Monday, April 26, 2021



Not rich? Good news: you’re probably getting a tax cut

Biden recognizes genocide against Armenians, escalating tensions with NATO and Turkey

Bill Maher to the young far-left: Your views are stupid

Merkel tells citizens to submit to ‘tough’ new lockdown restrictions

India’s crematoriums overwhelmed as virus ‘swallows people’

Two SpaceX crew spacecraft are now docked to the space station as the Crew-2 mission arrives

Newsom wants to end California oil fracking by 2024, and all oil extraction by 2045

BLM co-founder calls for ‘abolished’ criminal justice system

Turkey summons U.S. ambassador over genocide announcement

Myranmar activists slam ASEAN-junta consensus, vow to continue rioting

Maddow warns of ‘dangerous’ election audit in Arizona

Mad Max: Chauvin trial judge ‘way off track’ with appeal remarks


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