Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Biden Ducks

There were a number of questions that Chris Wallace didn’t ask in the first presidential debate ... or were asked by Trump ... but Biden either ducked or refused to answer. Wouldn’t it be nice if the next two debates filled in this key information void for American voters? But knowing the moderators and venues in these next debates, I don’t believe we will get these questions answered. Here are the Biden posers we voters need to have answered:

- Who, by name, would you appoint to the Supreme Court?

- Do you advocate packing the Supreme Court?

- Have you used a teleprompter is any of your pressers?

- If unsolicited mail-in voting is shown to be fraudulent, will you condemn it?

- Would you push to scuttle the Electoral Collage?

- Were you aware of and participated in Operation Crossfire Hurricane?

- Would you like to eliminate the filibuster in the Senate?

- Why did your son, Hunter get $3.5 million from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow?

- Will you implement AOC’s Green New Deal in its entirety?

- Are you taking any prescription medications to enhance your mental acuity?

- Do you advocate statehood for Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia?

- Will you now denounce Antifa and BLM anarchy?

- Are you prepared to shut down the economy again?

- Will you take the Covid vaccine when it is passed by the FDA?

- Would you eliminate tariffs on China ... and elsewhere?

Just for starters ... more than enough to investigate in three more hours of debate. ... or in future pressers. And, if one were honest, there are not many such embarrassing questions that have not been asked of  the Orangeman.

Afterthought: Chris Wallace is certainly sharp enough to have pressed Biden on a few of the above questions? What does the fact that he didn’t suggest about Wallace?



Winning IS Everything

I have had a number of regular commenters on this blog who have constantly challenged my notions ... mostly with liberal talking points (but, to be fair, a few valid critiques.) However, over the last month, they have been dropping off the radar ... one by one ... no more comments ... which they seem to believe is punishing me. Why would I think this? Do they really think I enjoy being brow-beaten?

But, concomitant with their waving the white flag, I must ask, “Is Trump winning the national debate ... as reflected by this hectoring drop-off ... and is this blog’s politics prevailing in sympathy?”

In other words, is Fletcher winning because Trump is winning?


reddit Pic

My Kodachrome (“Momma, don’t take it away!”)



Nearly 1 million Americans have already voted

Coronavirus live updates: Positivity rates top 25% in some Midwest states, small businesses create succession plans

Delaware State University denies Biden's claim he attended school

New YorkTimes: We have Trump’s tax returns

Trump ex-campaign boss hospitalized after threats to hurt self

The U.S. is ‘not in a good place’ as daily coronavirus cases grow beyond 40,000, Fauci says

Biden refuses to answer if he’d pack the Supreme Court

Blumenthal: I won’t meet with Barrett

Poll: Democrats have slight edge heading into Barrett confirmation battle

Trump offers no proof as he claims he’s paid millions in taxes and has little debt

NY Times investigation into Trump taxes finds no Russian links or illegality

CO Secretary of State encourages non-citizens to register to vote


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The First Debate

Joe did not blow. Probably the best that can be said for him ... but a lot of what he spurted (when he made sense) was repeating the (false) media narrative ... and he DID call soldiers “stupid bastards” ... so typical! And Trump was Trump ... combative and interrupting ... and annoying my wife ... but mostly on target.

Chris Wallace needed a chair and whip.

Next time, the Orange team needs to set expectations for Biden a little higher ... ‘cause what Biden’s handlers shot in his backside, before the debate, worked ... so he did not forget his rehearsed lines ... nor have that now-famous vacant look.



Today’s Poser

Why do Democrat-run cities and states generally have a lower quality of life — more crime, higher taxes, more corruption, rampant homelessness, voter fraud, poorer sanitation, wildfires, poor elementary education, crumbling infrastructure, higher unemployment and rioting? Is it because of their politics or are they just piss-poor managers?

Afterthought: Or both?!



Democrats say Republicans will pay price at the polls for confirming Barrett

Pelosi believes coronavirus stimulus deal still possible as Democrats prepare new package

Peaceful protests: Riots continue in Portland overnight, more than a dozen arrested

Biden falsely claims attended historically-black college

Durban: I worry about the outcome of the 2020 election

Barrett confirmation hearings to begin in two weeks

Kim Jong un might be preparing an ‘October surprise’

Maher: Barrett is a ‘f*cking nut’

Polls: Biden remains ahead in Michigan and Wisconsin

Barrett praises conservative Justice Scalia — ‘His judicial philosophy is mine too’

U.S. judge will hold hearing Sunday to decide whether planned TIKTOK ban will take place

Bill Clinton ‘stone cold afraid’ of Hillary ...


