Thursday, April 08, 2021


Justice Breyer says big Supreme Court could diminish confidence

Jamie Dimon says economic boom funded by deficit spending, vaccines could ‘easily run into 2023’

Arkansas lawmakers override governor’s ban of gender reassignment surgery for children

Graham: ‘Shut down the immigration system and have a time out’

Gaetz reported to have sought a ‘blanket’ pardon from Trump

U.S. mall vacancies jump at fastest rate pace on record, hitting new high, Moodys

Texas Gov. signs order banning state agencies from requiring vaccination passports

How the 60 Minutes hit on Ron DeSantis collapsed

State Department says it is not considering joint boycott of Beijing Olympics

Rare Superman comic sells for record $3.25 million

Biden is detaining 18,000 minors — Trump’s peak was 2,600

Caitlyn Jenner explores run for Governor of California


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