Sunday, October 30, 2016

Gorilla Dusts

FBI Director James Comey's letter to the House of Representatives on Friday saying that he was re-opening the Clinton e-mail investigation has caused the Democrats to grab handfuls of gorilla dust to throw into the air to confuse things. In particular:

- Both Hellary and John Podesta claimed that Comey only sent his critical letter to House Republicans -- NOT TRUE, he sent it to an equal number of ranking Democrats.

- Democrats claimed that the FBI did not have a search warrant to peruse the Abedin/Weiner computer -- Anthony Weiner is said to have given the FBI their computer so it didn't need a warrant.

- Hellary and Campaign Manager Robby Mook have claimed that Tomey hasn't seen all the e-maiłs in this "ambiguity bomb" so how does he know that they are material ... and they could be duplicates of ones already in hand -- the FBI has had this info since September. I'm sure that they know everything that is in them. They were discovered in a file folder call "Life Insurance" ... probably culled from Huma's correspondence by either Huma or Anthony as insurance against stressful times. (My money is on Weiner.)

- Democrats have resurrected the specter of Russian involvement in our election ... pretty much a generic charge that is trotted out when nothing else is at hand.

- Harry Reid, in a letter to Tomey, has accused him of violating the Hatch Act which forbids the FBI of involving itself in elections. This charge needs to be investigated further but it is probably just more gorilla dust. Stay tuned.

It has just been revealed that there are 650,000 e-mails and documents in this treasure trove ... hopefully including all those that Hellary's people destroyed last March ... and then some. No wonder the FBI needs to take some time to resolve things.

One Man, One Vote

Motor voter laws, early voting, mail-in voting, same-day registrations, voter ID push back, foreign-language ballots, etc. ... liberal minds have been working overtime for 50 years to make it easier to vote ... therefore easier to steal elections.  Now we have repeated voting in different locations, gang-punching of ballots, voter machine tampering, illegal immigrants voting, dead people voting, etc. ... all these cynical tactics are meant to subvert the notion of the democratic one-man one-vote. Mostly liberals have repeatedly maneuvered to elect their candidates through voter fraud. Slowly the conservatives are beginning to realize how they have been rolled and are grasping the extent of this voter fraud ... and are starting to resist in a number of states ... see the few following links from The Drudge Report:





And also see a comprehensive string of voter fraud stories in The Powerline Blog.

God help us if we start voting over the Internet.

Yes, some prosecutions and convictions might help stem this obvious past stealing of elections ... but, it seems doubtful that a few of these cases will dissuade the tidal wave of such abuses ... mostly by Democrats. After all there are "community organizers" whose sole purpose seems to "get out the vote" -- translation make sure that everyone, alive or dead, votes a straight "D"t ticket ... often more than once.

Saturday, October 29, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

[A.G.] Lynch moved to spike [reopening e-mail investigation] ...

Trump repeatedly warned Anthony Weiner was a national security risk

DC Attorney: FBI never destroyed laptops of Clinton aides

ABC News/WaPo tracking poll: Ten point swing for Donald Trump in four days

'The woman is a disaster!': Camille Paglia on Hillary Clinton

Supreme Court to decide 'battle of the toilets' ...

Obama releases 98 more drug offenders: 872 released so far

Afghanistan: Military confirms U.S. troops banned from attacking Taliban

Blockbuster audio from '06 of Hillary proposing RIGGING Palestnuian election ...

[Hillary's] Campaign struggles to reach 'f*cking dumb' young people

Homeless woman attacked by mob for defending Trump's Hollywood star

Yale students: Conservative views 'unwelcome' on campus

reddit Gallery CCCLXXXIX

Another excursion into the world of reddit Pictures. See: reddit Pics for sources.  Do yourself a favor and click on pictures to enlarge them.  Enjoy!


Feeding Time

Colorado Autumn

12 Black Dots

Behind a Computer Server Farm


During the FBI investigation into Huma Abedin's husband, Anthony Weiner's, possible criminal sexting with a minor, four unsecured computers and/or smart phones were seized from their home which apparently have revealed items that caused concern (Dickileaks?). The fact that FBI Director James Comey has interjected himself into this presidential race eleven days before Election Day is a dramatic and risky move. Speculation abounds as to why he would have done such a precipitous thing that might jeopardize Hellary's chances at election. 

