Wednesday, April 21, 2021



Europe slips in media freedom rankings amid rising violence

Procter & Gamble earning beat as consumers hang on to pandemic cleaning habits: price hikes ahead

Walter Mondale dies at 93

Trump: Looking at 2024 run ‘we’re seriously, beyond seriously’

Chauvin judge warns Waters comments may overturn trial

Amazon to open first-ever hair salon in London

Minnesota governor declares state of emergency ahead of Chauvin trial verdict

Graham: ‘Nobody in the world is afraid of Joe Biden ... that’s very dangerous for us here at home’

Officer Brian Sicknik died of strokes after the insurrection, D.C. medical examiner rules

Wall Street banks breach for digital dollars as the next big disruptive force

‘The Squad’ spends thousands on private security while pushing ‘Defund the Police’

New Jersey: Illegal aliens on hunger strike to win taxpayer-funded benefits


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