Monday, August 29, 2022

Obvious Truth

Pilgrim, the DOJ and FBI leadership have not been trying for 7 years to annialate Trump because of his sandpaper personality … it is because he threatens their very existence … and the Democrats protect the Deep State because that’s who they are … and they allow the RINOs to win from time to time to keep up appearances … and most of the media support the Left because that’s who they are ... and many Americans support the media because that’s all they know … it’s all pure and simple. — Fletcher

Sorry for the run-on sentence Pilgrim.



DEN said...

1. Why didn't he fix it when he had the chance? (answer: he couldn't find a deep state.)

2. The level of conspiracy that is required by your analysis is beyond rational credibility.

3. Every day, he becomes more irrelevant, and whacko.

4. Your are correct: he is a threat - to American Democracy.

George W. Potts said...

Your assertions have no credibility … and are not backed by any facts or logic … just meaningless fluff. And you are not following the ‘Uniter Joe’ script … and calling him … and his supporters … fascists.