Quotable Quote

Profound thoughts are often inspired by mundane events. — Anon.


Monday, September 28, 2020


From daily timewaster blog

A rarity ... see: Wikipedia Entry

Does this explain some UFO sightings?


Trump to a T

Testosterone-laced, tireless, talented, testy, top-drawer, tough, tidy, triumphant, thoughtful, thankful, tasteless (sometimes), truthful (in his fashion), transcendent, trailblazing, tolerant, trustworthy (to his word), true-blue, traveled, thrilling, take-charge, transparent, tenacious, teetotaler Trump



Senate Dems ready tactics to muck up Supreme Court confirmation

Supreme Court to face major cases on Obamacare and religion

Former Trump economist: Biden tax plan would kill 3 million jobs

Sharpton: ‘I was glad’ Barrett’s children attended the ceremony ... ‘because I didn’t see too many people of color’ in audience’

North Korea accuses South Korea of illegally crossing boundary

U.S. has a ‘long way to go’ before herd immunity with less than 10% showing coronavirus antibodies

Tens of thousands attend Prayer March 2020 led by Franklin Graham

[Lindsey] Graham: Confirmation could get to the Senate floor ‘around’ October 26

Poland looks to toughen already stringent abortion laws

The September market swoon accomplished much of what market corrections are supposed to do

Latest Flynn document dump poses threat to Dems

Coney Barrett mentored first blind female Supreme Court clerk in U.S. history ...


Obvious Truth

Many thousands more addicts have been killed gratuitously by drug dealers ... than have drug dealers been killed in conflict with the police. This hardly seems inclusionary.


Sunday, September 27, 2020

No! No! and No!

Obama’s last Secretary of State, John F. Kerry, has a bit of a horse face ... which is appropriate considering he is a horse’s nether end. During his sad tenure his appeasement and payoff of Iran, his humiliation of Israel, his fake pushback against ISIS, his coddling of Palestinian terrorists ... almost everything he did in the Obama Cabinet was wrong ... clodishy wrong.

As an example of his ineptness the above video displays how very wrongheaded he was about the possibility of Mideast peace without first achieving a Palestinian two-state solution with Israel.

Given what Trump has recently accomplished with the Abraham Accords, accomplishing peace between Israel, Bahrain and the UAE, one would think Mr. Ed would slink back to his stable ... his face a bright red for flubbing his “hard reality.”



I know, I know kind readers, I am being a colossal nudge for pointing out Biden’s uncorrected slippages into the darkness of dementia ... but he is running for our president for heaven’s sake! (There are many other brain freezes that I ... and many of you ... are ignoring for now.)


Stupid Bastards

In 2016, Joe Biden “ jokingly” calls our overseas military personnel “stupid bastards” ... not alleged by four anonymous sources who won’t come forward ... but in the above video.



Virginia governor and first lady test positive for coronavirus

House Democrats prepare new $2.4 billion stimulus plan with unemployment aid, direct payments

John Brennan reportedly overruled analysts who concluded that Russia favored Hillary Clinton

Democrat Primary: Arrests made in illegal ballot harvesting scheme

Meadows attacks Wray, pushing FBI to probe voter fraud

Coronavirus live updates: Uber to verify riders’ mask use, AstraZeneca wins partial immunity in EU vaccine deal

FBI official who served on Mueller team says Special Council had ‘get Trump’ attitude

Report: Gun sales surge 80% in 7 swing states

DOJ announcement on Pennsylvania ballot investigation baffles election experts

EU appeals against Apple ruling in $15 billion tax battle

Texas Governor announces new proposed penalties for rioters

Durable goods orders rise for fourth straight month


Fractured Definition

Polecat — a very cool stripper, man!


Saturday, September 26, 2020

Sydney Powell Again

General Flynn

Some dramatic new evidence has been revealed in the General Flynn case ... see: Conservative Treehouse video. Why has it taken so long for this dirt to be given up by the FBI? This delay is almost as damning as the original Obamagate crimes. Sydney Powell is an attorney par excellence. Judge Sullivan has shown himself to be a babinzo.


Fractured Definition

Dipsomania — how someone else goes nutty if you scoop twice from the guacamole with the same taco chip (often caused by that someone having too much to drink).


