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Visitors to this blog, until recently, were legitimately running about 150 per day. Occasionally, it would get a spike or two of a few hundred hits ... which could run the total to even a thousand. These hits were clearly being generated by a bot ... located in the US from a Google referring URL ... and didn’t seem to land on any particular post. I have speculated that this bot might be controlled by the developers at Blogspot (owned by Google) for many possible reasons ... most of which are suspicious.

Now, as can be noticed by the above chart of hit activity on this blog, the bot algorithm seems to have changed a little over a week ago. Instead of one big spike of hits, the current padding appears to be to adding a number of ersatz hits to every real one ... maybe from 5 to 10 extra. The net effect is that this blog is now receiving a thousand or more hits a day instead of 150.

This largess, of course, is all for nought since BlogSpot has refused to allow me to monetize with ads my efforts here. If recompense was my objective, I would not be happy. But, dear reader, my only real hope is that I can add a little to the contemporary discussion of interesting things.

Afterward: (Monday, PM) Just had a spike of over 180 blog hits on top of the pattern just described ... which leads me to believe that  are two distinct bots now padding the activity here ... second located in Czechia ... Wow! Why me?

More Ramirez

“I was that little girl.”


President Trump’s approach to international and domestic relations is certainly unconventional ... sometimes bordering on the bizarre. As such he has attracted mucho criticism and scorn. I myself have often scratched my head at his offbeat antics with Kim, Xi and Putin. But, on the other hand, the conventional behavior of our other presidents has not produced bragable results ... in fact, things kept getting more mired and confused.

Enter stage right our orange-haired pussy grabber whose laser-like focus seems always on results ... no matter how much manure his own countrymen heap on him. If he loses a round, he is not fazed. He keeps pushing toward the same goalposts that we all want: denuclearizing bad actors, fair trade, disentanglement of US troops overseas, border security, being respected by the world’s superpowers, stronger military, less political correctness, a booming economy, the return of manufacturing to the US, etc.

Liberal pundits grouse that Trump has no policy agendas ... well, read the previous sentence to see how myopic they really are. It is very clear to me and many Americans what Trump is trying to do ... and likely will get done if given half a chance. Call it the Trump Doctrine.

Yes, the never-Trumpers and, often his own personality, get in his way of these ends. But, to his great credit, he holds to these noble goals ... as opposed to the cockamamie agendas on the conventional Left. Being unconventional but right is much better than conventional but wrong.

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Kamala’s attack on Biden was months in the making

Trump says he agreed with Xi to hold off on new tariffs and to let Huawei buy US products

France hottest day in history! Manure explodes in Spain

Poll: 5 in 9 likely voters oppose free health care for illegal aliens

Trump announces negotiations with China are ‘back on track’

By the numbers: Best June for Dow since 1938,  S&P 500’s best first half in two decades

Apple moves assembly of Mac Pro to China ...

DHS: Illegal migrants drop 25 percent in June amid U.S., Mexican crackdown

Trump offers to meet Kim Jong Un at Korean border

‘She owned the stage’ —  Pollster says Kamala Harris was the winner of both 2020 debate nights

Jimmy Carter says Trump is an illegitimate President

Cruz to Christian Conservatives: We are not going to let Big Tech silence us

Look at Me!

There are quite a number of C-list people who will say or do anything to get mentioned in the media. Here are a few:

Kathy Griffin

Robert De Niro

Jim Acosta

Beto O’Rourke

Colin Kaepernick

Eric Swalwell

Alec Baldwin

Rosie O’Donnell

Rob Reiner

David Hogg

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Chelsea Handler

Jussie Smollett

Maxine Waters

The list goes on. But what is it that unites all these ragtag grandstanders? I can’t imagine ...

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Powerline Pic

By an unanimous vote of the family ...

Staged Horror

From Mostly Cajun blog

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turns on the crocodile tears for the cameras ... pretending to be at an immigrant “concentration camp” ...


