Friday, April 09, 2021

World Government


Ever since Woodrow Wilson, liberals’ wet dream has been a world government. The question is why? Have the League of Nations or the United Nations produced peace ... or improved international health ... or alleviated world hunger ... or guaranteed human rights ... or lessened discrimination ... or reduced terrorist incidents ...  or, you know all the empty promises?

So, dear reader, world government is pretty much a bust ... a very expensive bust. Tracing governments down, one can say that multi-national governments like the EU are better, but inferior to just plain national governments ... but even they run hot and cold. Regional governments, like states, are often even better ... but as we have seen during the Covid pandemic, not always. And the obvious answer is that local governments are reliably the best (except for many big cities)... mainly because their citizens are closer to the decision making.

The real benefactors of attempts at world government are international corporations and other global institutions which have the concentrated power and can change the social rules and economic policies to their enormous benefit.

So it seems to this blogger, that attempts to govern, should stop at the national level ... “nationalism” ... makes the most sense ... unless and until we have learned how to effect globalism without lining the pockets of the world’s elites ... at the expense of the unwashed.

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