Thursday, October 28, 2021



Herschel Walker gets McConnell’s blessing

College tuition is now rising at a rate lower than inflation

Pentagon confirms 450 Americans still stranded in Afghanistan — far more than previously estimated

Fauci’s freak show: NIH conducted psychological torture experiments

White House sets climate spending at up to $555 billion

Mortgage rates rise to 8-month high, tanking refinancing demand

Judge rules rioters in Rittenhouse case can’t be referred to as ‘victims’ in court

70% of Virginia Dems want school boards influencing curriculum

Mort Saul, dean of political comedians, dies at 94

Democrats unveil billionaires’ tax as Biden’s plan takes shape

Emails: Biden ordered Afghan evacuation flights to be filled with unvetted refugees

Teen found guilty of forced sodomy in Loundoun county bathroom attack


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