Kamala Harris goes after Trump on immigration

Trump tells Putin: Don’t meddle in US elections

Biden stammers as Kamala eats him alive! ‘That little girl was me’

Chuck Todd spoke more words at second debate than 7 Democrats

‘Everyone hates this place’: Border bill tears apart Democrat caucus

Kamala Harris attacks Joe Biden’s record on busing, working with segregationists

Dems vow health care for all illegals

‘Hell no’ Ocasio-Cortez opposes Pelosi’s decision to pass Senate [border] bill

Bernie Sanders admits he will raise middle-class taxes

Russia’s Vladimir Putin says liberalism has ‘outlived its purpose’

Supreme blow to Trump ... ‘Contrives’ question on census ... Roberts sides with Libs ...

Report: Biden’s campaign freaking out about poor first debate

Friday, June 28, 2019


A butterfly dutchman

Dutch treat — everyone pays one’s own way

In Dutch — in trouble with someone

Dutch uncle — a friend giving firm but benevolent advice

Double Dutch — jumping rope with two long ropes going in opposite directions

“Durch” — Ronald Reagan

Dutch widow — a prostitute

Dutch oven — a heavy cooking pot often used for braising meat

Dutch door — a door which can be opened at the top and not the bottom

Dutch wife — a pillow or booster used to keep warm or cool with

“It’s Dutch to me” — “I don’t understand”

Dutchman — a wooden insert to cover a flaw in a exposed board

False Prophet

Acrophobia NOT

From daily timewaster

More balls than brains ...

Climate Refugees

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” — Sir Walter Scott

The loony left loves to play with language. They create the terms “economic justice,” “women’s reproductive rights”and “mandatory gun buybacks” ... all to camouflage the hidden purpose of these policies. Now comes their latest semantic slipperiness — “climate migrants,” a double whammy in that it supports climate change as the reason for our surge of illegal immigration ... an assertion without any backup in facts. (But, of course, few of these other liberal loquacious pretzels have any such logical backing either.)

So, dear reader, when you see the next focus-group-tested semantic construct from the Democrats, be afraid, be very afraid of what is about to happen to you and yours.


Senate passes border funding package, setting up fight with House

Democrats take aim at big business, spar over health care at the first 2020 presidential debate

She [Gabbard] is most searched name during debate — Google ...

Cory Booker: We need to talk more about transgender Americans

Reddit cracks down on pro-Trump channel over ‘repeated rule breaking’

Huawei says it doesn’t cooperate with Chinese military — after report says its employees did

Trump [on debate]: Boring ...

De Blasio: Yes, Democrats are for 70% tax rate, free college

Appellate court raises new threat to Obamacare

Trump campaign shells out on YouTube ad to draw more views than Democrat debate

ISIS threatens to bomb New York ahead of Fourth of July ...

20 times Breirbart reported migrant deaths during Obama-Biden

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Too Close?

From daily timewaster blog

The Sideshow

From Mostly Cajun blog


From daily timewaster blog ...


Dems secure testimony from reluctant Mueller

Trump and Xi meet Saturday — if it goes poorly, the global economy could teeter into recession

Poll: Bernie takes lead over Biden in New Hampshire ...

Romney, Ernst request more information on Trump rape

House passes border spending package in win for Pelosi

Fed chief Jerome Powell warns against police bending to ‘short-term political threats’

Economist: US may be in recession ...

Stephanie Grisham chosen as next White House press secretary

Democrats try out their Spanish on TV as they court Latino voters

Hong Kong activists call on G-20 leaders to help ‘liberate’ city

Clint Eastwood to defy Hollywood boycott of Georgia

Chicago restaurant employee spit on Eric Trump

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Toothbrushes and Soap

Those poor illegal immigrant children, who have been ripped from their mothers’ arms at our southern border, are all made to sleep on concrete floors and are not given toothbrushes and soap (did they not bring these necessities with them in their trek across Mexico?) Our border patrol are running “concentration camps” where families are kept in cages and are deprived of basic health care ... all by that tyrant President Trump.

I’ve heard these Democrat accusations so many times (just now on NPR) that I have come to treat them as inflated propaganda directed at deflecting the inaction of the Democrat House from dealing with our immigration crisis at the border. For many months Pelosi’s posse denied their was such a crisis ... and now, having been forced to retract this lie, are trying to offload the blame for their inaction.