I would like to offer some possible reasons for his actions ... some of which I have heard on the media and some of which are original. I have arranged them in order of what I think are the most likely possibilities, from top to bottom ... and also suffixed them with a number indicating the possible damage (10 = worst) to Hellary's campaign ... or her presidency (if the are not revealed until after the election in which she might prevail):

- There were non-duplicate e-mails found that contain classified or highly classified government information on an unsecured computer (7)

- From my son -- there were e-mails from Hellary which show her clear "intent" to conceal her other e-mails ... which was the rationale for not pursuing things further in July (10)

- There were e-mails or documents discovered revealing pay for play interaction between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation or associated entities (8)
- There were original or forwarded e-mails discovered from Huma to her mother or brother (both connected to the Arab Brotherhood) or other foreign entities that compromise U.S. Foreign policy matters (10)

- There were e-mails discovered that reveal personal relationships within the Clinton crime family and the Abedin/Weiner family that pose serious embarrassment or conflicts of interest ... in particular between Huma and Hellary (4)

- There were e-mails or documents that Anthony Weiner had access to that, although not classified, nevertheless compromise State  Department operations or intentions (3)

Whatever is eventually revealed, I suspect part of Comey's motivation for this dramatic statement is to try to resurrect the FBI's and his reputation after his blatantly political decision in July to let Hellary skate on the original discoveries ... and also the recent revelations that his second in command, Andrew McCabe,was tainted by significant contributions (bribes?) to his wife's campaign from Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton Foundation Board member ... see: Who Cares?

The next few days should be very interesting ... and consequential ...

Friday, October 28, 2016

Juggling Numbers

Is anyone surprised that our government has just announced ... 11 days before the elections ... that our economy grew much more vigorously ... at 2.9% in the third calender quarter of this year? This compares to roughly 1% growth in the first two quarters. This can easily be seen to be a cynical attempt to help Hellary in her bid for the presidency ... and to buff up Obummer's legacy. But I am again suspicious. Can not the federal number crunchers in Washington have stolen a smidgen of economic growth from each of the first two quarters of this year and dropped it into this quarter?

We are pretty sure that Obummer's Labor Department had previously juggled employment numbers for political purposes in 2012 right before his re-election ... so why not do it again ... but this time with the big Lubowski ... our whole economy?

On the breaking news that the FBI is reopening its investigation into the Hellary e-mail scandal, I suggest that Trump supporters not get too ahead of this story. The Clinton crime family is notoriously nefarious and I would not be surprised if other revelations come forth over the weekend that take two or three more turns in this affair. I am suspicious that there might be dramatic counter measures taken by the Clintonistas. The bacon might be in the fire ... but it is yet to be totally consumed by flame.

It's Over!

Watching television this morning, it seems clear that Hellary Clinton has already won the presidency. There was lots of smug discussion about who was being considered for her cabinet members. And Hellary has promised to maintain Michelle Obama's vegetable garden at the White House. On Morning Joe, John Heidlemann revealed that Trump has shut down his fund-raising operation and hasn't put any more of his own money into his campaign this October ... meaning that he already considers it a lost cause.

So it is a fait accompli ... Hellary is to be our first female president ... and the Clinton crime family is shifting into overdrive calculating how to turn hundreds of millions of dollars of political graft into billions. Illegal immigrants are flooding through our southern border expecting to be allowed to stay and made citizens. And the two year vetting process for Muslim immigrants has been cut to two minutes in anticipation of massive new acceptance quotas. A rate schedule has also been published for overnight stays in the Lincoln Bedroom and rides on Air Force One.

On the other hand, Trump has scheduled a two month cooldown at Mar a Largo and then a fund raiser to help recover some of his out-of-pocket campaign expenses. His children are hard at work starting the Trump TV Network from the ashes of Fox News. Speaking of which, Megyn Kelly has been invited to be an honored guest at the Clinton inauguration.

All in all there is muted celebration among the establishment pols in Washington ... which is pretty much all of them. No need to wait for November 9th!

Breaking: Maybe not ... FBI reopens investigation into Hellary e-mail case ... 


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Germany: Muslim migrant with four wives and 23 children receives $390 thousand a year in benefits

Hillary proposes $2 billion to combat bullying

VOX Poll: People are more afraid of clowns than climate change

WaPo: Republicans already treating Clinton presidency as illigitimate

Clinton accepts cash from CAIR

German school forces children to chant 'Allahu Akbar'

Hillary promises to take care of Michelle's garden

Despite green hype, coal still makes 55 times more power than solar

Suspect orders at fast-food drive thru during police chase ...

Bruce Springsteen: blue-collar have made Trump rock star ...

Scientists say weird signals from space are 'probably' aliens

Prof claims Christianity bigger threat than Muslim terror

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Who Cares?

