Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Obvious Truth

                                        In Fulton County, Georgia

One would think it impossible to steal a presidential election because it would involve a criminal conspiracy of thousands … possibly tens of thousands of people in at least five states. It just couldn’t be that big! No man could be so hated by so many good Americans that they would risk jail to thwart his re-election?

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ChillFin said...

It's hard to say that any election is valid unless each and every voter is registered and their vote confirmed and timestamped and witnessed. Chances are that no election has ever been accurate. Yet the tens of thousands of poll workers and counters seem diligent in their quest to deliver an honest and accurate result. To distort the result requires too many citizens in cahoots to deceive us all.

George W. Potts said...

Yet it was done.

ChillFin said...

Evidence please.

George W. Potts said...

Did you not watch the above video or follow the Maricopa, Arizona audit or read the Zuckerberg post? You Biden birds sure can parrot his talking points.

ChillFin said...

So why aren’t poll workers shown in the video required to testify? There’s a lot of supposition in the video about what’s in the bags and, if false ballots, why just not-Trump?
As to the AZ audit, didn’t they actually determine that Biden won by even more votes?
Subpoena Zuckerberg to testify to what did happen. And a partisan who followed the directives.
My point is, is the entire election system irretrievably corrupt at every level, from POTUS to the municipal dog catcher?
I was shocked in 2016 when Trump won yet sucked it up and accepted it. You should accept Biden winning in 2020.
Fixing the system is what we do before 2024.