Somehow I doubt that such “inhumane” actions on the Trump aministration’s part are generally true ... but our media, once given this lead, goes off at a full gallop. Do they send an unbiased reporter to see how many illegal immigrant children are suffering these indignities? Of course not. They’re too good to ignore so let’s go with the allegation that children are being “tortured.”

Latest news is that the House may pass a $4.5 billion emergency appropriation to deal with this crisis ... but have loaded it up with restrictions to tie DHS’s hands ... see: FoxNews Story. To summarize, “If you want to aid the immigrant children Trump, we will help you as long as we can keep and expand our open borders.” Trump may be forced to veto this Trojan Horse.

Such cynical political dreck!

Afterward: one provision of the $4.5 billion Democrat House bill is that there is no money allowed to fund new detention center beds ... what absolute hypocrisy!


Magladoon versus Great White Shark


Congress flails after Trump’s deportation ultimatum

Japan and China look to strengthen trade ties at G-20 summit, even as Trump looms large

Dems form circular firing squad ...

Pompeo in Middle East to build ‘global coeletion’ against Iran

House pay raise in doubt as GOP wavers

New US sanctions on ayatollah mean end of diplomacy, Iran says

Russian warship docks in Havana

Schumer brands Trump a madman —  for not killing Iranians

Trump’s trade war thrusts farmers into desperation loans

Trump reportedly said he wants to end decades-old defense treaty with Japan

GALLUP: More Americans than ever call immigration top problem ...

Trump: I don’t need Congressional approval before striking Iran

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Highest Temperature Records

Since the press focuses on individual temperatures to agitate for global warming, I thought that a listing through time of highest temperature at various US cities might give one a feeling for whether we really are getting hotter. Please click on these links, scan the record high temperatures at these American cities and then make up your own mind if Al Gore is a charlatan:

Boston: 1893 to present

New York City: 1870 to present

 Chicago: 1942 to present

 St. Louis: 1893 to present

Dallas: 1914 to present

Los Angeles: 1914 to present

Are you now still a Chicken Little?


Agriculture Department buries studies showing dangers of climate change

Beijing wants US to stop ‘inappropriate’ actions against Chinese firms

Debate week: Dems pounce on ‘erratic’ Trump

Pete Buttigieg faces angry town hall after police shooting

Turkish leader’s party losing Istanbul election

Trump says he never threatened to demote Fed Chair Powell, but he has the ‘right’ to do so

Bernie to propose canceling entire $1.6 trillion in student loan debt ...

Donald Trump backs down on deportation threat

‘Snow job’: Palestinians reject economic portion of White House peace plan

Bitcoin soars above $11,000 for the first time in 15 months — now up 170% for the year

HACK THAT: US strikes Iran military computers ...

New Zealand: Govt won’t pay full price for banned guns

Monday, June 24, 2019

Gender Bias

Old Ladies’ Home

Oft repeated tale ... women outliving men ...

It would seem to me that men, in exchange for equal pay for equal work, should ask to live as long as their distaff side. Fair is fair.


Does everyone want to be happy? We are told so ... but I have my doubts as to what this means. Are serial killers happy offing their next victim? Perhaps. Did OJ find joy in slashing the throats of his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman? Perhaps. Did Pol Pot have a smile on his face as he slaughtered 2 million Cambodians? Perhaps. Was Chairman Mao gleeful when his Great Leap Forward starved to death perhaps ten million of his countrymen? Perhaps.

Obviously happiness is a very relevant thing. Monasteries and nunneries exist for a primary purpose of assuring a state of grace to their participants ... a distillation of happiness. We all believe that happiness should be all goodness and light. But this is clearly not the case. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that many people find comfort in things that most of us consider bizarre. Our newspapers would quickly fold if they could not report on the many aberrations and outright crimes perpetuated by anti-social creeps who are seeking out their own sick form of joy.

So, our classic notions of what motivate people may be right in the whole, but clearly misfire for large swaths of homo sapiens. Do we need to rethink what the guarantee “pursuit of happiness” phrase in the Declaration of Independence means? Perhaps we need a finer form of the word “happiness?” Specifying that it must be the benign form of this emotion?

