Friday, October 15, 2021


Tim Scott rakes in $8.3 million for re-election, possible 2024 bid

Foreclosures are surging as Covid mortgage bailouts expire, but they’re still at low levels

Leaked Border Patrol  docs expose mass release of illegals into U.S. by Biden admin

Two America’s: Poll shows 44% of voters support FBI targeting anti-CRT parents

Several killed in Norway bow and arrow attack

Crypto could cause 2008-level meltdown, Bank of England official warns

House Judiciary Committee Republicans demand AG Garland explain FBI memo cracking down on parents

Kamala Harris laments America’s ‘shameful past’

Biden asks food makers to crack down on salt

President Putin on Taiwan: ‘China doesn’t need to use force’

Nearly half of new Taliban government leadership are designated terrorists

Joe Biden blames private companies for port delays


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