Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pillow Talk?

(This item reminds me of the Mary Matalin/James Carville surprisingly strange bedfellows.)

Are Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough a romantic item? Page Six, the gossip column of the New York Post seems to think so ... given that Mika recently got a quiet divorce and Joe was divorced three years ago ... see: New York Post Revelation.

Anyone who has watched the Morning Joe program on MSNBC over the years should have noticed that Joe's politics have been moving left and Mika's, right. Perhaps pillow talk has something to do with this melding of their political minds?

"I'm a Baaaad Boy ..."

Abbott and Costello
Very few readers of this blog were probably alive when Lou Costello frequently mewled this on-screen apology after being caught by his partner, Bud Abbott, with his proverbial hand in the cookie jar. I guess Trump supporters are also expected by Hellery Clinton to mimic this humiliating retreat after she has accused them of xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia and many other "dog whistle" phobias ... see: Breitbart Article.

In typical Democrat play-book fear-mongering fashion, Hellery is once again trying to assemble all the hyphenated voting blocs in America into one diverse melange to prevail over generally open-minded conservatives. And she just might do this ... if we let her ... by admitting to or performing any of her phony phobic rhetoric.

Not me coach!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I was on a Skype call yesterday with some college classmates and I was put in the uncomfortable position of having to explain why I am going to vote for Trump. To a man, my classmates, many of whom profess to be Republicans, were down on The Donald ... and I do understand their aversion ... because Trump has an uncanny way of sticking his finger in the eyes of the establishment. I won't say that they were looking down their noses at him, but they clearly weren't in awe. Nor am I ... but I still think I would prefer having a finger in my eye than a suicide vest going off next to me.

Maybe it is my humble background ... but I have never considered myself as refined. For instance, I still like Dick Cheney when most liberals ... and many conservatives ... hate him with a passion. For what? Because he showed a determination and uncanny competence in protecting us after 9/11. Our current president, Obummer and his presumptive successor, Hellery, refuse to show half the competence to protect us as both Cheney and Trump obviously engender. Those two elite Democrats, Hellery and Obummer, are wearing blinders to our grave dangers for reasons that confound me. Perhaps it is their predilection for globalism? Maybe it is their desire to hold on to power by not admitting incompetence? Maybe it is inherent anti-Semitism that has caused them both to be so pro-Muslim? Perhaps, it is just a Saul Alinsky style revolutionary fervor? Maybe it is all those things and more?

But whatever it is, they both are wearing blinders and Donald Trump, as crude as he comes across, isn't. He is a realist of the first order ... perhaps the reason why he has been so successful in business. That is why I will vote for him whatever are the ancillary risks. I do know that, if Trump is elected, he will do some un-conservative things that I won't like ... and he will blurt out some unpresidential zingers. (So I guess I can also be accused of wearing blinders.) But I am convince that he will do enough good things to help put our country back on a path toward renewed greatness.

Soft Power (continued)

My eyesight is beginning to come back, so I can now add to my previous blog, Soft Power. I am far from even a novice in understanding the convoluted bureaucratic structure of the European Union ... see: Wikipedia Entry ... but I think I can see many of the political implications of this mare's nest of undemocratic governance.

Angela Merkel deserves much of the blame. (or credit) for the possible unraveling of the European Union. But as we can see, she is not giving up quietly. The consternation she deserves centers around the progressive lunacy that inspired her to invite hoards of Syrian refugees to come to Germany last year ... causing a migration catastrophe throughout Europe. Once these immigrants are in Europe,  EU rules allow them to relocate anywhere among its member states. Whether this was Merkel's boneheaded or calculated move is in dispute, but her public invitations caused a heap of turmoil that ultimately lead to Brexit ... see: Breitbart Article.

I know, I know that the latest theory is that it was the free flow of immigrants from Poland and other Eastern European EU members that caused most of the dyspepsia among working- class Brits. But, this might also be because these Eastern Europeans are real workers and were more visible than the tidal wave of Syrians and other Muslims who moved invisibly onto home relief throughout Britain. But the narrative that it was not these Muslim masses that triggered Brexit is, to say the least, self-serving.

I also know that some feel that what put Great Britain over the Brexit top was the new EU restrictions on electric tea kettles, toasters and hair dryers. That just may have partially been the case ... for from undeserved power comes unmitigated hubris. However, this whole EU muddle is full of cross currents including some who feel that even greater European integration (as indicated in my previous blog post) is not in the cards ... see: CNBC Opinion.