Terry McAuliffe, current Governor of Virginia and a long-time Bill Clinton confidant and bag man, gave Dr. Jill McCabe's campaign, former candidate for the Virginia State Senate, a half million dollars and directed another $200K both from PACs he controlled to her. Other members of the Clinton crime family also gave well over $100 more to this same campaign ... see: New York Magazine Article ... almost half of all the money she raised ... $2 million for her campaign ... which she eventually thankfully lost.

Why is this important? Because Jill McCabe is the wife of Andrew McCabe who shortly thereafter became the second in command at the FBI ... and was in charge of investigating the Hellary Clinton e-mail scandal ... which eventually concluded that, although Clinton was "extremely careless," she was not to be indicted.

Can we say quid pro quo? Perhaps, using another, more familiar language ... a poorly disguised bribe?

But who cares? The American voter?

Afterward: As it happens, Hellary had raised money by speaking to the McAuliffe's PACs which in turn gave the money to McCabe's wife's campaign ... how convenient ... how very convenient.


Qualcomm announced today that it was acquiring NXP Semiconductor for $38 billion ... based upon its expectations of the growth of autonomous car technology. And many other companies are crowding into this end-user field, Tesla, Google, Bosch, etc. The expectations for the future of driverless cars, trucks, buses are dramatic and, I think, frothy. I have outlined my Luddite concerns in the past ... see: More on Driverless CarsGoogle Strudle and Boiloing the Ocean.

I, personally, am not ready anytime soon to surrender my steering wheel and control pedals for many reasons. I have thought some more on this issue and have come up with a few more possibly serious wrinkles for the AI algorithms controlling driverless cars to deal with. Here are just a few more:

- Hand or spoken directions from flag men, crossing guards or policemen during various street or road restrictions

- What about drive-thru fast food and car washes .. or service stations?

- Any noises requiring a driver response -- honking horns, screeching tires, shouts, sirens, etc.

- Traffic merging situation where the gestures of the other driver(s) determine your actions

- Maneuvering around or through live traffic accident situations

- Dealing with car chase situations ... of which every one will be unique

- Driving between countries were the rules of the road and signage are different

- Dealing with extremely aggressive other drivers who might be performing foolish or hostile actions

- Anticipating the possible rash actions of children, mentally-ill people, motorcycles, protesters, etc.

- Dealing with weather extremes -- black ice, pea-soup fog, very high winds, floods, etc.

- Driving adjustments necessary for unique events -- funerals, road races, "walks for ...", etc.

There are likely many more. Thus, I think I'll be the last in line for this technology.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

ISIS expands control in Iraq

The kids are all right: Children with 3-way DNA are healthy

Obamacare architect: Premium increases 'are going to be severe'

Obamacare architect: Law is working as designed

Obamacare architect laughs about skyrocketing premiums

Bill does it again: 'Obamacare co-pays, deductibles, premiums too high'

Mel Gibson gets standing ovation in Hollywood ...

UN poll: Climate change least of all global concerns

1 in 4 teachers chronically absent ...

Huma: 'Hillary is still not perfect in her head'

Berkeley protesters demand 'spaces of color,' block white students from classrooms

DOJ employees gave 97% of their donations to Hillary ...


Are women second-class citizens in the Muslim world? Except for a few non-Arabic locals like Pakistan and Iran, generally they are. Yet, women's issues were not anywhere near the top of her agenda when Hellary was flying around this world as our SecState. But, in a country where women have voted for almost one hundred years and make up almost half of the workforce, suddenly women's issues are now paramount for this "nasty" woman. Of course, moving the battle of the sexes to center stage is a political calculation ... as is just about everything these days in the Clinton campaign.

If Hellary was showing the kind of outrage over Trump's "pussy" comment or his "nasty" aside as she (and Elizabeth Warren) should have been directing at radical Muslims and rap artists for how they treat women, then their current gnashing of teeth might have some credence. As it is, it rings as hollow as Obummer's promises about his Affordable Care Act.

It appears to this writer that selective outrage is one key facet of nastiness (another might be calling half of Americans "deplorable" and "irredeemable") ... and both Hellary and Tizzy Lizzy have had their tanks topped off on this character flaw.

By the bye, and to be fair ... Donald Trump also clearly carries a surfeit of nastiness ... and even I have bared my horns from time to time.

Of Like Minds

One of the analogies about this election that I have been using in my conversations (and I thought in this blog ... but I can't seem to find it) is that November 8th is like a game of Russian Roulette. Picking Donald Trump is like loading the revolver with one bullet whereas the Clinton game requires all six bullets to be filled. Now, reading the Powerline Blog, I see that our favorite cartoonist, Michael Ramirez, has, independently come up with this same notion ... only he has put three bullets in the Trump gun and six for Hellary ... in a cartoon labeled "American Roulette".

