomberg’s GOP donations: ‘The hubris is unbelievable’

Facebook was mystery firm bidding against Google to buy Fitbit, sources say

Poll: 50% want [Trump] removal

Polls show 34 percent of black likely voters approve of Trump

Pompeo appears to back Trump on Ukraine election meddling probe

Fed’s Brainard argues for capping interest rate levels during the next turndown

Wintry weather threatens to snarl holiday traffic ...

Waters: Ben Carson does not have ‘intelligence’ to be HUD secretary

Positive signs grow on U.S.-China trade deal

US leads greenhouse gas emissions per capita, report finds

Jerad’s new assignment: Overseeing construction of border wall ...

Second Schiff staffer linked to Burisma-backed think tank

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Irrational Animosity

From Diogenes’ Middle Finger blog

“Irrational animosity is not a good look.” — Anon.

There is a whole lot of hate directed at President Trump ... and, when one tries to peer behind this animus, one does not find rationality ... one finds only gut-level rancor. Asking for a list of reasons for this hatred produces: “he’s a serial liar,” “he demands loyalty above all else,”  “he is totalitarian,” “he is overweight,” “he is a racist,” “he is a bully,” and so forth ... lots and lots of ad hominems.

Most of the substantive criticisms directed at the Donald ... “he colluded with Russia,” “he attacks freedom of the press,” “he tried to bribe the Ukraine into sliming a political opponent,” etc. have not been proven or do not resonate throughout America. This, of course, drives the spittle-flecked Trump haters even more nutso.

It would seem to this observer that the more rabid becomes the haters’ hate, the more Trump supporters are annoyed by this irrational animosity and support the Orangeman even more.

The Resisters’ strategy to get rid of Trump is not working ... a circumstance they refuse to recognize. They believe if just John Bolton were to testify ... or if Zelensky were to say he felt pressured to investigate Biden ... then Trump’s support will collapse ... and our country will return to the good old ways.

Fat chance!

Quotable Quote

“If we had listened to Ben Franklin and made the turkey our national bird, then we would be serving roasted bald eagles for Thanksgiving.” — Anon.


Bumbling Congress gives Trump the budget freeze he wanted

Bitcoin sinks to lowest level since May, falling $3,000 in month as China accelerates crackdown

Supreme Court lets lawsuit by climate scientist continue against conservative outlets ...

DOD Chief fires Navy Secretary for ‘lack of candor’ on Gallagher case

‘The ultimate fighter’: Trump shows off Conan, the military dog from the Baghdadi raid

Ex-Trump aide who went to jail in Mueller probe is running for House seat vacated by Katie Hill

Biden’s senior Latina advisor quits in frustration ...

Schiff: Overwhelming evidence Trump sacrificed national security for personal gain

Democrats on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Elon Musk says Tesla has received 200,000 preorders for its Cybertruck after botched debut

Uber loses license to operate in London ...

Polls show 34 percent of black likely voters approve of Trump

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Italian Dolomites

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Grammar Test


Everything comes to he who waits.

Even though “he” is the object of the preposition “to” it is also in apposition to “who,” the subject of the verb “waits.”


Everything comes to him who waits.

“Who” being the subject of the verb “waits” and “him” being the object of the preposition “to.”


Everything comes to him whom waits.

“Whom” being in apposition to “him” which is the object of the preposition “to.”


Obvious Truth

The hardest kind of evil to defeat is when the evil doers believe that they are doing good. — Anon.

And Epstein didn’t kill himself.


Every time I feel compelled to thank Russia for helping to win World War II, I recall that it had inked a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany before the war ... and, afterward, annexed half of Europe under totalitarianism.


Adam Schiff says Intel panel will continue to investigate Trump

A Bloomberg 2020 run could take big donors off the board for Biden, other Dems

Giuliani: They’re going to try to kill me ... will release documents if disappeared

Poll: Torres could win 64-seat majority, 19 -point lead over Labour

Pope on Hiroshima: Use and possession of atom bomb ‘immoral’

Iran faces its most critical moment since the 1979 revolution

Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized for chills and fever ...

The real Sondland: Never Trumper, Jeb! donor

Giuliani: Talk of having an ‘instance policy’ on Trump is sarcasm

US wants China trade deal, but won’t turn a blind eye to Hong Kong, Trump national security adviser says

Biden lists four potential VP candidates — but can’t remember any of their names!

Congressman: Chile has well-founded suspicions Cuba, Venezuela funding riots

Cult of Personality

In the heat of the Cold War, American propagandist coined an effective term for the Soviet Union’s leadership. We called it a “cult of personality” ... meaning that Stalin and other despots there ruled through the force of their personal whims.  The Dems and media have figured that they can smear Trump with a similar pejorative. He is now a leader of a cult ... meaning that those of us who agree with him are mindless zombies ... see: Deprogramming the Cult.

However, this is a flawed analogy because many of Trump’s fans, like myself, find that he has a sandpaper personality ... yet still admire his policies ... see: The Truth. So, kind readers, I guess we might instead best be dubbed a “cult of policies?”

