Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Graceless (Upated)

I have previously written about how a good school can go bad ... a school I once taught a computer course at ... see: Grace Church School. I now follow this up with an even more disturbing story about a courageous teacher at the high school there who decided he couldn’t follow the dictates of the head of this indoctrination gulag. Here is his protest essay nailed to the front door of this supposed school. Please read it: Paul Rossi Essay

This once fine school has allowed itself to spin down the sewer of virtue signaling and political correctness ... forgetting that it is supposed to teach students how to think, not what to think ... in order to play to our worst instincts. It also would not allow a black Brown University professor to lecture its students on the pitfalls of racial equity ... see: The College Fix.

What is happening to people? Has the population of the woke gotten so large that these idiots feel that they can push their wrong-headed nonsense with impunity? We are really really screwed!

Afterward: The Rest of the Story.


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