Sunday, August 14, 2022



Not Happening Now

Below is  the list of things that were to be fixed in the Democrats’ $1.2 trillion “Infrastructure Act” passed by Congress early in November, 2021 … over 9 months ago. Now I ask you Pilgrim, how many of these items have you seen being “fixed” … or even in an embriotic stage?

  • roads, bridges, and major projects;
  • passenger and freight rail;
  • highway and pedestrian safety;
  • public transit; 
  • broadband; 
  • ports and waterways;
  • airports;
  • water infrastructure;
  • power and grid reliability and resiliency;
  • resiliency, including funding for coastal resiliency, ecosystem restoration, and weatherization;
  • clean school buses and ferries; 
  • electric vehicle charging;
  • addressing legacy pollution by cleaning up Brownfield and Superfund sites and reclaiming abandoned mines; and 
  • Western Water Infrastructure.
Pilgrim, I strongly suspect that the only infrastructure that will be fixed during Biden’s term will be thousands of bureaucratic lawyers’ beach houses.


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