Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Spook Dilemma


I’ve made this point before — our spy agencies, both domestic and international, are staffed with clever people who have few compunctions keeping them from stretching legal and moral codes in order to protect our country. This seems necessary given the threats involved.

However, it is but a short hop from this intrigue to viewing political foes in the same light as our country’s actual enemies. And since these spooks have “six ways from Sunday” to neutralize foes ... it is not surprising that they cross the line into KGB-type behavior …unfortunately.

So, how do we have an effective set of spy agencies without the threat of them turning inward. In my opinion Pilgrim, it all depends on leadership … leadership that makes sure that politics are anathema in any form or substance. President Obama’s picks for these agencies … Comey, Brennen, Hayden and Clapper … were exactly the wrong choices under this stricture. And even Trump’s replacements … Wray and Hasper … were slightly better, but still creatures of the swamp.

I think he has learned his lesson.


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