My personal opinion is that Merkel is power hungry and will not be sated nor satisfied with her loss of European influence. The EU (read France and Germany) are feeling petty and punitive after Brexit ... see: CNBC Story. It is even rumored that the EU has just notified Great Britain that, in order to maintain current trade relations, that the Brits will have to accept the free flow of immigrants like was in place before Brexit. Pretty tough talk, no? Thus, I surmise that Merkel's soft-power strategy is still her path forward.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites:

Maine's First Lady takes summertime waitress job to pick up cash

Federal Judge: Constitution outdated, no value studying it ...

English will no longer be [an] EU official language

Flashback: Hillery pitches TPP 'gold standard'

Barry Gibb to release first album since '01

Obama pushes military to salute transgender, cross-dressing soldiers

China to Mars 'by end of decade'

FBI didn't inform some people they were on the ISIS kill list

Keystone XL pipeline company sues Obama and U.S. For $15 billion under NAFTA

Democrat platform calls for taxpayer funded abortions

Obama to hasten pivot towards Germany as top ally

University of North Carolina: Christmas is a 'microaggression' now

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Witch Hunt

The Benghazi Select Committee's 800 page report came out today and revealed that Hellary Clinton was the highest Cabinet officer in a real-time Situation Room meeting debating how to respond to the attack on our Benghazi Consulate and CIA Annex. Even after our Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta had given the order to send a rescue mission, this critical meeting not only kept this order from being carried out, but then spent two hours concocting the political red herring that it was an Internet video that sparked this assault ... not Islamic terrorism. The indecision coming out of this exercise in cover-up caused the rescue squad in Spain to sit on the runway for three hours ... changing their clothing back and forth from uniforms to mufti four times because of the vacillation coming out of this meeting.

Of course, that heartless Democrat currently running for America's presidency claimed that there was nothing new in this report even though she had obviously not read it. "Time to move on," she mewled. If Hellery either gave the stand-down order to Panetta's rescue directive ... or if she acceded to such an order coming from the White House ... she is clearly unfit to serve as our Commander in Chief. And her posse is claiming that Trey Gowdy has just concluded a $7 million witch hunt. Probably true ... but we all now know who the witch was who was instrumental in causing the death of at least two brave Americans.

Representative Gowdy has requested that reporters, politicians and ordinary Americans read this report before they finally form their conclusions on this affair. I kind of doubt that many will, but, if you are a seeker of truth, here it is: Benghazi Report. As a reader of this blog confessed yesterday, he doesn't want to deal with such complexities. I know that this is what our cunning Clinton crone is counting on.

Afterward: To me, the door is not closed on this Benghazi affair unless and until we know who gave the stand-down order to the Marine rescue team ... no way.

Soft Power

What Adolf couldn't do with his Panzer tanks, storm troopers and blitzkriegs, Angela is doing with her soft power. Anyone who has traveled to Europe in the last five years can easily observe what country dominates the European Union ... Germany ... just notice the number of BMWs, Mercedes, and VWs on the roads throughout Europe. And now Angela Merkel, after the Brexit vote,  is taking it to the next level ... offering to consolidate their fighting, taxing and financial forces for the rest of the EU ... basically becoming the throne room to a pan-European superstate ... to read the alarming details, see: Daily Express Article.

More on this when my vision clears up after my recent eye surgery ...

Monday, June 27, 2016

God Knows

Pope Francis has said that the Catholic Church should ask forgiveness of gays for how they have been treated by his church in the past ... see: Yahoo News Story. I'm confused ... is this pontiff  referring to how well Cardinal Law was pampered and protected after it was clear that he enabled hundreds if not thousands of little boys to be molested by American Catholic pedophile priests? Or is he referring to something else? Only God knows ...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bitter Klinger

I know that I have to catch up to modern times ... as defined by Obummer. By that I mean that I and the entire military establishment MUST now accept transgender, cross-dressing soldiers as part of everyday barracks life ... this, according to the latest diktat of our lame duck in the White House ... see: Breitbart Article.

Yes, I do remember how Corporal Klinger, in the MASH award-winning TV series, would frequently dress up as a woman in an attempt to be sent home on a Section 8 code infraction. But that was funny because it was so bizarre ... and Klinger wasn't for-real transgender. Now the bizarre has become normative in a society that has been fundamentally changed according to the twisted mind of our current president.

Not only is military cross-dressing WAACy, it is rubbing the noses of our fighting forces in the bohemian life-styles of the fringes of our society ... apparently the fringes so favored by Obummer. If our president toys with the tradition of our military bending to civilian control to push our men and women in uniform to embrace what, to many, would be unembracable, he is jeopardizing the whole notion of such civilian control. Either that or he is trying to emasculate those who need to be powerful.  Whichever way, it is a foolish leap into the uncertain abyss of social engineering.