Monday, November 25, 2019

Fractured Definition

Pissant — an inconsequential inhabitant of a formicary often found near a Porta Potty.

I’m Worried

Hong Kong’s overwhelming voting for the democratic candidates in yesterday’s elections ... with 71%  turnout ... should be a warning to Beijing to back off its oppressive practices. But, there is also a chance it could be a warning to America.


Let me explain. If this freedom movement in Hong Kong infects mainland China ... resulting in a democratic revolution which ousts the current totalitarian Communist regime, then this one major flaw, its Achilles heel which is holding this country from dominating the world, would be removed.

China would then have the world’s largest population of highly industrious, bright and educated people ... unleashed with American-style freedoms.

If this sea-change into a Chinese constitutional democracy starts happening, I suggest you teach your children and grandchildren the Mandarin language.

GOP Lives Matter

When a black hoodlum tried to grab a Ferguson, MO policeman’s gun and got shot and killed in the process, a nationwide movement, Black Lives Matter, got spawned. This follow-on was unjustified and sinister because it destroyed the life of a good cop ... and made many police officers around the country to back off doing their jobs ... and even  lose their lives in the process.

But a bunch of bad cops in the FBI and Justice Department did not kill members of Trump’s campaign ... but they sure tried to destroy their lives. You know many of the names of these bad cops: James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Sally Yates, Bruce Ohr, James Baker ... and now a new bad cop’s malfeasance leaked this past week in the New York Times, Kevin Clinesmith (name revealed on Conservative Treehouse blog.)

Although then unnamed, this FBI lawyer’s nefarious activities in preparing the fake applications to the FISA court to spy on Trump’s campaign might be rewarded with a criminal referral by the FBI’s IG Horowitz when he files his 500-page report on this key piece of the Deep State cabal on December 9th.

Obviously this NTT’s leak was designed to inoculate Clinesmith ahead of this report. And I fully expect that equivalent leaks will come out over the next three weeks about many of the above names ... and maybe more. This is meant to reduce the impact of Horowitz’s  findings. And the source of these leaks will likely be these bad actors themselves, whom have been given this information to review and dispute in advance. Of course, if these leaks could be traced and confirmed, these bad cops would be compounding their crimes.

So, dear readers, like the unjustified Ferguson BLM movement, should the Republicans, who have been slimed by this Deep State cabal, start a justified GOP Lives Matter movement in retaliation? That certainly would be fun!

Such Irony!

If Joe Biden is immune from investigation into his possible Ukraine corruption because he might (increasingly unlikely) be the Democrat candidate for president; should Trump also be immune from the Schiff impeachment anal exam because he most certainly will be the Republican candidate for this same office?

Is this irony not a blazing example of how our national media manipulates American thinking?

Obvious Truth

Allowing gossip as testimony in a courtroom ... or in a Congressional hearing ... is like condoning rat bleep in a 5-star restaurant — Anon.

And Epstein didn’t kill himself


‘Combustible’: Trump’s pivotal moment with Iran

US wants trade deal but won’t turn blind eye to Hong Kong, Trump national security adviser says

Republicans skeptical Pelosi will go through with it [impeachment] ...

Report: GOP Senators seek ‘Suspicious Activity Reports’ on Ukraine and Hunter Biden

Top Dem says ethics investigation into Devin Nunes likely

China attacks US at G-20 as world’s biggest source of instability

Rev. Graham says opposition to president ‘demonic’ ...

Bernie Sanders ‘disgusted’ by Bloomberg’s $31 million ad buy

Bolton claims White House blocked access to his twitter account after departure

Giuliani associate willing to testify Nunes met with a Ukrainian, attorney says

Smugglers cut truck-size hole in border wall ...

Will Hurd holds fast with Republicans on impeachment, angering left

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Obvious Truth

The alphabet networks take to truth the way a fish takes to sand — Anon.

And Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Hong Kong Voting

From reddit Pics

Extremely long lines at one Hong Kong voting station! See interim results at: Washington Post.

Fractured Definition

Conflate — a prisoner with a bad case of stomach distress

Your Tax $s at Work

Huh? Planned Parenthood plans to spend $45 million of taxpayer money next year to defeat Trump and other Republicans!


Bloomberg makes ‘massive’ ad buy

US consumer sentiment comes in higher than expected in November

Warren left shaken after dozens of protesters storm rally ...

William Barr: Epstein’s death was a ‘perfect storm of screwups’

FCC votes to exclude Huawei, ZTE out of U.S. networks

Goldman sees a ‘baby bear’ bond market I 2020 in a year of risks

Trump: I want a [Senate] trial ...

Lindsey Graham launches Senate probe into Bidens’ Burisma actions

Buttigieg staffers join union

California court tosses law to require Trump to release tax returns to get on primary ballot

Obama to Dems: Chill out ...

Report: Hunter Biden-linked firm received $130M in [gov’t] bailout loans

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Claw Marks

The crawfish knows ...

Another Powerline Pic

3, He has orange hair.

