Friday, October 29, 2021



Biden is getting dragged in the polls. That hasn’t stopped Dems from sticking by him

Biden expected to attend House Democrats’ meeting, signaling deal on spending bill is imminent

NYC police union warns of crisis after judge refuses to block vax mandate

68% say economy is getting worse as confidence collapse continues

Iran set to return to nuclear talks in November

Major business groups prepare to fight new Democrat tax proposals for Biden social bill

Unearthed Wuhan lab docs show ‘bat lady’ isolating coronavirus strains for ‘direct human infection’

Florida reaches lowest coronavirus case rate in nation

Italian LGBTQ+ hate crime bill defeated

Some 5% of unvaccinated adults quit their jobs over Covid vaccine mandates, survey shows

Majority now want Fauci to resign

Biden: ‘U.S. on the right track’ despite record inflation


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