I have, in previous posts, discussed how I thought that Obummer would try to punish his minions in his last year in office ... haze us if you will ... see: Hell Year. Unfortunately, I was correct ... and we are clearly in for seven more months of such gratuitous challenges. Whether this will cause this country's people to embrace the maudlin mind set of this man-child is yet to be determined.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites:

George Will bolts Republican Party

Home ownership at 48-year low

Sun goes blank during weakest solar cycle in a century

Biden: Japan can go nuclear 'virtually overnight'

Claim: Obama limiting air strikes against ISIS ... to protect environment!

Many experienced GOP strategists unwilling to work for Trump

Obama designates gay bar as a national monument

Maher: Lot of liberals talk about gun control but don't know sh*t about guns

AP: Clinton [State Department] calendar hides 75 meetings with donors

Motivational speaker [Tony] Robbins' coal walk burns 30

Massive turnout for LGBT gun training

Service dog dies saving FL owner from alligator

reddit Gallery CCCLXVIII

Another excursion into the world of reddit Pictures. See: reddit Pics for sources.  Do yourself a favor and click on pictures to enlarge them.  Enjoy!


Blue Lobster

Violet-backed Starling

One of the Seven Deadly Sins

Chilian Marble Caves

You Might be a Conservative ...

If you fly both an American flag and a Gadsden flag from your Ford pickup truck

If you keep your VCR just to replay your collection of "Firing Line" video tapes

If you don't have a "charitable" foundation

If you are a member of the NRA even though you don't own a gun

If you wear a belt AND suspenders

If your Confederate flag is folded up at the bottom of your sock drawer

If you refer to them as Obummer and Hellery in your blog postings

If you actually work for a living and pay your income taxes in full and on time

If you prefer Dunkin' Donuts over Starbucks coffee

If you use promotional AARP cards for discounts at motels even though you're not a member

If you mouth the words to the Stars Spangled Banner when it's played

If your American car is over five years old and full of dings

Friday, June 24, 2016

You Might be a Liberal ...

If you have attended Burning Man more than twice

If you think Al Sharpton is a real Reverend

If you believe that "women's reproductive health" means women's reproductive health

If you majored in Gender Studies at MIT

If you donated your SSI check to Black Lives Matter

If you can use "diversity" and "inclusion" in the same sentence

If you still display your college Che poster in your retirement home

If you have a Bernie bumper sticker on your Prius

If you have more than five EBT cards

If you passed out doobies during Occupy Wall Street

If you wore Birkenstocks to your 25th high school reunion

If you never mouth the words to our National Anthem

If you call 22-caliber rifles "weapons of war"

If you make fun of rednecks

Rule Britannia!

Brexit wins!   New new world order?

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Half of Sanders backers WON'T back Clinton

Brain eating amoeba kills teen

Rangel: Americans don't need guns, but I 'deserve' armed guards

California exodus increases as costs, taxes skyrocket

Aging monkeys become more selective regarding their social circle

Kremlin program: Teleportation by 2035

ANOTHER: Baltimore cop not guilty of murder in [Freddie] Gray case

NYC orders businesses to make gender-neutral bathroom signs

Pope, flanked by migrants, says 'let everyone come'

Clinton IT specialist invokes the 5th more than 125 times in deposition

Listening to Mozart lowers blood pressure

CA to close last nuclear power plant

Afterward: I spoke to one of my blog readers tonight and he thought that I was making up these headlines. No! No.! No! These headlines are those which I have selected from numerous Internet news sites and which have struck my fancy ... be they weird, funny, scary, ironic, etc. None are made up. If you wish to see the story behind any headline, just copy and paste it into Google or another search engine and you will likely get the details. If I put them in as links, I would be a news aggregator which I choose not to be. Have fun with just this little capsule of our strange world!


The Obummer administration does one thing really very well ... changing the subject of course. This is with the sleazy cooperation of the elite media and those peevish parolees in the House of Representatives.  It was a mere ten days ago that the self-declared ISIS supporter, Omar Mateen, killed 49 patrons of the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

And how has this story been portrayed? Not as an Islamic terrorist act nor as an anti-gay hate crime by a Muslim? No, it is another random act of violence somehow perpetrated by guns alone. Our increasingly political Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, even retreated into Clintonian legalese when she said that we may never know the "precise" reason for this massacre.