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Obvious Truth

Now that the Supreme Court will likely be comprised of 5 conservatives, 3 liberals and one squish, it would seem prudent that the conservatives should take some extra precautions against Arkancide (since liberal emotions are running so very high).



Judge’s faith becomes early flashpoint in Supreme Court fight

Weekly jobless claims rise unexpectedly, total 870,000

Rioters set fire to police HQ in St. Louis

Twitter: ‘Louisville will burn’ doesn’t violate our rules ... Masters of the Universe bow to the mob

2 retired 4-star officers who served under Trump endorse Biden

Protests erupt around the nation after Breonna Taylor grand jury decision

Kevin McCarthy threatens motion to remove Pelosi as speaker if she pushes for impeachment again

Leftists boo Trump paying respects to RBG

Battleground polls show Trump up in Texas, Biden ahead in Iowa

Retailers have started paying rent again but are still fighting with their landlords

Florida AG refers Bloomberg to FBI for criminal investigation

Khan’s London: 11 police injured in acid attacks


Friday, September 25, 2020

Today’s Poser

For what did Hunter Biden receive a $3.5 million wire transfer from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, Russia?  (See: Newsweek Article). Quid pro quo anyone? Again, the poser ... what exactly was the quo?


1619 Project

The New York Times has decided to rewrite our history books and indoctrinate our children with something called the 1619 Project. I was warning my granddaughter to look out for this brainwashing when my daughter, her mother, piped up saying that she has read about this project and found it worthwhile. To see what this 1619 Project really is, it is best to go to the source: NY Times explanation. Read and reflect, then we will go on.

One of the first pushbacks to the notion that our 13 colonies revolted against England in order to preserve slavery was published in The Atlantic magazine (of all places) which quotes many historians disputing this NY Times smear ... see: NY Post critique.

Next, that flaming liberal, Andrew Sullivan, pushed back even harder in the New Yorker magazine (of all places) ... see: Andrew Sullivan critique.

Enough? So The NY Times begins to backtrack on their absurd claims ... see: Legal Insurrection blog post. But, is this enough since much of this liberal propaganda has already been insinuated into the curriculum of many of our school systems? Probably not.

So, the Trump administration is pushing back by promoting the 1776 Project ... see: 1776 Project.

But, has the damage already been done? My test will be if my daughter, after she reads this blog, changes her tune.


Debate Prediction

Biden will physically challenge, confront or even engage Trump (early) during the first debate ... rendering further debates moot. His supporters and most of the media will call him a hero for standing up to this “bully.” Trump supporters will claim this to be evidence that Biden is ready for the psych unit in the rest home.


Quotable Quote



Trump will pay respects to Ginsburg at Supreme Court on Thursday

Johnson & Johnson enters late-stage trial testing with its coronavirus vaccine

President Trump announces ban on ‘woke’ companies working with U.S. government

Trump expands fight against Critical Race Theory to federal contractors

Poll: Biden, Trump virtually tied in Arizona, Florida

DOJ unveils Trump administration’s legislation to reform tech’s legal liability shield

Graham: Senate GOP has votes to confirm SCOTUS nominee before election

Biden 2008 : John McCain coward & ‘angry man’

‘Cindy can have Sleepy Joe’: Trump targets McCain’s widow after Biden endorsement

Coronavirus live updates: Sweden’s high death toll may be linked to mild flu season; FDA to reportedly tighten vaccine standards

Seattle City Council overrides mayor’s veto of police defunding — cuts to proceed

Study: China has forced 500,000 Tibetans into labor camps this year


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Quotable Quote

Joe Biden is as confused as Michelle Obama’s gynecologist. — Anon.


Put a Lid on It

Today, Joe Biden’s puppet masters again ‘put a lid on it’ ... his campaign ... meaning he is hiding in his basement and not talking to the media. Yesterday, in North Carolina, his handlers agreed to let him answer a few questions ... with the following caveat — they had to be “yes or no” questions! And our complaint press accepted this demeaning stricture!

And why do Sleepy Joe’s handlers have a lid on things today? Probably to conceal his likely ‘bad day’ dementia symptoms.


Today’s Poser

If China has, today, only 7 new cases and no new deaths (see: World Meters), why is it in such a rush to develop a coronavirus vaccine?

Afterward: Maybe its numbers are cooked?


Stilton’s Place


Today’s Poser

Watching the recent rioting in Louisville, I am curious to know how and where the Antifa and BLM thugs learned to set multiple large fires so quickly and effectively ... were they once Boy Scouts?



