Monday, August 29, 2022

America First Agenda Reprise

Every so often Pilgrim we need to remind ourselves the lessons that Donald Trump taught us, some 76 million deplorable supporters, in his four short years as president:

- The danger from China
- The importance of secure borders
- Not to piss off Putin
- To be energy independent
- The need for a strong defense
- How to grow the economy with tax cuts (an old lesson)
- The importance of law and order
- Iran is not to be coddled
- Climate change hysteria is a controlling fraud
- Nation building seldom works
- Kim Jong un just wants attention
- The soft tyranny of the Deep State
- The government’s collusion with social media to censor unwokeness
- The fake-news echo chamber of most media
- The need to bring back manufacturing to the U.S.
- Cajoling NATO to carry more of our mutual defense load

- The importance for Europe to stop depending on Russia for energy

- How easily elections can be corrupted with mail-in ballots

- The Islamic State was easily destroyed with  resolve

- The evident Biden family corruption

- A requirement to recast unfair trade agreements

- The perfidy in our intelligence agencies

- The need to preserve our strategic steel and aluminum industries

- A war on COVID … using treatments as well as vaccinations

- The importance of federalism instead of overweening government

- Middle-east peace is possible (Abraham Accords) and 

- Islamic terrorists can be neutered with drones

Whew … I’m out of breath (I’m sure I missed some) … thank you, President Trump!



ChillFin said...

Half of those "lessons that Donald Trump taught us" were clear to pretty much everyone before Trump even came down the escalator. He did not show how easily elections can be corrupted with mail-in ballots: no proof. Or teach us about the importance for Europe to stop depending on Russia for energy: they already knew that. I cannot see how the Biden family corruption, based on a laptop with dubious content of sketchy value, is more blatant than the Trump family corruption. Still, you got a few. Thank you, President Trump. Now concede 2020, retire, write a book, and play golf every day.

George W. Potts said...

So wrong …

ChillFin said...

You are…

DEN said...

More Lessons:
You can fool some of the people all of the time
If you don't like a law, ignore it.
If you don't like the outcome of an election, incite an insurrection.
Don't get caught stealing money from kids with cancer, JR.
Blame someone else for all your screw-ups (eg, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran)

George W. Potts said...

Are you referring to “No Blink” Joe?