I can’t think of a word for this constricted form of joy. Can you?

Afterward: Beatific?

Fractured Definition

Transphobia — fear of the intracontinental railroad.


What Mayor Pete couldn’t fix about the South Bend cops

Trump says US will impose ‘major additional sanctions’ against Iran on Monday

Trump calls off ICE raids

Eric Swalwell tells Hispanics to fight Trump in the streets

‘Excellent content’ North Korea touts new Trump letter to Kim

The Fed could cut rates four times over the next 12 months because of low inflation

Iran executes ‘CIA spy’ ...

George Washington H.S. to erase ‘offensive’ George Washington mural

UK’s Boris Johnson refuses to answer question about police visit

Trump reportedly approved cyber strike to hit Iranian computers that control missile launches

Google ‘Chrome’ new ‘sueveilence software’ ...

AOC: Trump ‘fighting to not give children toothpaste’

Sunday, June 23, 2019


How does a dingbat like AOC get any attention in the national media? She is now blaming the oil refinery explosion in Philadelphia on ‘climate change’ ... see: Breitbart Story.

reddit Pic

Leyat Helica, an early (1919-1925) unique French auto


Trump’s re-election campaign is on a crusade against leaks

It was a monumental week for markets with major milestone for stocks, bonds, gold and oil

ICE raids starting Sunday ...

TX Governor orders 1,000 National Guard troops to border

Huawei sues Commerce Department over seized equipment

Traders his week bet on a Fed rate cut in record-setting numbers

Trump deporting illegals at slower pace than Obama ...

Donald Trump: People ‘forgot’ Elizabeth Warren is a ‘fraud’

What if Trump won’t accept 2020 defeat?

Giant explosion rocks largest refinery complex on East Coast, sends gasoline prices higher

Special Prosecutor named in Jussie Smollett case, new charges possible

Trump cuts Obama’s Syrian refugee surge by more than 60 percent

Saturday, June 22, 2019

reddit Pic

An artichoke in bloom ...


Robert De Niro

I have noted this before: Acting is a socially-acceptable form of lying. On the stage, actors are not the persons they are pretending to be. The roles that actors play are the creation of someone else and yet they can slip into these new personalities with realistic and convincing aplomb. Any brilliance that they may exhibit is generally someone else’s making. Therefore, excellent actors and actresses are excellent liars by definition. That is why thespians need not ever be paid attention to when they are expounding on political or moral issues ... except when they are on the stage speaking the lines of (hopefully) real thinkers.

Afterthought: Because so many actors have become politically active, I find it more difficult to suspend disbelief when I see them acting (as best I can) ... therefore movies have become less entertaining ... and I have less need to see them. I wonder if others are so affected?

Powerline Pic

The genesis of Mayor Pete ...


‘This place has enough creepy old men”: GOP vows to crush Roy Moore

Huawei may demand more royalties from US firms that rely on its patented tech

Russia develops new laser weapon for combat duty ...

‘Climate rmergency’: Ireland set to ban private cars

Trump fudges his red line as Iran takes out a U.S. drone

The Trump economy is starting to look more and more like the Obama economy

Texas Hispanic population on pace to surpass whites ...

So woke: Bernie suggests Warren surging past him in polls is because she is a woman

Why 9 in 10 voters want Congress, the administration to fix our roads

Trump says Iranian downing of US drone may have been unintentional

More than 100,000 illegals ‘got away’ from agents this year

Report: Trump allowed then canceled air and naval strikes against Iran

Friday, June 21, 2019

Daily Humor

Is this your first re-election campaign, kid?

From the New Yorker magazine: Is being snide, being humorous?

reddit Pic

Papua, New Guinea’s UN representative (note the codpiece)


Biden defiant as Democrats unleash barrage of criticism

10-year Treasury yield drops below 2% fir first time since November, 2016

NYT CEO rips into Trump: His attacks on press are ‘stupid’ and ‘dangerous’ ...

