Friday, April 09, 2021


DeSantis blasts ‘corporate media,’ takes no questions

Hospitals are seeing more young adults with severe Covid symptoms, CDC says

Details of Biden’s gun control measures revealed
Former VP Pence to publish autobiography and launch PAC

Manchin sees ‘no circumstances’ for voting to kill filibuster

Fed officials say easy policy will stay in place until economic ‘ourcomes’ are achieved

Biden pushes $2+ trillion infrastructure plan — says he’s willing to negotiate on corporate taxes

Open Borders lobby cheers Gov. Cuomo giving $2.1 billion aid to illegal aliens

Left-wing prosecutors hit fierce resistance

IMF warns debt overwhelming and financial vulnerabilities pose double threat to economic recovery

New emails from Hunter Biden laptop provide evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in Ukraine dealings

Carter: Biden did ‘irreparable damage’ to Georgia, won’t condemn China


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