Wednesday, August 17, 2022



Why Donald Trump’s declassification claim might not be outlandish

‘Floundering not drowning’; Russian economy is withstanding sanctions onslaught — for now

‘No one ever thought a thing like this would ever happen’ — Trump speaks out in first post-raid interview

[Asa] Hutchinson on Mar-a-Largo raid: FBI carrying out their responsibilities

LA district attorney recall fails to quality for ballot

Apple tells employees to work at the office three times a week starting in September

DOJ moves to block release of Trump Mar-a-Largo raid warrant affidavit

Flight risk? Trump’s passports seized …

Defense Secretary Austin tests positive for COVID

Ukraine warns of danger of radiation leak incident at nuclear power plant, Putin boasts about weapons

DOJ opposes independent review of seized records

Giuliani targeted in criminal probe of 2020 election …


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