And the media are co-conspirators in this political misdirection. They have been running banner headlines and op-eds blaming the guns used by Mateen, even though both were obtained legally. And a small Pack N Play group of militant Democrats staged a tantrum yesterday on the House floor to do what? To change the subject once again away from the embarrassment caused by the blatant incompetence and/or subterfuge of Obummer and his band of Muslim Brotherhood wannabes.

Common sense be damned! This misdirection is comparable to a pickpocket who elbows you in the side as he slips your wallet out of your back pocket.

Never mind that the Republicans have offered multiple fair gun laws that might help curb gun violence ... all of which were filibustered by the Democrats ... for it is not really the laws that the Democrats and elite media want. They want the issue ...  and to be able to change the subject away from radical Muslim extremism.

The reason for this misdirection is beyond adult understanding ... given that Muslim jihadism is being papered over ... putting everyone, even these truculent Democrats, in peril. Is it that winning elections is more important than our lives?

An Analogy

For those of you who are perplexed by techno-jargon:

Computer Timesharing : 1970s :: Cloud Services : 2010s

In other words The Cloud is nothing more than a scalable, sharable computer remote processing and data storage service available over the Internet just as Timesharing was once a scalable, shareable remote computer-processing and data-storage service available over dial-up phone service. The only difference was that Timesharing was sharing the resources of a single computer (at a time) whereas The Cloud is sharing the massive integrated resources of a computer-server and data-storage farm.

Pantsuit Aflame

Hellery Clinton has denied that her private e-mail server was ever hacked ... and has also denied that there were any materials "marked classified" on this server. Well, we know that this second statement is now "inoperative" and it is beginning to look like the first is a whopper too. We just were told that the Clinton Foundation, the Hellery Clinton Campaign, and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) have all had their computers hacked by the Russians ... see: Yahoo News Story. (Thanks to a reader, my son, for this reference.)

For an interesting example of what these Ruskies got from the DNC breach (Hellery's many requirements, other than her huge fees, for when she speaks at some event) see: Daily Caller Article. Notice that one of these demands is for a stenographer ... soooo she must have transcripts of her Goldman Sachs payola talks too.

Now, kind reader, if the Russians can hack into these three Hellery treasure troves, why would they not be able to do the same with her puny e-mail server? Someone's pantsuit is once again aflame ...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


There is a classic battle in governance between the amount of sovereign power that resides at each level of government ... local, state, national and on up to the ultimate, world government. The United States went through paroxysms during its founding regarding how to allocate powers between the states and the federal government. The solution was resolved in the Tenth Amendment stating that "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." What complicates this power give and take is how this sovereign power is achieved ... by a democratic process, by subterfuge, by the sword, or by the claim that God/Allah/etc. bestowed it.

Enter Brexit, this Thursday's vote in Great Britain as to whether this country will exit the European Union, an unelected quasi-government that has usurped many of the sovereign prerogatives that were once reserved for the British people. All sorts of liberals in the U.S. including Obummer and Hellery ... and even members of the Conservative party in Britain, including the Prime Minister, David Cameron, are urging that the Thursday vote results be "stay."

What insanity would cause peoples to give up rights and powers to a bunch of bloated bureaucrats in Brussels who are constantly trying to force immigrants upon them and onto their welfare roles? And for that matter, why would the American people allow any of our rights to be transferred to those truculant tsars on the East River in New York City, the United Nations? This failed attempt at world government has, as far as I can determine, done nothing significant for the betterment of mankind other than spending mountains of (mostly U.S.) money on five-star hotels and expensive meals.

This gives me an idea. Can we, here in America, have a vote to exit the U.N. which, after a little research, I find was not mentioned in our Constitution? It would seem to me that the surrender of any of our inalienable rights to these mostly third-world hangers-on should have required a democratic process ... namely an amendment to our Constitution ... which I don't recall happening.back in October of 1945. Maybe we should have this seemingly Constitution-required  vote now?

Monday, June 20, 2016


Germany slams NATO's 'warmongering' on Russia

Apple won't aid Republican conventions

LYNCH: Transcript of Orlando 911 calls will have references to 'Islamic terrorist' removed

Bear attacks woman running marathon ...

Gaffe of the century: NYT says St. Paul ordered Christains  to execute gays

China builds fastest supercomputer without the help of American chips

Turkish police fire tear gas, rubber bullets at gay pride parade

REPORT: Syrian 'refugees' rape little girl at knifepoint in Idaho

Activists plan 'world's largest fart-in' during Hillary DNC speech

Bikers patrol Phoenix [Trump] rally

Blood test to offer 5-year heart attack forecast

$50,000 ticket for NBA finals game 7 breaks Stubhub record

The Trump Trap?