Ramirez and I are clearly of like minds. Yes, voting for Trump is a risky gamble ... but picking Hellary is suicidal.

(On third thought, maybe my written analogy was as an old comment on the Diplomad blog?)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Pentagon warns military against using Chinese-made computers

Establishment first: Colin Powell announces support for Hillary

There is a push for the GOP to postpone House Speaker's election

Obama: 'We have not had a major scandal' during my admin ...

Kaine plays to 30 in Florida ...

20,000 turn out for Trump in Tampa

Editor of Austria's largest paper charged with 'hate speech' over migrant article ...

Facebook cofounder pledges another $15 million to help defeat Trump

Top university stole millions from taxpayers with fake global warming research

Gash on side of Hillary's face raises concerns ...

Justin Timberlake investigated over possible election-law violation ...

MI town votes unamiously to ban refugees


Tom became a friend of mine when he married my wife's best friend, Kathy. He had just retired from the New York Police Department as a Lieutenant after serving many years as the head of the WOW unit ... standing for the "worst of the worst". And this meant that this special unit's job was to track down and capture violent felons who had jumped bail. This was not a job with a long life expectancy, but Tom was a street-smart New Yorker and, not only did he survive, but he never lost one man in his unit.

One of the things that drew me to this person, besides his dauntless courage, was his story-telling ability. He could spin out an endless series of his on-the-job experiences ... keeping his audience on the edge of their seats. He always had a fresh and fascinating daring-do to relate and he made you feel like you were with him on this bust. Why am I relating all this? Because Tom tragically died yesterday of an unheroic illness, sepsis ... well before he should have ... well before he had done all the things he wanted to do with his retirement.

And so to honor him, I think I would like to try to remember and relate one of his neat stories about a WOW adventure:

They were given an old grainy photo of a violent felon, his name, and the name and address of one of his previous girlfriends. So off they went to her apartment and were greeted with a torrent of hostility. This woman denied knowing him with a m..f.. this and m..f.. that ... she directing a unbroken series of other invectives at Tom and his men in blue.

Reliazing that they were getting nowhere, they then left this harpy to go back to their patrol cars. Halfway there, they saw a man walking their way who looked vaguely familiar and, calling out his name, he turned and bolted (to his regret) ... and was quickly nabbed. Cuffed and walking him back to their cars, they encountered the previously-mentioned potty-mouth hanging out of her third story window. Tom, to extract a tad of revenge for her former hostility, shouted up to her, "Thanks, we got him! Thanks for your help!"

Once in the squad car, the perp turned to Tom and said (in argot), "She didn't rat me out! I know she wouldn't do that!" To which Tom showed him the old photo and said, "Do you think we could recognize you just with this photo?" The wanted felon then fell silent ... and Tom quietly relished imagining what this couples next meeting would be like.

There were dozens more stories like this one. I wish I could remember them all.

R.I.P. Tom

Carom Shot

To keep with its insidious methods of getting around Congress ... its oversight and funding controls ... the Obummer Justice Department under the direction of Eric Holder concocted a carom-shot way of the public funding of private lefty organizations ... in particular those ever-evasive "community organizers" (read voter fraud cabals). How was this bunco game pulled off you ask? Here's how:

1) The Justice Department fines a public company a large amount of money (often a financial institution and often in the billions of dollars) for misfeasance and malfeasance often associated with the bursting of the housing bubble.

2) Offer the fined company the option of paying just a fraction of this amount (sometimes as little as 10%) to a designated "community organizing" group who then were supposed to use this money to right the wrongs created by the fined company. This, of course, was often the option picked by the transgressors.

3) This community organizing group were then free to use these funds for often Democrat political purposes (such as voter fraud) ... away from the view and control of Congress. If you will, an Obummer administration sponsored extra-legal money laundering operation.

The degree to which the Justice Department has been politicized under this current administration is mind-boggling. To see the depressing details of this particular scam of theirs, see: GAI.

This also smacks of the Justice Department's Fast and Furious extra-legal gun running operation to Mexico ... that should have resulted in criminal indictments ... but, as we have too often seen this "Just Us" group seldom will prosecute its own or those on the left.

New National Awareness Month

November -- "National Awareness Month" Awareness Month

Monday, October 24, 2016


Tom Hayden and Friend

These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Tom Hayden, famed 1960s anti-war activist, dies at 76

It begins: Kaine opens door to Clinton pushing TPP ...

