Friday, April 16, 2021



Pennsylvania launches ‘super MAGA Trump’ primary

‘Worries me  a lot’ that investors are ignoring  China risk: Stephen Roach

Report: Mitch McConnell wants a truce with Donald Trump

Biden claims, falsely, he vowed to pursue Osama Bin Laden to ‘Gates of Hell’

Democrats to introduce legislation to expand Supreme Court

Wall Street spent $2.9 billion to influence Washington during 2020 election

CNN insider: We hyped Covid to boost ratings — hoped more people died

U.S. Cap. Police: Had advanced warning of January 6 violence

Florida House passes controversial transgender sports ban

Tech industry group supported by Amazon and Google supports corporate tax hike

Kamala to (finally) travel to Guatemala and Mexico amid border crisis

Cotton: Biden admin says same things about American racism that China, USSR used to say


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