Measles outbreak on 28 U.S. states, worst infection rate in 25 years

Kamala Harris accuses Biden of cozying up to segregationists

Tehran claims to have shot down a US drone, Centcom says no drone was in Iran’s airspace


Biden praises ‘civility’ of two arch segregationists

McConnell doesn’t think reparations for slavery are a ‘good idea’

China’s Xi Jinping arrives in North Korea on a visit big on symbolism

[Trump] Fundraising blowout: $26M in a day ...

Carlson: ‘Conservatives might want to’ ‘rethink’ Koch relationship

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Legally Blind

“Does it matter? — losing your sight? Thher’s such splendid work for the blind.” — Siegfried Sassoon (not related to Vidal Sassoon)

Yours truly has just been declared legally blind (20/200 corrected eyesight caused by macular degeneration). I have already been denied a driver’s license renewal and am in a state program to help me navigate the exigencies of daily life due to poor eyesight. The only reason I can write this blog is because of the magnification features of an iPad. So kind reader, if I make a typo every once in a while, you will know why ... and please give me a pass?

Small solace: I will get an extra deduction on next year’s taxes ...


The following are two quotes from two-faced Joe Biden ... less than six weeks apart:

May 1, 2019: “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on man! They’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us.”

June 11: 2019: “We are in competition with China. We need to get tough with China. They are a serious challenge to us, and in some areas a real threat.”

Yet, according to our media pals, Trump is the liar.

What to Think

If you ignore what is happening and won’t analyze things critically ... bending to what others want you to think, you are not free. —  Anon.

Felt-tip Pen Art

From “daily timewaster” blog ...


Sanders, Biden unload on ‘unpleasant’ Trump rally

Rep. Maxine Waters asks Facebook to pause work on cryptocurrency Libra

Orlando Sentinel gets jump on endorsements: Not Donald ...

25,000 pack Amway Center in Orlando, FL

Trump delivers a ‘bizzaro world’ re-election speech

Don’t be too optimistic that trade talks will progress at G-20: Cramer

CNN cuts away from speech after ‘sucks’ chant ...

Ocasio-Cortez: Trump running ‘concentration camps’ at border

Bernie Sanders: ‘We should definitely take a look at’ breaking up Google, Amazon, Apple

Trump is Wall Street’s favorite in 2020, but his reelection prospects look bad in state polls

ICE averaging only 7,000 deportations per month ...

Joe Biden warns supporters: ‘There’s a target on my back’

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

For the Record

I am not in favor of reparations.

Focus Group Runners

I heard a term recently that made me take notice ... “focus group runners.” Wow! This says a lot about the inner workings of Congressional hearings. Apparently, during some of these Trump-bashing hearings, Democrats hold focus groups watching TV in anterooms ... and reacting to what is happening live. Then when a key thought or phrase comes forth from the focus group members, runners bring them to the Democrat chairman or member so that he/she can launch a sound-bite question or zinger at the witness.

 So, these slow-witted politicians can then seem a lot sharper than they really are ..


Eric Swalwell proposes Australia-style gun buyback program

Boeing records zero new orders as Paris Air Show starts slow

Trump vows to deport ‘millions’ starting next week! ICE blitz

Joe Biden speech: Trump an ‘exestential threat’ to America

Democrats want companies to disclose their climate risks — and fossil fuel industry is worried

China’s job market faces new pressure as trade war with US drags on

Iran threat: 10 days to save nuclear deal ...

Supporters line up 40 hours early for Donald Trump 2020 kickoff tally

Trudeau plan USMCA meetings with Pelosi, McConnell this week

7 in 10 people would fly in a plane with no pilot, survey says

NYT: Manafort seemed headed for Rivers. Then Justice Dept intervened ...

Poll: Elizabeth Warren overtakes Joe Biden in Minnesota


Trump in Orlando

Biden in Pittsburgh

Presidential campaign kickoff rallies ...

Afterward: Polls, schmolls ...

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

reddit Pic

A boy and a marmot ...

Fed by the Fed

“Don’t fight the Fed.” — Old Wall Street advice

The Federal Reserve Bank can have a key role in elections. When the Fed raises interest rates it slows down the economy and a slowing economy can have an adverse effect at the polls for the incumbent. George H.W. Bush blamed the Fed under Alan Greenspan for costing him his re-election in1992.