Romney supports holding a vote on next Supreme Court nominee

Billionaire media mogul Haim Saban ramps up support for Biden and Democrats in Senate races

No cash needed: Iran says it’s willing to exchange all prisoners with U.S.

WI ruling: Ballots will be counted without definitive postmarks

Poll: Biden tied withTrump in Georgia

Coronavirus live updates: Europe turns to curfews, army to slow spread; Lowe’s unveils contactless lockers

Florida Governor unveils legislation making rioting a third-degree felony

CNN Lemon: ‘We’re gonna have to blow up the entire system’

Bloomberg, others rack up $20 million to register Florida felon after time served

Existing home sales jump to 14-year high, as prices set another record

NYPD officer and Army reservist charged with acting as illegal agent[s] of China

Collins proposes Const. Amendment to prohibit ‘threat of the moment’ SCOTUS packing


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Hunting Hunter

I realize that you on the left may not want to hear about the possible corruption in the Biden family ... reasoning that anything coming out this late in the election cycle is suspect. Perhaps so. But, those few of you who actually want to see the dirty facts can read a detailed 87-page investigative report on this matter ... see: Senate Republican Report on Hunter Biden.

Afterward: On TV tonight Senator Rand Paul said that he would be referring this report to the DOJ tomorrow for criminal investigation and possible prosecution.


Mail-in Balloting Twist

I had a thought last night about this Democrat scam of universal mail-in balloting. Yes, there undoubtedly will be enormous fraud practiced by urban polling officials who hate the Orangeman with a white-hot passion ... their rationale for cheating. However, there is a possible offsetting effect to this fraud.

And that involves voter participation rates. In the United States, voter participation rates, even in presidential elections, only approximates 60% ... see: Ballotpedia. This means more than one out of three registered Americans don’t vote for our president. And a rational speculation is that the lowest participation rates happen in rural areas ... where getting to the polls is more difficult. (In 2016, 52 downtown Philadelphia voting precincts showed 100% voter participation rates ... wow?)

So, one might expect that, even accounting for fraudulent urban voters (illegals, dead people, etc.), much, much higher participation rates from generally right-leaning and legitimate rural voters might overwhelm urban cheating. Easier mail-in ballots would suddenly allow this to happen.

Wouldn’t that be special ... if universal mail-in voting backfired on the scheming Democrats ...


My Mask

Yes, I wear a cheap Covid mask when I am in the grocery store, at the doctors and sometimes in close proximity to others elsewhere. But not at home, when outside or in the car. And, when I do wear a mask, I have to put my eyeglasses on my head because, otherwise they fog up. And why do my glasses fog up? Because my breath, goes out the top of the mask and not through it ... as must also be much of what I inhale ... which tells me that the purpose of this mask is compromised ... and it’s protection offered is less than all my betters are telling me. I can’t tell you how much less ... but I’m sure it’s far less than those much more expensive surgical masks which actually would filter my breath ... in and out ... but are pretty much restricted to hospitals.

Then why do I wear such an uncomfortable and ineffective thing? Social pressure, that’s why. What, me bowing to virtue-singaling orthodoxy? ‘Fraid so. Even your humble blogger would rather not have some crazed Karen hectoring me in front of the rutabegas. So I grope my way around the Stop and Shop ... asking other shoppers where I am or what aisle contains the mustard. Of course, I often get nasty responses even then ... because I didn’t notice the arrows on the floor ... which, if I had, would make me walk far further than my aging body would prefer.

So, yes, kind reader, to some degree, I am also a coerced member of the confused flock of sheep that follow around our scientists whose confusion and lack of preparation has enabled the demise of 200,000 other members of the flock ... a ‘grim milestone.’ Oops, I forgot, it was Trump who killed them on purpose.

If, like I, you are skeptical of Biden’s possible national mask mandate, see: Climate Depot Article


Cereal Killer



‘It’s a big, big swing’: Trump loses ground with white voters

CDC says it erroneously posted guidance that said coronavirus spreads through the air and travels beyond 6 feet

CCP media chief seems to confirm that they want Biden to win

... NFL BLM LOL: Sunday night football ratings crash by 17%

Ginsburg to lie in repose Wednesday and Thursday

House Democrats to unveil bill to avoid shutdown, fund government through December

Pennsylvania House of Reps prepares federal lawsuit over mail-in voting

Poll: Most Venezuelans want ‘capitalist’ nation

Trump, without evidence, accuses Democrats of fabricating Ginsberg’s dying wish

Coronavirus live updates: Millions in danger of missing stimulus checks, Black doctor’s group to vet vaccines

Uh oh: Biden says ‘200 million people’ will die by the end of his speech

Black Lives Matter deletes manifesto from website


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Bad Day

Joe Biden has his good days and his bad days. On his good days, his puppet masters trot him out for some scripted words and a few questions to respond to from his teleprompter. On his bad days, they keep him cocooned in his basement to minimize his gaffs and any dementia evidence.