Janet Jackson as you've never seen her before ... Full Islamic dress ...

WSJ: Wikileaks raises question as when John Podesta, Russia stopped doing business

Wheelchair-bound teen stands for the American flag

George Soros suggested what he is doing endangers Democracy (in leaked Board documents)

EMAIL: Podesta asked 'How bad is her head?' ...

Trump supporters heckle reporters when they sit through the pledge ...

Concern grows over Soros-linked voting machines ...

In escalation of crisis, Venezuelan congress to put Maduro on trial ...

Hillary campaigns at early voting location -- in violation of NC law?

Fed's spend billions with government credit cards nobody tracks

Taking a Knee

Keeping to my pledge, I have yet to watch a single NFL game ... either on Sunday, Monday night or Thursday night ... and, you know what? ... I am beginning to know how to get along without this machismo palliative. I've gone cold turkey with my quixotic protest. Yes, I do Google the results of the Patriots' game after the fact ... but I no longer hang on Brady's passing performance (sorry Tom) or Gronk's receptions! And I have invested enough negative emotion so that I now intend to keep this up until Roger Goodell himself takes a knee and comes down hard on these anthem protesters. These highly-paid jocklets  need to realize from whence their pay checks come and learn that any gripes they have need to be settled in a more patriotic way.

If these crybabies insist on pissing on my flag, I, along with millions of other Americans, will piss on their hyper-inflated egos feed by their hyper-inflated pay checks. And, if they don't like our protests, then I suggest they volunteer for military service for a few years to understand what this meta-game is all about. The risk in this superior bowl involves their lives ... not just their ACLs.


Voter preference polls are inherently biased. Certainly, so called "self-selecting" polls on slanted websites are inherently biased ... the kind that Trump often quotes. But even purportedly unbiased polls usually have an axe to grind and somehow make their results fit their purpose ... on both sides. Here are two very recent media polls that are miles apart ... the ABC News poll which has Hellary up by 12 (see: ABC Poll) ... and the IBD/TIPP poll which shows a actual tie (see: IBD/TIPP Results). How can there be such a surprisingly large disparity ... and why?

Well, often the purpose of such "dark" polls is to discourage one block of voters from going to the polls ... even at the cost of hence being known as being an inaccurate poll. This is done by rigging ... either choosing unscientific samples (40% Democrats, 30% Independents, 30% Republicans) or making "sampling adjustments" after the fact ... see: Zero Hedge Discussion. Also there are things called "push polls" whose questions are designed either to get a predetermined result ("Do you prefer Trump's bluster or Clinton's competence?") ... or actually push the respondent in a given direction ("If you knew that Trump molested his daughters, would you then vote for him?") All very unscientific and reason enough for voters to ignore most polling results.

And there are more even subtler tricks in this an often-grifter trade. Which proves even further that voter rigging takes place before, during and after the elections. There is so much ... too much ... at stake in elections ... which indicates to me that too many candidates are in politics for themselves and not for their country. A dirty business all around.

Who He?

Ross Douthat is now the conservative columnist for the New York Times (since David Brooks has finally let his inner self have its head) and is a clear find. I plan to start reading him on a regular basis since his political position seems to be very close to my own ... and he expresses it so much better.

I discovered him referenced on the Breitbart Internet news site with the following op-ed snippet. If you want the link, it is  HERE ... but it offers little more than the following burning logic:

The dangers of a Hillary Clinton presidency are more familiar than Trump’s authoritarian unknowns, because we live with them in our politics already. They’re the dangers of elite groupthink, of Beltway power worship, of a cult of presidential action in the service of dubious ideals. They’re the dangers of a recklessness and radicalism that doesn’t recognize itself as either, because it’s convinced that if an idea is mainstream and commonplace among the great and good then it cannot possibly be folly.
Almost every crisis that has come upon the West in the last 15 years has its roots in this establishmentarian type of folly. The Iraq War, which liberals prefer to remember as a conflict conjured by a neoconservative cabal, was actually the work of a bipartisan interventionist consensus, pushed hard by George W. Bush but embraced as well by a large slice of center-left opinion that included Tony Blair and more than half of Senate Democrats.
Likewise the financial crisis: Whether you blame financial-services deregulation or happy-go-lucky housing policy (or both), the policies that helped inflate and pop the bubble were embraced by both wings of the political establishment. Likewise with the euro, the European common currency, a terrible idea that only cranks and Little Englanders dared oppose until the Great Recession exposed it as a potentially economy-sinking folly. Likewise with Angela Merkel’s grand and reckless open-borders gesture just last year: She was the heroine of a thousand profiles even as she delivered her continent to polarization and violence.
This record of elite folly — which doesn’t even include lesser case studies like our splendid little war in Libya — is a big part of why the United States has a “let’s try crazy” candidate in this election, and why there are so many Trumpian parties thriving on European soil.
Of course, next I had to learn a little more about this man ... he has impressive credentials ... see: Wikipedia Bio. I have no clue if he is planning to vote for Trump, but I think he is leaning anti-establishment and therefore just might. But, from what I've read so far, I'm convinced he's "not for her".

