Sunday, August 14, 2022



Trump under investigation for possible violations of Espionage Act

House passs massive tax, climate and health bill, sending Biden a core piece of his agenda to sign

CBO: Democrats spending bill takes $20 billion from middle-class Americans with new IRS audits

Donald Trump: All documents seized by FBI were ‘declassified’

California proposes to extend life of last nuclear plant at cost of $1.4 billion

This was a good week for inflation numbers, but whether it can last is the big question

‘Hadi Matar’ identified as suspect in stabbing of Islam critic Salman Rushdie

Exclusive: Warrent shows DOJ, FBI waited several days to execute

Trump org. can’t shake Manhattan DA’s criminal fraud case

FBI search warrant reveals FBI seized top secret documents in raid on Trump’s home

Arizona’s Senate seat rated a toss-up

Ex-CIA chief endorses executing leakers of secrets after Trump raid bombshell …


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