Sunday, August 21, 2022



Judge: Prosecutors cannot enforce Michigan’s abortion ban

Warren Buffet gave permission to buy up to half of Occidental Petroleum, boosting the shares

Bidencession: Half of American companies preparing for job layoffs

Bill Gates lobbied Joe Manchin to pass climate & spending bill

Islamic State ‘Beatle’ gets life sentence for hostage deaths

Stocks fall Friday to notch weekly loss, S&P 500 snaps 4 week long rally

Trump said judge’s order helps DOJ drag out political persecution of its biggest foe

Biden spending $500k to build fence — around his vacation home

WaPo quietly suspended  top reporter last spring

Zelensky warns world is ‘verge of nuclear disaster; Explosions reported at Russian military sites

With winter months approaching, U.S. petroleum reserves at lowest level in decades

Russia holding war games in Venezuela, sending alarm throughout Latin America …


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