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Juxtaposition LXI

Donald Trump
Duff beer guy

What if Trump Loses?

Since I recently penned a blog on the possibility of Trump winning, I have to be fair and offer suggestions in case he loses ... and his opponent, I think it is Hellary Clinton, wins:

- Everyone will be required to learn to speak Spanish

- The Clinton Foundation will absorb the Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations

- Donald Trump will lose his IRS audit to the tune of $5 billion

- Michelle Obama, Cheryl Mills and Loretta Lynch will be named to the Supreme Court

- The Koran will replace the Gideon Bible in most hotel rooms

- Bernie Sanders will "buy" a villa on Lago Como

- John Podesta will head the State Dept., Sid Blumenthal, the CIA

- Most drug stocks will tank

- George Soros will buy Philip Morris and make cannabis-only cigarettes

- Mar a Largo will be shuttered for numerous sanitary violations

- The Summer White House will be located  next to the NY Presbyterian Hospital

- Paul Ryan will switch parties

- Bill Clinton will be put out to stud

- BB guns will be the only ones allowed ... but they can't be scary looking

Quote of the Day

"[P]rogressives want you not only to tolerate certain things they favor, they want and insist you endorse them. We, therefore, must not only go along with the progressive gag that there is no electoral fraud, we must endorse now the November 8 results of an electoral system we know is rife with progressive corruption of all sorts." -- The Diplomad

What if Trump Wins?

On the off chance that The Donald wins on November 8th, here are some suggestions:

- Open a relo service to Canada and New Zealand

- Go into the construction business along our southern border

- Make sure your dead uncle's vote was counted

- Cancel your subscription to the New York Times

- Buy coal company stocks

- Abandon writing a book on the Bush family

- Buy deep-discounted Russian bonds

- Swear to your friends you voted for her

- Open a McDonald's franchise near the White House

- Get a job

- Rescind your pledge to contribute to the Clinton Foundation

- Short Goldman Sachs stock

- Buy a gas guzzler


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Clinton embraces Soros money and 'radical' vision of open-borders ...

Bernstein: Trump setting himself up as head of neo-fascist movement

Obama warned of  'rigged elections' in '08 ...

Anthem singer during Heat-76ers game kneels during performance

Telegraph: America top country for gun ownership, not even in top 10 in firearms deaths

UN bans skeptical journalists from climate summit

Larry Bird: 'I can't even afford a cheeseburger'

Attacks on Internet getting bigger and nastier ...

Biden wants to kick Trump's ass!

Obama bragged: We got Democrats in charge of the [voting] machines

Gorka: Hillary's disclosure of nuclear response times at debate 'unconscionable'

Soros accused of violating election law ...

Saturday, October 22, 2016

reddit Gallery CCCLXXXVIII

Another excursion into the world of reddit Pictures. See: reddit Pics for sources.  Do yourself a favor and click on pictures to enlarge them.  Enjoy!

Pangolin Baby Riding on Mama's Tail

This is Japan

Clouds over New Zealand



Crazy Toxic Stuff

From his bully pulpit, President Obummer is once again attacking the right-wing media for poisoning the minds of Americans by "pumping out crazy toxic stuff." Apparently it is not enough for the libs in this country to have most of the mainstream media in their corner ... CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, NPR, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, USA Today, Time magazine, the Atlantic Constitution, the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times and (increasingly) Fox News, etc., etc.

What is the toxic right-wing media? Some talk radio such as Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Howie Carr, etc. and a few Internet blogs/news sites, such as the Drudge Report, Powerline, Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, Fletcher's Castoria, etc. And even these new media outlets are being manipulated and surpressed by virtually all the social media sites ... which are now clearly lining up on the left.

Are we Americans still allowed to pick and choose how we get our news and opinion? It would seem that, if Obummer has his way, the answer is "no". Those perceptive writers of our Constitution anticipated demagogues such as our current president and gave us the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of the press ... now expanded to all our media outlets. But this freedom seems too much for our current political leadership. And, if you peruse the many comments on this blog, this poison supposedly is corrupting my thought processes to the point where I am requested to use only thought-police-approved sources.