Apparently, today is a bad day ... since he is “invisible in Delaware.”


Liberal Arrows

According to Nancy Pelosi (and Elizabeth Warren?), America’s  liberals have a lot of arrows in their quivers to threaten who, for many years, have been spineless Republicans. Here are some of them so far identified (I’m sure there are many more arrows):

=> Make states out of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia =  four more Democrat Senators

=> Accuse Republicans of being racists, homophobes or sexists ... often all three

=> Fulminate violent rioting and mayhem in the streets

=> Eliminate the filibuster rule in the Senate

=> Call Trump & Company white supremacist, Nazis, etc.

=> Impeach the President, the Attorney General, etc.

=> Obliterate the electoral college

=> Pull down statues, rename locales and cover our cities with graffiti both unsanctioned and sanctioned

=> Physically threaten conservatives with bodily harm

=> Stop enforcing the law in many of our major cities and defund the police

That is, this was the case until Donald Trump reminded us that we all have backbones.



Attorney General Willian Barr was on the Mark Levin show (Life, Liberty and Levin) a few times  recently and he demonstrated his jurisprudence ... his intelligence ... his even-handedness ... his passion for true justice. And that idiot Pelosi wants to impeach him!

Here is another piece (I think) of this interview that has not yet been censored by Google:


Voter Fraud

Minnesota style. The following is a recipe for a Democrat sweep in the Land of a Thousand Lakes ... and one that Trump almost won last time  ... follow the bouncing ball ... it’s self-explanatory ... see: Powerline Blog Post.

And do you think AG Kieth Ellison will prosecute any such discovered fraud?



Ginsberg’s death gives GOP an edge in 2020 legal fights

Trump to pick nominee to fill Ginsberg Supreme Court seat this week and the candidate will be a woman

Because the first one went so well, Pelosi floats Impeachment 2.0

Iran vows revenge for Solemani killing

Pelosi: No one has ‘any interest’ in government shutdown

Trump agrees to TikTok deal with Oracle and Walmart, allowing app’s U.S. operations to continue

Judge halts Trump’s ban on downloads of China’s WeChat

Sweden spared surge in virus cases

Former British cyber chief warns of Chinese data grab

Biden maintains 8 point national lead over Trump after tumultuous month of news

Dems threaten to pack the Supreme Court if GOP votes on RBG replacement

Moroccans make up nearly 25% of all juvenile inmates in Spain


Monday, September 21, 2020

More Evidence ...

... of Biden’s diminished mental capacity. And nobody on the left is concerned or embarrassed ...


Blog Post

From Woodsterman blog

One of the commenters on this blog ...


Quotable Quote

Either much of the Liberal left is batshit crazy ... or I am ... and I feel rather tranquil these days. — Fletcher



Ginsberg’s death just blew up the 2020 campaign

Trump wants to move ‘without delay’ to replace Ginsburg, setting up epic fight over Supreme Court

The left threatens violence, rioting if SCOTUS vacancy if filled before election

Biden’s reluctance to release SCOTUS shortlist complicates fight over RBG seat

Trump hits FBI Director again over testimony on Antifa, Russia

Ginsburg’s dying wish was not to be ‘replaced’ until there is a new president

Biden calls for SCOTUS vote to wait until next year

Cruz: ‘We risk a Constitutional crisis’ if  Ginsburg successor not confirmed before election

House Dems call for an ‘emergency’ DOJ watchdog review of Durham probe

CDC reverses controversial coronavirus guidance that said people without symptoms may not need a test

U.S. to send more troops to Syria amid withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan

Pew: 77 percent of Catholic Democrats support legal abortions


Fractured Definition

Truculent — the business model for U-HAUL.


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Vitamin B-12?

President Trump recently opined in North Carolina that Joe Biden might be getting a shot in his bum right before their first debate in a little over a week. What does the Orangeman know? And what would be in Biden’s syringe?

