Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween Posers


Do you believe in ghosts?

Is COVID still an issue for Halloween (candy tubes)?

Do kids still play tricks?

What’is your favorite candy?

What costumes are no longer woke?

Have you ever cooked and eaten an actual pumpkin?

What is the most unpopular treat? Most popular?

If you were young again, what would you dress up as?

Do kids still collect money for UNESCO?

Can teenagers go trick or treating?

What time can you turn off the porch lights?

How much candy do you buy?

Have you ever been ghosted?

What do you do with left-over pumpkins?



ChillFin said...

- We always bought a couple sugar pumpkins to sit outside until All Saints Day and then cut them up to put in the oven.
- Worst treat: Necco wafers
- Best treat: KitKats
- The farm stands get visited by the pig farmers over the next month or so to buy the leftover pumpkins for pennies on the dollar. Pumpkins make rich sweet pork, ready for holiday roasts. That then makes space for Christmas trees on the farm stand (the other sacrificial life form... those remainders get fed to goats.) Our other pumpkins get pretty much devoured by our local chipmunks and squirrels

George W. Potts said...

Necco = New England Candy Company … traitor!

ChillFin said...

No longer New England but Ohio. Still All American! Not a “traitor.”

George W. Potts said...

Another firm leaving Taxachussets, eh?