Monday, April 26, 2021

Reader Contribution


A liberal friend sent this:

In today's WSJ,  book review page A15,

Reviewing new Book titled "Settled" by Steven Koonin.

More fodder for your side.

"A top Obama scientist looks at the evidence on warming and CO2 emissions and rebuts much of the dominant political narrative."

And offers other compelling reasons to question current "consensus."

". . . As Mr Koonin illustrates, tornado frequency and severity are also not trending up; nor are the number and severity of droughts. The extent of global fires has been trending significantly downward. The rate of sea-level rise has not accelerated. Global crop yields are rising, not falling. And while global atmospheric CO2 levels are obviously higher now than two centuries ago, they’re not at any record planetary high—they’re at a low that has only been seen once before in the past 500 million years."

You might enjoy this paragraph
". . . Mr. Koonin’s science credentials are impeccable—unlike, say, those of one well-known Swedish teenager to whom the media affords great attention on climate matters. He has been a professor of physics at Caltech and served as the top scientist in Barack Obama’s Energy Department. The book is copiously referenced and relies on widely accepted government documents."

The reviewer summarizes: ". Never have so many spent so much public money on the basis of claims that are so unsettled. The prospects for a reasoned debate are not good. Good luck, Mr. Koonin."

I must monitor him carefully so that he doesn’t slit his wrists.


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