Monday, October 25, 2021

The Difference


Both Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden were (are) horrible presidents. But there is a major difference … President Carter thought he was doing God’s work. I haven’t the foggiest notion to whom Whispering Joe and his puppeteers are paying homage.  Maybe mammon?

Afterthought: We tolerate it when our leaders are getting rich at the helm … if they are keeping things on course … but when they’re screwing us?

After afterthought; Trump might be the first president in modern history who came out of the White House poorer than when he went in.



ChillFin said...

Joe is very much Roman Catholic. Goes to Mass every Sunday. Carries Rosary beads in his pocket. Disagrees with some precepts that relate to personal freedoms. He is meeting with the Pope on Friday. DJT never went to church yet is somehow deemed to be a gift from God.

Trump is skilled at losing money. With no revealing tax returns, his wealth is just a guess. As a holder of office real estate, he was already losing money. That was because he was smart as you might recall. And the cutoff for the least of the megarich went up because the markets did (and are doing) so well.

George W. Potts said...

I think the NYT has had Trump’s tax returns (illegally) for a number of months now. I waiting for the big revelations. (Maybe in 2024?)