It is very clear that Donald Trump is not a politician polished to the satisfaction of our media elites. He constantly offers up gritty suggestions that, prior to his becoming the presumptive Republican candidate, were thought as entertaining and, yes, TV ratings' grabbers. One of his primary opponents, Marco Rubio, thought that he could neutralize Trump by echoing his sleezy style. He was very, very wrong. His brief foray  into Trumpdom (remember the small hands allusion) quickly sank his nomination chances. In fact, Rubio soon realized his mistake and apologized for stepping out of character ... but it was too late.

Now, both the elite media and Trump's political opponents (one and the same) seem to be wallowing into this same dirty ditch ... thinking, by emulating Trump's coarse communication style, that they can diminish him. I just heard Elizabeth Warren call Trump a "small, insecure money grubber" and Mika Brzezinski say that Trump was "vomiting" out his latest political counterattack. Will this verbal toxicity turn the American voters against The Donald? Judging by my wife and daughter, I might say "yes." But, to me, it also sullied these two anti-Trump speakers. I also somehow doubt that my Massachusetts family is representative of most Americans. It awaits both parties' conventions and the political advertising onslaughts later in the summer before it can be determined how this mud wrestling match turns out.

If you want my guess, it would bet that those who think they can win by out-playing Trump at his grime game are fooling themselves. But what do I know?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Top Gun Control

Every Saturday morning the Powerline blog published a series called "The Week in Pictures" highlighting the best political cartoons of the previous week ... usually under a themed banner. I look forward to seeing it every week. This week's theme is gun control and it has a number of LOL items which I am compelled to pass on ... see: The Week in Pictures. Take a few moments off and have a few chuckles.  I have teased you with one of the better ones above.

Socialist Social Media

Apparently Silicon Valley social-media billionaires have a death wish as they are fairly  unanimously supporting the left by suppressing the free speech of conservatives on their social-media sites. I say "death wish" because, if Bernie Sanders would be given his head, they might be stripped of all their capital "ill gotten" gains ... after all "they didn't build that" did they?

Let me review the most recent censorships of right-leaning post on social media sites that have been suppressed by these limousine liberals:

Twitter Hates Milo Again

reddit Cracks Down on Trump Supporters

Facebook Shadowbans Migrant Crimes

Google Search Results Favor Democrats

Facebook "Trending" Favors Left

Instagram Censors Conservative Group

Google Putting Trump E-mails in Spam Box

Now, kind readers, aren't you proud of our capitalist system that allows such entrepreneurs to flirt with committing hari-kari?


Iranian cleric: Immoral women are causing climate change

60% drop in newspaper jobs as online takes over

UN: America needs 'robust gun regulations'

NASA unveils electric powered plane ...

AR-15 sales surge among gays and lesbians

Curry wife slams 'rigged' NBA

USA powering up first nuclear reactor in decades

U.S. trade deficit highest in 7 years

McCain unleashes: Obama 'directly responsible' for Orlando

Obamacare premiums to skyrocket again

Record cold Antarctica ... -112 degrees F.

Growing trend for stressed workers, using BONDAGE to relax

Taliban using 'honey trap' boys to kill Afghan police

reddit Gallery CCCLXVII

Another excursion into the world of reddit Pictures. See: reddit Pics for sources.  Do yourself a favor and click on pictures to enlarge them.  Enjoy!

Forest Fox

In from the Cold

Dangerous Ride

Dinner in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Texas Hill Country

Friday, June 17, 2016

Ignoble Laureate

I know ... I know ... Donald Trump is a scumbag and he fleeced hundreds of students who wanted to become real-estate moguls like The Donald ... and he is being sued by some of them. And Trump has accused the judge in this case of being biased.

However, did you know that, not to be outdone, the Clintons also had their own pedagogical slippery scam going ... making Trump's grift seem like penny ante? In exchange for about a $55 million gift from Hellery's State Department, Laureate International University kicked back to Bill Clinton $4 million a year for the position as Honorary Chancellor ... plus a donation to the Clinton Foundation ... all for a total of $16.5+ million of soap-suds covered lucre.

