Thursday, April 15, 2021

Reductio ad absurdum (Updated)

 There are an estimated 111,000 gas stations in the U.S. employing an estimated 908,000 people ... supported by an enormous supply chain. This is a large piece of our GDP and national private asset base ... see; 
Number of Gas Stations.

The Democrats’ $1.9 trillion “infrastructure” bill has decided to try to nationalize this sector by building 500,000 EV charging devices at the estimated cost of $50 billion ... a part of the $174 billion “investment” in this technology  ... all by 2030 ...  with the implication that recharging all EVs will be free ... paid by the U.S. taxpayers ... see: CNBC Article.

If this AOC-inspired remake of our transportation infrastructure ... nationalized from the private sector ... comes about, this is a gigantic gamble. One that I liken to China’s “Great Leap Forward” under Mao which resulted in an estimated 20 million lost lives.

Although I wouldn’t expect that this hyped Green New Deal bet would carry this same mortality, it well could destroy our economy for decades to come.

Are we willing to make such an enormous national wager based upon the intellicictual prowess of that bubble-headed Representative from the Bronx?

Afterward: My wife wants to remind you dear readers that the minimum time required for a full recharge of an EV is one and a half hours ... so that one may travel for another 5 or 6 hours. Ouch!

After afterward: See: Washington Examiner Article

                 How dare you!



igor said...

EV's are FANTASTIC for commuting, as studies have shown that 90%+ of trips in a car are local - meaning 25 miles or less.

Small, VERY sturdy, reasonably priced if built in large quantities, and NOT a road hog.

If you need to go long distances in an EV, drag a generator behind you...

George W. Potts said...

Since the family car is often dual-purpose, gasoline cars will be around far later than 2030 ... and, recharging stations should also be just local. Gas stations on highways can also be used to refill your needed generators.

ChillFin said...

You can recharge your EV in your garage every day. You cannot (legally) store more than a few gallons of gas in your garage.

George W. Potts said...

Recharging your EV in your garage would take 12 hours at 220v or 100 hours at 110v. Would cost north of $10. But why do it there when you can use a free government recharging station? Viva Big Brother!

ChillFin said...

You are right. Let's leave the EV market to the Europeans and the Asians. We have all those gas stations to protect. And what are nine employees doing at each gas station? Washing windshields? Checking oil? Offer a lot of them jobs setting up EV stations.

You go on about China being an economic threat to us but when you see the EV and roadway construction the Chinese have underway, you fall back to saving gas stations.

ChillFin said...

Where are you getting your times? I think you are off by an order of magnitude.

George W. Potts said...

I am quoting Barry Armstrong on the Financial Network radio show ... who owns a Tesla. He also says not to trust the company’s range claims. in cold weather, they are 50% lower. A friend drove with his neighbor who had bought a Tesla from Hanover, NH to Ashville, NC. The had to wait around for over 10 hours of recharging. Trip took 3 days. His quote, “It was a painful experience.”

George W. Potts said...

Barry Armstrong says that when he is recharging his Tesla at 110 volts, he gets 3 miles of range per hour of charging. At 220 volts, he gets 25 miles of range per hour of recharging.