Friday, April 30, 2021



Biden just gave the most ideologically ambitious speech of any Democratic president in generations

Moderna Covid vaccine can remain stable at refrigerated temperatures for three months, company says

House Republicans ask acting inspector general to investigate John Kerry’s ties to Iran

Report: CNN caught trying to spread opposition research in Alaska

‘America is not a racist country’: Sen. Tim Scott delivers GOP response

Feds hold interest rates near zero, sees faster growth and higher inflation

Maricopa county judge denies Democrat’s request to stop election audit

Donald Trump planning to bring back MAGA rallies

Rudy under fire: Former mayor’s New York home, office raided by the Feds

India could soon have another locally developed vaccine as Covid crisis shows no sign of slowing

Emails reveal Capitol authorities had advanced warning of Jan 6th siege but refused to act

Fact check: Biden falsely claims 1994 assault weapons ban reduced gun crime


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