Rather then ship you now off to this revealing news story, I've decided to quote most of this heretofore under-reported blockbuster New York Post story here:

For all the hundreds of stories on Trump University, nothing’s been written about the huge payments over 2010-2014 to the potential future first gentleman to serve as “honorary chancellor” of the vast for-profit education firm. 
Nor about the $55 million that Hillary Clinton’s State Department sent the way of groups run by Laureate founder Douglas Becker — who happens to be a major donor to Clinton campaigns and the Clinton Foundation.
One Laureate component, mostly-online Walden University, even faced its own class-action lawsuit. In that, as Turley notes, “Students alleged that they were repeatedly delayed and given added costs as they tried to secure degrees, leaving them deeply in debt.”
Perhaps it was all on the up and up — though “honorary” jobs rarely pay $4 million a year, and Bill did quit just before Hillary began her latest presidential run.
Now I am sure that the Clintons will have their riposte talking points mimeographed and distributed to their Praetorian guards by this weekend. Watch and learn how the Aegean stables can be cleaned and sanitized in short order. (If the Clintons bother to respond to this story at all since the media usually has their backs). To read the full original Jonathan Turley scoop see: NY Post Story.

But I won't let this story go. Watch for more on this miasma in the future.

Afterthought: One more instance of the lesser of two evils ... Trump


Suddenly the Republicans have gotten a set of stones ... not that they are going to stand up to Obummer's many outrages. No, they are ready and willing to sue President Trump (assuming he wins ... which is made more difficult given the likes of Ryan) if he wants to stop temporarily the immigration of Muslims from countries where terrorists are active ... see: Talking Points Memo. Has Ryan done anything to stop President Obummer's open-borders policy? No! In fact, last Fall, as one of his first acts as Speaker of the House, he quickly put on the blinders and passed all of Obummer's rich budget requests including immigration resettlement and TPP funding.

Donald Trump is increasingly accused of being impolitic ... particularly since becoming the presumptive Republican presidential candidate. But Ryan is giving him a run for his money. If Trump does prevail despite his increasing opposition within the Republican Party, it will be very interesting to see how he might get anything done given the recalcitrance of the likes of RINO Ryan as Speaker.

Of course, this was before his little Republican pebbles turned into stones.

Abetting Voter Fraud

Sample (not connected to blog text)
Illegal aliens now can get driver's licenses in California ... see: LA Times Article. Moreover, this road-to-hell state is allowing those with driver's licenses to be automatically registered to vote, see: LA Times Article. Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, might just as well declare that Democrats should forever rule California ... for this extralegal move effectively does just that ... by swelling their party roles with another 2 million voters.

This reminds me of how kings once held lifetime power ... by saying from the throne that God had decreed it.

Afterthought: I've suggested the before ... maybe we should just give California back to Mexico and let it try to fix things there?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Blood on Our Hands

The Senate Democrats are in high dudgeon ... they just had a 15 hour filibuster demanding that our government should get tougher on our immigration enforcement so that Muslim  terrorists cannot slip into our country among the thousands of unvetted migrants from the strife-ridden Middle East ... and kill dozens of innocent Americans.

They didn't do this? ... What? They instead were jumping and screaming about what these terrorists were using to kill Americans ... the so-called  Rambo-style weapons ... or the weapons of war ... or the assault rifles ... or "guns designed to kill people". (Don't liberals really manipulate language well?) See: New York Times Story. Now assault rifles are semi-automatic (each shot takes a finger-pull) but both Bernie Sanders and The View's Joy Behar have called them "automatic" weapons or machine guns (a single finger pull dispenses dozens of bullets). And, according to our professed American Indian Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, if we don't outlaw these evil guns, we "will have blood on our hands."

This anger is clearly misplaced ... it's like blaming the big scary automobile if its drunk driver kills someone.

OK ... but  if the media won't stop exorcising and Democrat Senators won't listen to reason, Therefore, I think that Republicans should bend and pass this Democrat's feel-good legislation. However, there should be a number of Republican provisos attached to this Second Amendment stricture. They are:

- The guns to be outlawed MUST be actual military weapons of war using military ammunition which are actually designed to kill people.

- All current gun laws MUST be fully enforced. Obummer and Hellery cannot wave away any statute that offends them or for their political advantage. And absolutely no existing compulsory gun charges can be plea-bargained out of any felony prosecution.

- If any government lists are used to exclude the purchase of any such firearms, such persons excluded MUST have the right of judicial appeal of their placement on such a list. This due process MUST be concluded within 30 days.

- The vetting process for Muslim immigrants MUST be at least as vigorous as the vetting process for such gun purchasers ... and any BS statements by Obummer about how this process now takes six months needs to be independently verified. If this turns out not to be the case, then this law is automatically null and void.

Then, if another Islamic terrorist finds it necessary in Allah's name to kill multiple Americans, I would hope that the main stream media will point out those who really have blood on THEIR hands ... Obummer and Hellery.