I have a (rare) thought ... remembering a woman of a certain age I once knew who used to get regular shots to improve her memory and boost her energy level. It was vitamin B-12. So I went to Duckduckgo to research this item ... and found out the 20% of Americans over the age of 60 suffer from a B-12 deficiency ... the symptoms of which include lethargy and memory loss ... see: NIH on B-12 indications.

Of course, not being a doctor, I could be blowing smoke ... and Biden may or may not be among this population who are seriously deficient in B-12 ... but he obviously suffers from some degenerative condition at times. There is plenty of video evidence supporting this assertion. And he also has periods of greater lucidity ... which Trump has clearly noted. In any case, were Biden to get elected, I still would greatly worry about having a president who has to rely on injections to keep him alert and lucid ... particularly when dealing with aggressive foreign leaders and the continuing serious crises that face our country over the coming years. (I am reminded of the cost that the world suffered when a seriously ill FDR tried to negotiate with Stalin on how Europe would look after Germany fell.)

Extra-added attraction: Biden is also rumored to be taking Namenda, an Alzheimer drug which is taken orally ... and often causes incontinence ... see: American Thinker Article.

Afterward: I also just heard the drug Adderall may be involved.


Today’s Poser

How did Darth Vader eat?



Trump’s bluster and millions haven’t stopped universal mail-in voting plans

‘Pandemic fatigue’ leads to resurgence of coronavirus in Europe where France and Spain hit records

White House to announce $11.6 billion in disaster relief for Puerto Rico

POTUS to stop downloads of TIKTOK by Sunday

Outgoing China ambassador: Trump ‘believed the Chinese’ early in pandemic

The next wave of the global recovery could send commodity prices soaring

Pennsylvania Supreme Court sides with Dems — allows mailed ballots to be counted 3 days after Election Day

Rasmussen: Trump highest approval rating since impeachment launch

Poll: Biden up 9 points in Arizona, tied with Trump in North Carolina

Coronavirus live updates: U.S., Canada and Mexico extend border closures through October

Most voters now believe there is a ‘war on police’ — back ‘blue lives matter’ laws

Trump ‘putting a lot of pressure’ on CDC and FDA, I’d trust Fauci on vaccine


Fractured Definition

Controls — prisoners who spend most of their time leaving nasty messages on the Internet


Saturday, September 19, 2020

Looming Crisis

There is a very good reason why we are going to need nine justices on the Supreme Court in time for November’s presidential election ... and that is to resolve certain numerous disputed election results which are bound to erupt because of all the changes occurring in our presidential election process: universal mail-in ballots, provisional ballots, extended voting periods, early voting, relaxed ballot validation rules, ballot harvesting, rank-choice voting, extended vote counting periods, dropping picture ID requirements, resisting the cleansing of voter registration rolls, same-day registrations, motor-voter registrations, etc. ... most of which changes to the traditional and Constitutional-mandated voting process having been installed by Democrats under the guise of increasing the number of people voting ... and to accommodate the current pandemic ... but are really designed to allow dishonest localities ... mostly Democrat ... to rig elections.

If, like most finger-in-your-ears liberals, you dispute this conclusion, read how just one of these slip-knots, voter registration rolls are in disarray ... see: Breitbart Article.

 I would like to believe that the rhetoric surrounding these changes are sincere ... but anyone not just fallen off the turnip truck knows that they are not. And loud remonstrations against such a conclusion are equally dishonest ... no matter how loud and spittle-flecked.

As will be the pulpit-thumping complaints and threatened violence against the filling out of our highest court’s bench for Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s departure.  We must have a fully-functioning Supreme Court prior to all this looming election crisis.

Unsolicited advice: Don’t get caught in the coming crossfire.


Republican Heros

From Woodsterman blog

I might have added Ike to this painting ... and Nixon had he not resigned ... since his resignation has given us the blood lust with which much of the current media is infected.

I know, I know ... he covered up the Watergate break-in ... small potatoes compared to what the Obama administration did to Trump. But we forget ... he DID get us out of Vietnam, a nearly impossible task (something like Mideast peace.)

Yes, he would have been impeached and likely convicted in the Senate ... but our media might still be sane ... and we might be less timid about going after Hillary and Barack & Co.

But, then again, he opened up to China ... which turned out to be a disaster ... mainly because of what Bill Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama did and didn’t do.

Afterthought: This picture’s artist forgot that Trump doesn’t drink alcohol.


Powerline Pic