Tuesday, April 20, 2021



Siena poll: A record number of New Yorkers view Cuomo unfavorably

Chile has one of the best vaccination rates. Covid is surging there anyway

Trump slams Biden’s withdrawal deadline for Afghanistan: we can and should get out sooner

Report: Biden admin demands Israel stop ‘chatter’ on Iran bombing

Maxine Waters: Jim Jordan was mistreating Dr. Fauci, panel

‘No one was driving Tesla crash that killed two in Texas, test says

Minnesota National Guard members fired at, some sustain minor injuries

Kevin McCarthy presses Nancy Pelosi to rebuke Maxine Waters

Half of U.S. adults have now had at least 1 Covid vaccine shot

After a Bitcoin crackdown, China now calls it an ‘investment alternative’ in a significant change in tone

George W. Bush appears on CBS, complains about Trump

Never woke enough: Antifa attack pro-gay church in Portland


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