I don't recall ever castigating any commentaters on this blog for how they get their news or opinion ... so why should I be so conscripted? All too often the arguments I make here are refuted by Trump-style pejorative comments, not reasoned logic ... something one should not expect from ACLU card carriers. So I would dearly appreciate it if our president and his acolytes stop calling me and mine names or asking us to limit our reading only to lefty-endorsed outlets. Refute us with your burning reasoning ... not that of Obummer-approved spin-meisters. This is dangerous rhetoric coming from our POTUS.

Brotherhood's Keeper

Are we.the Muslim Brotherhood's keeper? To a certain degree, yes, we already are ... and will be much more so if Hellary Clinton is elected president. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is, to many, a terrorists organization ... but it's slowly becoming our own terrorist organization as it stealthily insinuates itself into our government. President Obummer has already met with this group multiple times at the White House. And we also know that Hellary's close confidant, Huma Abedin, previously worked for 12 years for the main MB publication and that her family (father, mother, brother) are key executives in the worldwide MB organization. (If you don't know these things, read The Hill Article or, if you prefer, The Washington Post Article.) But now we find out that the Clinton Foundation employed the MB's chief spokesman, Gehad El-Haddad, for a formative five years ... see: Powerline Blog. He is now in prison in Egypt.

During the Obummer administration ... and with its support ... the Muslim Brotherhood under Morsi came within a whisker of turning Egypt into a totalitarian caliphate and now is on trial there for a series of heinous crimes. I would like to believe differently, but I am convinced the the MB tenants are ever so slowly shaping the foreign policy in the United States ... and that we are now on the doorstep of its attempt to duplicate the Egyptian experience here.

I know it is often difficult for we complacent Americans to confront a dangerous future, but now it's decision time folks.

Friday, October 21, 2016


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Suit: 90% of 'genuine' Apple products on Amazon fake ...

9 times Liberals claimed elections were stolen ...

Fact checkers with her: 'False' Clinton wants 'open borders'

Poll: 46% say widespread voter fraud will take place on election day

Oprah pitches Clinton: Don't have to like her!

Risk of mass exodus of doctors from Medicare ...

Clinton campaign and Harry Reid worked with NYT to smear State Dept watchdog

Clinton under fire for posting 'extremely classified' nuke launch time

MS-13 gang violence rages in Long Island ... Remains of 5th teen found

University bans 'Unborn Lives Matter' posters.

UK: Violent crime up 24 percent in year

US service member killed by roadside bomb north of Mosul

Joke of the Day

Monica Lewinsky and "The Energizer Bunny" were seen exiting together from  from the Clinton compound in Chappaqua.

The candid comment from the Secret Service was that this was a "double header."

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Talking Barbie Doll

Remember those late 1960's toys, the Talking Barbie Dolls, where, when you pulled a cord on their neck backs, they replied with a series of pre-recorded Pablums such as "I love you" or "I have a date tonight." These crypto-robots anticipated our current Democrat candidate for president, Hellary Clinton. This "nasty women" delivered a litany of her repetitious focus-group tested answers yesterday at the Las Vegas presidential debate ... continually looking down at her podium as though she was recollecting her answers from notes (which were not supposed to be there). Isn't it funny that she can remember so little when being interrogated by the FBI, yet can spew these crime-family answers glibly and verbatim?

Did someone secretly pull a cord on her neck back when it was her turn to speak?

Perhaps it was the person who had put the crib notes on her podium?


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Juxtaposition LX


Wednesday, October 19, 2016


In the Las Vegas presidential debate last night a question was asked about how the two candidates would grow the U.S. economy. In the ensuing give and take the following whopper caught my ear:

"I will not add a penny to our national debt" -- Hillary Clinton (thrice said)

Clearly, if this woman can make this impossible claim ... it is difficult to place a scintilla of credence in any of her other campaign promises.

Different Drummers

Watching Morning Joe on MSNBC this AM was a crepe-hanging event. Going into tonight's last presidential debate, virtually every guest thereon  was happily convinced that Donald Trump had no chance of winning on November 8th ... and that he was likely to do serious damage to the Republican Party for years to come. My dolor was oppressive ... to the point where I suspected other Trump supporters might be tempted to open a vein. I'm sure that this was the program's intent ... but not entirely insidious ... for such prognosticators like to be right in the end. If things were to turn around there might not be enough free-range hens to lay enough eggs to cover all their faces.

