Saturday, October 30, 2021


Virginia Republicans are fired up — and Trump is on the sidelines

Treasury Secretary Yellen says spending bills will be anti-inflationary, lowering costs

America last: Biden administration in talks to pay illegal immigrant families separated at border $450k per person

Biden’s spending bill gives $555 billion to ‘clean energy investments’

The activists outside Joe Manchin’s houseboat

Earnings results so far show companies are effectively negating supply issues and rising costs

Disgraced not-Governor Cuomo to be charged over alleged groping incident

House Build Back Better bill includes $600 IRS reporting provision

Iowa approves new congressional map with 3 competitive districts

Biden’s social spending framework gets a chilly reception from holdouts in Congress

Glenn Youngkin takes eight point lead over Terry McAuliffe in latest poll

Lightfoot: ‘No question’ coronavirus to blame for uptick in violence


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