Sunday, October 17, 2021

More on Gravity


                                Blue whale benefits from buoyancy

I have speculated in this blog that it is obvious from the size of the ancient land animals (dinosaurs) indicates that they could not walk the Earth today … most probably because gravity here is much stronger now than in our Earth’s relative infancy .. see: Gravity.

I also speculated that one reason why our gravity has strengthened over the millennia is because time is slowing down (see above reference for reason). Recently, I was reminded of a possible reason for this — Einstein’s postulate that time slows down as our speed increases … see: Physics at Berkeley . 

Now we do know that our universe is expanding after the Big Bang at an accelerating rate. If this is enough to slow down time enough to increase our gravity to cause huge land animals to be unsustainable? This calculation is currently beyond my patience… but it would be an intriguing exercise nevertheless. Maybe someday?


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