The Worm Turns Again

Using an oft-repeated liberal media strategy,  MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show was very supportive of Donald Trump UNTIL he became the presumptive Republican candidate for president. Then what happened? Why this show turned on him like a pack of jackals ... and that includes the token Republican on this program, Joe Scarborough ... to see this worm turning go to: Politico Video.

For the early months of his campaign both Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were very supportive of Trump, usually welcoming his call-ins almost every morning. Now, just a few short months later, you can see the venom falling from their and their guests' lips as they magnify any assumed Trump failing into a disqualifying lapse. This 180-degree turn isn't even subtle. It is too obvious to be caused just by circumstances.

I say "oft repeated" because this very same scenario occurred in the last two presidential elections. Both John McCain and Mitt Romney thought that they were media darlings until they became the Republican nominees. Then the media worms performed their traditional pirouettes and started running hit piece after hit piece on them ... many of them obviously fictionalized. So Joe and Mika are following this same script. Trump has got to be a little taken aback by the swiftness of this u-turn ... as am I. For some reason I thought that these two were sincere in their early warm reception of The Donald. I was wrong.

To me, "Morning Joe" has become as biased as most of the rest of MSNBC's programming ... so toxic that I find it difficult to watch this show anymore.

Now, let us shift to the overarching issue ... should Trump "pivot" and become the personality that the liberal media and the Republican establishment wants him to become? Trump certainly doesn't seem to want to morph into this pablum persona, I believe, because he thinks that he got this far being who he is ... and he feels that this will see him through. I have no idea if this will be the case. But I think one thing for sure ... if he adopts this pablum persona, he will most certainly lose in a landslide. In investment terms, this is called being whipsawed. Voters may not vote for a blowhard ... but they clearly will not vote for a pasty, rehearsed cardboard image ... except, of course, if she is a woman.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Magic Words

No, they're not "hocus pocus" nor "abracadabra" ... they're "radical Islam." Now, both Hellery and Obummer have coordinated their message, sarcastically saying that the phrase that the president was forever loath to utter was somehow magical and, if said, would solve our terrorist problem. "Is there a military strategy that is served by this [phrase]?" Very clever ... very political ... very Clintonian ... to take a long-standing negative and turn it against Trump and the Republicans (myself included) ... see: The Hill Video.

Now, this phrase, which the president first used in this political turn-about, is no longer a refusal of our president to identify our enemy, it is now an indication of the pettiness of his opposition. How wily ... yet how very insidious. If the president now says these words, it will be to mock his and Hellery's opposition ... it will not be to take the first step toward rallying the country against our enemy.

How low we have sunk ... and how very dangerous things have become ... when our enemy is elevated by this political legerdemain by Trump's opposition. Such a snide identification of our mortal enemy as mere "magic words" says nothing more than we should not consider them as our enemy ... but as evidence of misguided paranoia on the part of those who would resist.

I realize that this logic is somewhat circuitous  ... and may not register with many (the reason why it as so diabolically clever) ... but nevertheless it is real ... and causes me more than a modicum of concern for our collective willingness to resist those forces which are clearly coming over the hill.

I agree with Trump ... when the president and presumptive Democrat candidate feel that they can belittle him for suggesting a first step in defeating the radical Islamists is to call them by name ... "there is something going on here." I also agree with Trump when he says that Obummer seems more angry toward him here than he is toward the Orlando shooter.

Afterward: See also: Powerline Comments.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Compare and Contrast

The presumptive candidates for president from both parties:

                                        Donald Trump          Hellery Clinton
Age                                          70                                68

Birthplace.                             NYC                          Chicago

Alcohol?                          Teetotaler                     Wine Lover

Immigration View           A Big Wall                 Open Borders

Colleges                     Fordham and UPenn   Wellesley and Yale

Legal Jeopardy                     Civil                          Criminal

Mideast Leanings                 Israel                         Palestine

Sexual Preference                Female                        Female

Net Worth.                           $5-$10 B.                Less than $1B

Number of Spouses                   3                                  1

Number of Children                   5                                  1

Political Position.                 Center Right                Far Left


Judge refuses to change transgender man's name

Barney Frank: Orlando reinforces case for surveillance of 'Islamic Element'

San Fransisco battles epidemic of auto burglaries

London Muslim Mayor bans sexy women in advertisements

TX Walmart hostage taker, Mohammad Moghaddam, shot dead

2/3 of new illegal immigrants visa overstays

Children of immigrants most fruitful ground for jihad

Summer [movie] box office nightmare ... revenue -22%

Supreme Court: Puerto Rico can't restructure debt

[Orlando] killer visited club dozen times ... used gay dating app

Update: Over 100 Syrian refugees entering the U.S. -- per day!

