Thursday, August 18, 2022



2024 preview? Cheney telegraphs her next direct shot at Trump

Mortgage demand fell last week even as interest rates fell slightly

COVID lockdowns claimed 20x more life-years lost than they saved

Report: Merrick Garland waited weeks to approve raid on Mar-a-Largo

Port strikes put global supply chains under fresh pressure

Biden signs Inflation Reduction Act setting 15% minimum corporate tax rate

Sen. Murkowski and Kelly Tshirtibaka advance in Alaska primary

Musk’s tweets about buying Manchester United no joke for fed-up fans

Explosions rock Crimea in suspected Ukraine attack

Rep. Liz Cheney loses GOP primary to Trump-backed challenger, NBC says

Sahah Palin advances to November election for House seat

Wild card: Youngkin fuels ‘24 talk as Michigan convention headliner …


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