So who am I to dispute all these talking-head experts ... or for that matter virtually all my friends and acquaintances who are either in the Hellary camp or who will blank the top of the ticket? And I won't be such a Pollyanna as to claim that polls are totally biased or will reverse themselves. But I also won't throw in the towel. I would prefer to go down in flames than to give the nod to a woman who either will not be able to serve out her four-year term ... or, even worse, will.

So I will keep marching to the different drummers ... even if their drums are muffled with black cloths.


These headlines are real ... they have all been discovered on Internet news sites.

Hillary fixer breaks ranks: Arranged sex trysts for her! With men and women

War-weary Libyans miss life under Kadhafi ...

Obama half-brother to support Trump at debate

4 million ineligible and dead voters on the voter rolls ...

Rigged: Obama says it helps that Dems control voting machines

Thousands of voter registrations altered in Indiana ...

Activist who bragged about starting Chicago riot was on Hillary payroll

Iran launching war drills amid accusations United States breaking nuke deal ...

Wikileaks: Podesta mocks Sanders as a 'doofus' ...

Curt Shilling announces plans to run against Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate

Operative: Oppo research coming on Trump that could 'end the race'

Wikileaks: Hillary wants Obamacare to 'unravel' ...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Selective Memories

The Democrats and the liberal media are in high dudgeon over Donald Trump's charge that the upcoming presidential election might be rigged. I have written many times about voter fraud ... see: Abetting Voter FraudZombie VotingDog's Hind LegLimburger CheesePhony BaloneyOne Man, One VoteVoter Fraud, and Representation without Taxation. I strongly believe widespread voter fraud exists and I have first-hand evidence of same.

But what are Democrats and the liberal media now charging Trump of causing? Why it is that he is throwing doubt into our unimpeachable election process. (Of course these same actors were doing the very same thing when they were accusing the Russians of hacking into local election computers. But this doesn't count!)

And these charges against Trump are a bit disingenuous for those of us not just off the turnip truck ... for I seem to recall a Democrat who had our nation tied in knots over his charge that the Republicans rigged the election outcome in Florida in 2000. Remember "hanging chads", "dimpled chads" and all the hand wringing about disenfranchised voters there. (A more logical explanation of this kerfuffle was that the Democrats were trying to steal this election by gang punching ballot cards ... and those chads on the bottom of the stack never got completely punched out.) Of course that shining patriot was Al Gore ... who has gone on to bigger and more grandiose frauds.

Isn't it funny about selective memories?

Clinton Smoke Machine

The Clinton smoke machine is working overtime ... trying to obscure and obfuscate the many damning e-mail revelations coming out of Wikileaks. Somehow one must conclude that the Clintonistas got Ecuador to turn off Julian Assange's access to the Internet to try to buy them some time in this cover up ... after all, they seem to have run out of willing accusers of Trump's sexual peccadilloes. The daily dumps of these slimy epistles has been relentless ... and Hellary's suggested drone strike of Assange on the Ecuadorean embassy balcony was dismissed as being a little too radical.

Of course there are lots of minds working on this smoke blowing project ... the Clinton crime family, the Obummer administration and the friendly national media. But the smudge pots are running out of old tires to burn ... keeping things confused after each e-mail dump. Claiming that these e-mails are manufactured is not working because there is too much corroborating evidence contained in this massive information trove. To totally fracture this smoke metaphor, it's kinda like a California wildfire driven by the Santa Ana winds ... every time things seem contained, another inferno breaks out.

So all this smoke is directed at the American voter. However, I am not affected because I am sitting down.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Back Scratching

The recently revealed proposed quid pro quo arrangement between the FBI and the Clinton State Department is very depressing. The FBI has already been badly sullied by Director James Comey's tortured logic behind his decision to let Hellary slide on her clear perjury and possible treason that she perpetuated with her private e-mail server and her unpersuasive cover-up. This proposed deal was that certain of Hellary's e-mails would be redesignated after the fact by the FBI as non-classified in exchange for the State Department's allowing the FBI to send agents into Iraq and other countries of interest (not allowed by law ... reserved for the CIA) ... see: The Atlantic Story.

Now this "I'll scratch your back, if you scratch mine" proposed transaction is of the ilk that happens all the time within government. However, both sides of this particular quid pro quo were illegal ... and therefore disturbing to say the least. And since it was proposed by the Clinton crime family, it should be the lead story in all the national media. [... crickets ...] It clearly displays the moral depravity that seems to be persistent within the Clinton campaign. Can't have that on display for the voters!