And Donald Trump is well aware of this correlation ... and so has been challenging the Fed chairman he appointed, Jerome Powell, to help him out in next year’s election. For the last nine months Trump has been cajoling Powell to stop raising rates and start cutting them. This pressure has had some effect. Last December the Fed was expected to raise rates for the six straight time under Trump ... causing the December stock market swoon. At that time the interest rate futures market was also expecting at least three Fed rate increases in 2019.

When Powell indicated in late December that these assumptions were wrong, the market had a dramatic turn-around and has been on a tear ever since. During this short period, the 10-year government bond has dropped almost 1.5 percentage points to near 2%. This is quite a dramatic move and has caused one other major event ...

China has been playing the rope-a-dope on tariffs expecting that the previous high rates combined with the economic impact of its tariff war with the U.S. would undermine Trump’s 2020 chances. However, recent events suggest Xi is rethinking this tactic. Trump and Xi agreed today that they would indeed meet at the G-20 summit in July to further their tariff discussions. This, to me, suggests that Beijing now believes that Trump is here to stay for 5 1/2 more years ... and that they better cut a deal while they can. Many companies are relocating their manufacturing out of China and, despite what its phony statistics say, it economy may actually be contracting. If so, Trump has them, with Powell’s help, by the short hairs ... and I think he now knows it.

This change in tariff-agreement expectations is enhanced by China’s partial capitulation toward the Hong Kong demonstrations and Xi’s upcoming visit to North Korea ... where I expect he will pressure Kim to cut a nuke deal with Trump.

I know it is dangerous to celebrate too early ... but I am getting out my pom-poms. If China and North Korea soon come around toTrmp’s way, I will be even more sure of Trump’s re-election.

Adult Pacifiers

We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added. — Ronald Reagan

Back in my salad days, fresh out of college, a wealthy liberal workmate said he was happy to pay for welfare to keep the restless natives pacified. In other words, if it cost him (and me) an extra few percentage points in taxes, he would trade this for social tranquility. I was taken aback ... for I thought that this attitude was paternalistic and undemocratic. In the modern vernacular, he was suggesting keeping our lower class  “on the plantation,” black or white.

So, his being satisfied to “pay off” the poor to keep them from rioting ... was rewarding bad behavior, lassitude and irresponsibility. It typified the start of the downward spiral of family formations and the upward spiral of our drug culture ... exemplified by Woodstock and the anti-Vietnam-war demonstrations. As such, rioting didn’t go away ... it intensified. Lyndon Johnson’s Great Soviety and War on Poverty had the unintended consequences of introducing more slothful rot nto our society. The homelessness and social unrest that we see intensifying today is nothing but a continuation of the paternalism that I first experienced way back then

The West Coast billionaire oligarchy is content to pay more to keep the underclass there from up and derailing their gravy train. To them, it is a very small price to pay. This increasingly bifurcated society is the modern-day consequence of that liberal foolishness I saw all those many years ago. Human nature is such that free stuff only increases the appetite for more free stuff. Am I being cold-hearted to say that welfare should be a temporary hand up for the down-and-out? Making it wide-spread and permanent is economic insanity.

Pacifiers are for babies ... bit, they don’t work so well for adults.

Fractured Definition

Gasconade — a sweet liquid that one drinks to get rid of flatulence.


Trump campaigned on defeating the opioid crisis. It’s hard to tell if he’s winning

Uncertainty looms as Hong Kong protests drag into new week

FoxNews poll shock: Bernie leads Trump by 9!

Top exes of 180 companies: Abortion necessary to be successful

Germany joins EU-wide 2050 net zero emissions goal

African swine fever could drive up inflation in emerging markets as pork prices soar

Internal polls shake White House ... Pollster fired ...

Genius Pete: ‘Almost certain’ America has had a gay president

Israel moves to name Golan [Heights] settlement after Trump

The Fed is likely to drop ‘patient’ word next week, clearing way for July rate cut, economists say

South American blackout leaves 40 millions without power ...

AOC:  Frustration with Pelosi ‘quite real’