Powerline Pic

So cute ...

The Truth

President Trump has been very effectively painted by the media as a serial liar (something like 13,000 lies since he took office) ... when, in fact, he is possibly the greatest truth-telling politician of our lifetimes. That is why he is president and has such adoring crowds. It is the media liars who refuse to recognize this truth (and his truths.)

Here are a few of Trump’s truths:

- American leaders have allowed China to steal us blind over the last 30 years

- The American economy could be a lot better

- The US needs to have the best military in the world

- Our judicial system too often creates laws, does not interpret laws

- Many European allies have stepped back and let the U.S. carry the majority of the responsibility for keeping the world safe

- The United States will never be a Socialist country

- Spending our treasure and the lives of our youth to “fix” other nations is foolish

- Global warming is a gigantic scam

- Washington is a swamp filled with too many self-serving and often dishonest bureaucrats

- Republican campaign colluding with Russia was a media/Deep State attempted cabal

- Russia under Putin is a bad actor ... but it can be useful in countering China and the radical Muslim threats

- Nations without borders are not nations

- Patriotism and respect for our flag is not a sin

- Much of our media dispenses “fake news” shaped by Liberal politics

- Immigration, even large immigration, is good only if controlled and selective

- Iran and North Korea are dangerous enemies and need to be put in a box

- There are a number of other despotic nation’s around the world which are not our friends but, nonetheless, need to be dealt with so that they don’t become our enemies

- Israel and Great Britain are our closest natural friends and need to be treated as such

- The UN is a very expensive, yet ineffective “world government”

- Liberal-run cities ate generally failing their citizens

- Blacks and Latinos have been ill-served by their Democrat masters


Obvious Truth

People unwilling to research and debate issues must think that your head is only meant to hold your hat. — Anon.

And Epstein didn’t kill himself.


Fiona Hill clashes with GOP over ‘fictional’ Ukrainian claims

Janet Yellen says, ‘there is good reason to worry’ about the US economy sliding into recession

Israel PM Netanyahu defiant after his indictment ...

Fiona Hill penned a Washington Post op ed against giving Ukraine weapons in 2015

Haley billed as ‘frontrunner’ in 2024 GOP nomination

SpaceX blows the top off of Starship in pressure testing to the max

Iran [Inter]net outages to effectively isolate entire nation ...

Fiona Hill worked with Christopher Steele, author of the Russian ‘dossier’

Inspector General’s report on FBI-Russian probe due out in December

House Dems, Republicans fail to reach agreement on USMCA trade agreement

White House backs full Senate trial ...

Confidence in Trump economy hits highest level ever

Friday, November 22, 2019

Fractured Definition

Atrophy — a skinny loving cup awarded for getting the best grade in class

Solomon’s Mines

John Solomon is an impressive investigative reporter of deep credentials. He has been the source of much of President Trump’s and Rudy Giuliani’s suspicions regarding the Ukraine’s corruption ... including the Burisma-Biden connection and this country’s interference (on Hillary’s side) in the 2016 election.  He is a careful reporter who heavily footnotes his articles with reference to documents and videos. But now he is being attacked for an obvious reason — he disputes many of Adam Schiff’s impeachment themes.

So, kind reader, I suggest that you go to the original evidence of Solomon’s reporting ... as thoroughly as you wish ... and decide for yourself if this man is credible ... see: John Solomon Reports on Schiff Revelations.

If you want to dig further, then try this one: Muck Rack.

Your research into this man and what he uncovered can be as thorough or shallow as you wish ... but understand that what he has reported is pivotal to much of what Trump was thinking in dealing with the Ukraine and our State Department’s views of same.

In closing and to provide some balance, “The Hill” is beginning to investigate Solomon’s reporting that was the basis of much of these Trump suspicions ... see: Politico Article.

You decide.


“There is such a thing as too much civilization.” — Anon.

Do you get the sense that the patina of the world’s civilization is wearing thin? Watching cable TV would certainly lead one to conclude that it is ... given the barrage of insults that one hears there.  Of course the obvious culprit is President Trump who is not shy about expressing his thoughts, however hostile. This encourages his haters to wade even deeper into the wallow ... and so the back and forth.

A validation of this swing toward vulgarity is that Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, possibly one of the most honorable politicians around, hasn’t a snowflake’s chance in South Chicago of taking over from his boss in the 2024 election.

But is Trump’s behavior  a cause or a symptom? I suggest the latter. Civility is disappearing all around the world ... Hong Kong, Paris, Ecuador, Iran, Chile, London, Iraq, Venezuela, the House Intelligence Committee, etc. And Trump is but a bystander to these events.

Perhaps it is because civility must run in cycles? As civilization’s veneer is built up layer after layer with fairy-tale memes, it finally becomes too ridiculous for commoners to tolerate ... and the people revolt ... and this precious pretentiousness is scuttled.

To me, kind reader, it seems that we have hit this silliness ceiling ... which has spawned a huge partisan food-fight ... at the obvious cost of our country’s comity. Things won’t return to sereneness until all the fops are guillotined.