Friday, April 30, 2021



Here are some interesting, little-known factoids:

- Joe and Jill Biden spend almost every weekend not at the White House, but  at their home in Wilmington, Delaware. 

- When his first wife died in a car accident, Joe Biden’s current wife, Jill, was the babysitter for his children.

- NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was born Warren Wilheim Jr.

- Jeff Bezos is now worth $200 billion ... and this is after giving over $60 billion to his ex-wife.

- Dr. Anthony Fauci funded the virus research at the Wuhan, China virology lab that likely resulted in our current Covid pandemic.

- The Obamas have a SCIF (super secure room) in their Washington, DC mansion that they share with Valerie Jarrett.

- Maricpa Country, Arizona is doing a forensic audit of the paper ballots from the presidential election ... looking for forged ballots using ultraviolet light ... and mailed-in ballots which do not appear to have been folded.

- When Rudy Giuliani quarters were raided recently with a search warrant for all electronic devices, the FBI agents refused to take the 3 hard drives that Giuliani identified as Hunter Biden’s.

 - The advertised driving range of electric vehicles is reduced by 50% or more in cold weather.

- Princeton’s entering freshman class this fall will be about 14% white American males

- Malik Obama, Barack’s half-brother, calls Barack’s wife “Michael.”



Merriam Webster said...

Definition of factoid
1: an invented fact believed to be true because it appears in print

George W. Potts said...

2. n. A brief, somewhat interesting fact.