High cholesterol does not cause heart disease'

Clinton State Department: Blocked probe into killer's mosque

How Generalization Works ...

in the liberal mind:

One "weapon of war" (the latest focus-group tested phrase that Hellery is now echoing) is used to kill people in Orlando and elsewhere ... therefore all such guns are evil and should be outlawed.

One Muslim goes on a killing rampage shouting "Allah hu Akbar" (actually multiple instances of this sad event) ... does not mean that such evilness can be attributed to the Islamic culture.

(This basic observation is not original to this blogger ... it came from a caller to a radio talk-show station today.)

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Answers

What is the solution to increased Islamic terrorist attacks inside the United States?

- Not being willing to identify the motivation of the terrorists?

- A mad dash to allow more unvetted Muslims to immigrate into the U.S.?

- Increasing the number of gun-free zones? (The Pulse nightclub was one ...)

- Running vanity shots of the killers on the covers of Rolling Stone magazine?

- Continuing to slow-walk the defeat of ISIS?

- Disrespecting Israel?

- Disallowing undercover surveillance inside Mosques?

- Closing Gitmo and sending many internees back to the Mideast?

- Giving Iran, the chief sponsor of world terrorism, $150 billion?

- Closing down "see something, say something" FBI investigations because of PC concerns?

- Increased government funding of CAIR and other such organizations?

- Inviting the Muslim Brotherhood back to the White House?

- Electing Ms. Benghazi, Hellery Clinton, as our next president?

In other words, more of the same is going to fix things ...

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Turnip Truck

In his prepared remarks today about the terrorist's shootings in Orlando, President Obummer said that the reason that the patrons were dancing and drinking at the site of this slaughter, the Pulse gay nightclub, was because they had "come together to advocate for civil rights." What? Had his Teleprompter just had a politically-correct short circuit? Or he, a brain freeze?

Pleeease ... Barack baby ... there isn't a turnip truck still around for us folks to have just fallen off of ...

The Current President of the U.S.

Barack Hussein Obummer
"We’ve reached no definitive judgment on the precise motivations of the killer [in Orlando]."

Weasel words from a horse's ass.


A suspected radical Islamic terrorist, wearing a suicide vest, killed at least 20 people in an Orlando, Florida nightclub called Pulse and wounded possibly 42 others late last night ... before he was shot dead himself by a police officer ... see: Daily Mail Story. The reason that this is an uh- oh moment is that this nightclub is the premier gay gathering spot in this area.

This event now pits the liberals's refusal to identify such terrorist acts to the Muslim faith, in particular Bathhouse Barry's refusal, and these same lefties' celebration of the gay lifestyle. Muslims consider homosexual activities to be sins punishable by death even though they are reported to be rife within Muslim countries ... in particular Afghanistan. Thus, this is the cognitive dissonance that now will have to be resolved by the Obummer administration.

Prediction -- any statements made by the White House about this Orlando slaughter will say that this was an act of domestic homophobic rage and, again, not refer to radical Islamic terrorism or the Muslim Faith's mortal denouncement of homosexuality.

Update: Now it is reported that 50 have been killed and 53 wounded ... not sure about the suicide vest.

Afterward: It is now 49 dead plus the shooter. Obummer surprisingly did mention terrorists in his comments but not Muslim nor Islamic radicals ... but, as many had predicted, guns were highlighted by our president as the true villian in this massacre. And, in another bizarre twist, Donald Trump has somehow been singled out as at fault by the lefties. This I haven't yet quite figured out.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Conservation of Energy

In physics there is a law that states that, "in a closed system, the total amount of energy is conserved," Apparently, this is also true in politics ... as recently exemplified by Mitt Romney's attack on fellow Republican and presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Since Romney could really not find the gumption or the traction to attack with force his Democrat opponent, Barack Obummer, during his run for this same post in 2012, Romney. therefore has plenty of energy leftover to vilify his follow-on Republican candidate ... see: NBC News Story.

It is really a shame that these recent brickbats could not have been used four years ago against his then Democrat opponent, Obummer. Romney might have saved our country a whole parcel of grief over this last leaderless term of our now child president.

And has Romney directed any of his current vitriol against Trump's presumptive opponent, Hellery Clinton? No? Strange!

Afterthought: Many of those voters, who didn't pull the lever for Romney in 2012, are now cheering him on ... so sad.

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Great Horned Owl with a Fresh Catch

Winter in Japan

Hoya Wax Flowers

Sparrows in the Netherlands

Tadpoles under the Lilypads